Vietnam Airlines Business Class: Amenities, Seats, and Service

For years, travelers have chosen Vietnam Airlines because they know the airline takes great care of its passengers and makes sure they are comfortable. One area where this shines through is in Vietnam Airlines business class.

The airline goes above and beyond to provide indulgent experiences for guests flying this class, whether that means luxurious amenities or seats with plenty of room — not to mention service that’s considered some of the best in the world.

If you want your next trip to be extraordinary from beginning to end, let us show you why Vietnam Airlines business class might be just what you’re looking for, even if you don’t consider yourself a frequent traveler.

Why Should You Choose Vietnam Airlines Business Class?

Opting for Vietnam Airlines Business Class means you won’t be disappointed. Prepare yourself for a travel experience like no other. Need more convincing? Here are some excellent reasons to fly with them:

Airport Experience

Vietnam Airlines Business Class passengers receive exceptional treatment throughout their airport experience. It starts with exclusive check-in counters for priority processing, bypassing any lengthy queues.

No more hanging around anxiously waiting to deposit your hold luggage either. There’s a dedicated priority bag drop for Business Class customers that ensures this step is swiftly completed and stress-free. On top of all this, fast-track immigration and security channels are available for an even smoother passage through the terminal.

When you fly Vietnam Airlines Business Class, you’ll love getting into the Lotus Lounge. These super-luxe spots are way nicer than waiting around in the terminal. They’ve got lots of good stuff to eat at the buffet, plus places to sit comfortably and enjoy it.

If you have work to do (or just want some peace and quiet), take advantage of the lounge’s free Wi-Fi and business facilities. And if you’d rather veg out before your flight, there are plenty of entertainment options for that, too.

Vietnam Airlines provides Lotus Lounges at key locations throughout Vietnam, including Hanoi’s Noi Bai Airport and Ho Chi Minh City’s Tan Son Nhat Airport. They also have partner-run Business Lounges at some international airports.

The airline offers priority boarding and disembarkation via special gates, along with staff assistance at transfer desks to make connections as smooth as possible. If you’re changing planes, they’ll prioritize getting your checked bags onto your next flight.

Comfortable Seats

In Vietnam Airlines Business Class, comfort is not a luxury—it’s essential. Specially designed chairs mean you’ll enjoy your trip like never before.

On the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, there are fully convertible flat-bed seats. Once you’ve tried one out, we’re pretty sure you’ll want to take it home. They have a 42-inch seat pitch (a fancy way of saying legroom) and recline 180 degrees—completely horizontal—for sleeping or just kicking back.

With the noise-canceling headphones, you won’t hear a peep out of the high-res 15.4-inch entertainment system. Fancy mood lighting? You got it. There’s also an oversized window in each suite that adjusts at the touch of a button. Oh, and there’s plenty of room for your bags, too (we checked).

If you’re flying on Vietnam Airlines’ Airbus A350, you can look forward to plenty of space and a comfortable journey thanks to the airline’s specially designed seats. In Business Class, these fully reclining flat-beds also come with a handy desk if you want to get some work done.

Every traveler gets their own private 15.4-inch screen plus additional storage room for bags and belongings. And thanks to a clever staggered arrangement, everyone has direct access to the aisle, too.

On board the Airbus A321, Business Class passengers will still find themselves in exceptional comfort with seat pitches of up to 45 inches and the ability to recline almost 10 inches. Although some versions of our A321 do not have footrests, the generous seat dimensions mean there is plenty of room to stretch out and relax for however long you are flying with them.

Delicious Cuisine

Get ready for a food journey when you fly Vietnam Airlines Business Class. The airline takes pride in its four-star dining service, which it calls “dining amid the clouds.”

Created only for Business Class passengers, these meals offer flavors found nowhere else on earth. There is plenty to choose from, too. Their team of gastronomical experts has carefully selected each dish and drink served on board.

Vietnam Airlines wants every passenger to enjoy their flight—which is why they change menus frequently to keep things interesting. No matter what you eat, expect flavor perfection from start to finish while traveling in style high above it all!

In-Flight Entertainment

Have fun when you fly with Vietnam Airlines. You won’t be bored because we have lots of things for you to enjoy. Sit back and pick from our selection of classic movies, fascinating music shows, and fun video games. You’ll even get access to thousands of well-known newspapers on our Press Reader app. There really is something for everyone at 10,000 meters of altitude.

Easily keep in touch while you’re flying. On B787 and A350 planes, there are electric charging points next to your seat so you can stay powered up throughout your flight.  The B787s also have LED lighting technology, which can help create a calming environment at different points during the journey.

If you’re on a daytime flight, the lights can appear white. If it’s at night, they might look more golden for relaxation. They can also slowly adjust themselves if meals are being served so that passengers aren’t suddenly left in bright lights.


Business Class passengers on flights lasting over 4 hours receive luxury amenity kits for maximum comfort. The kits include top-quality blankets and washbags containing moisturizers, lotions, eye masks, and earplugs to help block out noise.

Passengers can also freshen up using a dental kit from leading brand Bucco Therm, as well as enjoy skincare products originating from Europe.

Other nice touches include fragrant oils, decorative flowers, and top-class headphones. Every little detail has been thought of – even coat hangers are elegant – so that your journey is better than ever before!

Bottom Line

Vietnam Airlines Business Class provides an exceptional travel experience that goes above and beyond expectations. With priority services at the airport, access to luxurious lounges, and comfortable seats fitted out with a range of features, every aspect of your journey will be elevated.

On top of what you would expect, they provide personal amenities to make your flight extra special. Whether you are flying on our Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner or Airbus A350 aircraft, Vietnam Airlines strives for excellence in everything.

So why settle for less? Treat yourself to comfort and sophistication by flying Vietnam Airlines Business Class. Elevate your journey today!