Have you ever dreamed of encountering stories, legends, and histories brought to life? Do your wildest fantasies include standing alongside ancient empires whose roots have been kept alive in culture and tradition for centuries?

Then embark on the journey of a lifetime – join us as we take an adventurous 12-day cruise through the Holy Land and discover the mysteries of past mighty kingdoms.

From Venice to Jerusalem, be ready to marvel at historical treasures from centuries past. Then, step back into time as your senses become enriched by the art, culture, and history of Israel and other Holy Lands.

Feel truly at home onboard our luxurious cruise ship, where comfort meets modern amenities while winding down after a long day — creating priceless memories along the way!

About the Ship

The Oosterdam is a splendid mid-sized cruise ship operated by Holland America Line, setting sail with elegance and charm. Launched in 2002, this vessel offers a delightful experience to its guests, combining spaciousness, comfort, and attentive service.

With a capacity of 1,964 passengers (double occupancy rates) and 812 dedicated crew members, the Oosterdam ensures a personalized and enjoyable journey for all aboard.

Belonging to the esteemed Holland America Line’s fleet, the Oosterdam is renowned for its exceptional travel experiences. Stretching approximately 936 ft. in length, this ship provides ample space for a wide range of onboard amenities and activities, ensuring a delightful voyage for every traveler.

Accommodation On Board

The Holland America Line’s Oosterdam is a beautiful cruise ship that offers a range of accommodations for its guests. Here’s a brief overview of the rooms on board:

  • Interior Rooms: These are the most affordable option for travelers who want to save money while still enjoying all the amenities and activities available on the ship. These rooms have no windows but are well-designed to provide comfort and convenience.
  • Oceanview Rooms: These cabins offer large windows allowing guests to enjoy breathtaking ocean views as they sail through different ports.
  • Verandah Rooms: These cabins have private verandas where guests can sit outside and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding sea.
  • Suites: The ship has several types of suites available, ranging from spacious spa suites with in-room whirlpool tubs to grand suites with separate living areas, huge balconies, and luxurious furnishings.

All rooms come equipped with comfortable bedding, flat-screen TVs, mini-bars, safes, and 24-hour in-room dining services.

Holland America Line’s Signature touches are applied throughout every room aboard the Oosterdam; you’ll always feel as though you’re staying in an elegant space regardless of which accommodation type you choose!

Activities & Entertainment

The Holland America Line’s Oosterdam offers excellent activities and entertainment for guests to enjoy while onboard. There’s something for every age group to enjoy, from the youngest travelers to seniors, with plenty of options for both relaxation and adventure.

Guests can enjoy the on-deck promenade that encircles the ship for leisurely strolls and breathtaking sea views. For fitness enthusiasts, there are a number of well-equipped fitness centers offering personal training sessions and free yoga classes.

There is also a vast range of entertainment options daily to keep guests engaged throughout their voyage.

In addition, the ship hosts productions at its stunning Vista Lounge featuring live music performances, solo interpretations, comedians, and shows highlighting cultural traditions specific to ports along your journey.

Dining Options

One of the most popular restaurants on board is Canaletto, which serves delicious Italian cuisine in an elegant setting.

Crow’s Nest – Forward Bar offers a stylish ambiance and panoramic views high atop the ship, making it ideal for enjoying drinks before or after dinner. Dive-In provides fast food favorites like hot dogs and burgers while lounging by the pool.

Explorations Café is perfect for coffee lovers, providing freshly brewed coffee drinks. The Gallery Bar will make your evening unforgettable with its art-related cocktail menu inspired by renowned artworks.

Lido Bar, as well as Sea View Bar, caters to pool-goers offering refreshing drinks and snacks.


If you want to explore the Holy Land, the Holland America Line’s Oosterdam offers a 12-day itinerary that takes guests to some of the most iconic locations:

  • Day 1: Trieste (Venice), Italy: Begin your adventure in the charming city of Trieste (Venice), Italy. Immerse yourself in the rich history and architectural wonders of this captivating destination. With its picturesque canals and vibrant atmosphere, Venice offers a unique experience leaving you in awe.
  • Day 2: Sailing: Indulge in leisurely days at sea as you sail towards your next destination. Relax and revel in the amenities and activities offered onboard, ensuring a rejuvenating experience.
  • Day 3: Katakolon (Olympia), Greece: Step foot in Katakolon (Olympia), Greece, a place steeped in ancient history and legendary tales. Discover the birthplace of the Olympic Games and explore fascinating archaeological sites that transport you back in time.
  • Day 4: Piraeus (Athens), Greece: Immerse yourself in the cultural and historical wonders of Piraeus (Athens), Greece. Delve into the birthplace of democracy as you explore iconic landmarks such as the Acropolis and the Parthenon, marveling at their timeless beauty.
  • Day 5: Sailing: Enjoy another day at sea, surrounded by the vast expanse of azure waters. Take advantage of the ship’s amenities and relax in luxurious comfort, savoring every moment of your voyage.
  • Day 6: Ashdod (Jerusalem), Israel: Experience the profound spirituality and historical significance of Ashdod (Jerusalem), Israel. Discover the ancient city of Jerusalem, a place where diverse cultures and religions converge, leaving a lasting impression on all who visit.
  • Day 7: Haifa (Tel Aviv), Israel: Delight in the coastal beauty and vibrant atmosphere of Haifa (Tel Aviv), Israel. Experience the fusion of modernity and tradition as you explore bustling markets, stunning beaches, and fascinating cultural sites.
  • Day 8: Limassol, Cyprus: Discover the enchanting island of Cyprus as you arrive in Limassol. Immerse yourself in this Mediterranean gem’s rich heritage and natural splendor, exploring historical landmarks and indulging in the local cuisine.
  • Day 9: Rhodes, Greece: Step into a world of ancient wonders as you arrive in Rhodes, Greece. This captivating island invites you to explore its medieval charm, picturesque beaches, and impressive archaeological sites.
  • Day 10: Souda (Chania), Greece: Experience the idyllic beauty of Souda (Chania), Greece. Wander through the charming streets of this coastal town, relishing in the vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes that surround you.
  • Day 11: Argostoli, Cephalonia, Greece: Discover the hidden treasures of Argostoli, Cephalonia, Greece. With its stunning natural beauty and warm hospitality, this destination offers a perfect blend of relaxation and exploration. Note that tender access may be required, and some nationalities may require a visa.
  • Day 12: Sailing: Reflect on the unforgettable moments of your journey as you enjoy your final day at sea. Enjoy the ship’s amenities and create lasting memories with fellow travelers.
  • Day 13: Trieste (Venice), Italy: Conclude your voyage in Trieste (Venice), Italy, where your extraordinary journey ends. Depart with cherished memories and a renewed sense of wanderlust, knowing that your experiences will stay with you forever.


If you want to explore the destination further, discover shore excursions that will take you to some of the fascinating attractions:

Trieste (Venice), Italy

One of the most iconic cities in the world, Venice offers a wealth of must-visit places. Start with a visit to St. Mark’s Square and marvel at the stunning St. Mark’s Basilica and the intricate Doge’s Palace.

Then, take a gondola ride along the charming canals, cross the historic Rialto Bridge, and explore the vibrant neighborhoods of San Marco and Dorsoduro.

Katakolon (Olympia), Greece

Katakolon serves as the gateway to the ancient Olympia site, the Olympic Games birthplace. First, explore the archaeological remains of this once-thriving sanctuary, including the Temple of Zeus and the original Olympic Stadium.

Then, visit the Archaeological Museum of Olympia to see remarkable artifacts, statues, and ancient treasures.

Piraeus (Athens), Greece

In Athens, the cradle of Western civilization, visit the iconic Acropolis and marvel at the Parthenon, a symbol of ancient Greece. Explore the Acropolis Museum,

housing archaeological treasures, and wander through the historic Plaka neighborhood, known for its charming streets, shops, and traditional tavernas.

Ashdod (Jerusalem), Israel

From Ashdod, embark on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, a city of immense religious and historical significance. You should consider visiting the Western Wall, walking along the Via Dolorosa, and exploring the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Also, make sure to experience the lively markets of the Old City and take in the diverse cultures and traditions.

Haifa (Tel Aviv), Israel

Explore Tel Aviv, a diverse city famous for its scenic beaches, lively nightlife, and contemporary buildings.

Take a leisurely walk along the Tel Aviv Port promenade, discover the historic port city of Jaffa, and experience the flourishing cultural hub of Neve Tzedek. Indulge in the city’s exceptional cuisine and enjoy the picturesque beaches.

Limassol, Cyprus

Limassol offers a blend of history, culture, and beautiful coastal scenery. Visit the Limassol Castle, home to the Cyprus Medieval Museum, and explore the vibrant Limassol Marina area.

Take a leisurely stroll along the picturesque promenade, enjoy the lively atmosphere of the old town, and visit the archaeological site of Kourion with its stunning Greco-Roman theater.

Rhodes, Greece

Step back in time as you explore the medieval old town of Rhodes, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Discover the imposing Palace of the Grand Master, wander through narrow cobblestone streets, and visit the Street of the Knights.

Don’t miss the opportunity to relax on the beautiful beaches or explore the ancient ruins of the Acropolis of Rhodes.

