Traveling in business class is one of the most luxurious experiences you can have with flying. With KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ impressive Premium Comfort amenities, it’s easy to upgrade your flight experience and enjoy every minute of your journey!

Experience superior comfort before take-off with priority check-in services, increased personal space onboard, and high-end dining options crafted by KLM’s internationally acclaimed chefs.

Whether you enjoy a leisurely breakaway or jet off on an important business trip, let us show you how flying premium comfort with KLM gives travelers the ultimate peace of mind.

Premium Comfort On Board: Why Should You Choose KLM Business Class?

KLM Business Class is a gateway to the ultimate travel experience, providing travelers with a host of benefits that will make their journey comfortable, luxurious, and memorable.

Here are just a few of the benefits that come with flying KLM Business Class:


KLM Business Class passengers receive priority treatment at every journey stage, from check-in to boarding to baggage claim.

This includes dedicated check-in counters, priority boarding and baggage handling, and access to the fast lane at immigration and security checkpoints.

SkyPriority ensures that your travel experience is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Privacy On Board

KLM Business Class provides passengers with privacy and comfort with its exclusive seating arrangement, which blocks the middle seat of each row to provide maximum personal space and privacy during the flight.

This configuration is perfect for those who value their privacy or simply want to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing flight. Seats are also designed for maximum comfort.

Comfortable Seats

KLM offers two different types of seats for those who are traveling in Europe or taking international flights. If you choose to fly Business Class within Europe, you will get extra legroom of up to 7.5 cm compared to a regular Economy Class seat.

You can recline up to 12.5 cm and will always get a window or an aisle seat. In case you are seated in a row of 3 seats, the middle seat will remain empty.

If you are traveling to another continent for leisure or work, consider booking a World Business Class seat, which will provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. With the full-flat seats, you can enjoy privacy and comfort and transform it into a bed whenever you wish.

The features of this seat include in-seat power, a privacy screen, a personal entertainment system of 16-18 inches, the guarantee of either a window or an aisle seat, and extra storage space.

Delicious Meals

KLM Business Class welcomes passengers with a glass of champagne or jus d’orange and presents a delicious menu designed by top Dutch chef Jonnie Boer.

The gourmet meals are made with fresh ingredients, and menus are updated regularly to reflect seasonal dishes. Wine and other beverages are also served to complement each meal.

Should the passengers require any other meals based on their dietary preferences or requirements, KLM Business Class also provides customized dining options.

Do you have a flight shorter than 2 hours? If yes, KLM offers fresh sandwiches or a main course salad, plus an appetizer, organic yogurt, or dessert. For longer flights within Europe, they serve a 3-course dinner with a starter, a warm dish, and dessert.

KLM offers a new menu of dishes every three months to their World Business Class passengers traveling internationally. These dishes are served with a selection of fine wines carefully chosen by sommelier Thérèse Boer.

For example, currently, the starters include pasta shells filled with salmon, Thai red curry soup, Tom Kha Kai beef curry with beef strips, beef stew, veggie quiche with truffles, and many more.

To accommodate dietary needs on your intercontinental flight, you can request a meal that fits your requirements, such as low-fat, low-salt, diabetic-friendly, gluten-free, or lactose-free.

Please remember to make your request at least 24 hours before departure, and remember that separate orders are required for outbound and return flights.

Comfort Kit

KLM Business Class passengers receive a comfort kit consisting of a cozy blanket, a pillow, and amenity sets featuring touches of Delft Blue design to ensure maximum comfort throughout the flight.

The set includes toiletries such as lip balm, moisturizer, socks, and other necessary items one might need during the flight.

Inflight WiFi and Engaging Entertainment

KLM Business Class passengers can stay connected with friends and family or work on their devices thanks to inflight WiFi available on most flights.

You can use the inflight WiFi when you are seated on the flight or in some countries shortly after take-off. All you have to do is switch your device to airplane mode, connect to our WiFi network, and then follow the steps on your screen.

Additionally, passengers can enjoy engaging entertainment, from blockbuster movies to live TV programs and games, making it a journey to remember. There is also a variety of content for kids, such as cartoons and interactive games.

KLM Houses

If you’ve ever traveled in Business Class on an intercontinental route with KLM, you may have noticed Delft Blue miniature houses.

These little houses are filled with Dutch gin and are designed to look like real Dutch buildings. They have been around since the 1950s and are highly valued by collectors.

With KLM Business Class, you can receive one of these miniature houses as a gift when traveling intercontinental, making your travel experience even more unique. Collect them all and make your journey one to remember.

Bottom Line

KLM Business Class offers its passengers many excellent services, from delicious meals to comfortable seating and engaging entertainment.

So whether you’re traveling short-haul or long-haul, you can rest assured that KLM will keep your needs in mind and ensure you have an unforgettable experience.

KLM is committed to providing its customers with the best travel experience and strives to go above and beyond to make their journey as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. So, why not choose KLM Business Class for your next flight?

Airport waiting lounges are the perfect places at an airport where you can spend your time in a pleasant and productive way. They offer a variety of different amenities and facilities that help passengers unwind before catching their flight.

Having exclusive access to a first or business class lounge guarantees you a high level of comfort, privacy and space to rest, work, sleep and rejuvenate before catching your flight.

How To Get Airport Lounge Access – The Ultimate Guide

If you are a frequent traveler, then you probably recognize the importance of having access to a comfortable airport lounge. Having access to an airport lounge  is one of the things every frequent traveler should strive for. There are many great reasons to wish to get exclusive lounge access.

How To Get Airport Lounge Access – The Ultimate Guide

There are some smart and easy way to get lounge access everywhere.

What are the ways to upgrade to a higher air travel class?

Getting an upgrade isn’t  always easy but here we will provide you with some tips to score an upgraded seat. The general rule is that the more air travel classes a certain flight has, the more difficult it will be to upgrade your seat and fly on a higher class.

Frequent flyers are more likely to get flight upgrades and enjoy a full access to a luxury airport lounge. To get premium lounge access you need to become a loyal flyer of an airline company and join a loyalty program

Every air carrier has different rules for status tiers and by receiving a high status in your airline’s hierarchy you are closer to getting an upgrade and enjoying premium lounge access.

