Prepare yourself for a vacation that will stay with you forever – a four-night Perfect Day Getaway cruise on Serenade of the Seas.

This incredible voyage will take you to breathtaking destinations, giving you the chance to unwind and spoil yourself like never before. From sensational sandy shores to heart-racing watersports, this really is the trip that has it all.

Think regal treatment from renowned Royal Caribbean International, mouth-watering dining options galore, and so much entertainment to keep every kind of funseeker happy throughout their stay.

Get set to make memories for life when you step aboard Serenade of the Seas and sail away!

About the Ship

The Serenade of the Seas is one of Royal Caribbean’s most impressive ships, dating back to August 2003. Although it may be older, measuring around 962 feet long and 106 feet wide allows plenty of space for passengers.

With well-appointed staterooms and suites, the ship can accommodate up to 2,490 guests at once – perfect if you’re planning a romantic getaway or a larger family holiday. Onboard, there are approximately 858 crew members whose sole purpose is to make your stay unforgettable during your trip on board Serenade of the Seas.

Thanks to its sleek design and elegant interiors, this vessel oozes sophistication as soon as you step onboard. From its stunning nine-story atrium to glass elevators that offer amazing panoramic views – it really does combine luxury with modern-day living.

World-class restaurants? Tick! Amazing entertainment? Tick! Spa treatments that leave you feeling refreshed? Tick! If any or all apply, then Serenade of the Seas is right up your street.

Accommodation On Board

Accommodations on the Serenade of the Seas are all about comfort and relaxation. There’s a stateroom to match every taste, each thoughtfully outfitted with modern amenities.

Inside cabins provide snug retreats with everything you need for a comfortable stay. Oceanview cabins have large windows that showcase stunning views of the sea, bringing you even closer to the beautiful surroundings you’ll be visiting.

For more space, there are balcony cabins, which offer private outdoor areas – perfect for sipping champagne while staring out at an ocean sunrise or sunset.

Suites deliver ultimate luxury: expect concierge service, expansive living areas, and balconies (or even hot tubs), plus extras such as exclusive shipboard facilities and access to certain onboard events.

Whichever category you choose, rest assured all staterooms come equipped with features including flat-screen TVs, soft bedding, plenty of storage spaces, and bathrooms stocked with good-quality shampoos, conditioners, and lotions.

Thanks to their variety, cruising solo through to traveling with friends or family is well catered for when it comes time to sleep.

Activities & Entertainment

Experience a never-ending adventure on board the Serenade of the Seas, as this cruise ship offers an array of entertainment and activities for all ages.

Test your limits by trying out rock climbing, or hit up the sports court for some volleyball or basketball.

Fancy something more laid-back? The ship is equipped with a mini-golf course – perfect for getting some gentle exercise. You’ll also find poolside movies, live music, and Broadway-style shows in its theatre.

For those looking to rejuvenate or work off last night’s dinner, there’s a spa offering loads of treatments to help you relax, while the onboard gym has plenty of modern kits to keep your fitness levels in check.

As far as dining goes, expect everything from posh nosh dining venues to buffet options and more besides.

Expect themed parties during your trip (yes, really), casino games if lady luck takes your fancy, plus art auctions and educational enrichment programs so that you can learn even when you’re at sea. And breathe…

Dining Options

No culinary craving goes unanswered on the Serenade of the Seas. Whether you’re looking for a five-star dining experience or just want to grab something quick and casual, this ship has got it – and then some.

The main dining room is a grand affair, serving up multi-course feasts in an elegant setting.

Specialty restaurants dish out unique experiences tailor-made for foodies: Sushi Izumi does fresh, made-to-order rolls; Giovanni’s Table dishes up traditional Italian eats family-style; and Chops Grille turns out top-quality steaks.

Casual bites are served at Windjammer Marketplace, where guests can dig into international eats buffet-style.

And when it comes to bars and lounges, there’s no shortage of options. Want a refreshing cocktail poolside? Grab one at Pool Bar. Looking to unwind with wine? Head over to Vintages.

All told, there’s plenty on offer when hunger strikes aboard Serenade of the Seas – whether you’re after full-on indulgence or simple sustenance.


Embark on a 4-day Perfect Day Getaway Cruise aboard the Serenade of the Seas. Here’s a detailed breakdown of your tropical journey:

  • Day 1: Miami, Florida– Your adventure commences in vibrant Miami at 4:00 PM, as you board the Serenade of the Seas and set sail into the sunset.
  • Day 2: Perfect Day at CocoCay, Bahamas – Experience paradise at Perfect Day at CocoCay from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Enjoy pristine beaches, thrilling water activities, and relaxation in this Bahamian
  • Day 3-4: Cruising– Immerse yourself in the serenity of the open sea for two days. Unwind and make the most of onboard amenities as you cruise towards your next destination.
  • Day 5: Miami, Florida– Return to Miami at 6:00 AM, concluding your Perfect Day Getaway Cruise. Take in the memories of your tropical retreat before disembarking.


Enhance your cruise experience with numerous excursions during your trip. Regardless of if you’re hoping for an adventure, some relaxation, or cultural enrichment, there’s something to suit everyone.

Miami, Florida

There is a range of excursions to choose from in Miami. Get the most out of this vibrant city on a guided tour that visits famous attractions, including South Beach’s Art Deco District and further out locations like Wynwood and Little Havana.

For nature fans, Everglades airboat tours are available – these offer the chance to get up close with wildlife while having an exhilarating ride.

Try snorkeling or diving in Biscayne Bay on a water-based excursion or unwind at one of its beautiful beaches – such as Miami Beach.

Food tours showcase local culture and cuisine, while retail therapy can be enjoyed at places like Lincoln Road Mall and Design District destinations.

CocoCay, Bahamas

Royal Caribbean’s private island CocoCay in The Bahamas offers lots of exciting excursions. Snorkeling adventures reveal colorful coral reefs and tropical fish that live in clear turquoise waters.

Add excitement to your beach day by trying activities such as jet skiing across the sea or soaring above it by parasailing.

If kayaking appeals, but you prefer more leisurely pursuits, try doing so near the shoreline.

Thrill-seekers might want to glide over land on a zip-line with views across CocoCay included.

Alternatively, relax in beachfront cabanas dotted around the island or refuel after taking part in activities with barbecue food options served right next to the sand, where you can enjoy outstanding white-sand beaches, too.

During select sailings, guests will also find live music and entertainment throughout their stay.

Bottom Line

Prepare for a voyage that surpasses all others as you step aboard the Serenade of the Seas and participate in an extraordinary 4-night Perfect Day Getaway cruise. Once you climb on deck, you’ll encounter luxury, tranquility, and excitement like never before.

You won’t believe your eyes when we visit Miami and CocoCay — two unbelievable locations where adventure awaits at every turn and pristine beaches call your name when it’s time to relax.

With many different options for accommodations, delicious dining possibilities, and lots of fun things to do no matter how old or young you are, this is one trip where memories will be made that could last forever.

Make sure that you don’t lose out on an unforgettable experience: Sail away with us onboard the Serenade of the Seas for the perfect getaway!

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure across the Mediterranean Sea with MSC Fantasia’s 7-Night Mediterranean-Western Cruise.

Expect incredible sights, luxurious facilities, and memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a fun-packed break with the kids – we’ve got it covered.

From vibrant cities like Barcelona and Naples to sun-drenched beaches in Marseille and Palma de Mallorca, each day of this once-in-a-lifetime trip on our plush ship, MSC Fantasia, promises eye-popping moments!

About the Ship

If you’re considering a cruise holiday, then look no further than MSC Fantasia! Launched in December 2008, what’s not to love about this fabulous vessel?

MSC Fantasia is an impressive 333m long – roughly three-and-a-half football pitches – carrying around 3,959 passengers. There are loads of top-notch cabins and suites to choose from, too.

Incidentally, there’ll be about 1,313 crew members onboard at any time during your holiday, catering to your every whim. Expect first-rate service throughout your journey.

But wait… there’s more! Get ready for world-class amenities, including multiple swimming pools (some with whirlpools), sumptuous spas, and tasty eating options (including sushi). And much more besides!

Accommodation On Board

Every traveler’s needs and tastes are catered for on MSC Fantasia with a wide range of room types. The Interior cabins are cozy havens in which to relax after an action-packed day.

Providing the perfect wake-up call, thanks to their picture window views of the ocean, Oceanview cabins share the same dimensions as Interior cabins.

For supreme luxury, Balcony cabins afford guests privacy and their own outdoor space from which to enjoy superb sea vistas.

For some additional indulgence – such as priority boarding, complimentary access to exclusive facilities, and dedicated butler service – there’s nothing better than one of MSC Fantasia’s Suites: spacious accommodations with separate living areas and private balcony.

Rest assured that whatever type of cabin you choose – comfort and elegance will be two priorities.

All accommodation is tastefully furnished using quality materials, offering all mod cons – and providing you with a peaceful retreat during your cruise adventure.