Souda (Chania), Greece

Chania, located on the island of Crete, offers a unique blend of Venetian, Ottoman, and Greek influences.

Explore the picturesque Venetian Harbor, wander through the old town’s narrow alleys, and visit the impressive Chania Archaeological Museum. Enjoy the local cuisine in traditional tavernas and soak up the sun on the stunning beaches.

Argostoli, Cephalonia, Greece

Discover the natural beauty of Argostoli, with its breathtaking landscapes and crystal-clear waters.

Visit the enchanting Melissani Cave and explore the underground lake, marvel at the impressive Myrtos Beach, and witness the phenomenon of the Katavothres sinkholes. Stroll along the waterfront promenade and savor the local delicacies in charming tavernas.

Bottom Line

Embarking on the 12-day cruise with Holland America Line to uncover the mysteries of the Holy Land and ancient kingdoms is a lifetime journey.

The Oosterdam, a luxurious mid-sized cruise ship, provides a comfortable and elegant home throughout your voyage. Onboard, you’ll find many activities and entertainment options to suit every taste.

The itinerary takes you on a journey through history, visiting iconic destinations such as Olympia, Athens, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Rhodes.

As you reflect on your unforgettable voyage during the final day at sea, you’ll leave with cherished memories and a renewed sense of wanderlust.

So, embrace the call to adventure, step aboard the Oosterdam, and let Holland America Line guide you through an extraordinary journey that will leave you with priceless memories and a deeper understanding of the Holy Land and ancient kingdoms.

Are you looking for a destination full of adventure, culture, and beauty? If so, Rome, Italy, must be at the top of your list! This magnificent metropolis offers something for everyone—from grand architectural feats to unique historical sites.

From classic Italian cuisine to romantic gondola rides along the Tiber River, it’s no wonder why Rome draws millions of visitors each year.

Whether you’re traveling with family or embarking on a solo journey across Europe, there’s an abundance of things to do and see when visiting this remarkable city. Here’s why you should plan your next trip to Rome!

About the Location

Rome is a city located in Italy, known for its significant history and cultural importance. Surrounded by seven famous hills like Palatine Hill and Aventine Hill, Rome covers approximately 1,285 square kilometers with a population of around 2.8 million inhabitants along the banks of the Tiber River.

The Mediterranean climate in this magnificent location features hot summers and mild winters that combine with ancient monuments like Colosseum or Roman Forum and numerous museums to showcase Italy’s incredible art masterpieces.

Rome is famous for its culinary arts, particularly for the carbonara and amatriciana pasta dishes and the world-renowned thin-crust pizza Romana. Additionally, visitors can enjoy shopping experiences along Via dei Condotti.

7 Things to Do in Rome

If you’re planning a trip to Rome, there are plenty of things to do and see. From enjoyable activities for the whole family to solo exploration, these seven activities are sure to make your visit to Rome unforgettable.

1. Visit the Colosseum

The Colosseum is no doubt an essential destination when traveling through Italy. This legendary archaic structure has stood tall for more than two thousand years as a symbolic testament to Romes’s grandeur during Ancient times.

Approaching the colossal landmark can trigger overwhelming sensations due to its sheer magnitude, measuring at a staggering height of 157 feet with a circumference just shy of roughly one mile – housing up to fifty thousand people!

No doubt, witnessing such architectural glory will leave spectators mesmerized.

2. Explore Vatican City

If you’re planning a Roman holiday, visiting Vatican City should be on your bucket list! This small city-state holds within its walls some of the most fascinating attractions in Europe – from stunning architectural marvels to priceless collections of artwork.

The centerpiece attraction in Vatican City is St.Peters Basilica – a grandiose monument that took over 150 years to finish with an interior that houses Michelangelo’s masterpiece sculpture – Pieta!

Moreover, the Vatican Museums are equally impressive, boasting invaluable treasures from different eras and civilizations over thousands of years.

3. Take a Stroll Through Piazza Navona

If you’re looking for an enchanting spot to pass the time in Rome, then Piazza Navona is an absolute must-see. Piazza Navona is packed with fascinating historical treasures and bustling with energy day and night.

As you step onto the piazza, the first thing that will catch your eye is Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers.

In exquisite detail, the fountain captures four rivers, representing four continents – the Ganges for Asia, the Nile for Africa, the Danube for Europe, and Rio de la Plata for America.

One can also find some of Rome’s best cafes here, with tables spilling out onto the square, allowing people to watch and an excellent viewpoint to see strolling musicians or vendors selling popcorn.

4. Wander Through the Roman Forum

Wandering through the Roman Forum is like taking a step back in time. The ancient ruins and historical artifacts offer a glimpse into Rome’s rich history and make for an unforgettable experience.

As you walk through the Forum, you’ll see iconic structures such as the Temple of Saturn, Arch of Titus, and Basilica Julia. Each site tells its own story about ancient Roman society, from religious practices to legal proceedings.

But perhaps one of the most awe-inspiring sights within the Roman Forum is standing in front of the Temple of Julius Caesar, where the legendary ruler was cremated following his assassination.

5. Marvel at the Pantheon

As you embark on your journey through beautiful Rome—amidst the many wonders it has to offer—one exceptional site that should not be missed is The Pantheon.

This enduring structure still feels like an epicenter of ancient Roman life. It stands tall after millennia and wows visitors with its remarkable dimensions.

Yet what sets The Pantheon apart is not just the scale of the building but also how every single inch boasts intricate details that mesmerize anyone who gazes upon them.

In addition to stunning aesthetics built for eternity, The Pantheon carries historical significance dating back nearly two millenniums when Emperor Hadrian commissioned it as a temple commemorating all gods or “pantheon.”

6. Discover Trastevere

If you want to explore the more authentic side of Rome, you simply cannot miss the charming neighborhood of Trastevere. This enchanting district is located on the west bank of the Tiber River.

It is known for its narrow cobbled streets, medieval houses, traditional trattorias, and trendy bars. Trastevere offers a glimpse into how Romans used to live in simpler times and transports visitors back in time.

Walking through Trastevere’s narrow streets is like stepping into an open-air museum. Every corner presents a new discovery, whether it’s a small square with an elegant fountain or a hidden church with stunning frescoes.

7. Indulge in Some Retail Therapy on Via del Corso

If you’re a shopaholic looking for the ultimate retail therapy fix, Via del Corso is a destination that should not be missed when in Rome.

The street’s name derives from the ancient Roman practice of using this thoroughfare as a racecourse during festivals – but nowadays, it’s more common to find people racing through their credit cards!

Here you can expect to find some of the most luxurious stores in Italy, such as designer brand names like Versace and Gucci. At the same time, there are also vendors selling some unique souvenirs.

Whether searching for fashionable clothing or authentic Italian leather goods, Via del Corso will satisfy you.

Bottom Line

Rome, Italy, is a destination unlike any other. With its rich history, unparalleled architecture, stunning art, and delicious cuisine, it truly has something for everyone.

From the famous Colosseum to the picturesque Trevi Fountain to indulging in some retail therapy on Via del Corso – this city will leave you breathless at every turn.

So why should you visit Rome? The better question is- why wouldn’t you want to experience all this vibrant city offers? So start packing your bags and get ready for a journey that you’ll remember for a lifetime!

Have you ever dreamed of exploring the Mediterranean in all its brilliant glory? Imagine sailing away and discovering beauty like never before with the best possible company and luxurious amenities. 

Now that dream can become a reality, as we’re thrilled to announce our new Mediterranean Gems adventure—a once-in-a-lifetime 9-day cruise! 

Onboard Celebrity Beyond, you will discover some of Italy, Croatia, and Montenegro’s most spectacular locations: iconic cities such as Dubrovnik, breathtaking bays filled with sunken Roman ships, backstreets overflowing with local culture in Kotor, ancient relics on Corfu Island…the wonders are truly endless. 

So let your adventurous spirit embark on this amazing journey along the Adriatic Sea – join us onboard Celebrity Beyond for an incredible Mediterranean voyage that will leave lasting memories!

About the Ship

The Celebrity Beyond is an exquisite mid-sized cruise ship operated by Celebrity Cruises, setting sail in 2022. This luxurious vessel offers a remarkable experience to its guests, combining elegance, comfort, and impeccable service. 

With a capacity of 3,260 passengers and 1,400 dedicated crew members, the ship ensures a personalized and attentive journey for every guest.

As part of the innovative Edge class of cruise ships, the Celebrity Beyond boasts impressive dimensions, stretching approximately 1,073 feet in length. 

This expansive size allows for a wide array of onboard amenities and spaces, ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

Accommodation On Board

Celebrity Beyond is the latest addition to Celebrity Cruises’ fleet and boasts some of the most luxurious rooms at sea. 

Here’s a brief overview of the types of rooms available on board:

  • The Edge Villas: These are two-story suites with a private terrace and plunge pool that look out over the ocean.
  • Iconic Suites: These spacious suites feature floor-to-ceiling windows, a large living area, and a wrap-around balcony with stunning ocean views.
  • AquaClass Cabins: Designed for wellness-minded travelers, these cabins come with exclusive access to the onboard spa, as well as free bottled water, daily yoga mats, and extra toiletries.
  • Veranda Staterooms: These staterooms offer comfortable accommodations with a private veranda that lets you take in panoramic ocean views.
  • Inside Staterooms: While these staterooms don’t have an ocean view, they come equipped with all the amenities you need for an enjoyable cruise experience.