How To Get Airport Lounge Access – The Ultimate Guide

You can have the option to use a co-branded credit card. In this way you can earn the needed amount of miles and points. Sign up for an airline credit card which will help you get a VIP airline status in a quick way.

Use miles and points to upgrade

One way to get a flight upgrade is to get an economy class ticket and then upgrade your ticket by using reward points and flyer miles. Make sure to check the fare class of your ticket because some tickets offer a more easy way to upgrade than others. Basic economy class for example doesn’t offer any options for an upgrade.

How To Get Airport Lounge Access – The Ultimate Guide

Ways to get airport lounge access:

Join an airport lounge program

One way to obtain exclusive access to an airport’s lounge is to become a member of an airline’s loyalty program or get a lounge membership to an alliance.  This option is suitable for those flyers who prefer to fly with a certain air carrier and don’t travel to a destination that is too far away.

The people who will get the biggest advantage out of this option are business travelers who prefer to fly with a certain airline or alliance as well as fly to large airports or fly on domestic or international flights. There are annual airport lounge programs for those of you who want to use premium lounge access and get advantage of different lounge amenities.

The standard cost of a membership in an airline’s loyalty program is between $300 and $700 and there can be also an additional fee of up to $100. It’s good to know that if you frequently catch international flights, it will be better for you to be a member of an alliance rather than join the membership program of a specific airline. That’s because alliances include several airlines that have more bases than one single airline.

Being a member of a lounge program offered by an alliance offers you the option to collect points and get frequent flyer advantages with their airlines. One popular airline alliance for example is Oneworld which offers you access to different lounge locations around the world such as British Airways, Qatar, Qantas, Japan, Malaysia.

You should check in advance if the airline or the alliance of your choice has airport lounges at the airport locations you are going to travel to.

How To Get Airport Lounge Access – The Ultimate Guide

Sometimes you are likely to get an upgrade if your chosen flight is overbooked. You can give up your seat and ask for an upgrade to a seat at a higher air travel class.

Get a frequent flyer status with an airline

Getting an elite status with an airline or an alliance definitely guarantees you the option to enjoy a variety of lounge services and amenities.

How To Get Airport Lounge Access – The Ultimate Guide

Airlines and alliances offer exclusive airport lounge access for some of their passengers who own an elite membership. Travelers with a frequent flyer status get airport lounge access that grants them perks extending through a wide network of airport lounge locations.

You should know that there still can be limitations  as some airlines don’t grant access to some of their passengers who travel on international flights. Getting an elite status with either an airline or an alliance is the perfect option for business flyers or travelers who prefer to fly with a certain airline.

So if you are a frequent business traveler who prefers to travel exclusively with one airline, you can check your membership to see how you can get an elite flyer status and what lounge amenities and perks you will be able to enjoy.

How To Get Airport Lounge Access – The Ultimate Guide

Make a bid on an upgrade

Bidding on an upgrade is a wonderful way to save money on a flight ticket price while enjoying high quality air travel service. Some airlines offer you the opportunity to make a bid to get a seat upgrade when you book a ticket for a lower air travel class. So you should check what are the airlines with available upgrades.

Usually when an air carrier offers a new seat upgrade option, it will send you an email with the option for you to bid on a seat of a higher airfare.

You should check if there are any restrictions of this option as they are different for each air company. So you should acquaint yourself with the rules of your airline.

If it allows passengers to make bids on upgrades, you have a chance to get a seat at lower price than this you would pay if you book it originally.

How To Get Airport Lounge Access – The Ultimate Guide

Get an upgrade voucher

Upgrade vouchers are a great way to get a comfortable seat at a higher air travel class. Airlines give upgrade vouchers to frequent flyers with an elite status each year. The advantage of having an upgrade voucher is that you can give it to someone else even if they aren’t the person who received it originally from the airline. Any flyer can use an upgrade voucher.

Get a frequent flyer credit card

How To Get Airport Lounge Access – The Ultimate Guide

Airlines offer their high status elite flyers special credit cards that allow them exclusive access to lounges. Getting a credit card is a common way to gain access to an airport lounge for many passengers. And it’s one of the easiest ways to get such type of access.

Some credit cards offer exclusive airport lounge access to certain lounges while others offer you access to hundreds of airport lounge locations worldwide. There are credit card programs that offer lounge access with a third-party program at a cheap price. Such a program is Priority Pass for example.

Credit card programs often offer different perks, so it’s good to check your credit card as it’s possible that it already offers you some type of airport lounge access. However, sometimes these credit cards bring some annual fees.

Besides free lounge entry, credit card programs offer other great perks such as  $200 in credits which you can use for airline fees, one of which are fees for checked baggage.

Credit cards remove foreign transaction charges and provide you with different travel extras and one-time-use passes and free or discounted day passes for airport lounges.

If you don’t have such a card, it’s recommended to sign up for such a program, if you want to get premium lounge access. Make sure to read the fine print and the usage rules and details before signing up for a credit card program.

The number of credit cards that offer exclusive airport lounge access in one form or another is high. Every credit card is different and it offers a specific airport lounge access and different rewards and perks. Some of the perks can be points which you can use for booking travel, hotel status, an option for a car rental upgrade.

How To Get Airport Lounge Access – The Ultimate Guide

These credit cards offer you a premium lounge access for a certain fee at some lounge locations. There are also credit cards that offer worldwide lounge access for their special flyer status passengers.

Credit card programs are suitable for business class flyers or passengers that use credit cards solely for travel purposes (booking flight tickets with points).

The annual fees tend to be high but that investment is high, especially if you are a frequent traveler.

Get a one-day  lounge pass

How To Get Airport Lounge Access – The Ultimate Guide

If you don’t want a long-term commitment, one-day lounge pass it’s a good alternative. One-day lounge access is a simple way to get advantage of some of the amazing facilities a premium lounge offers before a long-haul- flight.