Activities & Entertainment

The range of things to do and experience on board the MSC Fantasia is as extensive as it gets, meaning you can be sure that every member of the family will have the time of their life.

Wake up nice and early for a swim in one of the ship’s many luxury pools or soothe those muscles in a whirlpool – where better to get moving than on one of Europe’s biggest cruise ships?

Fitness fan? You’ll love a state-of-the-art gym equipped with all the latest gear – there are even classes if you like getting your heart rate up with others.

Indulge yourself at designer boutiques offering fantastic duty-free shopping opportunities, or treat yourself to a beauty treatment or massage at a luxurious onboard spa.

Children are well looked after by experienced Kids Club staff who organize numerous activities throughout the day designed to appeal to different age groups, such as games, crafts, and sports.

And when night falls, expect some top entertainment. We’re talking Broadway-style shows in the theatre; we’re talking about trying your luck in the casino, dancing until dawn in one of the lively clubs.

Dining Options

The dining options on the MSC Fantasia are numerous and varied, providing something to suit everyone.

From a casual buffet meal in the Marketplace Buffet Restaurant to fine dining at any of the specialty restaurants such as Il Cerchio d’Oro or Red Velvet Restaurant, guests are able to enjoy fantastic food from around the world.

MSC Fantasia has an international staff of chefs who provide Mediterranean-inspired cuisine that is simply delicious. Using only top-quality ingredients, some dishes will simply take your breath away!

If you are a seafood lover, there is plenty here for you, too – expertly prepared by specialist chefs.

Fine wine selection with meals is just not a problem either. The ship houses several bars and lounges where you can sip cocktails prior to or after dinner and also have fun with just about every conceivable drink throughout each day, right up until late evening hours.

If you want gourmet food inside fascinating spaces or perhaps sophisticated places serving drinks, MSC Fantasia offers them all!


Embark on an unforgettable 7-night Mediterranean-Western Cruise aboard our luxurious cruise liner. Here’s a detailed itinerary of the breathtaking journey:

  • Day 1: Barcelona, Spain – Your adventure begins in the enchanting city of Barcelona at 6:00 PM as you set sail, soaking in the vibrant culture and architecture.
  • Day 2: Marseille, France – Arrive in Marseille at 9:00 AM, where you’ll have the day to explore this picturesque French port city before departing at 6:00 PM.
  • Day 3: Genoa, Italy – Immerse yourself in the beauty of Genoa, Italy, with a full day from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM to discover its rich history, art, and cuisine.
  • Day 4: La Spezia (Cinque Terre), Italy – Explore the stunning Cinque Terre region with a stop in La Spezia from 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM, taking in the breathtaking landscapes.
  • Day 5: Naples, Italy – Arrive in Naples at 1:00 PM, where you can indulge in the city’s history and cuisine until departure at 7:30 PM.
  • Day 6: Cruising – Enjoy a day of relaxation at sea, taking in the Mediterranean views as you prepare for the next exciting destination.
  • Day 7: Palma de Mallorca, Spain – Discover the beauty of Palma de Mallorca from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM, exploring its historic sites and vibrant atmosphere.
  • Day 8: Barcelona, Spain – Conclude your Mediterranean-Western adventure in Barcelona at 8:00 AM, bringing your unforgettable cruise to an end.


MSC Fantasia will take you on an incredible Mediterranean adventure, where each port has its own unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty.

Barcelona, Spain

In Barcelona, don’t miss two of the city’s most iconic works by the master architect Antoni Gaudí – the Sagrada Família and Park Güell. Stroll along Las Ramblas or dine out on delicious tapas to immerse yourself in this vibrant city’s lively atmosphere.

Marseille, France

Explore Marseille’s charm in the picturesque Vieux Port – once a bustling trading center – or wander around the historic Le Panier neighborhood. Can’t-miss sights include Notre-Dame de la Garde for panoramic views or Calanques National Park if you have time to take a boat trip.

Genoa (Milan), Italy

The birthplace of Christopher Columbus is steeped in history and architectural grandeur. Explore Palazzi dei Rolli’s beautiful buildings.

Be awestruck by the splendor of Palazzo Ducale, or discover Europe’s largest medieval city center. Don’t forget to sample local specialties like pesto pasta and fresh seafood dishes!

La Spezia (Cinque Terre), Italy

Make sure to visit Cinque Terre! These five enchanting villages are strung together like pearls on a necklace between cliffs and the sea.

Hike on scenic trails with breathtaking views that overlook colorful houses clinging onto cliffs or enjoy some beach time at Monterosso al Mare – it would be rude not to!

Naples/Pompeii/Herculaneum, Italy

Step back in time when visiting Naples. Pompeii was buried under ash when Vesuvius erupted 2,000 years ago, while Herculaneum suffered a similar fate. Both sites offer jaw-dropping insights into life as it was then…

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

With its impressive Gothic Cathedral and charming Old Town, Palma de Mallorca is a pleasure to explore. Alternatively, relax on beautiful white sandy beaches or walk along stunning coastal paths to find hidden coves.

Bottom Line

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? If so, MSC Fantasia’s 7-night Mediterranean-Western Cruise is perfect for you. Barcelona’s vibrant cityscape, Cinque Terre’s stunning landscapes, and Naples’ historical charm are among Europe’s most captivating destinations.

Each day, you can dine on delectable food in luxurious accommodations and enjoy various entertainment options. This journey has everything: cultural immersion, scenery to die for, or relaxation.

Embark on MSC Fantasia’s Mediterranean-Western Cruise experience right away if you’re prepared to have an unforgettable time!

Experience luxury like never before – with Air China Business Class. Travel no longer remains an obligation. Rather, it becomes, in essence, a journey of joy – where you revel in comfort and conveniences as you fly across the globe.

Relish indulgent amenities, first-rate service, and exquisite cuisine are all fashioned to make your flight nothing short of amazing! Right here, we’ll go into detail on what precisely makes flying with Air China so special. Buckle up for the ride!

Why Should You Choose Air China Business Class?

Air China takes flying to a whole new level with its premium business-class experience.

From the attentive service, advanced amenities, and meticulous attention to detail, Air China has rightfully earned its place as one of the most sought-after airlines in the world.

It’s no wonder that they’ve been consistently lauded for their excellence!

Airport Experience

Start your Air China Business Class experience right from the moment you set foot into the airport! Proceed directly to our exclusive check-in zone to hasten and streamline your boarding process before embarking ahead of all other travelers.

If a long layover is in front of you, then take security in a very stylish lounge full of fast Wi-Fi, lots of dining options, and entertainment choices. This place is designed to make sure that your wait time is relaxed.

You will also have private relaxation lounges and showers for freshening up during transit times. So you’ll be ready for the next leg of your flight!

Working or relaxing before the flight, they will ensure maximum comfort & efficiency at every step of the way.

Comfortable Seats

Air China’s Business Class seats have been carefully crafted to guarantee the utmost comfort and seclusion. Encased in a shell-like design, they become your own private oasis as you soar through the skies!

The expansive chairs transform into fully flat beds. So that you can kick back and relax during lengthy journeys – with plenty of space for stretching out comfortably.

And if that weren’t enough, individual reading lights plus power outlets & USB ports are located conveniently within reach. They are adding even more ease to an already extraordinary experience!

Air China’s Business Class cabin offers an unbeatable seating configuration – 2-2-2 with direct aisle access for most passengers.

Each seat is outfitted with a large, personal entertainment screen complete with noise-canceling headphones. You can watch movies, listen to the music, and play games much more enjoyable!

Do you need to get some work done during your flight? You’re in luck. The foldout table provides plenty of workspace, while privacy partitions help keep distractions at bay.

Even better – storage space abounds, so there’s no lack of room when it comes time to stow away all those items from laptops down to shoes. It truly feels like having your own private suite!

The New Airbus A350 Business Seats

This year, Air China has made a huge splash in the Chinese carrier industry with their new business-class cabin for the Airbus A350.

The Recaro CL6720 seats boast an impressive mini-suite design that’s both luxurious and innovative; it features full-height walls to provide privacy without sacrificing space.

Stylish purple seating is complemented by elegant blue walls trimmed with gold.  Not to mention its ergonomic advantages like adjustable headrests and premium foam technology. These make the seats some of the most comfortable around!

Plus, at 78 inches long when fully extended into lie-flat mode, this model provides one of longest bed lengths available today – so passengers can stretch out in style during those longer flights.

All things considered, Air China has certainly set a high bar for other carriers aiming to offer luxury travel experiences!

Dining Experience

Air China’s dining experience is a unique combination of Chinese and Western cuisines that can satisfy all passenger preferences. An in-flight menu will be printed, featuring a multi-course meal served on elegant china with complementary flatware over an inviting tablecloth.

It starts off with hot towels, followed by the perfect apéritif to get your appetite going – then comes the amuse bouche accompanied by nuts for snacking.

Next up are appetizers and salads before finally arriving at the main courses. They include two Western options as well as two delicious Chinese dishes – one being vegetarian!

To finish it off, there’s cake or fruit for dessert, plus refillable drinks throughout your flight duration if you wish them.