Overall, the rooms on board Celebrity Beyond are designed to be sleek and modern while providing maximum comfort for passengers during their voyage.

Activities & Entertainment

Celebrity Cruises is known for providing top-notch entertainment options on their ships. On board Celebrity Beyond, passengers can expect to find Broadway-style shows in the main theater, live music performances in various venues around the ship, and movies under the stars.

There are also a variety of enrichment activities available that cater to different interests and passions. These may include cooking demonstrations, wine tastings, art classes, or talks by guest speakers.

For those looking for more active pursuits onboard, there are plenty of options, including a fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment, a jogging track, or an outdoor sports court. There might also be a pool or hot tubs where you can relax and unwind while enjoying the view.

Dining Options

For those seeking an exceptional fine dining experience, celebrity chef Daniel Boulud has curated exclusive menus at the French-inspired restaurant Luminae. This upscale restaurant offers contemporary dishes made with fresh ingredients and complemented by a vast selection of wine and cocktails.

If Italian cuisine is more your style, then you’ll want to check out Tuscan Grille. Its classic Italian ambiance and dishes like homemade pasta and grilled meats guarantee an unforgettable culinary experience.

If you prefer Asian-inspired cuisine, then you might indulge in the innovative flavors at Eden Restaurant.

Casual dining options range from Blue Restaurant serving comfort food classics such as fish & chips while Le Grand Bistro offers dishes inspired by French bistros.


Once you have chosen your preferred room type and made dining reservations, it’s time to go through your itinerary:

  • Day 1: Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy: As the sun dips below the horizon over the gleaming Mediterranean Sea, you will embark on an unforgettable voyage of discovery from the port of Civitavecchia, Italy. 
  • Day 2: At Sea – Cruising: As the ship slices through azure waters, you can surrender to a day of indulgence and escape. Enjoy rejuvenating spa treatments, plunge into sparkling pools, and lose yourself in the ship’s enthralling entertainment offerings. With an array of facilities at your disposal, relaxation, and leisure are yours to seize during this blissful voyage.
  • Day 3: Corfu, Greece: Nestled amid the Ionian Sea, the verdant island of Corfu awaits. Upon docking, travelers will find themselves enchanted by Corfu’s storied history, lively culture, and stunning scenery. 
  • Day 4: Dubrovnik, Croatia: On day 4 of your voyage, you will arrive at the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” Dubrovnik, Croatia. Surrounded by imposing stone walls, this medieval walled city offers an abundance of architectural treasures and a picturesque coastline along the shimmering Adriatic Sea. 
  • Day 5: Kotor, Montenegro: The ship will tender in the mesmerizing town of Kotor, Montenegro. You will have the opportunity to explore the UNESCO-listed Old Town, surrounded by majestic mountains, or embark on an adventure to discover the stunning landscapes and historic sites.
  • Day 6: Zakynthos, Greece: On the next day of your cruise, you will arrive at the picturesque Greek island of Zakynthos. Characterized by rugged cliffs, secluded coves, and azure waters, Zakynthos is a paradise for nature lovers and beachgoers alike. You can wander the charming streets of the main town or venture to Navagio Beach, one of the most stunning beaches in the world.
  • Day 7: At Sea – Cruising: You can enjoy another day of pure relaxation as the ship sails through the azure waters. Indulge in the ship’s luxurious amenities, savor delectable cuisine, and participate in exciting onboard activities and entertainment.
  • Day 8: Naples, Italy: As the ship peacefully anchors in the Bay of Naples, passengers will be able to immerse themselves in the rich history and delectable cuisine of this iconic Italian city.
  • Day 9: Florence/Pisa (Livorno), Italy: On day 9, the ship will call at the port of Livorno, offering access to the Tuscan treasures of Florence and Pisa. 
  • Day 10: Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy: The voyage concludes as the ship arrives in Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy. You will disembark, cherishing the memories of their remarkable journey through the captivating Mediterranean.


If you would like to explore destinations on guided tours, there are a variety of excursions available for each port of call. Some examples include:


The Italian capital boasts numerous breathtaking landmarks, such as the famous Colosseum, Roman Forum, Pantheon, and The Vatican. Other must-visit places include the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, and Piazza Navona.


This Greek island offers picturesque beaches mixed with rich culture. Highlights include Old Town Corfu, inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List and home to some of Greece’s most scenic alleys and squares. 

One can also visit stunning landmarks like the Palace of St Michael and St George and Achilleion Palace.


Known for its beautiful medieval architecture and turquoise waters, Dubrovnik offers plenty to see and do. A stroll through the charming UNESCO-listed Old Town will take you back in time. 

Visitors can take a cable car ride up Mount Srđ for unparalleled views of the city below or simply enjoy a swim at Banje Beach.


A hidden gem on the Adriatic coast, Kotor is surrounded by breathtaking scenery, including rocky mountains that lead down to tranquil waters, with an Old Town characterized by narrow winding streets punctuated by stately Baroque buildings. 

Not miss a visit to San Giovanni Fortress of 14th-century appearance located on top of a hill over Kotor Bay offering majestic panoramic views.


An idyllic Ionian island covered in olive groves meets dramatic cliffs towering above crystal clear waters which houses one of Greece’s biggest natural attractions: Navagio Beach – an iconic site featuring a shipwreck half submerged on white-sand beach embraced by breathtaking cliffs. 


Birthplace of pizza Naples is famous not only for this emblematic dish but also for its historical sites such as Pompeii archaeological area – an ancient city tragically destroyed outlining Mount Vesuvius’ catastrophic eruption in AD 79.


Renowned as the ‘cradle of the Renaissance,’ it is an outdoor museum with numerous historical landmarks like Il Duomo Cathedral, Piazza della Signoria, and Uffizi Gallery. Famous Ponte Vecchio is a must-visit for shopping lovers.


Home to one of Italy’s most iconic landmarks, the Leaning Tower of Pisa isn’t the only noteworthy attraction this charming Tuscan town offers. 

A visit to Piazza dei Miracoli – home both to the leaning tower and other exceptional sites set around luscious green lawns, including the Cathedral and Baptistery is worth taking time for.

Bottom Line

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the Mediterranean, exploring the captivating gems of Italy, Croatia, and Montenegro onboard Celebrity Beyond

With luxurious amenities, breathtaking destinations, and personalized service, this 9-day cruise promises a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The wonders are endless, from the historic streets of Dubrovnik to the pristine beaches of Zakynthos. 

Join us on this remarkable voyage along the Adriatic Sea, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Discover the Mediterranean in all its brilliant glory onboard Celebrity Beyond.

Have you been searching for a destination that offers something unique and memorable? Are you looking to push your boundaries, embrace new experiences, and make lifelong memories?

Well then, Cape Town in Africa is the perfect spot for you! This vibrant coastal city is full of excitement waiting to be explored.

From stunning mountain backdrops and dramatic shorelines to world-class wineries and nature destinations – there’s something here for everyone.

So let’s dive right in and discover why visiting Cape Town should be your next incredible vacation!

About the Location

Cape Town is a vibrant city located on the southwestern tip of Africa. It is nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the towering Table Mountain, which provides a stunning backdrop to the city’s urban landscape.

The area surrounding Cape Town is known for its unique biodiversity, with fynbos vegetation covering the hillsides and numerous wildlife species inhabiting nearby reserves.

This natural beauty has helped make it a popular destination among tourists seeking outdoor activities and stunning scenery.

In addition to its natural wonders, Cape Town boasts a rich cultural heritage reflecting its diverse history.

It was first established by Dutch settlers in 1652 as a refreshment outpost for ships traveling along the spice route and has since grown into a lively multicultural hub that celebrates its Dutch, British, Malay, and African influences.

7 Things to Do in Cape Town

Cape Town offers plenty of activities, but visitors should prioritize visiting these seven must-see attractions:

1. Table Mountain

There are several reasons why you should visit Table Mountain when in Cape Town. Table Mountain is a well-known landmark in South Africa that offers a stunning aerial perspective of the city and ocean from its peak, making it a must-visit for tourists.

Taking a cable car ride up to Table Mountain is an unforgettable experience that exposes you to breathtaking panoramic views of Cape Town’s sprawling landscape.

Alternatively, for adventure seekers, hiking up one of the several trails leading to Table Mountain’s summit is an exciting way to explore its rugged natural terrain.

Visiting Table Mountain also allows visitors to see many rare and endemic plant species that grow only on this mountain, making it home to some truly unique biodiversity.

2. Robben Island

A crucial aspect of understanding South Africa’s political past and battle against apartheid lies in visiting Robben Island.

This island served as a holding place for over four centuries and was well known for having detained high-profile anti-apartheid advocates such as Nelson Mandela.

Nowadays, it holds significance as a UNESCO World Heritage site where visitors can take guided tours that highlight its important history.

Ferrying across from Cape Town gives travelers an exceptional opportunity to engage directly with past regime detainees.

3. Cape Point Nature Reserve

Visiting Cape Point Nature Reserve is a must-do for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts visiting Cape Town.

