Unveiling American Airlines Business Class Perks

Discover the exclusive advantages awaiting discerning travelers with American Airlines Business Class as we take you through the indulgent extras provided.

From roomy, lie-flat seats and delicious dining options to thoughtful, personal service, comfort and convenience await you at 30,000 feet.

With priority check-in, entry to top-end lounges, and an upgraded in-flight entertainment system – all aspects of your trip are aimed at going above and beyond.

Come with us for a deep dive into American Airlines Business Class: find out why it continues to be chosen by many who want refined travel – plus a bit of spoiling!

Why Should You Choose American Airlines Business Class?

With American Airlines Business Class, you’ll enjoy a host of advantages that make it the top pick for savvy travelers. Here are several reasons why upgrading to this premium cabin is worth considering:

Airport Experience

As soon as you arrive at the airport, your American Airlines Business Class experience begins. Enjoy a host of exclusive privileges and seamless service from the moment you step through the doors.

Head straight to check-in.Ppriority access is yours, meaning less time queuing and more time to kick back in the lounge or get any last-minute jobs done stress-free. Whisk through security by joining the fast-track queue; there’ll be no hanging around here.

Once at your departure gate, take advantage of priority boarding: you’ll be one of the first on board so can settle down and relax sooner rather than later.

When it’s time to collect your bags at the other end, look out for them arriving on the carousel. You’ll get them before most other passengers have even left immigration. It’s another perk of traveling business class!

Enhance your travel experience with Five Star Service, which is available at certain airports. This premium service provides top-notch assistance when you’re leaving from, transiting through, or arriving in select destinations.

You can also enjoy some downtime before your flight by visiting the Flagship Lounge. It is available at some major hubs only. Or kick back at an Admirals Club lounge elsewhere.

Whether you want peace and quiet or personalized help, they make sure your time on the ground is just as amazing as it is in the air – guaranteed.

Comfortable Seats

Experience unmatched comfort and luxury with American Airlines Business Class, where each seat is crafted to offer ultimate relaxation and convenience.

On the A321 Transcon, indulge in a roomy lie-flat seat that measures up to 19 inches wide—plenty of space for stretching out as you unwind. Stay connected with Wi-Fi, or enjoy entertainment options via your personal seatback screen.

On longer flights aboard the Boeing 777-200 and 777-300ER, settle into a cushy lie-flat seat; they’re almost 22 and more than 20 inches wide, respectively—perfect for getting a good night’s sleep while traveling overnight.

The seatback screens mean you’ll have plenty of entertainment at your fingertips (along with power outlets for charging electronics), plus Wi-Fi if you want to stay online during your flight.

With lie-flat seats ranging from 20 to 21 inches wide, Flagship Business class on the Boeing 787-8 and 787-9 aircraft guarantees a comfortable flight no matter where you’re headed.

In addition to having your personal space, there’s plenty of room to stretch out thanks to our seats that transform into fully flat beds.

Stream entertainment straight to your device from our complimentary Wi-Fi network or access TV shows and films chosen for you by Americans – all without spending a penny. You can also stay connected throughout your flight with internet access. Again, free of charge.

Do you work, or do you just want to charge up your phone so it’s ready at the other end? Every seat has its own power outlet, too.

Exclusive Dining

American Airlines Business Class is changing the game when it comes to airplane food. They’ve partnered with the prestigious James Beard Foundation to create an extensive menu that includes meals from a select group of top chefs. You won’t be eating any old snack box at 35,000 feet.

One thing that sets American Airlines apart? Its commitment to keeping passengers healthy while they travel. That’s why they’ve enlisted chef Ellie Krieger to create dishes exclusively for AA that taste good and make you feel good.

Think flavorful plates designed to provide long-lasting energy, help regulate hydration and digestion, and even support your immune system. Consider it one less thing you have to worry about next time you fly!

In addition, American Airlines keeps bringing out fresh local and international menus. They are motivated by varied worldwide places to thrill your palate. For AAdvantage members, being able to use miles to take their dining experience up a notch adds an extra element of exclusivity.

You can conveniently pick meals online – even up to 30 days ahead of takeoff. The carrier enables travelers to look forward to personalized inflight cuisine that suits their tastes perfectly when flying business class with American Airlines.

In-Flight Entertainment

Jump into the ultimate boredom-busting entertainment zone when you fly Business Class with American Airlines. They’ve got all sorts to keep your eyes and ears occupied whether you’re into blockbuster movies, addictive box-sets or chart-topping tunes.

If you’re on one of their Wi-Fi-enabled planes, you can stream lots of their films, TV shows, and music albums directly to your own device from their big collection – free of charge.

And here’s a cool thing. On most flights, if Wi-Fi is available, you can watch Apple TV+ Originals for zilch! It’s like having your own fancy home entertainment system while whizzing through the sky.

For those who want to try new things, our Lifestyle channel has teamed up with Skillshare and Rosetta Stone. This means you can learn a language or pick up some fresh skills while flying.

They’ve also got a special Kids Room that’s jam-packed with fun stuff for little travelers – including content from the educational app HOMER.

Amenity Kit

Treat yourself to something special: American Airlines Business Class offers all the luxuries you could want. They’ve teamed up with lifestyle brands Shinola and D. S. & Durga for their amenity kits.

This way, you can expect top-notch skin care products alongside other stylish travel must-haves. Think snug socks, sleep masks, and more.

Speaking of beauty sleep, get ready for sweet dreams on board any flight operated by American Airlines. Their Casper bedding was custom-made with input from the experts in snooze-inducing technology themselves, Casper Sleep. So settle back and get cozy under plush blankets – sweet dreams really are made of this!

Bottom Line

With American Airlines Business Class, you receive exclusive benefits at the airport and thoughtful onboard amenities. It’s a perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and luxury.

Whether you want a peaceful retreat before departure or individual attention throughout your flight, this enhanced cabin class delivers it all.

Discover an entirely elevated journey when you upgrade to American Airlines Business Class. Experience air travel like never before as they set a new standard for luxe in the sky.