Welcome to Bangkok Airways! Here at Blue Ribbon Club, they combine luxury and prestige for an unbeatable business-class experience. They’re a boutique airline – and they’ve listened to what you want.

Step into a world where your trip matters more. Enjoy top-notch service throughout your journey that’s tailored just for you. Whether you’re checking in or kicking back with their fantastic onboard facilities, expect only the best.

Find out how their exclusive services will make your time richer than ever – not to mention how they could change the way you think about flying forever!

Why Should You Choose Bangkok Airways Blue Ribbon Club?

If you want to fly in luxury and elegance, there’s no better option than Bangkok Airways Blue Ribbon Club. Take a look at why this exclusive business-class service could be perfect for you:

Airport Experience

Experience a seamless and luxurious airport journey with Bangkok Airways Blue Ribbon Club from the second you reach the terminal. As a member, you’ll appreciate exclusive access to the Blue Ribbon Check-in counter.

Here, helpful staff will make sure your check-in is swift and stress-free, setting the tone for a relaxed trip.

After passport control, their world-class service really stands out. Their friendly team members are always close by to assist with anything you might require. They want to make sure your travel experience is as delightful as possible. Trust them to take care of all the little details while you focus on enjoying yourself.

Experience ultimate relaxation before takeoff at the sophisticated Blue Ribbon Club Lounge. Treat yourself to free snacks and drinks, stay connected with complimentary internet access on their computers, and take advantage of services—all specially created for your pre-flight bliss.

Comfortable Seats

Immerse yourself in the ultimate comfort and luxury with Blue Ribbon Club seating from Bangkok Airways. Here, every moment of your journey is dedicated to relaxation and convenience.

Their extra-wide seats are arranged just two per row. So, you have plenty of room to stretch out and unwind during your flight. At 47 inches (119 cm) long when fully reclined, they also provide ample space for kicking back compared with some other airlines’ offerings.

With a width of 22 inches (55 centimeters), their seats hit that sweet spot: wide enough to be comfy but not so much that you feel squeezed in. Whether you want to recline and enjoy the in-flight entertainment system or get some work done easily, there’s enough space for both activities.

And once you settle into your plush seat, it feels cozy – as though you’re being enveloped in a snug cocoon – rather than just functional. With Blue Ribbon Club seating, you can make the most of your journey – whether that’s taking a well-earned nap or getting down to business.

Sit back in super-comfortable seats with extra room, designed with your comfort in mind. So you can relax and enjoy being looked after from the moment you step on board to when you touch down.

Delicious Meals

Enjoy a unique food experience when you fly with Bangkok Airways’ Blue Ribbon Club. Every meal served in this business-class cabin is prepared to perfection and will delight your taste buds.

As a Blue Ribbon Club passenger, you’ll have access to an exclusive menu featuring delicious snacks (both sweet and savoury), hot and cold drinks – including wines and champagnes selected to complement your meal.

Their regular menu offers passengers a choice of dishes inspired by Thai, Asian, or Western cuisine – all expertly prepared for maximum flavor.

If you let them know at least 24 hours before flying, Bangkok Airways can also arrange special meals catering for specific diets or religious restrictions. Consider ordering Hindu, Muslim, vegetarian, or kosher food when you book so that everything’s ready when it’s time to eat!

Indulge in every mouthful and savor each sip, safe in the knowledge that your dining experience has been crafted specifically with you in mind. Let your palate transport you to another place as you enjoy world-class cuisine onboard Bangkok Airways Blue Ribbon Club.

In-Flight Entertainment

For an exceptional travel experience, Bangkok Airways Business Class flights offer passengers in the Blue Ribbon Club a range of digital entertainment options that are second to none. Each traveler receives a stylish mini iPad. It is preloaded with all the newest Hollywood blockbusters as well as popular TV series.

Get set for hours of gripping viewing pleasure as you relax in extreme comfort and enjoy being pampered by an attentive staff. No matter whether you’re into action movies or comedies that touch the heartstrings, there will be something to suit all tastes and moods in their collection of films and shows.

Of course, internet connections have their limitations in the air. However, when it comes to sheer enjoyment, who needs them? Find out for yourself by checking out enchanting entertainment options on your next Bangkok Airways flight!

Amenity Kit

Formia has partnered with Bangkok Airways to create a special amenity kit for passengers. It is filled with products from popular Thai skincare brand Thann. Rice Extract Lip Balm, Moisturizing Cream and Hand Sanitizing Gel by Thann are included in the kit. They all are infused with essential oils for some onboard aromatherapy.

As well as these beauty treats, the kit contains everything you need to stay comfortable and light. Think slippers, an eye mask, and earplugs galore.

We love it when airlines team up with luxury brands to offer something unique on board. This collaboration shows Formia is committed to providing top-notch amenities designed specifically to enhance your journey.

Bottom Line

An experience like no other when you unlock Bangkok Airways Blue Ribbon Club’s prestige. Elevate your journey with exclusive access, luxurious amenities, and exceptional service that goes above and beyond.

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, indulging in Blue Ribbon Club privileges makes a statement – and makes for an unforgettable trip.

Think about upgrading to this top-tier service next time you book: seamless travel is yours for the taking. Unlocking prestige has never been easier than with Bangkok Airways Blue Ribbon Club.

Discover the exclusive advantages awaiting discerning travelers with American Airlines Business Class as we take you through the indulgent extras provided.

From roomy, lie-flat seats and delicious dining options to thoughtful, personal service, comfort and convenience await you at 30,000 feet.

With priority check-in, entry to top-end lounges, and an upgraded in-flight entertainment system – all aspects of your trip are aimed at going above and beyond.

Come with us for a deep dive into American Airlines Business Class: find out why it continues to be chosen by many who want refined travel – plus a bit of spoiling!

Why Should You Choose American Airlines Business Class?

With American Airlines Business Class, you’ll enjoy a host of advantages that make it the top pick for savvy travelers. Here are several reasons why upgrading to this premium cabin is worth considering:

Airport Experience

As soon as you arrive at the airport, your American Airlines Business Class experience begins. Enjoy a host of exclusive privileges and seamless service from the moment you step through the doors.

Head straight to check-in.Ppriority access is yours, meaning less time queuing and more time to kick back in the lounge or get any last-minute jobs done stress-free. Whisk through security by joining the fast-track queue; there’ll be no hanging around here.

Once at your departure gate, take advantage of priority boarding: you’ll be one of the first on board so can settle down and relax sooner rather than later.

When it’s time to collect your bags at the other end, look out for them arriving on the carousel. You’ll get them before most other passengers have even left immigration. It’s another perk of traveling business class!

Enhance your travel experience with Five Star Service, which is available at certain airports. This premium service provides top-notch assistance when you’re leaving from, transiting through, or arriving in select destinations.

You can also enjoy some downtime before your flight by visiting the Flagship Lounge. It is available at some major hubs only. Or kick back at an Admirals Club lounge elsewhere.

Whether you want peace and quiet or personalized help, they make sure your time on the ground is just as amazing as it is in the air – guaranteed.

