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Flying business class is the most popular form of Luxury travel. It is the most ideal way of traveling for people looking to maximize on comfort but still keep the cost to a minimum. Amenities include priority boarding, free checked bags, and access to business class lounges at every major Airport in the World with complimentary drinks and food. Traveling business class is the optimal way of travel for any seasoned traveler. One of the nicest features about flying in Business Class is that you check in through a private line designated only to business class passenger. No more waiting in line!

Besides the amenities you get before and after your flight, the biggest difference in flying Business Class versus economy is the comfort you get on the plane. Most Airlines offer lay-flat seats or flatbed seats in their business class cabins. This means you will have a spacious seat all to yourself, equivalent to at least 2 economy seats, and be able to stretch your legs as much as you want, anytime you want! Most seats will recline 165 to 180 degrees and give you the same comfort while you sleep just like you are at home! On board you will enjoy a private crew dedicated to assisting only Business Class passengers, unlimited complimentary drinks and a 5 star menu with an extensive selection of meals you can pre select prior to your flight which would be cooked specifically to your preferences. Some business class cabins will offer a lounge or a bar in the business class section so you can mingle with your fellow passenger 6000+ feet in the sky.



First Class is an experience of its own. If you are looking for absolute comfort and prestige, First Class might just be for you.


When you fly first class, you will be traveling in the most comfortable way available to the public. Most First Class Cabins offer complete flatbed seats which recline 180 degree. Depending on the Airline, some first class cabins put you in a suite which offers a complete private experience. Yes, you get a room with a door you can close. You will be assigned a flight attendant which will only cater to you for the entire flight and tend to your every need. First Class passenger have their own designated check in line as well as a designated first class lounge at every major airport which include complimentary drinks and food.