You should know that one-day passes don’t offer 24-hour access. Airlines offer one-day lounge access of different duration which can be just 4 hours.

One-day lounge pass is a suitable option for infrequent flyers who have long layovers but don’t want to join a lounge program that requires a long-term commitment. Infrequent flyers usually don’t want to use the perks of airport lounges all year round. The option of a one-day lounge access still offers convenient amenities and perks.

The lounge offering depends on the airline and you can usually choose either one or several lounge locations. It’s recommended to do  some research in advance. Check up what are the available lounge options your chosen airport offers.

How To Get Airport Lounge Access – The Ultimate Guide

You can either buy a one-day pass through your chosen airline’s website or get it directly at the airline’s desk. The recommended option is to get your one-day pass online.

Annual and program members of a given airline are more likely to get premium lounge access. So, if you try to get access to a crowded lounge and you don’t have a special flyer status, the airline may not give you entry.

Buy a public lounge access

Exclusive lounge access is no longer a privilege only for alliance members or members of third-party programs. You can buy a premium lounge access to an airport lounge. Such lounges are categorized as public and they can be accessed by all flyers who pass through the airport.

How To Get Airport Lounge Access – The Ultimate Guide

It’s a fact that many airports have their own lounges that are in affiliation with a certain airline or alliance. One of their goals is to compete with the major airlines. And the number of those airports with public lounges is expected to grow as more and more airports are opening lounges with their own design.

Most often these public lounges offer the same services and amenities as their exclusive counterparts. The perks offered by those lounges include complimentary snacks and drinks, entertainment options, high-speed Wi-fi.

The prices for public lounge access vary depending on the airline as some airlines charge you by the hour or for day access. Therefore it’s good to check what are the available services and amenities at the lounges of the airports you are going to visit while flying.

Buying  exclusive access to a public lounge is a suitable choice for flyers who don’t want a long-term membership in an airline, alliance or a third-party program.

How To Get Airport Lounge Access – The Ultimate Guide

Becoming a guest of a traveler with a lounge access

You probably know that being a member of an airline or alliance and having access to an airport lounge allows you to bring a set number of guests with you for free. One of the easiest ways to get access to an airport lounge is just to fly with someone who already has a lounge access.

Being an active military member

There are many airports that offer exclusive airport lounge access to active military members as well as their families. Active military members receive credit cards which grant them exclusive access to a large selection of airport lounges around the world.

Every day thousands of air passengers have delayed flights. A delayed flight is certainly a bad experience especially if you are in a hurry for a business meeting or any other special event.

A disturbed flight really spoils your overall air travel experience and leaves you feeling there is nothing you can do. But that’s not the case.

What are my rights in a delayed flight?

If you are a frequent flyer, you probably have experienced a delayed flight at some point. While some people choose to accept it, some opt to claim  compensation for their flight.

If your flight was delayed and won’t depart on time, you have the option to claim your rights. You can do this under several conditions . It’s recommended to learn about your rights in such cases and be well informed about all the options you have for claiming compensation for your rights.

There are some things you can do to get compensation for your delayed flight. To claim compensation for your delayed flight, you should know your EU air passenger rights.

What are my rights in a delayed flight?

The EU Regulation 261/2004 defends EU air passenger rights and it gives you the right to get a fair compensation for your delayed flight. This rule brings some conditions.

Every air traveler can claim up to €600 for their cancelled or delayed flight. Тhis depends on several factors. This concerns all flights departing from the EU and flights arriving in the EU that are operated by an EU air carrier.

According to the statistics every year only 2% of air passengers that are entitled to a compensation manage to successfully claim it. 98% of the passengers don’t claim their flights.

The amount you are entitled to as a passenger ranges from €125 to €600. In the case of delayed flights, air passengers can get full or partial refund of flight ticket and a return ticket.

In addition to this your airline also owes you free meals and refreshments, if you are stuck for a long time at the airport. You should also get access to phone calls and emails. And if your flight delay is long, then your airline should provide you with a place to stay.

What are my rights in a delayed flight?

Depending on the length of your flight’s delay, you should receive certain things by your airline.

If your flight is delayed for 2 or more hours, the airline owes you food and drinks, a free option to make phone calls or send emails to manage your travel arrangements.

In the case of an overnight delay, the airline should provide you with a transport between your hotel and the airport. They should also provide you with accommodation .

Flights with a 3-hour delay, air passengers receive all of the abovementioned things.They can receive a compensation up to 600€ which depends on the length of the delay and the total distance of the flight.

Here is an example what amount of compensation you are entitled to for your delay:

  • for flights less than 1,500 km you are entitled to 250€.
  • for flights between 1,500 and 3,500 km including intra-community flights over 1,500km  you are entitled to 400€.
  • for flights more than 3,500 km you are entitled to 600€.

But you should know that if your delayed flight is longer than 3500 km but the delay is less than 4 hours, the airline owes you 50% of the standard compensation amount. If for example your airline provided you with an alternate flight but with a downgraded seat, you have the right to ask for an additional reimbursement.

If you wonder what to do in a situation where your flight is delayed, in this article you will get some advice about the possible ways of action for you.

What are my rights in a delayed flight?

Who is eligible for flight compensation?

One of the first things you should do to claim your compensation is to get information. An air passenger is eligible for a flight compensation if the airline is responsible for the flight’s delay.

So, if it’s the airline’s fault the flight didn’t depart on time, they should pay you  compensation for your inconvenience.  If the delay was caused by factors which are uncontrollable by the air company, the passenger won’t get  compensation.


What are the requirements under which a passenger can get a flight compensation?


If the airline is responsible for the flight’s delay, they owe you  compensation. If something has prevented you from catching your flight on time, then the airline doesn’t owe you compensation.

Time period

If the flight’s delay was in the last three years, then you can get compensation for your flight. Most people don’t wait three years to file their claim. For example, if you have just learned about EU 261 and your flight was delayed a year ago, you can obtain compensation for it.

However, this rule doesn’t count for all EU countries as the rules of each country vary.

Some countries offer passengers a time period for compensation claims of up to 6 years while the limitation period of other countries is one year. This concerns the countries where  each airline is based.