Comfortable Seats

Experience unmatched comfort and luxury with American Airlines Business Class, where each seat is crafted to offer ultimate relaxation and convenience.

On the A321 Transcon, indulge in a roomy lie-flat seat that measures up to 19 inches wide—plenty of space for stretching out as you unwind. Stay connected with Wi-Fi, or enjoy entertainment options via your personal seatback screen.

On longer flights aboard the Boeing 777-200 and 777-300ER, settle into a cushy lie-flat seat; they’re almost 22 and more than 20 inches wide, respectively—perfect for getting a good night’s sleep while traveling overnight.

The seatback screens mean you’ll have plenty of entertainment at your fingertips (along with power outlets for charging electronics), plus Wi-Fi if you want to stay online during your flight.

With lie-flat seats ranging from 20 to 21 inches wide, Flagship Business class on the Boeing 787-8 and 787-9 aircraft guarantees a comfortable flight no matter where you’re headed.

In addition to having your personal space, there’s plenty of room to stretch out thanks to our seats that transform into fully flat beds.

Stream entertainment straight to your device from our complimentary Wi-Fi network or access TV shows and films chosen for you by Americans – all without spending a penny. You can also stay connected throughout your flight with internet access. Again, free of charge.

Do you work, or do you just want to charge up your phone so it’s ready at the other end? Every seat has its own power outlet, too.

Exclusive Dining

American Airlines Business Class is changing the game when it comes to airplane food. They’ve partnered with the prestigious James Beard Foundation to create an extensive menu that includes meals from a select group of top chefs. You won’t be eating any old snack box at 35,000 feet.

One thing that sets American Airlines apart? Its commitment to keeping passengers healthy while they travel. That’s why they’ve enlisted chef Ellie Krieger to create dishes exclusively for AA that taste good and make you feel good.

Think flavorful plates designed to provide long-lasting energy, help regulate hydration and digestion, and even support your immune system. Consider it one less thing you have to worry about next time you fly!

In addition, American Airlines keeps bringing out fresh local and international menus. They are motivated by varied worldwide places to thrill your palate. For AAdvantage members, being able to use miles to take their dining experience up a notch adds an extra element of exclusivity.

You can conveniently pick meals online – even up to 30 days ahead of takeoff. The carrier enables travelers to look forward to personalized inflight cuisine that suits their tastes perfectly when flying business class with American Airlines.

In-Flight Entertainment

Jump into the ultimate boredom-busting entertainment zone when you fly Business Class with American Airlines. They’ve got all sorts to keep your eyes and ears occupied whether you’re into blockbuster movies, addictive box-sets or chart-topping tunes.

If you’re on one of their Wi-Fi-enabled planes, you can stream lots of their films, TV shows, and music albums directly to your own device from their big collection – free of charge.

And here’s a cool thing. On most flights, if Wi-Fi is available, you can watch Apple TV+ Originals for zilch! It’s like having your own fancy home entertainment system while whizzing through the sky.

For those who want to try new things, our Lifestyle channel has teamed up with Skillshare and Rosetta Stone. This means you can learn a language or pick up some fresh skills while flying.

They’ve also got a special Kids Room that’s jam-packed with fun stuff for little travelers – including content from the educational app HOMER.

Amenity Kit

Treat yourself to something special: American Airlines Business Class offers all the luxuries you could want. They’ve teamed up with lifestyle brands Shinola and D. S. & Durga for their amenity kits.

This way, you can expect top-notch skin care products alongside other stylish travel must-haves. Think snug socks, sleep masks, and more.

Speaking of beauty sleep, get ready for sweet dreams on board any flight operated by American Airlines. Their Casper bedding was custom-made with input from the experts in snooze-inducing technology themselves, Casper Sleep. So settle back and get cozy under plush blankets – sweet dreams really are made of this!

Bottom Line

With American Airlines Business Class, you receive exclusive benefits at the airport and thoughtful onboard amenities. It’s a perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and luxury.

Whether you want a peaceful retreat before departure or individual attention throughout your flight, this enhanced cabin class delivers it all.

Discover an entirely elevated journey when you upgrade to American Airlines Business Class. Experience air travel like never before as they set a new standard for luxe in the sky.

Step into a world where luxury meets comfort at 30,000 feet with Delta One Business Class. Delight in spacious, lie-flat seats, complimentary access to Delta Sky Club, and exclusive Sky Priority services that redefine air travel.

Experience unparalleled pampering with the ability to change or cancel your ticket without fees on select flights, along with earning miles as a SkyMiles Member.

Whether you’re jetting off on a long-haul international journey or flying within domestic borders, Delta One elevates your travel experience to new heights. Get ready to savor every moment of your flight and make memories that last a lifetime!

Why Should You Choose Delta One Business Class?

There are plenty of reasons why choosing Delta One Business Class will make your trip even better. As soon as you step onto one of their planes, you’ll notice the luxury – not to mention how comfortable and convenient it is. Want us to count the ways? Sure thing…

Airport Experience

When you arrive at the airport, your Delta One experience begins with an extra touch of luxury and ease. As a Delta One customer, you get exclusive access to airport lounges, where you can relax and prepare for your flight.

With Sky Priority service, you’ll speed through check-in, security, and baggage handling—so there’s no queuing and less stress. You’ll also be one of the first to board the aircraft so that you can settle in as soon as possible to enjoy all its comforts.

If you’d like help with anything or aren’t sure where to go next, friendly Delta Sky Club staff members are always nearby. Just ask for directions—or even better—assistance!

Enjoy top-notch alcoholic beverages before your flight by visiting the airport lounge, or have complementary light meals there to make your pre-flight experience enjoyable.

At certain airports such as LAX, Delta One passengers can check in at a special area exclusive to them. Here, they will find something unique: privacy and extravagance combined.

Make the most of The Delta One Experience from the moment you arrive at the airport until the moment your journey ends. No other airline comes close!

Comfortable Seats

Experience a world of total relaxation and comfort with Delta One Business Class seats. These fully flat beds recline to 180 degrees, meaning you can find the perfect position whether you’re sleeping or working.

Picture yourself settling into plush bedding before drifting off beneath a soft duvet. Plus, your lumbar pillow converts into a mattress pad for even greater support.

On board of Airbus A350s, privacy reaches new heights thanks to private suites with sliding doors. Enjoy more room with an expansive side table along with power outlets and USB ports at your fingertips. And for those times when only the biggest and best will do – say hello to Delta’s largest-in-fleet entertainment screens!

If exclusivity is your top priority, settle into one of the reverse herringbone seats on board the Airbus A330. Partial dividing walls add extra privacy for center-section passengers.

Delta ensures that its long-haul planes are always up-to-date so passengers can enjoy modern comforts. Even on its Boeing 757 narrow-body jets, you’ll find thoughtful touches such as air vents that actually work and enough room for your carry-ons.

The airline has gone all out with the refurbishment of its 767-400 cabins too. They not only look contemporary but each one also sports 34 seats that fully recline into beds. Perfect for those who want to be refreshed upon arrival.