The reserve encompasses the southernmost tip of the Cape Peninsula, which stretches out into the Atlantic Ocean, providing some of Cape Town’s most dramatic and breathtaking coastlines.

The reserve offers visitors a chance to hike trails in natural settings with magnificent views of sea cliffs, beaches, coves, and mountainous terrain.

4. Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

For relaxation and exploration amidst nature’s bounty, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens make for an unforgettable visit.

Considered one of South Africa’s most enchanting botanical gardens globally, it showcases an astonishing spectrum of indigenous plants. Indeed, you will feel transported into another dimension from the moment you enter this tranquil space.

Discover winding paths leading to rustic bridges extending over streams, delight in masterful sculptures located throughout the garden, and marvel at rare medicinal herbs and other natively occurring species as they flourish undisturbed.

You may even have your own picnic lunch or take advantage of serene book reading spots under caressing tree foliage – enveloped by simplicity and peace -that truly encapsulates what Kirstenbosch has to offer.

5. V&A Waterfront

The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, commonly called V&A Waterfront, is a vibrant hub of entertainment, shopping, and culture. Located at the base of Table Mountain and alongside Cape Town harbor, it offers visitors stunning ocean and mountain views while enjoying innumerable activities.

One of the popular attractions is the Two Oceans Aquarium, which houses over 8,000 species, such as colorful fish & marine animals like turtles, octopuses, etc.

It also has an area showcasing our unique African penguins where visitors can learn about conservation efforts to protect them.

6. Bo-Kaap Neighborhood

Bo-Kaap is a vibrant and colorful neighborhood in Cape Town that reflects the city’s unique blend of cultural diversity and history. Bo-Kaap is known for its brightly painted houses and cobblestone streets adorned with pretty mosques and shrines.

A visit to Bo-Kaap is an opportunity to experience an area rich in history, food, and culture – home to Cape Malay-orientated restaurants serving various renowned dishes such as samosas & bredie (traditional stews).

This community was inhabited by enslaved people brought from Indonesia in the 1600s by colonialists. The area has since retained its Islamic culture, making it a perfect destination for anyone wanting to learn about Islam and sample delicious traditional cuisine.

7. Wine Tasting in Winelands

Widely celebrated as home to some of the oldest and most iconic vineyards in South Africa, the Cape Winelands is a region highly sought after by foodies and wine lovers worldwide.

With Stellenbosch and Franschhoek Paarl, amongst other areas within a short distance from cosmopolitan Cape Town – there’s little excuse not to visit!

Enjoy breathtaking scenic drives embracing everything this stunning landscape offers while indulging in superb tastings led by expert tour guides with detailed knowledge about every variety available at each winery visited.

Gain valuable insight into South Africa’s riveting past in wine production as well as exquisite glimpses into new modern-day winemaking techniques.

Bottom Line

Cape Town is an exceptional and diverse destination offering natural treasures, rich history, and unique culture. Visitors can take in some of the world’s most iconic landscapes, such as Table Mountain, hike through pristine reserves like Cape Point, or explore beautiful botanical gardens like Kirstenbosch.

One can delve into the country’s past while visiting Robben Island and enjoying authentic Bo-Kaap cuisine. Those interested in adventure sports have excellent surfing beaches to explore.

At the same time, wine lovers can indulge in exclusive tasting tours set amidst picturesque landscapes.

With so much to offer, it is no wonder that Cape Town continually features among the top rankings of leading travel destinations globally.

So come and experience what makes this city such a special place, encapsulating all of Africa’s beauty and diversity!

Are you looking for the ultimate Asian holiday experience? Look no further than Celebrity Solstice’s two-week spectacular voyager from Singapore to Thailand and Vietnam!

Imagine yourself exploring new cities, visiting quaint villages, tasting delicious street food, and taking in stunning natural beauty – all on board a luxurious cruise liner complete with exquisite dining and entertainment.

This is more than just any other holiday-it’s an unforgettable journey of discovery!

About the Ship

The Celebrity Solstice is a luxurious cruise ship operated by Celebrity Cruises. It is the lead ship of the Solstice class and was built by Meyer Werft in Papenburg, Germany.

The ship is approximately 315 meters long and features impressive amenities, including a half-acre Lawn Club and solar panels, which make the ship environmentally friendly.

The Celebrity Solstice has a capacity of 2,850 guests and a crew of 1,250, ensuring that guests receive exceptional service throughout their journey.

The ship offers spacious and comfortable accommodations, world-class dining, and exceptional service, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a luxurious and unforgettable vacation experience.

Accommodation On Board

Looking for luxurious accommodation options on your upcoming cruise? Look no further than the Celebrity Solstice. This stunning ship offers a wide range of staterooms and suites to suit every traveler’s needs.

For those who require accessibility accommodations, the Celebrity Solstice offers 30 state-of-the-art wheelchair-accessible staterooms covering a wide range of categories from inside to sky suites.

And for those who want to truly indulge in the epitome of luxury, you won’t want to miss out on the Celebrity Suite, complete with a spacious veranda, dual iPod/iPad docking station, and a Hansgrohe massaging showerhead.

Each stateroom and suite on the Celebrity Solstice is designed with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring every traveler can relax and unwind in style. Whether you’re looking for ocean-view cabins with windows or deluxe ocean-view cabins with balconies, the Celebrity Solstice has it all.

Dining Options

Looking for a luxurious dining experience on your next cruise? Look no further than Celebrity Solstice! With ten restaurants to choose from, including six complimentary options, this ship makes dining a priority.

The main dining room, Grand Epernay, features a dramatic two-story glass wine tower and offers plenty of space for guests to enjoy a gourmet meal. For a unique experience, try Le Petit Chef at Qsine or Silk Harvest for Asian-inspired cuisine. For a more casual meal, head to Ocean-view Café or Mast Grill.

And if you want to indulge, Tuscan Grille and Murano offer extraordinary specialty dining options for an additional fee. All dining options are sure to please with delicious menus and top-notch service. So don’t miss out on the culinary delights on board Celebrity Solstice!

Activities & Entertainment

The Celebrity Solstice offers a variety of entertainment options that will surely keep you entertained during your voyage. You can take in a Broadway-style show, dance the night away at the club, or simply relax with a drink in one of the many bars and lounges.

In addition to entertainment, the Celebrity Solstice offers various onboard activities. You can take part in cooking classes, try your luck at the casino, or take in a movie at the outdoor cinema.

For those looking for a bit of adventure, the ship also has a rock climbing wall and a half-acre Lawn Club where you can enjoy activities like putting and bocce ball.


The Celebrity Solstice offers an array of exciting itineraries and destinations. This beautiful Thailand & Vietnam cruise takes guests on a spectacular 15-night journey in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Here is a detailed itinerary for you to explore:

  • Day 1: Singapore, Singapore: You’ll board the Celebrity Solstice in Singapore and get settled into your accommodations. The ship will depart at 6:00 PM.
  • Day 2-3: At Sea: Enjoy the ship’s amenities as you spend two full days at sea. Take advantage of the various onboard activities, including live entertainment, spa treatments, fitness classes, and more.
  • Day 4: Ko Samui, Thailand: After a day at sea, the ship will anchor off the coast of Ko Samui. Explore the island’s pristine beaches, lush jungles, and cultural landmarks.
  • Day 5-6: Bangkok/Laemchabang, Thailand: The ship will arrive in Bangkok/Laemchabang on Day 5, where you’ll have two full days to explore this vibrant and bustling city. Take a tuk-tuk ride to visit the famous temples, sample the street food, or go shopping at the upscale malls.
  • Day 7: At Sea: Enjoy another relaxing day at sea as the ship travels to Vietnam.
  • Day 8: Ho Chi Minh (Phu My), Vietnam: Dock in the morning in Ho Chi Minh City and take a tour to learn about the city’s rich history and culture.
  • Day 9: Nha Trang, Vietnam: On this day, the ship will anchor off the coast of Nha Trang. Take a dip in the clear blue waters, relax on the beach, or visit the Po Nagar Cham Towers.
  • Day 10: Hue/Danang (Chan May), Vietnam: Here, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the stunning landscape, including the Marble Mountains and the ancient city of Hue.
  • Day 11-12: Hanoi (Halong Bay), Vietnam: Spend two days day exploring the stunning natural beauty of Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its emerald waters and towering limestone pillars.
  • Day 13: At Sea: Spend a relaxing day at sea, taking advantage of the ship’s amenities and enjoying the views of the open ocean.
  • Day 14: Hong Kong, China: Arrive in Hong Kong and disembark from the ship. Spend the day exploring the vibrant city with its stunning skyline, bustling street markets, and delicious food.


The Celebrity Solstice offers a variety of excursions, from the historical and cultural to the adventurous and daring. Here are the most popular ones:

Singapore, Singapore

Singapore offers an array of exciting excursions, but the most popular one has to be a visit to the Gardens by the Bay. You’ll be mesmerized by millions of beautiful flowers, the Supertrees, and the Flower Dome.

Ko Samui, Thailand

While in Ko Samui, the most popular excursion is Island hopping. You’ll hop from island to island, each with a unique charm. Enjoy the stunning beaches, snorkel reefs and waterfalls, and a traditional Thai lunch.