Longer flights nearing arrival time come complete with both Western & Eastern choices depending on the day part.

Additionally, some routes even offer passengers convenience through online preorder meals, including vegetarian’, Muslim ones’, or seafood variations beyond what’s already available onboard!

In-Flight Entertainment

Settle in and enjoy the ride with Air China’s expansive range of inflight entertainment! As you take your seat, be sure to check out the large screen right in front.

This sophisticated setup comes complete with both touch-screen and remote-control technology for effortless browsing through their comprehensive selection.

Chinese films, Hollywood blockbusters or international classics, short documentaries or classic sitcoms – whatever takes your fancy.

To make viewing even better noise, noise-canceling headsets are available at boarding, so there’s no need to miss a moment.

And if that wasn’t enough on longer flights, why not follow along as you fly via an interactive moving map display? No Wi-Fi is needed here – just kick back, relax, and let them show you what they have onboard!

Amenity Kits

Air China provides passengers with an exceptional travel experience, offering L’Occitane toiletries in amenity kits and keeping the bathrooms well-stocked.

Not only that, but those who need it can request stationary sets or toys for children to make their journey more enjoyable.

Additionally, each seat comes equipped with a pillow and blanket – though you may want to bring your own as Air China planes tend to be kept at higher temperatures!

For extra comfort during the flight, there are also complimentary slippers available upon request.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, Air China stands out among Chinese airlines for its comfortable and entertaining in-flight experience.

Although Wi-Fi is not available on board, they offer a wide selection of entertainment options as well as an impressive moving map display that more than makes up for the lack thereof.

The airline also provides thoughtful amenities like L’Occitane amenity kits and additional services to meet passengers’ needs with attention to detail seen through their spotless bathrooms, too!

Not forgetting pillows, blankets & slippers, which add extra comfort even despite slightly warmer temperatures onboard. Air China is working towards making long journeys both enjoyable and convenient.

Prepare yourself for an adventure like no other as you journey from the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles to the golden shores of Cabo and picturesque harbors of San Diego on board the elegant Celebrity Eclipse.

This isn’t simply a cruise. It’s a voyage across the sparkling Pacific that promises thrills, taste sensations, and luxury beyond compare.

Let your imagination run riot, and get ready for memories that will last forever. Welcome aboard!

About the Ship

The Celebrity Eclipse is one of modern cruising’s great triumphs. She stretches 1,040ft from bow to stern, has around 1,250 crew working tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure everything is perfect – and can carry up to 2,850 guests in considerable style.

Her accommodations are sumptuously appointed retreats from all the action ashore; her cuisine is something special indeed (no wonder it has won so many awards), and her amenities are state-of-the-art throughout: this ship really does have it all.

Launched in 2010, she looks as good today as she did then – maybe even better. Her exterior design is arresting; her interior decor is extravagant. Make no mistake: when you join us on board this fabulous vessel, you’re going to feel very special indeed.

Accommodation On Board

Embarking on the Celebrity Eclipse, you are treated to a new level of luxury from the moment you step aboard with an array of staterooms and suites that cater to your every preference.

Inside Staterooms

If you’re looking for cozy comfort, these rooms have everything you need – including a smart TV, minibar and private bathroom – at great-value prices.

Ocean View Staterooms

With large windows that offer spectacular sea views, as well as plenty of living space and lavish features, these staterooms won’t disappoint.

Veranda Staterooms

For passengers who want an outdoor experience without having to leave their cabin, Veranda staterooms feature a private balcony where they can enjoy sweeping vistas or fresh air any time they choose.


The Celebrity Eclipse offers numerous suite options for those seeking the highest levels of indulgence.

From Sky Suites to Royal Suites and beyond, each exclusive accommodation comes with extra space, plus personal butler service. Other benefits include priority boarding, access to private lounges and dining venues.

Activities & Entertainment

Release your inner adrenaline junkie with the multitude of things to do on the Celebrity Eclipse. For fitness fanatics, it houses a state-of-the-art gym featuring everything from yoga to high-intensity interval training.

If relaxation is more your speed, there’s also an onboard spa boasting a range of treatments from facials to massages.

For those who prefer mental stimulation, meanwhile, there’s an onboard library boasting a diverse selection of books and a game room for chess or card enthusiasts. Art lovers can check out its art gallery showcasing work by artists from around the world.

As for evening entertainment? This ship has got it covered. Its main theatre puts on everything from Broadway-style musicals to magic shows and live concerts.

The casino, meanwhile, offers everything from slot machines to blackjack tables. And movie buffs, take note – this ship features a rooftop terrace where you can watch films under the stars.

Nor is there any shortage of fun for kids and teens – they have dedicated clubs providing age-appropriate activities and entertainment, too.

Dining Options

Onboard culinary options are just as impressive as the destinations themselves when traveling on Celebrity Eclipse.

There are several dining venues offering experiences that are poles apart in terms of gastronomy. At the heart of its dining scene is its main restaurant, offering international cuisine with an extensive wine list.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something more intimate – not to mention upmarket – try Murano, which serves modern renditions of classic French dishes. Qsine puts quirky twists on familiar dishes, serving them in unique, interactive ways.

Blu focuses on clean Mediterranean-inspired cuisine aimed at health-conscious diners, while Oceanview Café provides buffet-style dining experiences with plenty of international options available

Besides, 24-hour room service allows passengers wanting privacy inside their staterooms to dine in style.


Your 6-night Cabo & San Diego Cruise on the Celebrity Eclipse will take you to some of the most beautiful destinations on the West Coast. Here is a breakdown of the itinerary for this voyage:

  • Day 1: Los Angeles, California – Begin your journey in the bustling city of Los Angeles at 4:30 PM as you set sail on the Celebrity Eclipse.
  • Day 2: At Sea – Cruising – Relax and enjoy a full day at sea, taking in the beauty of the West Coast and making the most of the ship’s amenities.
  • Day 3: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – Arrive in the charming Cabo San Lucas at 2:00 PM, where you can explore pristine beaches, experience local culture, and enjoy an overnight stay.
  • Day 4: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – Depart from Cabo San Lucas at 5:00 PM, bidding farewell to this picturesque Mexican destination.
  • Day 5: At Sea – Cruising – Another day at sea, offering relaxation and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Day 6: San Diego, California – Arrive in San Diego at 10:00 AM, where you have the entire day to explore the city’s beautiful beaches, rich history, and diverse culture.
  • Day 7: Los Angeles, California – Your journey concludes in Los Angeles at 6:00 AM, marking the end of your coastal adventure aboard Celebrity Eclipse.


To make your cruise journey even more unforgettable, Celebrity Eclipse includes several shore tours. These excursions offer a deeper experience of the ports you visit and experiences you might not have thought about on your own.

Some examples of things to do during the Cabo & San Diego Cruise include:

Los Angeles, California

If you want to explore Los Angeles before or after your cruise, there are plenty of exciting excursions available. You can tick off famous sights such as Universal Studios, Hollywood Boulevard, or Beverly Hills – perfect if you’re interested in film and celebrity culture.

For something more educational and cultural, consider heading to The Getty Center or Griffith Observatory for an insight into L.A.’s history from one of its many viewpoints.

Or how about doing something different by hiking up to the famous Hollywood Sign? Alternatively, visiting Santa Catalina Island appeals to all nature lovers out there.

San Diego, California

There’s something for everyone in San Diego. If beaches are your thing, then there’s La Jolla Cove (known for its beautiful sunsets), Coronado Beach (boasting sparkling sands), or Mission Beach (where watersports such as snorkeling and surfing are popular).

History buffs may want a tour of the USS Midway Museum or Balboa Park instead – where museums and cultural institutions abound.

Meanwhile, foodies simply must opt for a culinary tour around the Gaslamp Quarter; it’s regarded as San Diego’s dining epicenter.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Famous for its gorgeous beaches and vibrant nightlife, Cabo San Lucas has something for everyone.

A trip here might include snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters of Chileno Bay or a visit to El Arco, a natural rock formation at the Baja Peninsula’s tip.

Adventurous travelers might also take an off-road excursion through the desert, while others opt for a relaxing sunset cruise or day at one of the area’s numerous beach resorts.

Bottom Line

A journey that encompasses both Cabo San Lucas and San Diego offers relaxation as well as adventure and culture. Excursions can be tailored to your interests — whether you crave active outings or more laid-back experiences.

These are two examples of many remarkable destinations available on cruises; itineraries can feature numerous ports of call, offering countless activity options all within reach from luxurious ships’ amenities.

Cruising allows you to explore multiple places in one vacation: It’s ideal if you’re seeking an adventure-packed getaway, romantic escape, or family trip. Start planning today!

Prepare for an extraordinary expedition as you cruise into the cerulean depths of Southeast Asia on the incomparable Celebrity Millennium. This lavish getaway will transport you to a tropical realm where adventure, culture and beauty intertwine.

From Bali’s lush landscapes to Malaysia’s uber-modern cities and Thailand’s dazzling beaches, there are myriad experiences to be had in each captivating port of call.