In Delta One, there really isn’t anything else like it – once inside your private space, you can shut the door and relax in style. It’s luxury personified along with heaps of innovation plus top-class customer care thrown in for good measure.

Elevated Dining

Have a unique dining experience where every dish is carefully prepared by international culinary professionals. Enjoy meals made with locally sourced ingredients that reflect the time of year and region you’re flying over – all designed to excite your palate.

But our superior food service doesn’t end with the cuisine itself: On Delta flights, chefs create regional favorites using fresh, seasonal ingredients – an effort showcased on printed menus.

And don’t forget dessert! On many international routes, indulge in sweet treats hand-picked from an onboard cart exclusive to Delta One, along with fresh fruit and cheese plates.

Pair your gourmet meal with wines that Delta’s beverage team has specially selected to complement your dining experience. You can also enjoy a range of beers and top-quality spirits, such as Du Nord Vodka and Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select.

Take some time out to relax in style with a cup of Thrive Farmers Tea. This tea is sourced from independent farmers all over the globe who are working to improve their communities.

From black teas like English Breakfast to herbal varieties like Egyptian Chamomile, there’s sure to be something you love among our selection – curated exclusively for Delta flyers.

In-Flight Entertainment

Delta strives to provide an enjoyable flight for its international passengers, even though the size of in-flight entertainment screens may differ depending on the plane – they’re smaller on older Boeing models and larger on Airbus planes like the A350 or A330s.

However, size aside, travelers can expect a good variety of films (including new releases), TV shows, documentaries, and music. One thing that makes Delta’s selection stand out is its emphasis on indie productions: you might discover something unexpected and exciting here.

Programming isn’t just in English, either. There are options in several other languages, too. For your convenience, noise-cancelling headphones are complimentary so you can immerse yourself fully without any disturbances.

Although Delta may not have the most impressive moving map display compared to other airlines, it stands out because it offers Wi-Fi on almost all flights. Passengers can pay to use this service. Unlike some providers that charge according to how much data customers consume, Delta charges for connection time alone.

Amenity Kit

Treat yourself to the ultimate travel experience with a Delta One amenity kit filled with Grown Alchemist products and goodies from Someone Somewhere. Open up this hand-picked selection of must-haves for travelers and enter a realm of luxurious possibilities.

Slide on plush slippers and sink into your lie-flat seat – watch the stress melt away. A hot towel service provides even more comfort. Use yours to refresh yourself en route (trust us, it feels amazing).

You’ll find everything you need to make your journey fabulous here, from indulgent skincare treats to thoughtful bits and bobs. Embrace the incredible adventure ahead with class, elegance… and this kit!

Bottom Line

Delta One Business Class sets the standard for an extraordinary travel experience with its lavish perks, personalized care, and unbeatable convenience. Every aspect of your trip — from stepping aboard to arriving at your destination — is carefully considered to elevate your journey.

Whether you’re flying internationally on a long-haul route or within select domestic markets, selecting Delta One means enjoying your time in the air as much as you would a five-star vacation on land.

Treat yourself to the pinnacle of luxury travel, create unforgettable moments, and arrive feeling refreshed. That’s what Delta One Business Class is all about.

Discover the height of luxurious travel with United Airlines Polaris Business Class. In our comprehensive appraisal, we explore all the features and amenities that make flying in this premium cabin truly elite.

From roomy, lie-flat seats to gourmet cuisine crafted by world-class chefs, every detail has been carefully considered to cater to the desires of high-end passengers.

We invite you to join us as we take a closer look at exclusive lounges, personalized customer care, and unmatched comfort –– which collectively redefine traveling in style aboard United Airlines.

Why Should You Choose United Polaris Business Class?

Why opt for United Polaris Business Class? Because there are countless arguments in favor of this luxurious way of traveling. Need a little convincing? Consider the following:

Airport Experience

Make the most of your time at the airport by treating yourself to United Polaris Business Class. Premier Access means you can sail through security and enjoy priority check-in and baggage handling – no sweat.

Got a long journey ahead? Prepare for take-off in one of our United Polaris lounges at selected airports including Chicago O’Hare and San Francisco International.

Take a refreshing shower with premium products from Therabody, a power nap in a private resting area (complete with a daybed and sound-masking system), or tuck into tasty dishes from the buffet or à la carte dining.

United Polaris lounges provide a serene sanctuary for discerning travelers seeking wellness, pleasure, or nourishment before their flight. Access is also available to other United ClubSM lounges when a United Polaris lounge isn’t present at your departure airport.

Comfortable Seats

United Airlines boasts a wide array of business class seats on its long-haul fleet, all designed to offer flyers exceptional comfort and luxury. On the Boeing 777-200ER, for example, Polaris Business Class seating features a contemporary style alongside fully lie-flat beds – ideal for getting some great sleep on overnight flights.

Couples traveling together at the pointy end of United’s Boeing 777-300ERs will love sitting side by side thanks to the generous 1-2-1 layout in the middle section of odd-numbered rows. With a whopping 60 seats in total, this is the largest business class cabin across United’s fleet.

Individual travelers may prefer the private pods offered on board United’s Boeing 767-300s. Here, passengers have their own space regardless of whether they nab a window or aisle seat (there are no middle spots). It’s worth noting, however, that pairs flying together won’t be able to chat as easily compared to when sitting right beside each other.

Even though United is still in the process of upgrading its Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner jets to include Polaris Business Class seats, passengers on board the newer Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner can expect a Business Class cabin that’s slightly smaller than usual, with seats arranged in sets of three.

Meanwhile, United’s smallest widebody fleet – made up of Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners – has just 28 roomy Business Class seats for extra privacy and comfort.

No matter which type of plane you’re flying on, all United widebody aircraft have lie-flat beds in Business Class so that customers can get really good sleep during long-haul flights.

Some older planes still have outdated seat styles, though. Think of them as open rows rather than individual pods. One example is the aging Boeing 777-200ERs, where not every seat up front has had an upgrade (yet).

Exquisite Dining

Enjoy delicious food from around the world when you fly United Polaris Business Class. Their menu has been redesigned just for you. You can choose from a range of tasty dishes – there’s something for everyone.

Your main meal comes with warm mixed nuts, a fresh salad and breads. And don’t forget dessert! They have a selection of sundaes that they’ll prepare especially for you.

If you get peckish later on, they have snacks available throughout the cabin on longer flights. And if you’re still hungry, their mid-flight dining service will hit the spot!

Prefer not to be disturbed? Opt for express dining service: order everything in one go or pick and choose as you like – they’ll personalize your tray accordingly.

Enjoy complimentary alcoholic beverages throughout your flight, too. It’s all part of your experience.

In-Flight Entertainment

Experience a whole new level of enjoyment when you fly with United Airlines. With our Private Screening service, we have something just for you to make your flight even better.

 If your aircraft has seatback entertainment systems, you can pick from lots of different films and TV programs – plus games, too. There’s also info about the weather, where you’re heading, and how the journey’s going on the flight map.

