Discover the Elegance of Japan Airlines Business Class

Welcome to Japan Airlines Business Class – where elegance, style, and comfort meet. Step into a world of unlimited luxury, with every aspect of your journey carefully tailored to your requirements.

From the minute you step on board, experience contemporary design combined with gracious Japanese hospitality.

Sink into sumptuous seats, savor delicious gourmet cuisine prepared by world-class chefs, and enjoy endless entertainment options designed to keep you amused throughout your flight.

Come with us as we explore everything that sets Japan Airlines Business Class apart – leaving you wishing for more.

Why Should You Choose Japan Airlines Business Class?

If you’re trying to decide which airline to use for your corporate trips, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider Japan Airlines Business Class. Need a couple? Well, how about these:

Airport Experience

As a Japan Airlines Business Class passenger, your journey begins before you even set foot on the plane. Their lounges, located in airports worldwide, offer the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

In Tokyo (Haneda) and Tokyo (Narita), for example, their luxurious JAL lounges enable you to relax and refresh yourself before your flight like nowhere else.

Free Wi-Fi? Of course. A wide choice of complimentary drinks and snacks? Naturally. Private workstations where you can be productive? They’ve got those, too – plus comfortable seating throughout the lounge area.

Traveling from Osaka (Kansai) or Nagoya (Chubu)? Don’t worry! At both airports, there are JAL lounges for your use that are every bit as impressive.

When traveling outside of Japan with Japan Airlines (JAL), you can take advantage of their excellent lounge service at all international locations. Additionally, as a member of the Oneworld alliance, JAL offers business-class passengers access to Oneworld lounges worldwide. No matter where your travels may take you, there’s always a retreat reserved just for you.

On top of lounge access, JAL provides further perks for business-class travelers at the airport. Enjoy the convenience of a dedicated check-in counter exclusively for those flying business class—ensuring fast and hassle-free boarding procedures.

Priority baggage service is another treat in-store. Your bags will be handled with extra care and arrive without delay so you can hit the ground running. They will be among the first off the plane!

Comfortable Seats


Let’s start with the A350-1000, where you’ll find translucent panels adorning the doors, creating an open and airy ambience rather than a closed-in feel. The individual layout of the private seating area gives a sense of space and seclusion.

But should you need to communicate with the cabin crew or fellow passengers, there’s no need to move from your seat: simply press a button and chat through the paneled partition.

Your in-flight entertainment experience is enhanced by smart digital tools. Forget headphones. Hit the headrest-mounted speakers for movies and music without wires (and without stress). And whatever you watch on the 24-inch 4K personal monitor will look better than ever before.

For a truly refreshing sleep en route, try their new-for-the-A350 “sleep” option. Pressure-dispersing cushions mean greater comfort on long journeys while watching that movie as you recline for some shut-eye. Just pop up the headrest.


If you are flying on the 787-8, 787-9, or 777-300ER (JAL SKY SUITE), you will find seats that recline into fully flat beds for a great night’s sleep with exclusive pillows and mattress pads designed just for JAL. Plus, with direct aisle access from every seat throughout your flight, you can stretch out without disturbing anyone else.

The JAL SKY SUITE 777 (SS7) and JAL SKY SUITE 787 (SS8/SS9) offer private spaces that feel like private rooms. Fully flat beds provide ample legroom, further enhanced by Airweave mattresses and pillows designed for relieving fatigue.

Each seat boasts amenities like large swivel tables, ample storage space beneath ottomans, liquid-crystal touch-panel controllers, USB ports, and video inputs.


For those flying on JAL SKY SUITE II aboard the 767-300ER, expect comfort with fully flat beds. In a 1-2-1 configuration, each one is easy to get to without disturbing anyone else. And there’s plenty of personal space, too. Stay connected with USB ports and video inputs, all reachable from the super-sized side table.


On JAL SKY SUITE III (787-9), every seat has aisle access and turns into a private space that feels like your own room. You can move around as much as you like without bumping into anyone else – which isn’t always possible on other airlines’ business-class flights.

Sit back and relax with a wide choice of entertainment on a large personal screen or catch up on work using the in-seat power supply. Travelers will also appreciate features such as adjustable seat angles, movable tables, and armrests. It’s luxury all the way.

Delicious Meals

Enjoy an amazing meal while you fly with JAL. They’ve asked top chefs to create their menus, so expect something special. If you’re flying from Japan, you might get to try Chef MISHINA Jun’s menu – he uses ingredients that are in season and at their best.

Sometimes, they have meals from Grand Chef NAMAE Shinobu, too. He’s from the restaurant L’Effervescence and his food looks great, tastes amazing and is good for you too!

Chef YONEZAWA Fumio from No Code has made some fantastic vegan dishes for JAL -try them, even if you’re not vegan, because they’re delicious.

If you’re flying from the US, your food has been created by Chef UCHIYAMA Naoki. He’s used local ingredients and clever cooking methods to make something special – enjoy!

In-Flight Entertainment

Enjoy the MAGIC inflight entertainment system on JAL flights! We offer a variety of movies and unique JAL programs that will keep you engrossed for your entire journey. You can catch up on the latest news or listen to all sorts of audio, from popular music to funny Rakugo shows.

They have interactive games, too, such as Mahjong, Go, and Shogi – see if you can beat them! And don’t forget that with MAGIC, there’s lots more: films, TV shows, music, and audiobooks galore – all available at your seat.

As an added bonus, Japan Airlines provides Sony noise-canceling headphones free of charge so passengers can enjoy great sound quality and comfort.

Amenity Kit

To make your trip more enjoyable, Japan Airlines gives you a selection of complimentary items. On flights to Hawaii, Southeast Asia, and India, help yourself with a toothbrush set, moisturizing mask, earplugs, and an eye mask.

If you’re traveling between Japan and Europe, America (excluding Guam), Australia, India, or Southeast Asia on select routes, try their cardigan lending service. Wrap up in one of these cozy knits for extra comfort.

They’ve teamed up with Japanese towel brand UCHINO for original Relaxing wear. It is made from top-quality fabric that keeps you warm while letting moisture out.

Have a flick through SKYWARD magazine: there should be something in there to keep you entertained during the flight. And why not check out their shopping catalog, too? You might find the perfect gift or unique souvenir that’s duty-free.

Bottom Line

Japan Airlines Business Class is more than just a flight—it’s an elevated experience. They go above and beyond at every step, from chic lounges to your seat’s unmatched comfort to thoughtful in-flight amenities that will make your trip unforgettable.

Savor dishes prepared by world-class chefs and entertainment that engrosses you, then drift off to sleep with complimentary comforts. Their service combines sophistication and luxury for a journey like no other. Welcome aboard! All you have to do is sit back, relax, and let them take care of the rest!