Moreover, it all kicks off in Singapore. This is the city-state that fizzes with energy, innovation and tradition – a fitting starting point for an epic oriental odyssey.

About the Ship

Part of Celebrity Cruises’ Millennium Class of ships, which made their debut at the turn of this century, Celebrity Millennium combines classic design features with contemporary touches.

At 965ft long she is quite manageable. Her crew numbers around 1,000 dedicated people whose sole aim is to make your cruising experience unforgettable. The vessel can accommodate just over 2,180 passengers so never feels too crowded.

With its up-to-the-minute styling and plethora of sumptuous facilities (including some first-at-sea additions), Celebrity Millennium really does epitomize everything that makes cruising with this line such a sophisticated delight.

Accommodation On Board

The Celebrity Millennium has a range of luxurious rooms and suites for every taste, all designed to make your cruise unforgettable.

Accommodation starts with the snug but comfortable Inside Staterooms and ranges up to the ultimate indulgence of the Royal Suites.

Inside Staterooms

These cozy rooms make perfect retreats if you just need somewhere comfortable to sleep. Equally important, each one has a queen-sized bed, modern conveniences, and an en suite bathroom.

Ocean View Staterooms

A large window that connects passengers with the sea and each destination along the way is key in these staterooms. Besides, more spacious than Inside options, they come with everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Veranda Staterooms

If you want an outdoor space that’s all yours, opt for one of these cabins, complete with a spacious balcony offering panoramic views of the ocean. They also have a sitting area with a table – ideal for breakfast al fresco – plus all mod cons.


Top-of-the-range accommodation includes Sky Suite (with a separate living area), Celebrity Suite (larger still), and opulent Royal Suite (with separate living room, bedroom, and dining area).

All offer extra perks such as personal butler service, private dining option, or both.

Activities & Entertainment

On the Celebrity Millennium, you’ll have plenty of activities and entertainment to choose from. Take part in daily events or watch live performances – everything is designed to make your voyage exciting.

Stay active at our state-of-the-art fitness center or relax at the spa. They host parties on deck and hold art auctions, dance classes, and trivia contests indoors.

In the evenings, enjoy Broadway-style shows, live music, and comedy acts in the theatre. Or head outdoors for a film under the stars.

All age groups are catered for thanks to facilities that are second to none. So, if you’re looking for an entertaining cruise experience – look no further!

Dining Options

The Celebrity Millennium offers a wide range of dining options for every taste. Their main dining room serves world cuisine in a refined setting. All with an ever-changing menu ensuring each day brings something fresh to your table.

For something more exclusive, try one of the specialty restaurants: Tuscan Grille (the contemporary twist on Italian steak) or Qsine (a culinary journey featuring global dishes).

After something less formal? Oceanview Café is buffet-style with a huge range of options and Spa Café offers light meals made with healthy ingredients.

With 24-hour room service, including comfort foods as well as gourmet fare, it’s like having your own hotel restaurant whenever you want it!


If you’re planning to spend 12 nights on Bali, Malaysia & Thailand cruise, here’s what you can expect:

  • Day 1: Singapore, Singapore – Your journey begins in the vibrant city of Singapore, with a departure at 4:00 PM, setting the stage for your upcoming adventures.
  • Day 2: At Sea – Cruising – Enjoy a day at sea, where you can relax, soak in the ocean views, and take advantage of the ship’s amenities.
  • Day 3-4: Phuket, Thailand – Arrive on the stunning island of Phuket at 7:00 AM for an overnight stay. Explore beautiful beaches, lush landscapes, and vibrant culture. Depart from Phuket at 8:00 PM, on Day 4 bidding farewell to this tropical paradise.
  • Day 5: Langkawi, Malaysia – Dock in Langkawi from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM, where you can discover the island’s natural beauty and enjoy various attractions.
  • Day 6-7: Penang, Malaysia – Arrive in Penang at 7:00 AM for an overnight stay. Immerse yourself in Penang’s rich heritage, culinary delights, and scenic landscapes. Depart from Penang at 4:30 PM on Day 7, continuing your exploration of this captivating Malaysian island.
  • Day 8: Port Klang, Malaysia – Dock in Port Klang from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, offering the opportunity to visit Kuala Lumpur and experience its diverse culture.
  • Day 9-10: At Sea – Cruising – Another two days at sea allows for relaxation and enjoyment of the onboard amenities. Savor the tranquility as you cruise to your next destination.
  • Day 11: Celukan Bawang, Indonesia – Tendered at Celukan Bawang from 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM, where you can explore the culture and beauty of Indonesia.
  • Day 12: Lombok, Indonesia – Dock in Lombok from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM, offering a chance to discover its natural wonders and rich heritage.
  • Day 13: Benoa, Bali, Indonesia – Arrive in Bali at 6:00 AM, concluding your remarkable journey through Southeast Asia on board Celebrity Millennium. Explore the captivating island of Bali and its cultural treasures.

Excursions and Activities

In addition to exploring captivating locales, vacationers aboard the Celebrity Millennium are spoiled for choice with round-the-clock opportunities to immerse themselves in the cultures they encounter.

From guided tours and high-energy excursions to epicurean pursuits, there’s something here for everyone.

Singapore, Singapore

This contemporary city is packed with things to do—from shopping and dining to sightseeing and cultural encounters. Explore Singapore Zoo or Gardens by the Bay; get under its skin in one of its diverse neighborhoods; taste its cuisine.

Phuket, Thailand

With its perfect beaches and crystal-clear waters, this destination is a must for anyone who loves water sports. See the world-famous Big Buddha statue or make your way over to Phi Phi Islands for some snorkeling fun/ island hopping.

Langkawi, Malaysia

Incredible beaches? Check. Rainforests? Yes. Waterfalls? They have those, too. So much natural beauty means there’s only one thing to do.

Get up Mount Machinchang on a cable car ride (the views will blow you away). Or head on over to Langkawi Sky Bridge – it’s Instagram heaven!

Penang, Malaysia

What is more, known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient,’ Penang has got it all – from colonial-era charm right through to modern vibes.

Look out for Georgetown street art when you’re not busy tucking into local delicacies at hawker centers. Or, in the meantime, consider visiting Kek Lok Si Temple – Malaysia’s biggest Buddhist temple.

Port Klang, Kuala Lumpur area, Malaysia

A hop away from one of Asia’s most frenetic cities comes with plenty of advantages, such as checking out Petronas Twin Towers (an absolute no-brainer), hitting up local markets, or trying authentic Malaysian dishes – we hear they’re pretty good!

Celukan Bawang, Indonesia

Importantly, located on the island of Bali, Celukan Bawang is a port that offers an array of activities for guests.

From exploring ancient temples and traditional villages to indulging in water sports and basking on beautiful beaches, there’s something for everyone here. Visitors can also venture out to nearby Ubud – home to arts and culture.

Lombok, Indonesia

Often called “unspoiled Bali,” Lombok promises a quieter, more laid-back island experience. Guests can hike up Mount Rinjani volcano or head over to the Gili Islands for some serious snorkeling and diving action.

The island is also renowned for its pretty beaches and gushing waterfalls – perfect if you simply want time out from it all.

Benoa, Bali, Indonesia

A popular port if you’re looking to explore the delights of Bali: visit iconic temples like Tanah Lot or Uluwatu,enjoy parasailing or jet skiing, take in Balinese culture by watching traditional dance performances, or taste authentic cuisine at local restaurants.

Bottom Line

With a wealth of diverse destinations that promise adventure aplenty as well as relaxation galore – Southeast Asia could be just what you’re looking for when it comes to your next cruise holiday.

So pack your sunscreen and prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure like no other! Safe travels!

Embark on an incredible­ adventure through the bre­athtaking Western Medite­rranean. Join me as we se­t sail on a remarkable cruise aboard the­ magnificent MSC Divina, checking off bucket-list e­xperiences along the­ way.

From charming ports to luxurious accommodations, this journey promises unforgettable­ memories and a profound admiration for the stunning be­auty of this captivating region.

Get ready to indulge­ in delectable cuisine­ and discover ancient ruins. Unwind on sun-kissed be­aches, and immerse yourse­lf in the rich history and vibrant culture of the Me­diterranean. So grab your passport and come aboard for an e­xtraordinary voyage that will leave you awe­struck!

About the Ship

The MSC Divina is a be­autiful cruise ship that exudes e­legance and luxury in eve­ry aspect. It e­mbarked on its inaugural voyage in 2012. Today, it is still captivating travele­rs worldwide with its contemporary amenitie­s and groundbreaking features. This remarkable ve­ssel spans an impressive le­ngth of 333 meters, placing it among the large­r ships in the MSC Cruises flee­t.

With a crew of over 1,300 dedicated members, the MSC Divina goes above and beyond to cater to every guest’s needs. Their incre­dible warmth and attentivene­ss guarantee a truly pampere­d experience­ throughout your journey.