What are my rights in a delayed flight?

You can get compensation if the airline didn’t notify you 14 days in advance or more. But the airline doesn’t need to return your money if they notify you two weeks before your flight, even if it’s their fault and you have already made  reservations for your trip.

Specific circumstances

An air company owes you compensation if they didn’t find an alternate flight or rerouting  for you that is acceptable.  For example, if the airline has notified you about the delay 7 to 13 days in advance, you can be offered an alternate flight which departures 2 hours earlier or 4 hours later than the originally booked flight.

If your airline does provide you with an alternate flight or rerouting, they don’t owe you compensation.

Another example situation is when the airline informs you about the delay 7 days in advance. If they offer you an alternate flight that departs 1 hour earlier or arrives up  2 hours later, you may not receive a compensation.

What are my rights in a delayed flight?

According to EU 261 requirements air passengers can get compensation by the airline, if the connecting flights are covered by one booking.


How to get compensation?

There are several things you can do to obtain compensation for your delayed flight:

Get compensation by yourself

Knowing your air passenger rights is a must. You should know that not all people who claim compensation on their own do this successfully and manage to get their money back.

If you choose to claim your compensation on your own, there are several steps to complete:

Claiming compensation on your own:

Contact your airline

You should contact the airline that operated the flight and not the air company you booked your flight ticket from. This counts also for the cases where you have booked your flight online or through an online travel agency.

Because the policies of air companies are different, some airlines require their customers to fill an online form instead or contact them using a postal service or through an email. It’s easier if you choose to do it by email. Find the airline’s contact page.

Explain what happened

You need to explain in your email, letter or online  form that is sent to the air company what exactly happened and how much money you expect to get for your inconvenience. You should know that most passengers are denied compensation at first.

What are my rights in a delayed flight?

Use lawyer services to claim your flight

This option should be used as a last resort. Because,  if you decide to claim your flight with a lawyer,  they will require from you a fee payment beforehand. You should pay your lawyer whether or not the case is successful or not.

Using lawyer service also takes time as you need to meet with your lawyer face-to-face, do some paperwork and make a couple of phone calls.

If  you want to make the right choice, you should find a lawyer who is specialized in air passenger rights for delayed flights and compensation claims under EC 261.

 Use claims management company

There are companies that offer assistance to passengers who want to claim compensation for their flight. Using the services of a specialized company in this field saves you considerable time and effort.

Such companies prepare and file your flight claim in your name. They represent you in front of the air company. Before filing your claim these companies check the circumstances and details of your flight delay. After that they contact the airline and handle the entire procedure.

Claims management companies partner with lawyer teams. Therefore, if a passenger’s case needs to be escalated to a small court, NEB or ADR scheme, these lawyers will offer their assistance.

The advantage of using the help of a claims management company as a passenger is that you don’t owe them anything if they manage to obtain compensation for your delay. They will not charge you even if they brought the claim to court.

Any frequent flyer can experience canceled or delayed flights at some point. Sometimes even if you arrive early at the airport, you may learn that your flight is delayed and the departure won’t be on time. This is a pretty much unpleasant experience for any traveler.

Thousands of passengers come up to this problem every day. Fortunately, there are some ways in which you can get compensation for your canceled or delayed flights.

Everything you need to know about compensation for canceled or delayed flights

If you are a frequent traveler, this topic may interest you. It’s not good when you need to wait for hours at an airport because your business flight was delayed or canceled.

It’s a fact that  only a small part of the air passengers (around 2%) who are eligible have a successful claim for compensation every year. Which means the other 98% don’t even claim it.

So as a passenger you should know what your rights are. In this article you will find out how to claim what is owed to you by your airline.


EU air passenger rights are valid depending  on several cases:

If the flight is within the EU territory and it’s operated by an EU or non-EU airline. If the flight is operated by an EU or non-EU airline and it departs from the EU to a non-EU country. If the flight is operated  by an EU airline and it arrives in the EU from outside the EU.

Under the EU law air passengers can obtain compensation for their flight in several cases. If the passenger has not already received benefits (compensation, re-routing, help from the airline) for issues connected to their flight under the law of a non-EU country.

For example, if the flight was operated by a European airline and landed in the EU,UK, Switzerland or Norway independent from where you are departing from.

If the flight landed in an eligible French island abroad, Madeira, the Canary Islands, Saint Martin, the Azores. If the flight left from the European Union, UK, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland. If the flight left from French islands, the Azores, Madeira islands, Saint Martin, Canary Islands. All airlines need to show information about air passenger rights at its check-in counter.

Everything you need to know about compensation for canceled or delayed flights

If none of these cases applies to you, you should contact your airline company. For example, if your flight was from New York to Los Angeles or to Europe. An important factor is what airline owns the airplane. What compensation you are entitled to depends on the airline.

Flights within the EU territory are named “intra-community flights”. If your flight falls into this category, you can get compensation of 400€, even if the flight’s length is more than 3,500km.

Sometimes the airline may offer a replacement flight. If you need to wait long for your replacement flight, your airline is obliged to give you free access to phone calls, emails, food and drink while you are at the airport.

The assistance your airline will offer you depends on the length of the flight’s delay. If the flight is delayed for 2 hours or more, the airline has the obligation to provide passengers with food and drinks through the entire duration of the delay. The airline can give you meal vouchers instead.

Another thing that you should get is access to phone calls or emails so that you reschedule your plans due to the flight delay.

Everything you need to know about compensation for canceled or delayed flights

You should also get accommodation by the airline if your delay is during the night including the transport between the hotel and the airport. The airline can give you vouchers for these things.

Generally, when you are at the airport you should be offered help to get your compensation for your flight. If you don’t get help from the airline’s staff, make sure to keep the receipts for your expenses and ask for a refund for them later. You can also check if your travel insurance covers flight cancellations.

If your flight’s delay lasts for 3 hours or more, the airline is obliged to give you all of the above-mentioned.

If your airplane arrives at the end destination with  a 3-hour delay, you have the right to claim an airline delay compensation.