Bangkok/Laemchabang, Thailand

In Bangkok, the best excursion is taking a bicycle tour around the city. You’ll explore the city’s hidden gems, beautiful temples, and canals and discover the culture of this vibrant city.

Ho Chi Minh (Phu My), Vietnam

At Ho Chi Minh, the most popular excursion is taking a Mekong Delta tour. You’ll explore the villages, rice paddies, swamps, and tributaries of the Mekong River on a long-tail boat ride.

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Nha Trang offers exciting excursions that cater to everyone. However, the most popular one has to be exploring the Long Son Pagoda, the Nha Trang Cathedral, Ponagar Towers, and the National Oceanographic Museum.

Hue/Danang (Chan May), Vietnam

The best excursion from Hue/Danang is exploring the ancient city of Hoi An. You’ll learn about its history, architecture, and culture, visit the temples and historical sites, and soak in the local atmosphere.

Hanoi (Halong Bay), Vietnam

The most exciting excursion at Hanoi is cruising the beautiful Halong Bay. You’ll admire the stunning caves, pristine beaches, and stunning limestone formations.

Hong Kong, China

In Hong Kong, the best excursion is exploring Victoria Peak, where you’ll get an incredible view of the city. Next, enjoy a sampan ride in Aberdeen, and then explore Stanley Market and the colonial-style Repulse Bay.

With these excursion recommendations, your Southeast Asia cruise will be an unforgettable experience. So book your shore excursions now and create unforgettable travel memories.

Bottom Line

A cruise to Southeast Asia is like no other. You’ll explore the vibrant megacities and the beautiful landscapes and get a chance to experience the culture-rich history and traditions of the region.

With Celebrity Solstice, you’ll have access to exclusive excursions and get an incredible view of the cities and sights of the region. So book your cruise today and experience the beauty of Southeast Asia!

It’s time to embark on your most thrilling adventure yet – a 10-day Norwegian Sun cruise to Glacier Bay, Skagway & Juneau! Rich in history and culture, this region is the perfect destination for fun, sun, and newfound knowledge.

Whether you’re seeking stunning coastal views of turquoise waters terraced with glaciers or checking out historical artifacts from centuries past, Glacier Bay has something for everyone.

If exploring colorful arts and crafts markets sounds like your ideal relaxation getaway, then you’ll love spending the day at Skagway, where museums, galleries, and specialty stores dot its quaint streets. Jungeu also offers an array of exciting activities.

From glacier viewing tours to watching wildlife in their natural habitat atop lofty mountains. These experiences will surely leave lasting memories that will stay with you forever! So pack your bags and join us as we set sail toward adventure!

About the Ship

The Norwegian Sun is a mid-sized cruise ship operated by Norwegian Cruise Line that was launched in 2001. The ship has a capacity of 1,936 passengers (double occupancy rates) and 906 crew members. At 78,309 GT, it is big enough to offer a range of onboard amenities and space yet small enough to provide an intimate and personalized experience.

The ship is part of the Sun class cruise ships, Norwegian Star and Norwegian Sky. At a length of approximately 848 feet, passengers can experience a variety of destinations, including the Caribbean, Alaska, the Pacific Coast, and the Panama Canal.

Accommodation On Board

Norwegian Sun offers a range of comfortable and luxurious rooms, including Inside Staterooms, Oceanview Staterooms, Balcony Staterooms, Mini-Suites, and Suites.

Each room type offers various amenities. The more luxurious options have additional features such as separate seating areas, private balconies, and whirlpool tubs.

Activities & Entertainment

Get ready for non-stop fun on Norwegian Sun! This ship has something for everyone, no matter your age or interests.

Enjoy the pool and hot tubs, a thrilling waterslide, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and a relaxing spa with a variety of treatments. For the more adventurous, there’s a rock climbing wall and a sports court for basketball, volleyball, and more.

When the sun goes down, the entertainment heats up! First, be sure to catch a Broadway-style production show or an exciting game show in the Stardust Lounge. Then, take a chance at the Casino, or dance the night away at one of the many onboard bars and clubs.

Dining Options

Norwegian Sun has a wide range of dining options that are sure to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Choose from complimentary dining in two main dining rooms, or enjoy a casual buffet-style meal in the Garden Cafe.

For a special night out, make a reservation at one of the ship’s specialty restaurants, such as the Italian-inspired La Cucina or the teppanyaki-style dining at Sakura.


Now that you know all you need to know about Norwegian Sun, it’s time to find out where your adventure will take you! Here is a detailed itinerary:

  • Day 1: Seattle, Washington – Passengers will board the ship in Seattle, Washington, in the afternoon and get settled into their cabins. They can explore the ship and its amenities before the ship sets sail in the evening.
  • Day 2: Sea Day – Passengers can relax and enjoy the onboard amenities, such as the spa, pools, or entertainment.
  • Day 3: Sitka, Alaska – The ship will arrive in the historic town of Sitka, Alaska, where passengers can explore the culture, history, and outdoor activities, such as hiking or fishing.
  • Day 4: Haines, Alaska – The ship will dock in Haines, Alaska, where passengers can enjoy scenic beauty and outdoor activities, such as kayaking or whale watching.
  • Day 5: Skagway, Alaska – The ship will arrive in Skagway, Alaska, known for its gold rush history and outdoor adventures, such as hiking or taking a scenic train ride.
  • Day 6: Juneau, Alaska – Passengers will explore Alaska’s capital city, Juneau, known for its glaciers, wildlife, and historical sites.
  • Day 7: Scenic Cruising in Glacier Bay – Passengers will have the opportunity to see the breathtaking scenery of Glacier Bay, Alaska while cruising through the area.
  • Day 8: Icy Strait Point, Alaska – The ship will dock at Icy Strait Point, where passengers can explore the natural beauty and wildlife, such as whale watching or zip-lining.
  • Day 9: Ketchikan (Ward Cove), Alaska – The ship will dock in Ketchikan, Alaska, known for its totem poles and outdoor activities, such as fishing or kayaking.
  • Day 10: Victoria, British Columbia – The ship will make a stop in Victoria, British Columbia, where passengers can explore the city’s gardens, museums, and historic landmarks.
  • Day 11: Seattle, Washington – Passengers will disembark in the morning in Seattle, Washington, marking the end of the 10-day cruise.


Norwegian Sun also offers a variety of excursions, allowing passengers to get an even closer look and feel for the places they visit. Here are the most popular places that you can visit at each port of call:

Seattle, Washington

The most popular places to visit in Seattle include the iconic Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum.

Sitka, Alaska

When in Sitka, be sure to visit the Sitka National Historical Park, home to the world’s largest collection of totem poles.

Haines, Alaska

Most visitors to Haines opt for a walk through the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, which allows you to see bald eagles perching on trees.

Skagway, Alaska

A popular place to visit in Skagway is the historic district, where you’ll find the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park and the White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad.

Juneau, Alaska

Once you arrive in Juneau, visit the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center, which offers stunning illustrations of the glacier’s history and current status – a must-experience for glacial enthusiasts.

Icy Strait Point, Alaska

A popular place to visit in Icy Strait Point is the world’s longest zip-line, or take a whale-watching excursion to see humpback whales and orcas.

Ketchikan, Alaska

Most visitors to Ketchikan head to Creek Street, a historic boardwalk with brightly painted buildings and eclectic shops.

Victoria, British Columbia

The most popular places to visit in Victoria include Butchart Gardens, the Royal British Columbia Museum, and the stunning Victorian architecture in the city’s downtown area.

Bottom Line

Norwegian Sun’s 10-day Alaska Cruise is a great way to experience the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. From Seattle to Sitka, passengers will have the chance to explore various ports, learning about the culture and history of each place.

Along the way, you can enjoy many onboard activities and excursions to get an even closer look at each port, making for one unforgettable experience.

Discover all of Europe’s captivating sights and sounds on a Viking River Cruise. With fourteen days to explore and experience some of the world’s most celebrated cities, beautiful landscapes, and diverse cultures, it’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

From discovering ancient ruins in Germany to indulging in Brussels’ famed chocolates or cruising along Italy’s majestic waterways – this grand tour has something for everyone.

Prepare for a journey that will take you beyond expectations as you immerse yourself fully into European culture with guided tours and local experiences arranged exclusively by Viking River Cruises – just part of their mission: no detail too small; no request too large.

About the Ship

The Viking Gefjon is a state-of-the-art, award-winning river cruise ship operated by Viking River Cruises. It was christened in 2016 and named after the Norse goddess Gefjon. The ship features elegant Scandinavian design elements, state-of-the-art engineering, and a range of luxurious amenities.

The Viking Gefjon has a capacity of 190 passengers and features 95 staterooms, including balcony and French balcony options that provide beautiful river views. The ship is crewed by 50 staff members dedicated to ensuring guests have an unforgettable experience.

The ship is approximately 443 feet long and includes multiple decks of beautiful public spaces, including a lounge, library, and Aquavit Terrace. Other onboard amenities include a restaurant, bar, and 24-hour reception desk.

Accommodation On Board

If you want the ultimate comfort and luxury, book one of the Viking Gefjon’s suites. With a floor space of 445 square feet, including a private veranda, you’ll have plenty of room to stretch out and relax. And with a river view and a wraparound balcony offering 270-degree views, you’ll never miss a moment of the stunning river views.