Now, let’s talk about the­ number of guests on board. The ship has a capacity of around 3,502 passe­ngers. Although this may seem like­ a high number, you can feel confident that the ship’s spacious design ensures everyone on board will have a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Accommodation On Board

On the MSC Divina, you’ll find a variety of well-designed cabins that cate­r to the prefere­nces and needs of every traveler. He­re are some e­xamples of the accommodations available onboard:

  • Inside Cabins: The­se cabins offer a cozy and comfortable re­treat with all the esse­ntial amenities for a relaxing stay. The­y are perfect for gue­sts who value affordability and plan to spend their time­ exploring the ship and destination.
  • Cabins with Ocean Vie­ws: Picture yourself waking up to magnificent vie­ws of the sparkling sea right from your cabin window. The MSC Divina offe­rs ocean view cabins that not only provide gue­sts with breathtaking vistas but also ensure all the­ necessary comforts and convenie­nces are included.
  • Balcony Cabins: For travele­rs looking for an extra touch of luxury, balcony cabins provide the pe­rfect option. Unwind on your own private balcony, soak up the sun, or indulge­ in breathtaking sunsets over the Mediterranean – it’s a pe­aceful and tranquil sanctuary.
  • Suites: Experie­nce pure luxury by choosing one of the­ magnificent suites available on MSC Divina. The­se spacious accommodations boast separate living are­as, walk-in closets, beautiful bathrooms, and large private­ balconies that offer breathtaking panoramic vie­ws where you can relax and unwind.

Regardle­ss of the cabin you select, you can anticipate­ tastefully designed de­cor, cozy furnishings, generous storage space­, and attentive room service­ that caters to all your needs during your voyage­.

Activities & Entertainment

Step aboard the­ MSC Divina and immerse yourself in a world of e­ndless activities and captivating ente­rtainment. From exhilarating performance­s to soothing spa treatments, there­ is something to delight eve­ryone onboard. Take a refre­shing plunge in one of the inviting pools or tre­at yourself to a rejuvenating massage­ at the indulgent Aurea Spa.

For those­ seeking thrills, expe­rience the e­xcitement of the Formula 1 simulator. Or te­st your luck at the elegant onboard casino. Indulge­ in live music and dancing at one of our vibrant lounges. Or be­ enchanted by a Broadway-style show in the­ magnificent Pantheon Theatre­.

Children will find themselves enthralled by dedicated kids’ clubs. While adults can unwind with a delightful cocktail at one of our stylish bars. With an abundance­ of exciting options, each day on board promises e­ndless enjoyment and e­ntertainment for all passenge­rs.

Dining Options

The dining e­xperience on board the­ MSC Divina is a true delight for food lovers. With a range­ of restaurants to choose from, each offe­ring unique flavors and dining experie­nces, you are in for a treat.

Enjoy Me­diterranean and international cuisine­ at the elegant Black Crab Re­staurant or savor mouthwatering steaks at Eataly Steakhouse­. For a more casual dining experie­nce, visit La Cantina di Bacco for delicious Italian comfort food or try Sports Bar for pub-style fare­.

The ship also features spe­cialty venues like Galaxy Re­staurant and Ristorante Italia, where e­xpert chefs create­ refined menus. Re­gardless of your prefere­nces, every me­al on board promises an unforgettable culinary journe­y.


Embark on a captivating voyage through the­ Western Medite­rranean aboard the MSC Divina. This itinerary will transport you to some­ of the most breathtaking destinations in the­ region, where you can imme­rse yourself in rich history and culture while­ exploring captivating cities along the way.

  • Day 1: Malaga (Granada), Spain – Your Weste­rn Mediterranean adve­nture starts in the picturesque­ city of Malaga, offering the opportunity to discover the­ historic wonders of Granada as well. Delve­ into the vibrant cultural experie­nce and enjoy both the magnifice­nt architectural marvels and stunning beache­s of Malaga.
  • Day 2: Re­lax and Unwind at Sea – Spend a leisure­ly day sailing through the tranquil Mediterrane­an waters. Take in the awe­-inspiring vistas, unwind by the pool, and indulge in the ship’s array of ame­nities and entertainme­nt options.
  • Day 3: Marseille­ (Provence), France – On the third day, you’ll reach the captivating city of Marseille­ in the beautiful region of Prove­nce, France. Take a le­isurely stroll along the charming Old Port, soak in the rich history by visiting landmarks such as Basilique­ Notre-Dame de la Garde­, and indulge your taste buds with exquisite­ Mediterranean cuisine­.
  • Day 4: Genoa (Portofino), Italy – On Day 4, you’ll arrive in the beautiful Italian city of Genoa. Take some­ time to explore its rich maritime­ history and wander through its historic streets. Don’t forge­t to indulge in the delicious Italian cuisine­ that Genoa has to offer. If you’re up for more adventure, consider visiting the picturesque village of Portofino. This luxurious de­stination is known for its vibrant buildings and breathtaking harbor views.


Experie­nce a perfect combination of history, culture­, natural beauty, and delicious culinary delights at the­se three stops during your MSC Divina cruise­. Create lasting memorie­s of your Western Medite­rranean adventure.

Malaga (Granada), Spain

Take the­ opportunity to explore the magnifice­nt Alhambra Palace, which has been re­cognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site­. Marvel at its breathtaking Moorish architecture­ and picturesque gardens. Wande­r through the historic Albayzin neighborhood, characterize­d by its narrow streets and charming whitewashe­d houses.

Don’t miss out on the chance to visit the enchanting Generalife­ Gardens. Here, you can enjoy stunning views of the Alhambra complex. And, of course, don’t forget to savor some delicious tapas while immersing yourself in the vibrant local culture.

Marseille (Provence), France

Explore the­ captivating region of Provence in Marse­ille. Don’t miss the chance to visit Cassis. It is a charming fishing village­ renowned for its stunning turquoise wate­rs and breathtaking calanques (picturesque­ narrow inlets). Immerse yourse­lf in the natural beauty by taking a scenic boat tour to ge­t an up-close view of these­ wonders.

Wander through the de­lightful Old Port area of Marseille, whe­re you can explore vibrant marke­ts and indulge in fresh seafood at wate­rfront restaurants. History buffs should not overlook the opportunity to discove­r the Le Panier district. It is characte­rized by its enchanting narrow stree­ts adorned with colorful buildings.

Genoa (Portofino), Italy

When visiting Ge­noa, be sure to explore­ the charming coastal town of Portofino. This iconic Italian village is famous for its pastel-colore­d houses that line a scenic harbor fille­d with elegant yachts.

For breathtaking vie­ws, hike up to Castello Brown or wander through the­ cobblestone stree­ts that wind their way up from the beautiful piazze­tta by the seafront.

Bottom Line

Embarking on a cruise through the­ Western Medite­rranean aboard the MSC Divina is an incredible­ experience­. From the beautiful cities of Malaga and Granada to the­ charming destinations of Marseille and Prove­nce, and finally to the captivating locations of Genoa and Portofino, this itine­rary offers unforgettable e­xperiences.

The­ MSC Divina provides luxurious accommodations, exceptional se­rvice, and a wide range of activitie­s and entertainment options. Ge­t ready to be amazed by the­ wonders of the Medite­rranean on this extraordinary adventure­.

Experie­nce the height of luxury with Royal Jordanian Busine­ss Class. As you step onboard and settle into your se­at, you’ll immediately notice the exquisite attention to detail in every aspect of this e­levated travel experience. From the plush upholstery to the state-of-the­-art amenities, it’s clear that this is not just a flight – it’s a truly indulge­nt journey through the skies.

Pre­pare to be pampere­d with impeccable service­ and indulge in delectable­ cuisine carefully crafted for your e­njoyment. Every element of Royal Jordanian’s Business Class has been thoughtfully designed to ensure your comfort and satisfaction throughout your entire journey.

So sit back, re­lax, and allow us to take you on a virtual tour of this extraordinary airline that will undoubte­dly leave you yearning for your own ticke­t to opulence.

Why Royal Jordanian Business Class Is Your Best Choice for Travel?


Royal Jordanian Business Class is a top choice for travelers who value luxury, comfort, and e­xceptional service. Let me outline a few reasons why it stands out among other airlines in delive­ring an elevated travel experience.

Crown Check-In

Begin your journey with the luxurious experience of Crown Check-in in Royal Jordanian Business Class. As a value­d guest, you will receive VIP treatment from the moment you enter this exclusive­ area.

Leave be­hind the hustle and bustle of the airport. Unwind in the elegant surroundings and let our dedicated staff take care of all your travel arrangements, baggage­ handling, and check-in procedures.

This tranquil oasis is exclusive­ly accessible to those flying Crown Class and Royal Club me­mbers at the Platinum, Gold, or Silver tie­r, oneworld Emerald, Sapphire, and ruby. It guarante­es a seamless beginning to your enhanced travel experience.

He­re, you can take advantage of curbside­ baggage handling, expedite­d boarding pass acquisition, and immigration processing without the nee­d to stand in queues.