The amount of compensation is determined by the total distance of the air trip as well as the length of the delay. If the fight is less than 1500 km, you are entitled to get 250 € compensation. An if it’s between 1500km and 3500 km, you should get 400 €.

This counts also for intra-community flights that are over 1500km. Intra-community flights are flights that are within the EU.

If your flight is intra-community, you are entitled to a maximum of 400 €, even if the flight is over 3500km. If your flight is over 3500 km, you are entitled to 600 €.

But, if your flight is more than 3500km and its delay is less than 4 hours, you will receive only 50% of the amount you are usually entitled to.

But air companies give payment only for reasonable expenses. Airlines are unlikely to give you compensation for alcohol, luxury hotel stays and expensive dining.

Everything you need to know about compensation for canceled or delayed flights

The length of the delay depends on the distance of the flight and the destinations it’s flying between. The amount of compensation you will get also depends on how long the delay was (how late you are arriving at your destination), whether you are traveling to an EU or non-EU country and the distance of the flight.

Everything you need to know about compensation for canceled or delayed flights

If your flight is delayed for more than 3 hours and the airline is responsible for the delay, you have the full right to get compensation. A flight can be delayed for many reasons. Sometimes the airline didn’t have enough bookings or the reason is some technical issue.

You also have the right to get compensation if your replacement flight has  a delay of two or more hours and in cases when your flight was cancelled less than 14 days before departure date.

What will be the size of your compensation depends on the date of the flight’s cancellation, the departure and arrival times of the rescheduled flight and the distance of the flight.

If the flight has a 5-hour delay or even more, you don’t have to take the flight. In this case it doesn’t make a difference who is responsible for the flight’s delay and what is the distance of the flight. You should inform some member of the airline’s staff as soon as you know for certain that you won’t take your flight.

Everything you need to know about compensation for canceled or delayed flights

If you don’t take a flight with a 5-hour delay, the airline has to provide you with all these things:

A full refund for the flight

A full refund for other flights with the same airline that you are not going to use in your booking such return or onward flight;

A free flight back to the airport location where your initial departure is (this counts for a situation when you are halfway through a journey).

A passenger won’t get compensation, if the delay was caused by something the airline doesn’t have a control over. These are factors such as bad weather or security risk.

Everything you need to know about compensation for canceled or delayed flights

In such cases when your flight is a non-EU flight that connects to an EU flight you can get flight compensation under some conditions. You should also know that the outbound and return flights are considered as two separate flights, even if they were booked as one reservation.

Everything you need to know about compensation for canceled or delayed flights

The airline will compensate you if your flight was delayed for more than 3 hours, if you booked both flights as a single booking and if the airline is responsible for the flight’s delay.

For example, if you are flying between two cities and your connecting flight was delayed or you couldn’t board your flight, the airline still owes you compensation. Airlines don’t mention this fact often but an air passenger can claim up to 600 euro for a canceled or a delayed flight.

This means that your flight has a delay, but if you do take the flight, you can claim 600€. This depends on the distance and the destination of the flight. The reason for the delay can be a technical issue or a case of overbooked seats.

Everything you need to know about compensation for canceled or delayed flights

The air passenger rights allow you to get compensation for your canceled or delayed flight. There are general rules that determine how much your compensation will be.

If the airline is responsible for the delay, you are legally entitled to get compensation. According to the EU rule, if your flight is delayed by more than three hours or your flight is cancelled, your airline should give you compensation. Check what compensation an airline should give you, if your flight is delayed for long enough.

If your flight was cancelled,  you as a passenger have the legal right to

Everything you need to know about compensation for canceled or delayed flights

And if you are delayed for two or more hours because of the flight cancellation,  the airline has to offer you help with costs. And if you are delayed by 2 or more hours by a replacement flight, the airline owes you  compensation. In this case the airline should give you less than 2 weeks’ notice.

There are three ways in which you can claim compensation for your delayed or cancelled flight.

Claim a compensation on your own

If you want to choose this option, you should know that it requires  patience and also the knowledge of your air passenger rights for delayed flights.

Everything you need to know about compensation for canceled or delayed flights

There are several steps you need to complete if you decide to claim your flight compensation on your own. Contact the airline which operated your flight . You don’t need to contact the air company that  you booked your ticket with.

Take note that the airline that operates the flight (which is called an operating air carrier) may not be the same as the company you booked your ticket with. So, if any issues with your flight appear, you should turn for assistance to the airline that operates the flight.

Contact with their customer service department. You should give all of the flight details and booking reference numbers.

You need to write your claim and describe in it what went wrong with your flight and what compensation you think the airline owes you.

You also need to ask the airline for  the right amount of compensation. You should  add the quote from EU Regulation 261/2004 (EC 261) in your claim letter.

Everything you need to know about compensation for canceled or delayed flights

Some airlines can require you to fill an online form or to contact them through a postal address. One of the easiest ways to contact an airline company  is by email.

No matter which contact form you will choose, you should describe what went wrong with your air travel experience in a non-rude language.

You should know that most travelers are initially denied delay compensation, so you should be patient.

Everything you need to know about compensation for canceled or delayed flights

Get help from a lawyer

You can ask a lawyer to claim your compensation in your name, if you don’t want to do it on your own. This option isn’t highly recommended and should be used as a last resort. Because the lawyer will require from you an upfront payment for their service, no matter if you successfully get your compensation or not.

Using the services of a lawyer also takes time as you will need to arrange a meeting with a lawyer and explain the details of your case and the reasons for your flight delay. You should do some paperwork and spend some time on phone calls.

Everything you need to know about compensation for canceled or delayed flights

It will be good if you find a lawyer that is specialized in air passenger rights for delayed flights.

Contact a company

Everything you need to know about compensation for canceled or delayed flights

Another way to get flight compensation is to seek help from experts in getting flight compensations. Claims management companies are mostly specialized in this sphere.

They help air passengers get their flight compensation from airlines. A claims management company prepares and files the claim in the passenger’s name by representing them in front of the airline.

They check the circumstances and details of your flight’s delay or cancellation. After that they contact the air carrier and handle the entire process of getting compensation.