If you’d like more choice when it comes to watching or doing stuff, check out personal device entertainment. You can stream TV shows and flicks (we’ve got a bunch of both), as well as enjoy internet access for gaming and browsing on your own smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

And here’s something really cool. With DIRECTV, they offer over 100 channels of live television programs (including sports and news) as well as new Hollywood blockbusters to customers high in the sky.


Your comfort and well-being are top priorities in the United Polaris Business Class. That is why they’ve partnered with Therabody to create amenity kits that enhance your journey.

Each kit contains luxury essentials like eye serum, facial spray, and hand cream. Plus, it has cozy socks, earplugs, and an eye mask to help you create the perfect environment for sleep or relaxation.

You can also unwind with a specially curated relaxation channel featuring content from Therabody – and slip into a pair of super-soft slippers while you watch!

Getting a good night’s sleep has never been easier. All their seats recline into fully flat beds and come with bedding designed exclusively for us by Saks Fifth Avenue. This includes mattress cushions (available on request) for an extra-comfy snooze.

And if you’re flying for over 14 hours, they’ll give you complimentary pajamas so you can really settle down and chill out.

Bottom Line

With its flawless service, lavish perks, and top-notch comfort, United Polaris Business Class is the gold standard for high-end travel. The airline goes above and beyond to surpass fliers’ expectations in every way possible.

Think gourmet dining experiences, curated entertainment selection, and amenity kits stocked with products you actually want to use.

Whether you’re craving a good sleep (in a flat-bed seat that reclines all the way) or a good meal (not your average airplane fare), why settle? When you can have both!

Experience luxury in the skies like never before aboard United Airlines’ Polaris Business Class cabin. Here, every detail has been carefully considered to ensure an unforgettable trip.

Planning for a stress-free trip with luxurious touches? Vietnam Airlines Business Class has got you covered. Expect top-notch service, roomy seats, and delicious meals in this premium cabin – it’s all about comfort and elegance.

Whether you fly often for work or simply want to treat yourself on your upcoming travels, opting for Vietnam Airlines Business Class is sure to result in an unforgettable experience.

Join us now as we delve into the details to discover why selecting Vietnam Airlines Business Class is the savviest choice you’ll make for your next journey.

Why Should You Choose Vietnam Airlines Business Class

If you want to fly in comfort and style, Vietnam Airlines Business Class is the way to go. There are plenty of reasons why this premium service will make your trip much better:

Airport Experience

From the moment you set foot in the airport, Vietnam Airlines business class passengers are privy to a top-notch experience. It lays the groundwork for an extraordinary trip.

No more enduring long lines and terminal headaches. At the exclusive Business counter, breeze through check-in with staff members dedicated solely to you. Bid goodbye to queues and save time before your flight by taking advantage of expedited immigration and security clearance.

Once you’ve cleared these hurdles, make yourself comfortable in the Lotus Lounge’s plush environs. Enjoy complimentary food and drinks as well as high-end amenities while unwinding ahead of takeoff.

When it’s time to board, priority gate access means there’s no jostling for position. Arriving via a dedicated jet bridge feels extra smooth, too.

After landing at your destination, be among the first off the plane. It is a perk extended to just a select few fliers. You’ll also sidestep any lengthy waits for checked bags thanks to priority handling.

Comfortable Seats

Get ready to experience unrivaled luxury and comfort when you fly Vietnam Airlines Business Class. Every aspect of your journey has been carefully considered to ensure that your time on board is nothing short of extraordinary.

Whether you’re traveling on the Airbus A350, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, or the Airbus 321, expect plush seating designed with relaxation and convenience in mind.

On the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, Business Class travelers enjoy fully convertible flat-bed seats. They are offering a generous seat pitch of 42 inches. Make yourself at home. Each passenger receives noise-canceling headphones plus USB chargers alongside personal entertainment shown on a 15. 4-inch screen.

And if you want just the right amount of light coming through extra-large windows — which dim at the touch of a button — well, it’s got that too.

For travelers on the newly launched Airbus A350, exclusive seats offer maximum legroom and comfort, ensuring a restful journey. With fully convertible flat-bed seats and a unique staggered layout providing direct aisle access for all passengers, every seat is designed for both relaxation and productivity.

Even on the Airbus 321, Business Class passengers can unwind in seats with a generous reclining distance of nearly 10″ and a comfortable seat pitch of up to 45″.

Despite variations in aircraft models due to operational requirements, Vietnam Airlines ensures that your flight experience remains top-notch across all its fleets. Get ready to recline, relax, and revel in unparalleled comfort as you soar through the skies with Vietnam Airlines Business Class.

Delicious Cuisine

Enjoy an ever-evolving menu of gourmet delights designed to provide the best possible dining experience while flying.

Their team of expert chefs prepares each dish with care, whether it’s a special meal for those with dietary restrictions or one that highlights Vietnam’s flavorful national cuisine on certain routes.

On both domestic flights (like between Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi) as well as international ones to destinations like Japan, Business Class passengers can enjoy a mix of classic dishes and new Eurasian-inspired creations.

Every item is made with artistry and precision—so expect perfection with every bite. Let the flavors carry you away as you sample traditional foods melded together in exciting ways alongside innovative fusion plates.

In-Flight Entertainment

Enjoy a variety of entertainment options during your flight with Vietnam Airlines. Watch movies and TV shows and play video games while you fly. You can also read newspapers from around the world using the Press Reader app.

If you’re flying on a Boeing 787 or Airbus A350, there are electrical charging ports at every seat so you can stay connected throughout your journey.

On board the Dreamliner B787, there is LED mood lighting, too. Enjoy an upgraded atmosphere thanks to state-of-the-art LED lighting on the B787. These lights can be adjusted to create a calming environment. Besides, they will change color depending on what time it is and if food is being served.

Amenity Kit

If you book a business class ticket, you’ll receive an amenity kit designed just for you when you fly with them for over 4 hours.

Their high-quality blanket will keep you snug – just ask cabin crew if you’d like one. And freshen up before landing with our hygiene kit, which includes items such as moisturizer and a dental set from French brand Buccotherm (featuring mineral water mouthwash, toothpaste, and brushes).

They’ve also got comfort covered. Slip on your noise-canceling headphones to watch the latest movies undisturbed. They’ll provide slippers, too.

To make your flight even more enjoyable, try fragrant oils or hang up clothes using our special hangers. They hope little touches like these help create a truly relaxing experience onboard.

Bottom Line

Vietnam Airlines Business Class is the ultimate in luxurious travel. From priority ground services to plush seats, gourmet dining, cutting-edge entertainment, and amenity kits exclusive to the cabin, every aspect of the journey has been thought through.

Whether you are flying within Vietnam or heading further afield, this premium service offers an experience like no other – one that will stick with you long after you disembark.

Don’t just travel: arrive in style and substance by choosing Vietnam Airlines business class.

Embark on a luxurious journey with Malaysia Airlines business class as we delve into the ultimate guide to indulgence in the sky.