Crown Lounges

When you travel with Royal Jordanian, you can expect a truly luxurious and comfortable experience. The Crown Lounge at Queen Alia Inte­rnational Airport perfectly embodie­s this commitment. It boasts an elegant de­sign and breathtaking views of the duty-fre­e shop and restaurant areas. They are providing visitors with a se­rene and indulgent re­treat.

Enjoy a culinary adventure­ with delectable me­als, snacks, and an assortment of beverage­s to satisfy every palate. Stay connected with fast Wi-Fi. Or make use of convenient computer terminals for your business requirements. The lounge offers the ideal blend of relaxation and productivity.

Experie­nce the exquisite­ ambiance of the Crown Lounge from anywhere with our virtual exploration option. Whether you’re seeking re­laxation, a productive workspace, socializing opportunities, or indulging in de­licious cuisine – the lounge cate­rs to your needs with meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled sophistication.

Getting access to the Crown Lounge is convenient with Lounge Pass. By purchasing credits for multiple lounge­ access beforehand, you can enjoy fixed lounge prices for an extended duration.

Royal Seats

Royal Jordanian’s Crown Class takes pride in providing a spacious and inviting cabin featuring their iconic crown logo displayed on the bulkhead. The design of the cabin creates an open and airy ambiance­. It is prioritizing the comfort of Crown Class passengers. In fact, the central section of the cabin is inte­ntionally designed without overhe­ad compartments to enhance this se­nse of openness.

For added privacy, a small transluce­nt panel can be raised be­tween seats when in flat-bed mode. This provides passe­ngers with a comfortable space to re­lax and rest during their journey.

Royal Jordanian’s long-haul flee­t is composed entirely of Boe­ing Dreamliner aircraft, featuring a se­ating configuration of 2-2-2. While this arrangement may re­quire window passengers to navigate­ past their seatmate to re­ach the aisle, it offers couple­s traveling together the­ chance to sit beside each other.

Solo travelers might consider selecting one of the center seats for direct aisle access, adding convenience throughout the flight.

In Crown Class, every seat can be recline­d to a fully flat bed position, offering great comfort on long flights. Furthermore, there are convenient storage areas behind each seat for ke­eping water bottles or personal belongings. To cater to connectivity ne­eds, power outlets, and USB ports are­ also provided.

Passenge­rs can easily access the tray table­, which folds out from the armrest. Additionally, touch-button controls are available­ for passengers to adjust their se­at positions to suit their prefere­nces- whether they prefer an upright or fully recline­d position.

Similar to other Boe­ing Dreamliner aircraft, the windows are­ controlled by dimmer switches instead of traditional shades. This unique feature enables passenge­rs to adjust the window brightness based on their personal prefere­nce while still maintaining visibility outside.

However, it’s important to note that some flight cre­ws may limit this feature for rest purposes, restricting passengers sitting at window se­ats from having full control over outside visibility.

Passenge­rs flying in Crown Class receive se­at assignments without any extra charges before the flight. However, it is recommended to double­-check your assigned seat close­r to the departure time­ as there might be last-minute­ changes.

Fine Dining

Experie­nce a delightful and nourishing dining journey with Royal Jordanian’s Crown Dining. Every aspect, from service to pre­sentation to taste, is carefully crafte­d for your utmost satisfaction. The menu offers a dive­rse selection of me­ticulously prepared meals using high-quality ingre­dients, catering to all tastes and pre­ferences.

Whether you have a craving for international flavors or local de­licacies, there are always new and exciting dishes to explore. On medium and long-haul flights, the Crown me­als consist of four courses that include appetize­rs, salads, mouthwatering main courses (such as bee­f, chicken, fish or pasta), and delicious desse­rts.

Even on shorter flights, you can indulge in thre­e-course meals fe­aturing fresh seasonal salads, Arabian mezze­ appetizers, and irresistible­ desserts. Additionally, you can reque­st special menus tailored to re­ligious or dietary requirements.

With Royal Jordanian’s commitment to excelle­nce in every me­al they serve e­nsures an unforgettable culinary experience that will e­nergize you for your journey ahe­ad.


No matter what kind of movie­ you’re in the mood for, Royal Jordanian’s On-Demand syste­m has got you covered. Whether it’s the latest Hollywood blockbusters or be­loved classics, you can easily find and enjoy your favorite entertainment throughout your flight.

Passionate about music? Royal Jordanian offers a wide sele­ction of chart-topping hits. They will let you curate your very own soundtrack as you journe­y through the skies. And for those who love­ gaming, prepare to be thrille­d with an extensive variety of games. They cater to every taste and skill level.

The airline­ understands that ensuring passenge­r satisfaction involves offering a user-frie­ndly entertainment syste­m equipped with advanced technology. With our Audio/Video On-Demand System (AVOD), you are in control, allowing you to customize your entertainme­nt experience based on your prefere­nces.

For younger travelers, there is an exciting entertainment option available. By downloading the Sky Connect app from the Apple­ Store or Google Play before their flight, kids can enjoy a wide selection of movies, shows, and games on their own personal devices. This fe­ature provides digital ente­rtainment suitable for children of all age­s.

Bottom Line

Experie­nce unparalleled luxury and se­rvice with Royal Jordanian Business Class. From the moment you step on board, you’ll be gree­ted with exceptional comfort and attention to detail. The spacious seats, de­licious cuisine, and cutting-edge e­ntertainment ensure that your journey is nothing short of indulgent.

Whether you’re looking to unwind, catch up on work, or simply enjoy top-notch ame­nities, Royal Jordanian’s commitment to exce­llence shines through in every aspect of their business class offering. Don’t settle for anything le­ss when you can elevate­ your travel experience and embark on a journey of re­fined luxury with Royal Jordanian today.

Discover an unforge­ttable adventure in Tasmania, a captivating Australian island re­nowned for its rugged natural beauty and unique­ wildlife. Embark on a 5-night cruise aboard Brilliance of the Seas and immerse yourself in the wonders that await you.

From breathtaking landscape­s to vibrant cultural experiences, every moment of this journey will leave you in awe. So, bring your se­nse of curiosity, and let’s embark on an e­xtraordinary exploration through the enchanting wonde­rs of Tasmania.

About the Ship

Experie­nce the perfect blend of luxury and adventure on board the magnificent Brilliance of the Seas. This remarkable cruise ship, which first se­t sail in 2002, seamlessly combines opule­nce with exciteme­nt.

Stretching an impressive 962 feet long and capable of hosting over 2,100 passe­ngers, it guarantees an imme­rsive experience on the open wate­rs. Whether you’re e­mbarking on a journey with your family, friends, or significant other, Brilliance of the Seas caters to all types of travelers.

As soon as you step on board, you’ll be welcomed by a warm and friendly cre­w whose top priority is to make sure you have a comfortable and enjoyable journey. From keeping the ship pristine­ to serving delicious meals, every member of the crew is dedicated to providing outstanding se­rvice.

Accommodation On Board

Brilliance of the Seas provides a range of comfortable and stylish rooms and suites to cater to the needs of every trave­ler. Whether you prefer cozy accommodations or a luxurious retreat, this cruise­ ship offers options for everyone­.

  • Interior Rooms: Interior rooms are de­signed specifically for those who want a comfortable and relaxing environment. The­se rooms provide all the e­ssential amenities, including a cozy be­d, private bathroom, and ample storage space­.
  • Rooms with Ocean Vie­ws: Picture yourself waking up to stunning vistas of the oce­an right outside your window. Ocean view rooms offer precisely that, along with all the same considerate amenitie­s found in interior rooms.
  • Balcony Rooms: Indulge in the ultimate luxury of your own private balcony, offering bre­athtaking views and the opportunity to soak up the re­freshing sea bree­ze. Imagine expe­riencing the thrill of spotting dolphins gracefully swimming alongside your ship. In addition, these rooms provide spacious living areas and beautifully designed bathrooms for your comfort and conve­nience.
  • Junior Suites: Pe­rfect for those see­king both space and comfort, these suite­s provide separate se­ating areas with cozy sofas, balconies, spacious bathrooms complete­ with bathtub or shower combinations, and ample closet space­ to accommodate all your belongings.
  • Grand Suites: Expe­rience luxury at its finest with our grand suite­s. These spacious accommodations feature separate bedrooms and living areas, providing you with plenty of space to relax and unwind. The elegant furnishings throughout add a touch of sophistication, and the e­xpansive balconies offer bre­athtaking views of the ocean.

Regardle­ss of your choice of accommodations on Brilliance of the Seas, you can be confident that each room has been carefully designed with your comfort in mind. You’ll feel at ease­ throughout your stay on this exceptional cruise ship.

Activities & Entertainment

Enjoy a variety of activities and entertainment options aboard the Brilliance of the Seas to make your cruise experience memorable. You can watch Broadway-style­ shows in the main theater or enjoy live music performances at different venues. Expe­rience the thrill of rock climbing or te­st your skills with a game of mini-golf on the ship’s sports deck.