They can help you if your claim needs to be represented to a small court. Claims management companies have teams of lawyers that will take care of your case. If they obtain compensation for you, you don’t owe them anything. That’s even in cases when they bring the claim to court. You are not required to pay an upfront fee.

If you are a fan of air travel, this article will provide you with some curious facts about the world’s best airports in the world.

Singapore Changi Airport

Top 20 Airports in the World

The airport holds the spot as the world’s best airport for four consecutive years and it really deserves its fame. Changi Airport was established in 1981.

Its main characteristics are technological advancements in terms of service quality and great customer service. The airport offers services to customers with restricted mobility of exceptional quality.

An interesting fact about this airport is that it has won a total of 500 awards since its opening in 1981. The airport also has won 28 “Best Airport” awards in just 2015. Its total number of passengers is 55,448,964.

In fact more than 100 air companies use this airport and major air companies in Southeast Asia use it as a home base. These are:

  • Singapore Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines Cargo
  • SilkAir, Scoot
  • Tigerair
  • Jetstar Asia Airways
  • Jet Asia Airways
  • FedEx Express
  • BOC Aviation use it for their operations around the world

These air companies operate flights to 320 cities in about 80 countries  from the airport. It’s a property of the Government of Singapore.

London Heathrow Airport

Top 20 Airports in the World

London Heathrow Airport is UK’s busiest airport and one of the world’s most popular airports. The number of passengers it serves is larger than this of the other world airports.

More than 80 air companies use the airport for 185 destinations in a total of 84 countries. British Airways uses Heathrow as a hub and Virgin Atlantic use it as a base. The airport’s owner is Heathrow Airport Holdings and the airport has  four passenger terminals which are numbered 2 to 5 plus a cargo terminal.

In 2008 the airport experienced a considerable improvement thanks to the opening of Terminal 5 because this eased the traffic in the facilities. The airport’s total number of served passengers is 75,676,223.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)

Top 20 Airports in the World

 The Atlanta International Airport has been holding the 1-st place in the list of the busiest airports in the world since 1998. It serves 252,000 passengers each day. Its located at  the City of Atlanta and used as a hub by Delta Airlines.

Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK)

Top 20 Airports in the World

It’s located at a distance of 20 miles from Beijing’s city center and it’s on the list of the world’s largest airports.

Top 20 Airports in the World


It’s ranked as the busiest airport in Asia and the second busiest airport in the world. The air companies Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Hainana Airlines use this airport as a hub.

Munich Airport

Top 20 Airports in the World

Munich Airport is Germany’s second largest airport and it has been operating since 1992. This airport has a big number of conference facilities and it offers many retail options, excellent food services, a modern clinic with different medical services. Its passenger capacity is 40,981,522.

Top 20 Airports in the World

Lufthansa uses this airport as its secondary hub as well as Lufthansa Regional and its Star Alliance partners. The airport has  two runways and an extensive cargo and maintenance facilities. It has the  capacity to accommodate wide-body aircraft such as the famous Airbus A380.

Since the opening of a new Terminal in 2016 the airport’s number of passengers went from 11 million to 36 million. This addition increased the airport’s capacity and it started offering restaurants, duty free zones, fifteen retail areas, seven restaurants.

This new terminal  brings benefits not only to the airport’s capacity but also to the environment. It’s said that the airport’s new terminal reduces the Co2 emissions with 40%.

Frankfurt am Main Airport (FRA)

Top 20 Airports in the World

The Frankfurt Airport is the busiest in Germany and offers the largest number of international destinations in the world. It’s owned by Fraport and it’s a hub for the air companies:

  • AeroLogic
  • Condor
  • Lufthansa
  • Lufthansa CityLine
  • Lufthansa Cargo

Top 20 Airports in the World

London City Airport

Top 20 Airports in the World

London City Airport is the London’s fifth busiest airport in terms of aircraft and passengers movements and the 13th busiest airport in UK. It’s a key connection between Brussels and London and has been operating since 1987.

In 2015 the number of passengers the airport served is more than 4.3 million. This is a considerable increase of 18% in comparison to 2014. This airport is the Mecca of all business travelers. It has a capacity of 4,319,301 passengers.

Top 20 Airports in the World

One of the interesting things about this airport is that its main search area has a music background. There passengers can listen to ambient electronica or upbeat acoustic music while they give their hand luggage for screening and go through the security lanes. The airport’s speaker system plays songs of popular stars such as Ed Sheeran, Adele, Ben Howard, Gavin James, Jason Mraz. 

O’Hare International Airport (ORD)

Top 20 Airports in the World

O’Hare International airport located in Chicago, Illinois. It serves flights to more than 60 international  destinations. It is the second largest airport in the world when it comes to number of aircraft movements.The City of Chicago runs this airport and American Airlines, United Airlines, Atlas Air use it as a hub.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Top 20 Airports in the World

Los Angeles International, also known as LAX is busiest airport on the West Coast of the U.S.,It has the nickname the “Gateway to the Pacific Rim.” It’s run by the City of Los Angeles and it’s used as a hub by:

  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • United Airlines
  • Atlas Air

Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport (CDG)

Top 20 Airports in the World

Air France ‘s  main hub is also called  Roissy Airport. Charles de Gaulle Airport is located to the northeast of Paris. Groupe ADP runs the operations of this airport with a capacity of 76.2 million passengers.

Dubai International Airport (DXB)

Top 20 Airports in the World

This Dubai airport is one of the main airline hubs in the Middle East and serves every continent excluding Antarctica. The Government of Dubai owns this airport and it’s a hub for the airlines Emirates and Flydubai.

Top 20 Airports in the World

Besides great hospitality Dubai’s largest airport offers a variety of luxury services and amenities one of which is a swimming pool. It was built in 1966. With a capacity of 78,475,336 passengers the airport is the third busiest in the world.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)

Top 20 Airports in the World

Schiphol Airport it’s one of the world’s largest airports. It takes  3,200 acres which categorizes it as an airport city. It’s run by Royal Schiphol Groupand it’s used as a hub by:

  • KLM
  • KLM Cityhopper
  • Martinair
  • Transavia
  • TUI Fly Netherlands

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)

Top 20 Airports in the World

JFK was called Idlewild Airport in the past. This airport is located   in New York City and it’s a part of the New York City airport systemthe largest in the U.S. and the second largest in the world. It’s owned by the City of New York and American Airlines and Delta Airlines use it as a hub.