The veranda rooms may be the perfect fit for those who want to enjoy the fresh river breezes but don’t need as much space. These rooms feature a full-size veranda off the spacious living room and a French balcony in the bedroom. With two hotel-style beds that can convert to a queen-sized bed, you’ll have plenty of room to sleep comfortably.

And, for those who just need a comfortable place to rest their head after a busy day of sightseeing, the Viking Gefjon’s standard rooms are just the ticket. With all of the luxurious amenities of the larger rooms, including private bathrooms and cozy bedding, you can rest and relax comfortably.

Dining Options

If you’re looking for a premium dining experience during your river cruise, Viking Gefjon has got you covered. The ship boasts a variety of dining options to satisfy any palate.

From the main dining room featuring delicious multi-course dinners to the Aquavit Terrace with an al fresco option and a lighter menu.

There’s also Chef’s Table for an exclusive culinary experience. The chef will create a personalized multi-course meal to delight your senses.

And for those who prefer a more casual dining experience, the Lounge provides light bites and snacks throughout the day. With various delicious options, dining on board Viking Gefjon is sure to be a highlight of your river cruise adventure.

Activities & Entertainment

With various activities and entertainment options, there’s something for everyone on the Viking Gefjon.

During the day, take part in informative lectures and enriching cultural experiences to learn more about the history, art, and architecture of the places you’ll visit. Then, unwind with a book from the onboard library, or join in on a chess game or trivia with fellow guests.

As the sun sets, indulge in fine dining at one of the onboard restaurants or attend a wine-tasting event to savor the region’s flavors. And, of course, no Viking River cruise would be complete without a relaxing soak in the heated onboard pool or a visit to the spa for a refreshing massage.

Whether you’re exploring charming canal towns, soaking up the sun on the upper deck, or simply enjoying the camaraderie of your fellow guests, Viking Gefjon has everything you need for the ultimate European river cruise experience.


Viking Gefjon’s 14-night itinerary takes guests on a journey through the heart of Europe. You’ll cruise along the Danube, Main, and Rhine rivers from Amsterdam to Budapest while exploring small towns, castles, and ancient sites.

Here is a detailed itinerary of this beautiful 14-day cruise:

  • Day 1 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands: On the first day, you will arrive in Amsterdam and check into your accommodations. Spend the rest of the day exploring the city’s many attractions or take a canal tour.
  • Day 2 – Kinderdijk, The Netherlands: On the second day, you will disembark the ship and explore Kinderdijk’s UNESCO-listed windmills on foot, by bike, or by boat, and learn about their fascinating history.
  • Day 3 – Cologne, Germany: The next day, you will have the opportunity to explore the historic city of Cologne, known for its stunning Gothic cathedral, world-class museums, and lively arts and entertainment scene.
  • Day 4 – Koblenz, Germany: On day four, you will enjoy the picturesque town of Koblenz, located at the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle rivers and known for its historic architecture and scenic river views.
  • Day 5 – Miltenberg, Germany: Discover the charming medieval town of Miltenberg on the fifth day, known for its half-timbered houses, winding streets, and picturesque castle ruins.
  • Day 6 – Würzburg, Germany: The next day, you will explore the beautiful city of Würzburg, known for its baroque architecture, impressive palaces and gardens, and excellent wine.
  • Day 7 – Bamberg, Germany: Immerse yourself in the historic city of Bamberg on the seventh day, known for its well-preserved medieval architecture, quaint streets and alleys, and excellent beer.
  • Day 8 – Nuremberg, Germany: On the eighth day, you will discover the history of Nuremberg, a historic city with a beautiful castle, museums, and a lively arts scene.
  • Day 9 – Regensburg, Germany: Enjoy the charm of Regensburg on this day, a Bavarian town with a well-preserved medieval city center, including a stunning cathedral and numerous historic churches and buildings.
  • Day 10 – Passau, Germany: You will arrive in Passau on the tenth day, a picturesque town located at the confluence of three rivers and known for its baroque architecture, museums, and scenic river views.
  • Day 11 – Melk, Austria / Krems, Austria: On day eleven, you will have the opportunity to visit Melk Abbey, a stunning baroque monastery overlooking the Danube River, and explore the charming town of Krems, known for its wine and historic architecture.
  • Day 12-13 – Vienna, Austria: You will spend the next two days in Vienna, a beautiful city known for its imperial palaces, museums, and rich musical heritage.
  • Day 14 – Budapest, Hungary: You will arrive in Budapest on the final day. Be sure to explore the city’s many attractions, such as its ancient castle, numerous churches and cathedrals, historic monuments, and lively entertainment scene.


This river cruise along Europe includes a variety of included and optional excursions, such as visits to local villages, castles, and museums. You can explore the vibrant cities, quaint towns, and stunning landscapes of Europe at your own pace.

Here are some of the most popular excursions:

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

One of the most popular excursions in Amsterdam is the canal tour, which will take you through the city’s famous waterways. You will get a unique perspective of the city from the water and discover some of the stunning architecture that makes Amsterdam so special.

Kinderdijk, The Netherlands

A must-see attraction in Kinderdijk is the World Heritage-listed windmills. These windmills are an iconic symbol of the Netherlands, and here you will learn about their history and importance to the country’s rich culture.

Cologne, Germany

Kölner Dom, or the Cologne Cathedral, is the main attraction in Cologne. This stunning Gothic cathedral, with its twin spires, dominates the city’s skyline and is a true masterpiece of architecture.

Koblenz, Germany

Visiting the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress is a popular excursion in Koblenz. This impressive fortress overlooks the Rhine River and offers visitors breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

Miltenberg, Germany

Located in the heart of the Franconian wine region, Miltenberg is known for its beautiful timber-framed buildings and charming streets. Strolling through the cobbled streets and admiring the half-timbered houses is a must-do activity.

Würzburg, Germany

A visit to the Residenz Castle in Würzburg is a must-do activity. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a masterpiece of Baroque architecture and houses an impressive collection of artwork.

Bamberg, Germany

The charming town of Bamberg is known for its beautiful architecture, including the Old Town Hall, which sits in the middle of the river. A walking town tour is the perfect way to explore its rich history and culture.

Nuremberg, Germany

The Nazi Party Rally Grounds is a popular attraction in Nuremberg. Here you will learn about the rise of the Nazi Party and its propaganda campaigns during World War II.

Regensburg, Germany

Walking through the Old Town in Regensburg is like stepping back in time. The town’s medieval architecture and charming streets make it a popular destination for visitors.

Passau, Germany

In Passau, visiting St. Stephan’s Cathedral is a must-do activity. This Gothic cathedral houses the world’s largest cathedral organ and is a true masterpiece of architecture.

Melk, Austria / Krems, Austria

The highlight of Melk is the stunning Melk Abbey, which is a true masterpiece of Baroque architecture. A visit here will take you back to the 18th century and offer you a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of the Benedictine monks.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is known for its rich cultural heritage and stunning architecture. Taking a walking tour of the city’s historic center is the perfect way to discover its charming streets and unique landmarks.

Budapest, Hungary

A river cruise along the Danube River is a must-do activity in Budapest. You will cruise past landmark sites such as the Parliament Building and the Buda Castle. It’s the perfect way to glimpse the city’s beauty from the water.

Bottom Line

Europe is an incredible place to explore, with many fascinating cultures, cities, and attractions.

There’s something for everyone to experience on this amazing continent, whether it’s taking a canal tour in Amsterdam or admiring the Gothic architecture of St. Stephan’s Cathedral in Passau.

From small towns to big cities, this cruise provides the perfect opportunity to take in all Europe offers. So don’t wait — book your cruise today!

Looking for a picture-perfect getaway that combines the beauty of the Mexican Riviera with luxurious onboard accommodation? Look no further as Holland America Line has you covered with their 5-day itinerary to some of Mexico’s most stunning locations!

Soak up scenic views and sunny vibes while having plenty of time to explore town markets and unique cultures.

With first-rate service, amazing food, and well-appointed staterooms at your disposal, this journey promises days filled with fun activities, breathtaking sights, and everlasting memories. So get ready to cast off on an ultimate holiday experience!

About the Ship

Koningsdam is a contemporary Holland America Line cruise ship completed in 2016. This modern marvel stretches to 287 meters (943 feet) and carries 2,650 guests as well as 1,025 crew members.

She proudly flies the Dutch flag and offers a luxurious onboard experience sure to please everyone who sets sail with her.

Koningsdam takes its name from King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, who christened the vessel at her launch in 2016. The inaugural voyage happened on April 8th, 2016, from Rotterdam to Lisbon, Portugal, with Captain Steven Aarnout van de Ven taking command of his first cruise ship ever.

Since then, Koningsdam has sailed worldwide, providing memorable experiences for passengers while they enjoy all she has to offer!

Accommodation On Board

Koningsdam offers a variety of rooms and suites for guests to choose from. Inside staterooms are designed with minimalist décor and feature two twin beds that can be converted into a queen and plenty of storage space.

Outside staterooms, on the other hand, come with either partial or full balconies allowing you to take in the views from your room.

For those looking for extra luxury and space, the ship offers several suite options, including the Neptune, Signature, and Pinnacle Suites.

The Neptune Suite is located on Upper Promenade Deck 6. It features a comfortable lounge area and a luxurious bathroom with a jacuzzi tub.