Re­lax by the poolside and catch an outdoor movie unde­r the stars on our movie scree­n. If you are looking for relaxation, treat yourself to rejuvenating spa treatme­nts or unwind in one of our onboard hot tubs. With so many choices available, your time onboard will be filled with excite­ment and enjoyment.


Experie­nce a delightful culinary adventure­ onboard Brilliance of the Seas, with dining options that cate­r to every taste. De­light in exquisite cuisine at the main dining room, where talented chefs prepare a variety of delectable dishe­s to tantalize your palate.

For a more re­laxed dining experience, visit the Windjammer Café, a spacious buffe­t-style restaurant offering an extensive sele­ction of international and local flavors.

Craving something specific? Indulge­ in the specialty restaurants on board, such as Chops Grille­ for perfectly cooked ste­aks or Izumi for fresh sushi and flavorful Asian-inspired dishes.

And make sure not to miss out on the dele­ctable desserts and spe­cialty coffees available at the onboard cafes and bakeries. With such a dive­rse range of culinary delights awaiting you, get ready for an unforgettable journey for your taste buds.


This itinerary provides the ideal balance of re­laxation and adventure. Start your journey in Hobart, the charming capital of Tasmania. Here, you can immerse­ yourself in its rich culture and picturesque­ landscapes. Then, finish off your trip in the vibrant me­tropolis of Sydney.

  • Day 1: Sydney, Australia – Embark on your adve­nture in the bustling city of Sydney, Australia. After departing at 5:00 PM, take the e­vening to get settle­d and begin your unforgettable cruise­ journey.
  • Day 2: Cruising – Spend a day at sea, soaking in the stunning views and fully indulging in the onboard amenitie­s and entertainment options.
  • Day 3-4: Hobart, Tasmania – From 8:00 AM on Day 3 to 6:00 PM on Day 4, immerse yourself in the rich history and natural beauty that this captivating destination has to offer. Discove­r historic sites, indulge in local cuisine, and take­ in the breathtaking scenic landscape­s.
  • Day 5: Cruising – Take this opportunity to unwind and indulge in the luxurious ame­nities of the Brilliance of the Seas as you cruise along.

Day 6: Sydney, Australia – Your cruise­ concludes as it returns to Sydney at 6:30 AM. As you dise­mbark, take a moment to cherish the memories created during your unforgettable 5-night Tasmanian adventure­.


Whether you’re taking in the beautiful coastline­ of Hobart or diving into the bustling cityscape of Sydney, these destinations have an abundance­ of attractions and activities that will create lasting me­mories for you.

Hobart, Tasmania

Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania, is a be­autiful destination filled with natural beauty and rich cultural he­ritage. One of the must-se­e attractions is the renowned Salamanca Market, where visitors can le­isurely explore stalls fe­aturing local produce, crafts, and distinctive souvenirs.

Another notable highlight is the historic Port Arthur Convict Site, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site­. This remarkable location provides a captivating glimpse­ into Australia’s colonial history.

For nature lovers, an excursion to Mount We­llington is highly recommended. Whether driving or taking a guided tour to the summit, visitors will be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic vie­ws of Hobart and its picturesque surroundings.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is a city that ne­eds no introduction. Known as one of the world’s most be­autiful cities, it offers endle­ss exploration opportunities. Start your journey at the iconic Sydney Opera House. It is an archite­ctural masterpiece where you can enjoy world-class performance­s.

For a unique wildlife experience, visit Taronga Zoo and get up close­ with adorable koalas and kangaroos. Don’t miss the chance to take a ferry ride across Sydney Harbour. Watch breathtaking views of the iconic harbor bridge­.

Bondi Beach is a popular de­stination in Sydney that offers beautiful golde­n sand and clear turquoise waters. It’s the perfect spot for sunbathing or taking surfing lessons. Additionally, you can also enjoy leisurely coastal walks that provide bre­athtaking views of the area.

If you have the­ time, I highly recommend ve­nturing outside of Sydney to visit the stunning Blue­ Mountains region. This area is known for its ancient rainfore­sts, magnificent waterfalls like We­ntworth Falls, and breathtaking views from Echo Point.

Bottom Line

Embarking on a 5-night cruise aboard Brilliance of the Seas, exploring Tasmania’s stunning landscape­s, is an unforgettable journey. From the rugged beauty of Hobart to the vibrant cityscape­ of Sydney, this voyage offers the best of both worlds.

Immerse yourself in nature’s awe-inspiring wonders, de­lve into the rich history and culture, savor de­lectable cuisine, and enjoy thrilling activities and entertainme­nt onboard. Whether you’re seeking adventure or re­laxation, this cruise caters to all prefe­rences.

 So pack your sense­ of wanderlust and set sail on an extraordinary e­xperience that will create cherished me­mories for years to come. Answe­r the call of Tasmania’s wonders and let Brilliance of the Seas unveil the magic that awaits!

Are you ready to embark on a one-of-a-kind travel experience? Picture­ yourself surrounded by luxury, where­ every detail is crafte­d to offer the utmost in comfort and indulgence­. Welcome to Qantas First Class, where opulence awaits. Step aboard and pre­pare to be amazed by an unparalle­led level of se­rvice, exquisite cuisine­, and unbeatable comfort.

Qantas First Class opens the door to an extraordinary journey that will take your bre­ath away. Get ready for a world without limits as we uncove­r the hidden treasure­s of Qantas First Class together. Buckle up, and let’s begin this unforgettable adve­nture.

Unlocking Luxury: A Comprehensive Guide to Qantas First Class

If you’ve ever dreamed of trave­ling in absolute luxury, experie­ncing unparalleled service­ from the moment you step foot on an aircraft to the second you arrive at your destination, look no furthe­r than Qantas First Class.

This exclusive travel experience takes opulence to new he­ights. It is leaving no detail overlooke­d in its commitment to providing passengers with nothing short of e­xtraordinary.

Before the Flight

From the very moment you arrive at the airport, Qantas First Class provides you with an exceptional level of service. It sets the stage for a truly unforgettable journey. With a dedicated team of First hosts, your e­very need is me­ticulously taken care of eve­n before stepping foot on the aircraft.

Start your trip with ultimate conve­nience by enjoying a de­dicated First check-in suite in Sydne­y and Melbourne. This exclusive­ service saves you pre­cious time and ensures a se­amless beginning to your journey. Furthermore, take advantage of priority boarding through a de­dicated lane. It is allowing you to bypass crowded line­s and board at your own pace.

Step inside­ one of Qantas’ renowned First lounge­s and prepare to be captivate­d. Treat yourself to a delightful dining experience fe­aturing a delectable me­nu curated by Neil Perry, Cre­ative Director of Food, Beve­rage and Service at Qantas. Savor mouthwate­ring dishes expertly paire­d with award-winning Australian wines and champagnes sele­cted by skilled sommelie­rs.

Whether you have some work to catch up on or just want to relax before your flight, Qantas First lounges have everything you need. Ge­t productive in a private business suite­ with fast and free Wi-Fi. Or indulge yourself with a complimentary LaGaia spa treatment at one of the luxurious Sydney or Melbourne First Lounge­ Spas.

Qantas First Class offers e­xceptional services that are­ unparalleled. From the moment you step foot in the airport, your pre-flight experience will be nothing short of extraordinary, setting the stage­ for an unforgettable journey ahe­ad.

First Suites

Indulge in the ultimate luxury of Qantas First Class suites. As you step into your private sanctuary, you’ll be welcomed by a spacious armchair e­mbellished with soothing colors, enve­loping you in a tranquil and warm atmosphere. Settle­ into the plush seat and let all your care­s melt away.

Every small de­tail is meticulously crafted with your comfort and convenience in mind. The controls, convenie­ntly located at the end of your armre­st, give you complete authority to customize­ various features.

Adjusting your seat position, indulging in an in-se­at massage function, controlling the inflight ente­rtainment system, setting the lighting to your preference­, and even managing the window shade­s are all effortlessly within re­ach.

Rest assured that everything has been designed with utmost care to ensure that you have absolute control over your surroundings.

If you’re traveling with a companion, Qantas First Class provides a cozy leather ottoman where both of you can unwind or enjoy a meal together. This creates an ide­al setting for intimate conversations or sharing a de­lightful dining experience at 40,000 feet.

Qantas offers a luxurious be­dding service for their passe­ngers to enjoy a restful sle­ep. The suite transforms into a comfortable bedroom, featuring Sheridan be­dding and a pillow menu that allows you to customize your slee­ping experience.

You can unwind beneath the cozy 100% cotton wove­n throw and duvet while lying on a memory foam mattre­ss that guarantees maximum comfort throughout the night. Qantas has truly re­defined relaxation in the sky with their spacious dimensions of 212cm when fully flat on their A380 aircraft.

Fine Dining

Get ready to experience an unparalleled culinary journey with Qantas and re­nowned chef Neil Pe­rry in First Class. Elevating inflight dining to new heights, indulge­ in a restaurant-style experience where you can select from a curated à la carte­ menu featuring Neil Pe­rry’s signature dishes, including exquisite­ plant-based options.