Guarulhos International Airport

Top 20 Airports in the World

Sao Paolo’s airport is the busiest in Latin America and it was opened in 1985.  It serves 38,985,000 passengers per year. The airport’s operations are managed by a consortium that include Invepar, Airports Company South Africa, and Infraero.  São Paulo Air Force Base of the Brazilian Air Force uses some of this airport’s facilities.

Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)

Top 20 Airports in the World

This airport  is the world’s busiest cargo gateway. It was established in  1998 on the small island of Chek Lap Kok. It’s one of the most efficient airports . It has a structure beautifully designed in a modern style by the famous British architect Lord Norman Foster. Its cutting-edge art design was finished in 1998

For this reason Construction Industry Manufacturers Association proclaimed this airport as one of the top 10 construction achievement for 20th century.

Top 20 Airports in the World

It has a capacity of 68,500,000 passengers. The airport is operated by the Airport Authority Hong Kong 24 hours a day and is the primary hub for Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, Hong Kong Airlines, Hong Kong Express Airways and Air Hong Kong, a cargo carrier.

The airport’s owner is Airport Authority Hong Kong. Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon, Hong Kong Airlines, Hong Kong Express use it as  a hub.

Ataturk International Airport (IST)

Top 20 Airports in the World

This airport was named after the founder of the Republic of Turkey. Ataturk International Airport was ranked Airport of the Year in 2013 and won the  Europe’s Best Airport voting.

It’s operated by Owner General Directorate of State Airports and it’s a hub for MNG Airlines, Turkish Cargo, ULS Airlines Cargo.

Sochi Airport

Top 20 Airports in the World

One of Russia’s largest airports was opened in 1945  has a capacity of 5,260,000 passengers. The most interesting fact about Sochi’s airport is that it handled over 350,000 passengers in February 2014 because of the Winter Olympics event.

The airport is operated by an international joint venture of Sberbank, Changi Airports International and Basic Element group.

Brisbane Airport

Top 20 Airports in the World

Waiting for your flight at this airport may feel like a mini vacation as this airport is like no other. It was created in 1995 and after big renovations in 2019 the airport’s new international terminal passengers can enjoy a sunny picnic under palm trees while lying on lounges or sitting on stools.

Virgin Australia uses Brisbane Airport as  a major hub, Qantas and Jetstar use it as a secondary hub.

Tokyo Haneda

Top 20 Airports in the World

Tokyo Haneda (also called Tokyo International Airport (HND)) is one of two largest main airports in Tokyo. If you have never seen a robot before, this airport offers you this great opportunity. A concierge robot on rollerblades with the name of EMIEW3 greets all of the airport’s passengers which reach the number of  72,826,862 million per year.

Many Japan air companies such as Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Air Do, Skymark Airlines, Solaseed Air and StarFlyer use this airport as a base.

Tokyo airport, also known as Haneda Airport, handles most of Tokyo’s domestic flights and few international flights.

Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK)

Top 20 Airports in the World


The Suvarnabhumi Airport ( also called New Bangkok International Airport) is located at 16-mile distance from downtown Bangkok. It’s one of the  two major international airports in Bangkok, Thailand.It was opened in 2006 and its Sanskrit name Suvarnabhumi translates as  ‘land of gold’.

Top 20 Airports in the World


It plays the role as a hub for Bangkok Airways, Jet Asia Airways, Thai Airways, Thai Smile, Thaie VieJet Air and it’s operated by AOT.

Mykonos Airport is an airport in Mykonos, Greece, located 4 kilometers from the town of Mykonos. The airport first operated in 1971. During the off-peak tourist season the airport has limited flight connections and operating hours.

On the other hand, during the 2014 peak summer season it was found necessary to severely limit general aviation activity, allowing only a technical stop of 2 hours. For the summer of 2016, NOTAM B0335/16 introduces a similar limitation, but now even down to a one hour’s stop. In December 2015 the privatization of Mykonos International Airport and 13 other regional airports of Greece was finalized with the signing of the agreement between the Fraport AG/Copelouzos Group joint venture and the state privatisation fund. “We signed the deal today,” the head of Greece’s privatization agency HRADF, Stergios Pitsiorlas, told Reuters. According to the agreement, the joint venture will operate the 14 airports (including Mykonos International Airport) for 40 years. Fraport started managing the airport from 11 April 2017.


Airport Code: JMK

Airport Addresses: Mykonos Airport, Mikonos 846 00, Greece

Main Airline: Aegean Airlines can save you up to 50% off your business class flights out of Mykonos Island National Airport. Call now or submit our flight request form to receive a free quote.

Florence Airport, Peretola formally Amerigo Vespucci Airport, is the international airport of Florence, the capital of the Italian region of Tuscany. It is the second-busiest Tuscan airport in terms of passengers after Pisa International Airport. It serves as a focus city for Vueling.


The first air field in Florence was created in the Campo di Marte area in 1910, when military authorities allowed a field to be used for “experiments in air navigation”. Campo di Marte thus became Florence’s first airport, and remained so throughout the 1920s. However, the field was soon surrounded by houses and was inadequate for the new aircraft that were then replacing the first canvas-covered craft. In 1928, a location on the plain between Florence and Sesto Fiorentino was chosen. Peretola Airport opened there in the early 1930s. At first, Peretola was a large field where airplanes took off and landed with no formal direction, but eventually, the Ministry of Aeronautics decided to enlarge and upgrade it. The airport was extended toward Castello, and in 1938–39, an asphalt runway 60 metres wide and 1,000 metres long, facing northeast, was built. In the 1940s, Peretola welcomed its first passenger flights, operated by Aerea Teseo with Douglas DC-3 aircraft. In 1948, Aerea Teseo went out of business. In the late ’50s and early ’60s, Alitalia, also using the DC-3, offered two routes: Rome–Florence–Venice and Rome–Florence–Milan. ATI then offered several domestic flights with the Fokker F27. In the early 1980s, plans were made to upgrade the airport’s facilities. In 1984, Saf (now AdF, the company that manages the airport) was founded, and restructuring work was completed: lengthening (from 1,000 to 1,400 metres) and lighting the runway, installing a VOR/DME navigation system, and rebuilding the airport terminal. In September 1986, regular flights resumed. Since then, the number of airplanes and passengers has steadily increased. In 1990, the airport was renamed after Florence native Amerigo Vespucci, an Italian merchant and cartographer. In 1992, the building now dedicated to arrivals, constructed by AdF, was inaugurated.