From impeccable service to exquisite dining options and unparalleled comfort, Malaysia Airlines offers a premium travel experience that transcends expectations.

Join us as we explore the distinct features and perks of flying business class with Malaysia Airlines, ensuring a seamless and sophisticated travel experience every step of the way.

Whether you’re a seasoned business traveler or simply seeking a touch of luxury, fasten your seatbelt and prepare for an unforgettable flight like no other.

Why Should You Choose Malaysia Airlines Business Class?

Malaysia Airlines business class offers an unforgettable experience with its unbeatable luxury and service. Here are a few reasons why you should consider Malaysia Airlines business class for your next trip:

Airport Experience

Once you arrive at the airport, Malaysia Airlines business class takes care of everything you need. You’ll have helpful staff members ready to assist you as soon as you walk in – so your trip can begin stress-free.

There’s a new premium transfer service that makes getting from check-in to your departure gate hassle-free. Enjoy it and take some time to chill out before take-off.

Before you even step on the plane, experience Malaysian Hospitality with exclusive access (just for business-class passengers) to their Golden Lounge – plus partner lounges all over the world. These places are designed for relaxation. Think comfy chairs, delicious food and drink options, and lots of space if you want alone time or need Wi-Fi to stay connected.

With Malaysia Airlines business class, you can enjoy a worry-free trip thanks to the generous 50 kg baggage allowance — plenty of room for everything you need.

You’ll also have access to priority services such as check-in, boarding, and baggage handling, meaning shorter waits and a smoother journey all around.

Comfortable Seats

Malaysia Airlines business class offers a comfortable and luxurious flying experience. The airline’s flagship Airbus A350-900s and Airbus A330-300s have four fully enclosed Business Suites and 35 business class seats. The A330-300 has 27.

In business class, rows alternate between a 1-2-1 and 1-2-2 layout. This means individual travelers can choose one of the coveted “throne” seats – offering more space and privacy than any other. Meanwhile, pairs may prefer to sit together in a set of two.

Each business class seat is 22 inches wide with a pitch (the space between one point on a seat and the same point on the seat in front or behind) of 44 inches. There are also many full-flat beds at home that don’t measure up to its length for sleeping purposes. At 78 inches long when fully reclined, they’re absolutely cavernous.

Malaysia Airlines understands that every passenger is unique and, as such, offers a range of customizable seating options. These include adjustable firmness settings for your seat, retractable armrests (which can make moving around the cabin easier), individual work surfaces, and mood lighting.

You’ll also find lots of storage space for your personal items, plus power sockets and USB ports within easy reach.

If you’re flying on one of Malaysia Airlines’ ex-Air Berlin Airbus A330-200 aircraft that are used on shorter flights, there will be 19 seats in business class. They all have direct aisle access arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration.

Delicious Cuisine

In business class, passengers have the option to choose from a range of gourmet dishes served on board or preorder their preferred meal from their Chef-on-Call service up to 30 days before they fly.

Their menu combines Western and Malaysian flavors and includes healthy choices, classics, and chef recommendations such as nasi lemak with delicious prawn sambal. On long-haul flights, they even present meals on linen-covered tables so you feel like you’re dining at a fine-dining restaurant.

Make sure you try out satay sticks, too. Cooked over charcoal and then served with peanut sauce, they’ve been a firm favorite since 1973. They are also happy to cater to any special dietary requirements – simply select your preferred option when booking.

In-Flight Entertainment

Enjoy a first-rate experience in the air with Malaysia Airlines business class, where state-of-the-art technology meets entertainment at your fingertips. Each seat boasts a top-quality 16-inch high-definition touchscreen – one of the largest among airlines – which you can easily navigate using a touchpad handset.

With hundreds of films from all over the world (including new releases in several languages), more than 300 box-set TV shows, and lots of games, there is something for everyone on board.

Stay connected while flying: MHconnect Wi-Fi is available on all our Airbus A350s with data plans to suit different needs.

Malaysia Airlines continues to roll out connectivity on its Airbus A330s, too. No matter which type of plane you’re traveling on, you should be able to keep yourself entertained and get online if you want to.

Amenity Kit

Enjoy the comforts of luxury travel with the Malaysia Airlines Amenity Kit, developed in partnership with renowned leather goods brand Aspinal of London.

Exclusively available for business class customers on selected long-haul flights between Kuala Lumpur and London, Australia, and East Asia. This sleek navy wash bag from Aspinal contains a carefully curated collection of high-end travel essentials.

Inside the chic wash bag, PAYOT skincare products can be found – lip balm to keep lips hydrated in-flight and hand & body lotion for some post-travel pampering.

The amenity kit also includes an eye mask for undisrupted sleep, a comb for grooming purposes, earplugs if you’d rather not listen to any noise, and cozy socks that’ll keep your feet snug during your journey.

Bottom Line

Malaysia Airlines business class offers an elevated travel experience that combines luxury, comfort, and exceptional service.

Whether it’s receiving individualized help at the airport, settling into well-designed seats, or enjoying delicious meals, everything is focused on making your time in the air better.

You also get perks such as preferred treatment and being able to bring more bags for free. Malaysia Airlines provides high-end extras like Aspinal of London amenity kits and in-flight entertainment systems so you can watch or listen to what you want.

The airline wants every minute of your journey in business class to be special – and works hard to achieve this.

Experience a superior level of travel with Air Astana Business Class, where you’ll enjoy unbeatable service, style, and comfort.

Indulge in delicious food, unwind in roomy seats – or both at the same time. In this guide, we’ll walk you through what it’s like to fly business class with Air Astana from the minute you step onto the plane until you arrive.

Whether you’re a frequent flier or just treating yourself on your dream trip, find out why Air Astana Business Class is the ultimate way to fly high – literally. Let’s discover luxury air travel together!

Why Should You Choose Air Astana Business Class?

Air Astana’s Business Class provides a whole host of tempting incentives for travelers looking to enhance their journey. Here are some persuasive reasons why opting for Air Astana’s Business Class might be worth it:

Airport Experience

As a guest in Air Astana’s business class, your airport experience begins effortlessly at check-in. Exclusive counters mean minimal queuing time – instead, breeze through security and make your way straight to the private lounge.

An oasis of style and comfort, discover a host of facilities designed to elevate your pre-flight hours in the Air Astana Business Class Lounge. Enjoy gastronomic treats crafted by top chefs, sip on premium beverages from the well-stocked bar, catch up with work using free Wi-Fi, or simply relax in plush seating areas.

Priority boarding is available too, so you can settle into your seat well before others come aboard. Throughout the flight attentive staff members are there whenever you need them – their personable approach making a difference to overall travel experiences.

Wanting to freshen up after landing? No problem: luxury shower rooms await! Need somewhere conducive for sorting emails? Check out business lounges fitted with everything required for doing business abroad.

Comfortable Seats

Welcome to Air Astana’s Business Class on the A321 neo-LR aircraft, where luxury and comfort know no bounds. What sets this airline apart is its introduction of ‘throne seats,’ which give individual flyers their own personal haven, complete with direct aisle access and added privacy.