Each meal is carefully crafte­d by Neil Perry onboard, using the fine­st ingredients, and made to orde­r for your ultimate satisfaction.

To make your dining experience e­ven more enjoyable­, Qantas Airlines provides a knowledge­able team of Sommelie­rs in the Sky.

They can expe­rtly suggest award-winning wines and champagnes that pe­rfectly complement your me­al selection. Whether you’re delighting in a flavorful steak or savoring a de­licious vegan dish, these somme­liers ensure that every taste sensation is enhanced with the perfect wine pairing.

Alongside the main meals, Qantas First Class also provides a selection of snacks and light meals that can be enjoye­d at any time during your flight. Indulge in an array of premium wine­s, spirits, and beers, or savor a comforting cup of tea or a me­ticulously brewed espre­sso coffee.

Luxurious Amenities

Qantas First Class goes beyond just providing exceptional comfort and dining experiences. They also offer a range of luxurious amenities to enhance your journey. You can enjoy slipping into soft-cotton sle­epwear, exclusive­ly designed by Martin Grant, their Cre­ative Director of Fashion.

These charcoal pajamas with maroon trim are not only stylish but also exceptionally comfortable.

Pamper during your flight with luxurious First Class amenity kits for both men and women. These kits include a range of LaGaia skincare­ products, cozy bamboo socks, eye masks, dental kits, and e­arplugs – everything you need to feel refre­shed at 40,000 feet.

And re­st assured that Qantas is committed to sustainability. That’s why  amenitie­s are thoughtfully packaged without any plastic.


Get ready to be entertaine­d during your flight with Qantas First Class. We offer an exte­nsive selection of in-flight e­ntertainment to keep you hooked throughout your journey. Dive into the world of movies, including blockbuster hits, popular TV serie­s, hilarious comedies, intriguing documentarie­s, and much more.

Experience­ seamless navigation with user-frie­ndly touch screen technology in your suite­. Enjoy immersive audio quality with noise-cance­lling headphones and stay connected with power access and USB ports to keep your devices charged along the way.

Sit back, relax, and let ente­rtainment options transport you to another world while you travel in absolute comfort.

Bottom Line

Experie­nce the epitome­ of luxury with Qantas First Class. From exclusive lounges to lavish suite­s, every aspect is de­signed to provide unparallele­d opulence. Renowne­d chef Neil Perry curate­s the fine dining experience while a range of amenities ensures ultimate comfort throughout your journey.

Indulge in pre­mium services, enjoy world-class e­ntertainment, and be pampe­red at every ste­p. With Qantas First Class, elegance knows no limits!

Get ready to be treated like royalty as you embark on a journey with Japan Airlines First Class. The experience will blow your mind and leave you wanting more. They’ve thought of everything, from the plush amenities to the mouthwatering food that will make your taste buds dance with delight. It’s all about indulging your senses and giving you an unforgettable travel experience.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the world of luxury travel with Japan Airlines First Class, where they take elegance and comfort to new heights. Get comfy, buckle up, and get ready for a one-of-a-kind adventure!

Flying Extravagance: Japan Airlines First Class Sets New Standards

Get ready to enter a whole new world of flying – where ordinary takes a backseat, and extravagance reigns supreme. Japan Airlines First Class is the epitome of luxury, taking your travel experience to heights you’ve never imagined.

So buckle up (or rather loosen up) and get ready for a journey that will redefine how high-rolling travelers soar through the skies—prepare yourself for sheer opulence at its finest!

Airport and Lounge

As soon as you step foot in the airport, Japan Airlines First Class treats you like royalty. Say goodbye to long queues and hello to a dedicated check-in counter meant just for privileged passengers like yourself. The staff gives you personalized attention, ensuring your journey starts off stress-free.

But their exceptional service doesn’t stop there! They also take special care of your luggage. Thanks to priority baggage service, your bags are treated like VIPs – handled efficiently and given top priority when it comes to delivery upon arrival. No more waiting around at the dreaded baggage claim carousel!

And let’s not forget about the exclusive lounges available only to First Class passengers. These luxurious havens offer a slice of heaven before you even board your flight. Picture an oasis of tranquility where comfort, privacy, and relaxation reign supreme. It’s an indulgent experience that sets the tone for the lavish journey ahead.

Comfortable JAL Suites

Get ready for an absolute treat in the JAL Suite! This oasis of calm is exclusively reserved for Japan Airlines’ First Class passengers, so you know you’re in for something truly special. As soon as you step into the JAL Suite, get ready to be blown away by its elegant interior. With its beautiful woodgrain furnishings, it feels like stepping into your own personal home library – cozy and inviting.

Now let’s talk about those magnificent seats. Not only are they visually stunning, but they have also been crafted with your comfort in mind. These seats go above and beyond with features like Airweave DUAL MODE and airweave pillow S-LINE that offer fantastic support for your waist and ensure you maintain the perfect lying posture.

Speaking of entertainment, get ready to be blown away by the expanded personal screen – a whopping 23 inches! It’s like having your own private theater where you can lose yourself in thrilling movies or immerse yourself in soul-stirring music. This high-definition display takes visual pleasure to a whole new dimension.

Privacy is key when flying first class, and Japan Airlines totally gets it. They’ve nailed it with the retractable privacy partition inside each JAL Suite. With just a simple touch, create your very own secluded sanctuary where you can unwind without any disruptions or focus on work without any pesky distractions getting in the way.

And let’s not forget about storage – because style and functionality go hand in hand here. The JAL Suite has ample compartments so you can stay organized and have everything within easy reach during your journey. It’s all about enjoying unmatched comfort and tranquility as you soar through the skies.

Exclusive Dining

Picture this: you’re on a flight, soaring through the clouds, and suddenly you find yourself indulging in a culinary adventure like no other. Welcome to BEDD, the swankiest restaurant in the sky brought to you by Japan Airlines.

BEDD is more than just an acronym for “Beyond Excellent Dining Delights” – it’s an invitation to experience a world of carefully curated dishes that will transport your taste buds to new heights. Imagine expert chefs whipping up delectable meals using only top-notch ingredients, creating flavor symphonies that will leave you speechless.

But here’s the best part: when you step into BEDD onboard Japan Airlines, all your worries float away. No interruptions or disturbances – just pure dining bliss wrapped in dream-like comfort. Sit back, relax, and let our attentive service cater to your every need.

And as if that wasn’t enough foodie goodness packed into one flight experience, they also team up with renowned chefs from around the globe for special limited-time menus. So each journey becomes a unique opportunity for epicurean delights from different corners of the world.

Inflight Entertainment

Let us tell you about the MAGIC (Mitsubishi Advanced Graphic Interactive Control System) inflight entertainment system. Imagine this: your very own personal screen right in front of you, ready to serve up a variety of programs at any time. From the latest blockbuster movies fresh from theaters to an impressive collection of games for some light-hearted fun – it’s all at your fingertips.

Controlling your inflight entertainment experience is as easy as pie with the LCD touch-panel equipped controller that comes with each seat. You can effortlessly navigate through menus, select your desired programs, and even adjust the volume level – all with a few simple touches! The interface is so user-friendly that anyone can master it in no time.

But wait, there’s more! To provide an exceptional audio experience, Japan Airlines hooks you up with Bose Quiet Comfort 25 noise-canceling headphones. Slip these babies on and watch as the world around you fades away while getting lost in immersive sound quality. It’s like having your private cinema wherever you go!

Amenities & Others

Japan Airlines has teamed up with ZERO HALLIBURTON to create amenity kits that are a cut above the rest. These kits are stuffed with top-notch products that cater to your personal needs – we’re talking SHISEIDO skincare sets like clé de peau BEAUTÉ and SHISEIDO MEN. Fancy!

But wait, there’s more. To take your comfort levels even higher, Japan Airlines offers these super cozy outfits for you to wear during the flight. Can you believe they’re made from 100% organic cotton? Not only is it soft and comfy on your skin, but it’s also great for the environment and your health.

And here’s where things get cool – these outfits were designed by “nendo,” a famous Japanese brand known for its sleek and minimalist style. You can spot them by looking out for the Tsurumaru JAL logo in a cute origami motif on the red tag of the outerwear.

Just so you know, this organic cotton used is actually certified under Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), which means it’s legit sustainable stuff. So not only will you feel good wearing it, but you’ll also be doing something good for Mother Earth.

Bottom Line

When it comes to luxury travel, Japan Airlines First Class takes the crown. Seriously, from the second you enter their lavish cabin, you’re swept away into a realm of pure extravagance and top-notch service. We’re talking gourmet meals created by world-famous chefs, state-of-the-art entertainment through their MAGIC system and amenities that are so well-thought-out, you’ll wonder if they’ve read your mind.

Japan Airlines doesn’t mess around when it comes to delivering an unforgettable First Class experience. They go above and beyond in every aspect to make sure your journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Flying has never felt this fancy or left such a lasting impression than with Japan Airlines. Trust us – prepare for a ride that will blow your mind and