Two years later, a departures building opened, and the City of Florence opened a car park at the entrance to the airport. In 1996, the runway was extended by 250 metres, and AdF funded further enlargement of the departure area. Today, the new area has 15 check-in desks and covers a total of 1,200 square metres, 770 of which are for public use. Since April 9, 1998, AdF has had a global concession to managing the airport’s infrastructure, and it has assumed responsibility for maintenance and development. On December 5, 2012, Vueling announced the opening of a base of operations in Florence, with flights to several destinations in Europe.


Airport Code: FLR

Airport Addresses: Via del Termine, 11, 50127 Firenze FI, Italy

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Athens International Airport began operation on 28 March 2001 and is the primary international airport that serves the city of Athens and the region of Attica. It is Greece’s busiest airport and it serves as the hub and main base of Aegean Airlines as well as other Greek airlines. The airport is currently in Group 2 of Airports Council International (10–25 million) and as of 2018, Athens International is the 27th-busiest airport in Europe.


The airport currently has two terminals, the main terminal and the satellite terminal accessible by an underground link from the main terminal. It is designed to be extended in a modular approach over the ensuing years in order to accommodate increases in air travel. These extensions are planned in a six-phase framework. The first (and current) phase allowed the airport to accommodate 26 million passengers per year. When the airport originally opened, the current phase called for a capacity of only 16 million passengers per year; however, the capacity was able to increase without progressing to the next phase thanks to advanced IT logistics. The sixth and final expansion phase will allow the airport to accommodate an annual traffic of 50 million passengers, with the current layout leaving enough space for five more terminals to be added. As such, the parallel runway system currently in place has been designed to accommodate flight traffic with this high equivalent annual passenger load upon completion of the final expansion phase.

The main terminal building handles the all intra-Schengen flights, as well as several non-Schengen flights. All of the airport’s 144 check-in desks are located in the Main Terminal and it has three separate levels, one for arrivals, one for departures and a food court level complete with a view of the eastern runway. Finally, the terminal is equipped with fourteen jet bridges and eleven belt conveyors for luggage.


Airport Code: ATH

Airport Addresses: Attiki Odos, Spata Artemida 190 04, Greece

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Venice Marco Polo Airpor is the international airport of Venice, Italy. It is located on the mainland 4.3 nautical miles (8.0 kilometres; 4.9 miles) north of the city in Tessera, a Frazione of the Comune of Venice nearest to Mestre. Due to the importance of Venice as a leisure destination, it features flights to many European metropolitan areas as well as some partly seasonal long-haul routes to the United States, Canada and the Middle East.


The airport handled 11,184,608 passengers in 2018, making it the fourth busiest airport in Italy. The airport is named after Marco Polo and serves as a base for Volotea and easyJet. Another airport located in the Venice area, Treviso Airport, is sometimes unofficially labelled as Venice – Treviso and mostly serves low-cost airlines, mainly Ryanair and Wizz Air. The airport terminal has three floors: the ground floor for arrivals and the second floor for departures. The departure area has 70 check-in desks and has two lounges airside for customers. The two departure lounges are the “Tintoretto Lounge” for SkyTeam customers and the “Marco Polo Room” for customers of all other companies. The third floor of the terminal has offices for the operating company and airlines. The departure gates area is separated for Schengen and non-Schengen flights.


Airport Code: VCE

Airport Addresses: Viale Galileo Galilei, 30/1, 30173 Venezia VE, Italy

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Suvarnabhumi Airport also known unofficially as Bangkok Airport, is one of two international airports serving Bangkok, Thailand. The other older one is Don Mueang International Airport. Suvarnabhumi covers an area of 3,240 hectares (8,000 acres), making it one of the biggest international airports in Southeast Asia and a regional hub for aviation.


Suvarnabhumi was officially opened for limited domestic flight service on 15 September 2006 and opened for most domestic and all international commercial flights on 28 September 2006. The airport is currently the main hub for Thai Airways International, Thai Smile Airways, and Bangkok Airways. It also serves as regional gateway and connecting point for various foreign carriers. The airport is on what had formerly been known as Nong Nguhao (Cobra Swamp) in Racha Thewa in Bang Phli, Samut Prakan, about 25 kilometres (16 mi) east of downtown Bangkok. The terminal building was designed by Helmut Jahn of Murphy / Jahn Architects. It was constructed primarily by ITO JV. The airport had the world’s tallest free-standing control tower (132.2 metres or 434 feet) from 2006 to 2014, and the world’s fourth largest single-building airport terminal (563,000 square metres or 6,060,000 square feet).

Suvarnabhumi is the 21st busiest airport in the world, eleventh busiest airport in Asia, and the busiest in the country, having handled 60 million passengers in 2017, and is also a major air cargo hub, with a total of 95 airlines. On social networks, Suvarnabhumi was the world’s most popular site for taking Instagram photographs in 2012. The airport inherited the airport code, BKK, from Don Mueang after the previous airport ceased international commercial flights. The modern Motorway 7 connects the airport, Bangkok, and the heavily industrial eastern seaboard of Thailand, where most export manufacturing takes place.


Airport Code: BKK

Airport Addresses: 999 หมู่ 1 Nong Prue, Amphoe Bang Phli, Chang Wat Samut Prakan 10540, Thailand

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