Next up is the Signature Suite located on Lido Deck 8, which includes a living room, separate bedroom, walk-in closet, and private balcony complete with outdoor furniture – perfect for entertaining!

Finally, there is the Pinnacle Suite found on Reflection Deck 10, which boasts two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and impressive panoramic views from its expansive balcony.

Activities & Entertainment

The Koningsdam is a cruise ship that offers various activities and entertainment for all ages. There is something for everyone, from the Just Dance Xbox game to karaoke and foosball. In addition, the main theater and show lounge offer musical and dance production shows, concerts, comedians, and more.

For those looking to stay active while on board, the Koningsdam has an array of activities to choose from. There is an outdoor jogging track with workout stations nearby. You can also participate in free fitness classes such as yoga or Pilates.

For those who want to relax and rejuvenate, spa treatments and a pool deck with two swimming pools and four hot tubs are available.

The Koningsdam also offers unique entertainment experiences such as Music Walk, which features three distinct venues: Billboard Onboard (a classic rock club), Lincoln Center Stage (a classical music venue), and B.B King’s Blues Club (an authentic blues club).

Dining Options

The Koningsdam cruise ship offers various restaurants and bars for guests to enjoy. There is something for everyone, from the Grand Dutch Cafe, which serves Dutch treats and snacks, to the Pinnacle Grill steakhouse.

For a more casual dining experience, guests can visit the Neptune Lounge – Suite Lounge or New York Pizza & Deli – Pizza. If you want an outdoor bar experience, check out the Panorama Bar or Ocean Bar in the Atrium.

Guests can also enjoy specialty dining at Nami Sushi, Rudi’s Sel de Mer, and Tamarind. The Dining Room provides a more formal atmosphere with seating times from 5:15-9 PM. The dress code is casual during the day, but shorts and tasteful T-shirts are acceptable even in the dining room.


Once onboard the Koningsdam cruise, guests can explore some of the most beautiful and exciting ports worldwide. Mexican riviera is a popular destination for cruisers with its beachfront towns, colonial architecture, and cultural delights.

Here is a detailed view of the Koningsdam’s itinerary for the 5-day Mexican riviera:

On day one, passengers embark on a 5-Day Mexican Riviera cruise, departing from the port of San Diego, California. After boarding the ship, guests will settle into their accommodations, explore its various amenities, and prepare for the exciting journey ahead.

On day two, the ship sails towards the Mexican Riviera, providing passengers with a full day at sea to relax and enjoy the onboard facilities, such as the spa, swimming pools, fine dining, and diverse entertainment options.

On day three, the cruise arrives in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This popular resort town is known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and outdoor activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and sport fishing.

On day four, the ship continues to Ensenada, Mexico. Ensenada is a charming coastal city with a rich history and a thriving culinary scene.

On day five, the cruise concludes as the ship returns to the port of departure in San Diego. Passengers disembark with lasting memories of their time exploring the stunning destinations of the Mexican Riviera.


While visiting the various ports, passengers can participate in organized excursions.

Here are a few examples of some of the amazing activities available:

San Diego, California

San Diego is a great port for those looking for some exciting excursions! Popular attractions include the USS Midway Museum and SeaWorld. Guests can also embark on a sunset sailboat cruise or take a bike tour to explore Balboa Park and the Embarcadero.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, located at the tip of Baja California, has something for everyone! Water lovers should check out El Arco, an iconic rock formation surrounded by crystal-clear waters perfect for snorkeling. For adventure seekers, a 4×4 off-road ATV tour or zip line thrill ride over the desert will surely make you feel exhilarated.

Ensenada, Mexico

Ensenada offers an array of activities, such as whale-watching tours, wine tastings at local Mexican wineries, and kayaking adventures. The Malecon Boardwalk is also popular to explore with its sandy beach, shops, restaurants, and bars.

Bottom Line

This 5-Day Mexican Riviera cruise offers passengers a memorable experience exploring some of the world’s most beautiful and exciting destinations.

With an extensive list of onboard amenities, delectable cuisine options, and various excursions, the Koningsdam has something for everyone.

So whether you’re looking to relax or explore, this cruise will surely have you returning again and again!

Are you looking for the perfect escape this summer? If so, there is no better way to loosen up and relax than embarking on a 14-night Bermuda Cruise with MSC Cruises.

Let your cares drift away while you cruise around some of the most beautiful islands in the world and experience endless fun activities, from sunset beach barbeques to dolphin watching!

With clear turquoise blues oceans surrounding Bermuda’s captivating pink sand beaches, prepare for an unforgettable adventure that will never leave your memory.

About the Ship

MSC Meraviglia is a cruise liner owned by MSC Cruises. It was launched in 2017 and is the largest ship of the company, measuring 315 meters in length and weighing 171,598 gross tons.

With a capacity of over 4,400 passengers and 1,500 crew members, this luxurious vessel offers something for everyone. From sprawling decks with elegant cabanas to its state-of-the-art theatre and shopping district, MSC Meraviglia provides the perfect combination of sightseeing, entertainment, relaxation, and indulgence.

Its exclusive Yacht Club gives guests access to exclusive gourmet restaurants, exquisite spas, and chic lounges with breathtaking views from their high deck balconies. With world-class facilities such as these and much more on board, it’s easy to see why MSC Meraviglia has been so popular since its launch!

Accommodation On Board

MSC Meraviglia offers a wide variety of accommodations to match the needs of all types of travelers.

For smaller groups, there are the Classic Interior and Ocean View staterooms. Guests can take advantage of additional space and features such as private balconies in the Balcony category with sea views.

For those looking for something extra special, Suites have been specially designed with comfort and sophistication in mind. Those seeking luxury should opt for one of the Yacht Club Suites with their stunning private terraces and personal butlers on call 24/7.

And for families and larger groups, plenty of spacious family rooms or connecting cabins are available too!

Activities & Entertainment

MSC Meraviglia has something for everyone! With ample deck space, activities such as rock climbing, bumper cars, and a zip line will delight the adventurous. Take advantage of the rooftop pool or lounge in one of the multiple jacuzzis for relaxation.

Kids will love the pools, slides, and dedicated kids’ clubs, while adults can enjoy Broadway-style shows or pamper themselves with a massage at the spa.

Watch movies under twinkling stars at the open-air cinema at night or dance until sunrise in any of the four different bars. There’s something to keep everyone entertained!

Dining Options

MSC Meraviglia offers various restaurants and bars to satisfy every taste. From the classic Italian cuisine of the L’Atelier Bistrot to the contemporary flavors of Kaito Teppanyaki & Sushi Bar, there is something for everyone.

For a more casual dining experience, guests can enjoy the buffet-style Marketplace or grab a quick bite at the Pizzeria. The ship also has several bars and lounges, including the Champagne Bar, which features an extensive selection of champagne and sparkling wines worldwide.

There’s also the Sky Lounge, where guests can relax with a cocktail while enjoying stunning sea views. With so many options on board MSC Meraviglia, you will surely find something that will tantalize your taste buds!


This 14-night Bermuda cruise aboard MSC Meraviglia departs from New York City. It takes its passengers to the beautiful island of Bermuda and other Caribbean islands.

On the first day, passengers embark on a 14-night Bermuda cruise aboard the MSC Meraviglia, departing from New York, New York. Guests will settle into their accommodations and explore the ship’s many amenities and entertainment options.

On the second day, the ship sets sail for the open ocean, giving passengers a full day at sea to relax, enjoy the onboard facilities, and participate in various activities and events.

On the third day, the MSC Meraviglia arrives at King’s Wharf, Bermuda. This former Royal Navy dockyard offers a blend of history, culture, and stunning natural beauty. Passengers will spend there next three days.

On the sixth day, the ship again sets sail for the open ocean, and passengers will enjoy another full day of relaxation and activities at sea.

On the seventh day, the ship arrives again in New York. Again, some passengers will disembark and head home, while those with a 14-day cruise ticket will continue their journey.

On days eight and nine, travelers will spend sailing through the Caribbean Sea and enjoying all the ship has to offer. For example, onboard entertainment, delicious food and drinks, relaxation at the spa, and much more.

On the tenth day, passengers will arrive in Miami, Florida, where they can explore this vibrant and exciting city.

On day eleven, the MSC Meraviglia departs for Ocean Cay, an exotic island in the Bahamas. Here passengers can snorkel, swim and relax on a beautiful beach.

On day twelve, the MSC Meraviglia sets sail for Nassau, Bahamas. Guests can explore this charming island city and enjoy its colorful culture and breathtaking views.

On day thirteen, the ship returns to New York, and passengers will have time to participate in various onboard activities before disembarking.

On the fourteenth day, passengers will finish their cruise and disembark in New York. The entire journey will be full of adventure, relaxation, and fun.


Each stop along the 14-day Bermuda cruise aboard MSC Meraviglia offers guests the opportunity to explore and enjoy a variety of excursions. Here are some of the activities and experiences guests can enjoy:

New York, New York

Experience the vibrant energy of New York, New York, and explore the city that never sleeps!

Popular excursions in the Big Apple include sightseeing tours, visiting historical landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building, taking a Broadway show, or experiencing a live baseball game at Yankee Stadium.

