Turkish Airlines Business Class: A Journey in Luxury and Style

Welcome aboard Turkish Airlines’ business-class cabin, where you’ll discover a level of luxury and sophistication like no other. With its excellent customer service and commitment to the finer points, this airline provides an experience that exceeds what most people expect.

As soon as you enter one of their planes, elegant decor, comfortable seats, and a calm atmosphere will greet you – all combining to create an incredibly special trip before it has even begun.

Sit down, make yourself comfortable, and prepare for an amazing adventure courtesy of Turkish Airlines. They really know how to look after their premium guests!

Why Should You Choose Turkish Airlines Business Class?

Why opt for first class on Turkish Airlines? We could give you hundreds of reasons. But here are just a few:

Airport Experience

As a Business Class passenger with Turkish Airlines, your journey begins seamlessly at the airport. Enjoy skipping long lines thanks to dedicated check-in counters for Business Class passengers. Not only does this save time, it also ensures your trip gets off to a great start.

Business Class travelers also benefit from extra baggage allowance. Pack all you need – or want! – without worry. On arrival, you’ll be pleased to learn that because you have a Business Class priority baggage label, your suitcases will be among the first out of the chute! Who likes hanging around an airport carousel after a long flight? Not us – and we’re guessing neither do you…

However, the advantages don’t end there. If you fly Business Class and join Turkish Airlines’ loyalty scheme, Miles&Smiles, you can earn even more Miles – which could mean future upgrades or flights at a discount.

And don’t forget Lounge Business: it’s like entering a world of luxury and hospitality before your flight departs. Enjoy treats such as massages, delicious food from an extensive menu, movies shown in cinemas rather than on tiny seat-back screens, video games, media walls to catch up on the news, golf simulators for practicing swings (or just having fun), and playing areas for children.

Comfortable Seats

When flying Business Class with Turkish Airlines, comfort is paramount. Prepare yourself for an entirely new level of relaxation: Sit down in seats crafted for maximum ease.

Need to reach the aisle without waking up other passengers? Not a problem. Thanks to ample spacing between seats, you can stretch out and move around the cabin whenever you like.

If you want to sleep well, choose Business Class. The seats turn into a 193 cm bed, so you can lie flat and snooze undisturbed while flying at 30,000 feet –– no more upright sleeping positions!

But Turkish Airlines knows it’s not all about rest. Sometimes, work and play go hand in hand, even on board. That’s why every seat has handy features like an adjustable tray table (say goodbye to juggling your laptop and lunch), lots of storage space for your bits and bobs – plus a cocktail table when it’s time to kick back with a drink or two.

But the seats’ amenities don’t stop there—Business Class also provides an assortment of extra indulgences. Everything has been carefully planned out, from features like adjustable headrests and built-in massages for maximum comfort to individual reading lights, electrical outlets that fit any plug worldwide, and USB ports so you can charge all your gadgets while flying.

Delicious Meals

Be ready for a gastronomic adventure like no other when you fly Turkish Airlines. One of the best bits about traveling with them is getting to enjoy tasty food served on board, which combines top-notch flavors from across the globe with that famous Turkish hospitality.

Using their Flying Chefs and teaming up with award-winning Turkish DO & CO, they plate up meals that look – and taste – incredible. Expect lots of seasonal options made using fresh ingredients. Menus are changed regularly, so you can always anticipate something new worth tucking into.

If you are flying Business Class, get ready for a gourmet treat. Turkish Airlines serves up delicacies such as Anatolian starters, grilled dishes like Adana kebab, and an assortment of breads; they also take care to accommodate passengers with special dietary needs. The carrier has won plenty of awards for its tasty food – whether you’re on a domestic or international flight, expect to eat well.

In-Flight Entertainment

On flights that cross oceans, they provide Denon headphones in Business Class so you can enjoy perfect silence or a flawless sound experience. These ergonomically designed headphones have active noise cancellation.

You also get an adjustable-angle 18-inch IFE screen, one of the largest available. It offers a huge choice of entertainment on demand, including movies, TV shows, music, and games – all touchpad-controlled from a handset with its own four-inch screen.

They’ve got power covered, too. Universal sockets and USB ports at every seat mean you can stay fully charged throughout your journey – no matter where in the world you’re headed.


In Turkish Airlines’ Business Class, luxury and style go beyond the seating and dining experience. Passengers are treated to carefully chosen amenities, including Ferragamo travel kits. These sleek kits come in practical cases, filled with all you require to make your trip more pleasant.

On flights of over eight hours, snuggle into a plush sleep set: they provide the feeling of home while flying high. Inside the amenity kit, look for a two-part duvet system (which helps regulate temperature), an orthopedic mattress cover for extra padding when sleeping, and a classically designed pillow for added relaxation.

Bottom Line

Turkish Airlines Business Class offers a flying experience that is truly exceptional. From the moment you arrive at the airport, you’ll enjoy special privileges such as being able to check in at dedicated desks and take more bags on board for free.

Once you set foot on one of our aircraft, you’ll notice how comfortable your seat is compared to others. They all convert into fully flat beds and come with adjustable headrests. There’s also the food – which tastes amazing. Savor dishes inspired by both Turkish and global cuisine, crafted by award-winning chefs.

They’ve even got exclusive amenities from Ferragamo to make sure you feel fabulous above the clouds, too. Luxury? Style? When you fly business class with them, they’re just part of everyday life.