In this exclusive 1-1 configuration, you can stretch out thanks to an abundance of space – making your trip all about indulgence.

With just 16 seats on board arranged in a cozy cabin layout, every traveler gets a premium experience whether they select one of those throne seats or go for a snugger pair. The good-looking design and fancy fixtures mean you’ll be flying high in terms of style – not to mention plushness, too!

Enjoy the beautiful and sophisticated cabin environment with high-end touches as you settle back. The best bit? A lie-flat bed that’s almost two meters long – so you can get some proper shut-eye while you fly.

Although there isn’t Wi-Fi on board, once you’re connected to the exceptional entertainment system, you probably won’t care (plus, there’s an interactive flight map if you do).

If you’d like to see the Himalayas as you head towards Kazakhstan, pick a window seat on the right-hand side of the plane. For views of the Hindu Kush mountain range, go for the left-hand side.

Air Astana prides itself on being luxurious in every way possible while still being an airline.

Delicious Meals

Indulge in a culinary journey like no other with Air Astana’s exquisite Business Class meals. Experience an unmatched culinary adventure with Air Astana’s superb Business Class cuisine.

Every aspect of your meal is designed to excite your taste buds, from the extensive menu available in multiple languages to the delicious pre-meal beverages and snacks.

Enjoy top-class champagnes, a choice of fine wines selected specifically for their inflight menus, plus inventive cocktails designed to complement meals served at 40,000 feet.

For lunch, select from dishes such as prawn starter followed by main courses like chicken Parmesan or Thai seabass curry – each carefully prepared and beautifully presented to restaurant standards.

Finish with desserts including mango crème brulée warm chocolate macadamia cake or a selection of cheeses. You’ll enjoy fabulous food married with flawless service: culinary excellence at its best!

In-Flight Entertainment

Discover a whole new level of fun while you fly with Air Astana’s in-flight entertainment system. If you’re flying Business Class, you’ll have your own personal screen – courtesy of KCTV – where you can choose from loads of TV shows, movies, and albums. Plus, the airline supplies noise-cancelling headphones for top-notch sound.

There’s an assortment of interactive video games and puzzles to keep both individuals and families amused (think trivia challenges or Sudoku at 30,000 feet). And if cartoons are more your thing, don’t worry: they haven’t forgotten about younger travelers.

On longer flights, there are even special KCTV tablets handed out for a greater selection of entertainment – all complimentary, naturally! Have a superb trip from the departure gate to the arrival hall with non-stop amusement guaranteed.

Amenity Kit

Be amazed throughout your flight with Air Astana’s new selection of amenity kits. Working alongside globally recognized brands Samsonite and Coccinelle has allowed the airline to offer passengers something truly special.

Business-class male travelers will receive a sleek Samsonite kit known for its exceptional luggage-making skills. While women will get to enjoy the luxury Italian design house Coccinelle. Not only do these kits look great; they also contain everything you need to help make your journey more comfortable.

French cosmetics firm PAYOT provides skin care products that add an extra touch of pampering luxury to your trip. Expect lotions and potions made using both hi-tech formulas and age-old techniques.

And because looking good shouldn’t mean damaging the planet, there are items such as bamboo combs on board: eco-friendly materials that don’t sacrifice quality or style.

Bottom Line

Air Astana Business Class raises the standard for luxury air travel with its outstanding service and amenities. The airline crafts every aspect of the flight – from sumptuous meals to entertainment options and comfortable seating – to ensure passengers have an unforgettable trip.

Air Astana also places a premium on keeping travelers content and relaxed, whether through providing exclusive amenity kits or thinking about the environment.

Experience elegance, sophistication, and incomparable luxury by choosing Air Astana Business Class, whether you are flying for leisure or business. An extraordinary journey is guaranteed.

Do you want to take your travel experience to the next level? Thai Airways Royal Silk Class offers luxury and comfort that will make your trip unforgettable.

You’ll experience personalized service, delicious food, and unbeatable amenities when you step into this world of sophistication and opulence – even if it’s just for an hour at 30k ft!

Join us now as we explore what makes Thai Airways’ Royal Silk Class so special. There has never been a better time than now to fly in style!

Why Should You Choose Thai Airways Royal Silk Class?

If you value comfort and elegance while flying, look no further than Thai Airways Royal Silk Class for your luxury air travel needs. Need more convincing? Here are a few reasons why it’s worth considering for your next trip:

Airport Experience

Thai Airways Royal Silk Class offers a seamless and sophisticated experience from beginning to end. Enjoy luxury not only onboard your flight but also at the airport.

When departing Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Royal Silk Class passengers have exclusive check-in counters that make getting ready for your trip a breeze – no more waiting in long lines! You’ll also enjoy fast-track service through security and immigration, so there’s less stress all around.

Speaking of less stress: Once inside the terminal, you can relax before take-off in Thai Airways’ Royal Silk lounges, which are available only to selected travelers. They’re peaceful places with lots of amenities… And if you’re flying out of Concourse G (the main international area), the location is super handy too!

It doesn’t stop there, though. Even at overseas airports served by Thai Airways, Royal Silk Class customers still get special treatment, such as dedicated check-in desks (where available). Plus, when it’s time to go through passport control or security checks, you can skip the queues because there are separate areas just for you.

Comfortable Seats

Experience the ultimate in comfort and luxury with Thai Airways’ Royal Silk Class. Their state-of-the-art reclining chairs are designed to cater to your every need while you’re soaring through the skies.

Your seat is more than somewhere to park yourself – it’s your personal lounge, office, and sanctuary above the clouds. Recline at will: their chairs convert seamlessly into beds if you want to stretch out flat for a spot of shuteye on long-haul flights (unlike some other airlines’ angled seating).

Thai Airways has Airbus A380s as well as newly refitted Boeing 777s and 787s with seats that become 180-degree flat beds – so you arrive feeling refreshed, not frazzled. Plus, adjustable head, back, and leg rests, and lumbar support… customize your chair!

And remember: when flying Thai Royal Silk Class, not only do you enjoy award-winning service along with sensational meals cooked by some of the world’s top chefs but you’ll also have access to exclusive lounges worldwide. Treat yourself: comfort unlimited, luxury guaranteed.

Delicious Cuisine

Treat yourself to an unparalleled dining experience with Thai Airways’ Royal Silk Class. Their first-rate cuisine will transport you on a culinary journey. Choose your lunch or dinner selection up to 72 hours before takeoff and prepare for flavors that will blow your mind.

Try their beef shoulder green curry: tender beef in a fragrant curry sauce, served with Thai jasmine rice and other tasty treats. Or perhaps baked sea bass is more your thing? Cooked to perfection, swimming in creamy leek sauce, with grilled veggies and potato fondant on the side.

For breakfast, how about braised chicken egg noodles: the ultimate comfort food? If you’re after something heartier, they offer Western-style breakfast too – think mushroom omelet accompanied by herbed chicken sausages and creamy spinach.

Every single dish has been carefully prepared using only the finest ingredients. Each one is designed not just as an in-flight meal but something special that you would eagerly look forward to having again next time!

In-Flight Entertainment

Join Thai Airways for an amazing sky-high entertainment experience. Their in-flight options are perfect for all your digital desires. Using THAI Sky Connect – available on selected Airbus A330-200 and A380-800 flights – you can stay connected with business and social media while soaring above the clouds.

For a small charge (payable by credit or debit card), you’ll have internet access using your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Want entertainment? They’ve got you covered: enjoy up to 100 music CDs, movies, and TV shows – on demand and via widescreens that are around 15-16 inches big.

There’s no need to worry about battery life either, as each seat has PC power points plus USB ports suitable for all devices. Experience some of the best technology in the sky along with non-stop things to do – making your journey just as enjoyable as reaching your destination!

Amenity Kit

In Thai Airways Royal Silk Class, you’ll experience the epitome of luxury. Even our amenity kit reflects this incomparable inflight indulgence.

Pamper and revive yourself with bespoke products including premium skincare items and accessories – all presented in an exclusive designer bag. They also provide plush slippers, as well as a superb pillow and luxurious duvet for the ultimate sleep.

Spoil yourself rotten: their private bathrooms feature toiletries and hand lotions from famous names, so you can freshen up or moisturize throughout your long-haul flight whenever you want.

They’ve thought about every little thing – from soothing scents to sumptuous textures – to make your time in the skies incredibly comforting.

Bottom Line

On your next trip, why not indulge in Thai Airways’ Royal Silk Class? This luxurious service offers passengers the ultimate comfort, fine dining, amenities, and personal service – going above and beyond all expectations.

Every detail of the journey has been carefully crafted to impress and delight – from the moment you step on board until the moment you arrive at your destination.

Travelers can expect things like lie-flat beds, gourmet meals created by world-class chefs, and an extensive entertainment selection for when they want to unwind or stay occupied.

Come experience just how opulent and refined travel can be: ask about Royal Silk Class from Thai Airways.

Strap yourself in and prepare for the lap of luxury with ITA Business Class! With fine dining at 30,000 feet and roomy, lie-flat seats for a peaceful trip, flying with ITA is an experience you won’t forget.

Whether you travel frequently for work or just want to treat yourself, ITA Business Class pulls out all the stops to make sure you have everything you need.

So put your feet up and sit back – we’re about to take care of you like never before. Get ready.

Why Should You Choose ITA Business Class?

Why settle for a standard flight experience when you could enjoy the epitome of luxury onboard ITA Business Class? If you’re looking to make your next trip something truly special, here’s why it’s worth considering an upgrade:

Airport Experience

Enjoy a luxurious and hassle-free airport experience with ITA Business Class from the moment you arrive at the terminal.

Say goodbye to luggage worries as you take advantage of the generous baggage allowance of 2 pieces weighing up to 32 kg each, plus a carry-on and personal item – meaning you can pack everything you need.

On arrival, enjoy exclusive benefits such as private check-in desks and dedicated security lanes, making your journey through the airport as quick and efficient as possible.

After clearing security, take advantage of the fabulous facilities at Rome Fiumicino and Milan Linate airports. Treat yourself to some retail therapy or relax in our luxurious lounges – where style meets comfort.

Lounge in comfortable armchairs, enjoy tasty treats and drinks and use free Wi-Fi as you soak up the atmosphere. At Rome’s Piazza di Spagna Lounge, there is an extensive selection of food to choose from. Help yourself at the buffet or grab a quick express pizza, all designed to make your time before your flight extra special.

When it’s time to board, simply jump the queue so you can get into your seat quicker – meaning you’ll be ready for an amazing flight sooner. With ITA Business Class, they want you to enjoy every moment you spend at the airport – even before take-off!

Comfortable Seats

In the ITA Business Class, they’ve spent ages thinking about how you’d feel in their seats. They’re perfect for both long-haul flights and medium ones.

If you’re flying long-haul in our business class cabin, you’ll find interiors inspired by automotive design legend Walter De Silva that create an atmosphere of elegance and comfort.

Every seat has a door for privacy and direct aisle access – no more clambering over your neighbor’s legs if they’re asleep (hooray!). Whether upright or fully reclined at 180°, peace surrounds you thanks to the cosseting leather armchair.

Throughout your journey, their lighting system adapts to reflect different colors, as seen naturally at each stage of the day. Boarding, sunrise, or night-time – it does this seamlessly, too.

Plus, treat yourself to luxury aboard ITA Airways’ Airbus A330-900neo business class cabin boasting 30 seats in a 1-2-1 layout. Enjoy a fully flat bed spanning 80 inches, plus a roomy seat width of 19.7 inches and a sleek entertainment screen measuring 17.3 inches.

The classy cream and navy-blue design oozes style. There’s also an Italian flag motif for added heritage appeal. Handy features include lots of storage space, USB charging ports, and easy-to-reach seat controls – all thoughtfully placed with the traveler in mind!

Meanwhile, in medium-haul business class, you’ll find ergonomically designed leather armchairs that ensure you arrive at your destination refreshed. An innovative lighting system with six settings travels with you, creating the perfect environment for relaxation or work.

Privacy and comfort are key for a fulfilling travel experience. Here, there’s room to stretch out, an empty seat beside you, and lots of table space. They deliver luxury and practicality – so much more than just a comfy chair!

Exclusive Dining

Experience a culinary journey like no other with ITA Airways’ Business Class, where exceptional dining options are designed to delight the taste buds.

For long-haul flights, enjoy the very best in Italian cuisine created by Chef Gian Piero Vivalda. Expect four gourmet meals that combine innovation with tradition – think dishes made using seasonal ingredients which create sensational flavour combinations.

Enjoy a glass of Prosecco as you peruse the à la carte menu before indulging in delicious food and fine wines chosen from some of Italy’s top vineyards. End your meal with an invigorating Limoncello liqueur or Lavazza coffee.

On medium-haul flights, tuck into breakfast treats such as freshly baked pastries and fruit salad or hot dishes prepared to order. Throughout the day, choose from an enticing menu offering snacks worth savoring as well as lunch and dinner options inspired by classic Italian fare.

To accompany your meals, there’s Italian sparkling wine plus reds and whites hailing from various regions across Italy. So you can literally taste la dolce vita while cruising at 35,000 feet.

In-Flight Entertainment

ITA Airways offers a wide range of entertainment options on its long-haul flights, so you’ll never be bored. You can use the plane’s Wi-Fi to stay connected or enjoy Italian films, Hollywood blockbusters, TV shows and music playlists on your own 17-inch screen.

If you’d rather read, there are more than 7,000 magazines available free of charge via the digital newsstand. And don’t worry about running out of power for your devices – there are USB ports at every seat.

On medium-haul flights using Airbus A320neo and A220 aircraft, passengers can connect to the internet using their own devices: simply choose from a selection of Wi-Fi packages to suit your needs.

Alternatively (or additionally), take advantage of the IFE wireless streaming service to enjoy movies, TV series, and music directly on personal smartphones and tablets.

A flight tracker showing progress maps plus arrival time details keeps customers fully updated; USB-A+C ports mean gadgets may be charged throughout.

Amenity Kit

During your ITA Airways long-haul flight, enjoy the epitome of comfort with our deluxe amenity kit. Treat yourself to sumptuously soft socks and a premium dental set complete with a bamboo toothbrush and Marvis toothpaste – for an extra dose of relaxation during your journey.

Indulge in ultimate well-being with QC Terme’s plush cosmetics bag. Think exfoliating shower gel, a mild shampoo, nourishing conditioner, moisturizing face cream, body cream (to keep skin hydrated), and even hand butter (because airplane air can be drying).

Consider this your inflight beauty routine for hair and skincare – ensuring you step off the plane feeling refreshed and revived.

Bottom Line

Experience the ultimate in luxury and comfort with ITA Business Class. From start to finish, they’ve thought of everything so you can have an amazing trip.

Whether you’re delighting in delicious meals, stretching out in your lie-flat seat, or treating yourself to our amenities, there’s nothing else like flying this way.

Enjoy a world-class experience when you fly ITA Business Class, both before takeoff and after landing. Indulge every step of the journey when you fly ITA Business Class.

Come on board ANA’s First Class’ The Suite’! Get ready to take luxury air travel to a whole new level. With unbeatable attention to detail, flawless service, and incomparable comfort, ANA has set the bar high for top-end plane tickets – making you feel like royalty from the moment you leave the ground till you touch down again.

As soon as you step inside The Suite, prepare yourself for an environment that is both incredibly indulgent and wonderfully calm. Every aspect has been carefully thought through so that passengers experience total relaxation and pleasure. This really is a flight like no other!

Why Should You Choose ANA First Class?

If you want to experience the epitome of comfort, service, and elegance, look no further than ANA First Class. Considered by many to be the best option available. Here’s why you should pick ANA First Class ‘The Suite’:

Airport Experience

Experience a seamless and luxurious journey through the airport with ANA First Class. We have tailored every step, from check-in to boarding, to elevate your travel experience.

At selected airports, you will enjoy priority check-in so you can breeze through this process quickly and with minimum fuss. Just look out for the dedicated First Class sign – we have designed exclusive services, especially for you.

If you have already checked in online, simply skip any queues and head straight to the gate where our team will be ready to assist you – again, making this as hassle-free as possible.

And at Tokyo’s Narita Airport, why not immerse yourself in luxury? Their serene ANA SUITE CHECK-IN area is located inside the ANA SUITE LOUNGE.

Save time by using Fast Track (where available) so you can go through security checks faster: more relaxing time before your flight! Be among the first on board – or off the aircraft upon arrival.

They even make sure that your checked bags receive special treatment, too. Look out for them sporting Priority Baggage tags when you arrive – they should be among the first on to the carousel!

Comfortable Seats

ANA’s first class offering, “The Suite,” is the height of luxury airline travel – especially if you’re flying one of its Boeing 777-300ERs on flagship routes such as New York. Introduced in July 2019, The Suite scores with every passenger thanks to its layout: just eight seats total, set out in a snugly spacious 1-2-1 configuration over two rows.

This means no clambering over (or being clambered over) by your seatmate when nature calls. It also means that whether you’re tucked up next to the window or nestled dead center, you get both personal space and easy access to the aisle – something that can’t be said for all rival airlines’ first-class cabins.

Particularly nifty for solo travelers: there’s a big sliding-door-style divider between each pair of middle seats. Slide it right across, and it creates an almost wall – brilliant if you crave solitude. But slide open those partitions in the center pairs, and presto: hello again! Very clever for couples traveling together.

With a width of up to 38 inches, passengers in every suite can expect extreme comfort. Although the seat is a tad smaller than Singapore Airlines’, at about 76 inches, when folded out into bed mode, you will have almost endless amounts of legroom to play with.

Being able to sleep on a flat surface is important for many travelers; ANA has this covered, too. And if you want privacy, don’t worry. While the walls around each door do not reach the ceiling (unlike on Emirates’ newest Boeing 777s), they can still be closed.

Window seats come with triple windows. Each is equipped with individual controls for privacy shades or a central button for simultaneous operation. The expansive tray table, sophisticated lighting, and dedicated restrooms with Japanese-style bidets further underscore the meticulous care ANA invests in “The Suite,” making it a truly remarkable first-class product.

Delicious Foods

Enjoy a unique gustatory adventure with ANA’s superb first-class food and drink offerings, which commence as soon as you set foot on the plane.

Everything has been carefully chosen for an unforgettable dining experience – from being welcomed with a flute of Champagne, including luxurious Krug Grande Cuvee, to perusing beautifully presented menus.

The choice of both Japanese and international fare is mouth-watering. Think tempting amuse-bouches and elegant caviar dishes and then expertly crafted courses that flight attendants take pleasure in introducing to you.

Feel like something hot part-way through the flight? Options might include deep-fried fishcake matched perfectly with invigorating sake.

Whether it’s simmered meats or flounder for your meal before landing, rest assured it will be delicious – even connoisseurs love ANA’s first-class cuisine.

In-Flight Entertainment

With ANA’s new first-class perks, you’ll never be bored on a flight again. The complimentary Wi-Fi card lets passengers surf the internet at high speeds for free. Just ask one of the attentive crew for an access code after takeoff.

And once online, there’s no time limit. Feel free to check emails, listen to music or chat on social media until your plane lands.

If movies and TV shows are more your thing, you’re in luck. Every first-class customer gets their own 43in 4K screen. It is one of the largest in the sky today and also doubles as a touchscreen.

The quality of this LCD monitor is seriously impressive, too. Whether you’re watching films, television programs, or playing games (ANA has loads to choose from), it really does look like something out of a home entertainment system rather than anything you’d find on an aircraft.


Treat yourself to the lap of luxury with ANA’s First Class amenities. They provide everything you need for a peaceful, rejuvenating journey – just ask their attentive cabin crew.

Sleep like never before with Nishikawa Sangyo bedding. It includes a fluffy down comforter by Hungarian white ducks, pillows stuffed with airy duck down from Hungary, and a soft TENERITA blanket made from top-notch organic cotton.

The Nishikawa AiR mattress pad helps relieve pressure points so you wake up refreshed. And our snazzy pajamas? They’re eco-friendly and feel fantastic because they’re made from organic cotton.

Bottom Line

Experience luxury and comfort like never before with ANA First Class. Our exclusive “The Suite” seats, delicious dining options, and high-end amenities make us the leader in premium air travel.

Enjoy individual service, cutting-edge entertainment, and fine touches that create an extraordinary flight experience.

Fly with ANA and encounter a level of quality that crafts every aspect of your journey with elegance – for seamless travel moments that leave a lasting imprint. Delight in richness, tranquility, and polish while cruising onboard ANA’s First Class ‘The Suite’.