Kings Wharf, Bermuda

At Kings Wharf in Bermuda, take a romantic sunset cruise or leisurely stroll around St. George’s Town to discover its colonial charm.

Then, take an adventure on horseback, explore Bermuda’s subtropical beauty from atop majestic steeds, or go snorkeling and explore the colorful underwater world filled with awe-inspiring marine life.

Miami, Florida

In Miami, Florida, enjoy everything from clubbing to sunbathing on South Beach to shopping along Lincoln Road Mall and exploring the famous Miami Art Deco District with its vivid postcard-perfect pastel buildings.

Other popular excursions include airboat rides in Everglades National Park, chartering a yacht to explore Biscayne Bay and nearby keys, or taking an offshore fishing trip where you’ll have your chance at catching sailfish.

Ocean Cay, Bahamas

Enjoy kayaking through crystal blue waters while exploring hidden coves and marveling at marine wildlife sightings along the way.

The island also boasts one of the largest beach clubs in the Caribbean, complete with inflatable water toys and floating trampolines – perfect for some fun in the sun!

Nassau, Bahamas

Finally, when visiting Nassau, Bahamas indulging in eco-friendly tours such as guided cycling tours or snorkeling trips are two great ways to experience everything this beautiful destination has to offer.

You can also join sailing cruises or relax under swaying palms on picturesque beaches before shopping for souvenirs at local bazaars for some serious retail therapy!

Bottom Line

MSC Meraviglia’s 14-day Bermuda cruise offers a diverse range of activities and excursions for guests to enjoy. From exploring New York City to swimming with tropical fish in the Bahamas, each stop along the cruise has something unique and exciting to offer.

Whether you want to relax on a beautiful beach or explore the vibrant cultures of each port of call, there is something for everyone on this luxurious 14-day cruise.

So book your vacation today and create memories that will last a lifetime!

With its breathtaking natural beauty, fascinating cultures, and captivating cities, Scandinavia is a dream destination for many travelers looking to make lifelong memories.

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned traveler, there’s no better way to experience the best of this amazing region than by embarking on an unforgettable cruise through Scandinavia with Celebrity Cruises.

Get ready to explore new lands, savor delicious cuisine, and come away enriched by Scandinavian heritage as you explore multiple ports in Norway and Sweden!

About the Ship

Celebrity Silhouette is a luxurious cruise ship owned and operated by Celebrity Cruises. The ship has been called “the perfect modern luxury experience,” with its expansive decks, spacious staterooms, delicious cuisine options, and of course, its award-winning onboard spa.

The ship can accommodate up to 2,886 passengers and 1,214 crew members. It is known for its impressive amenities, including 13 bars and lounges, nine pools and Jacuzzis, four specialty restaurants, three theatre shows per day, daily activities such as yoga classes and pool parties, and the incredible Canyon Ranch SpaClub.

Accommodation on Board

Experience the ultimate in luxury and comfort when you cruise with Celebrity Silhouette. With a range of accommodation options, you can choose from six main cabin and suite types to find the perfect stateroom for your needs.

The AquaClass® staterooms offer a spacious private veranda, eXhale bedding, premium bathroom amenities, a massaging showerhead, and complimentary access to the Persian Garden spa area.

For those looking for even more luxury, Celebrity Silhouette has four Sky Suites, four AquaClass®, four Concierge Class®, eight Deluxe Ocean View with Balcony cabins, as well as two Penthouse Suites and two Iconic Suites.

The Penthouse Suite is the largest suite in the fleet at 1,291 square feet and features a large private terrace with a hot tub and double daybed.

Cruising with Celebrity Silhouette ensures that you will have an unforgettable experience with luxurious accommodations that will make you feel right at home.

Activities & Entertainment

For those looking for some fun by day, you can explore the ship’s nine swimming pools and jacuzzis or sample a delicious meal in one of its specialty restaurants.

For something more active, enjoy top-notch fitness classes such as yoga or hit up the onboard spa with its relaxing steam rooms and luxurious cabanas. And if that isn’t enough, you can also take part in onboard activities such as karaoke, pool parties, wine dinners, and trivia nights.

At night, Celebrity Silhouette offers an array of shows to keep the fun going long into the night. Catch a Broadway-style production show at The Theater or groove along to some live music performances at different venues around the ship.

If that’s not enough to keep you entertained, there are also casino tables where guests can try their luck at winning big!

Dining Options

If you’re looking for a truly unique dining experience, look no further than Celebrity Silhouette. On board the ship, guests can enjoy complimentary dining in the Main Dining Room, Mast Grill, Oceanview Cafe, and The Spa Cafe.

For those looking for something special, there are also specialty restaurants such as Tuscan Grille, Blu, Murano, Sushi on Five, and Le Petit Chef at Qsine.

Guests can also enjoy an interactive culinary experience with The Porch. All of these restaurants offer delicious cuisine crafted from fresh ingredients to tantalize your taste buds.

No matter what type of food you’re craving, Celebrity Silhouette has something to satisfy everyone’s appetite!


This cruise begins in Copenhagen and visits multiple ports in Norway and Sweden. Here is a closer look at some of the amazing stops you’ll make on your journey:

On day one, the 12-night Best of Scandinavia cruise sets sail from Southampton, England. Guests will board the luxurious Celebrity Silhouette and begin their journey exploring the wonders of Scandinavia.

On day two, passengers will spend the day at sea, enjoying the ship’s world-class amenities, such as the spa, swimming pool, fine dining, and entertainment options.

On day three, the ship arrives in Oslo, Norway. Guests can explore the city’s rich history, visit iconic sites like the Royal Palace, and take in the stunning views of Oslofjord.

Day four and five you’ll spend in Copenhagen, Denmark. Passengers can tour the charming town, walk along the ramparts, or explore the scenic countryside.

On day six, passengers will enjoy another day at sea, taking advantage of the Celebrity Silhouette’s many activities and relaxing on board.

On day seven, the cruise arrives in Stockholm, Sweden. Guests can explore the city’s cobbled streets, sample local cuisine, and take in the views of Lake Mälaren.

On day eight, passengers will cruise to Helsinki, Finland, and visit the capital’s many attractions, such as the Sibelius Monument and Suomenlinna Island.

On day nine, the ship arrives in Tallinn, Estonia. Guests can explore the town’s old churches, cobbled streets, and charming cafés.

On day 10, guests will have another chance to relax and take advantage of the ship’s many amenities before arriving in Skagen, Denmark, on day 11.

On the final day of the cruise, you’ll return to Southampton, where you can explore this lively city and reflect on your Scandinavian adventure.


Celebrity Silhouette also offers an extensive selection of shore excursions, which passengers can book before or while onboard the ship.

Southhampton, England

Southampton, England, is a wonderful port city that offers something for everyone. Visitors can explore the historic old town, take in the stunning views at Netley Abbey or go window-shopping at one of the city’s many boutiques.

Oslo, Norway

From its dramatic waterfront setting to its charming cobblestone streets, Oslo offers visitors an unforgettable experience.

Take in some of the city’s beautiful sights, such as Akershus Castle or Vigeland Sculpture Park, or simply enjoy the vibrant atmosphere in one of Oslo’s many bars and cafes.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark, is a stunning destination full of life and energy. Explore its unique architecture, such as the Royal Palace Amalienborg or Nyhavn Harbour with its colorful buildings; take in some art at one of the many galleries; experience local culture at one of Copenhagen’s interactive museums; or just relax in one of the city’s many parks.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden, is known as “the Venice of the North” due to its series of canals and watery pathways connecting different parts of the city.

Take time to admire Stockholm’s timeless architecture, including Gamla Stan (Old Town), City Hall, and Storkyrkan Cathedral, before exploring some museums like The Vasa Museum and Skansen Open Air Museum for an insight into Sweden’s past cultures.

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, Finland, is a vibrant capital filled with striking architecture and interesting attractions such as Finnish National Gallery Ateneum Art Museum, Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, Olympic Stadium, Uspenski Cathedral, Temppeliaukio Church, Rock Church, Parliament House & Senate Square.

Sample some delicious local delicacies like reindeer stew or salmon soup while admiring Helsinki’s breathtaking skyline from one of its many outdoor terraces.

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia, provides spectacular views over its medieval skyline, which includes Toompea Hill, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral & Fat Margaret Tower.

Whether browsing through cobbled streets in Old Town Tallinn or discovering new fashion trends at Telliskivi Creative Centre & Rotermanni Quarter Shopping District, plenty is here to keep even the most curious visitor entertained during their stay.

Skagen, Denmark

Denmark has no shortage in natural beauty – located on Jutland Peninsula surrounded by land on three sides, making it feel almost like an island.

Come explore this quaint fishing village that also houses the world-famous Brundlund Castle & numerous art galleries showcasing works by both local & international painters allowing visitors to take away a piece of memorabilia home with them!

Bottom Line

Celebrity Cruises’ 12-day Scandinavian tour is a fantastic way to explore many countries’ natural beauty and unique cultures. With its extensive selection of shore excursions, passengers can make the most of their visit to each port of call and have an unforgettable experience.

From the picturesque canals of Stockholm to the cobblestone streets of Tallinn, there is something for everyone to enjoy on this memorable voyage.

Book now before or while onboard the ship, and don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure!