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What is Basic Business Class?

Image source: unsplash.com We see how the airlines have changed the amenities you get in different classes. It all started when they removed economy class amenities to create a new Basic Economy Class.  It is currently being observed how this is happening with the Business Class. In this way, passengers buy only a seat in […]

When Will the U.S. Drop COVID-19 Testing Requirements for International Flights?

Image source: unsplash.com Today, international travel is highly challenging due to the pandemic situation. But fortunately, travel is quite possible if you follow specific rules that different countries impose.  In this regard, there is the issue of travel to the United States and the requirements for the COVID-19 Test. This article will share helpful information […]

Air travel during pregnancy

Today, when flying is one of the main ways to travel from one country to another, many pregnant women ask themselves: Is air travel suitable for me, and are there any common pregnancy emergencies ? According to most reports, air travel during pregnancy does not increase the risk of miscarriage, premature birth, leaking amniotic fluid, […]

Is flying on a plane bad for your health?

Today, flying is one of the most ordinary things people around the world do. It is the most convenient way to travel internationally. Many people travel not only for leisure but also for work. Business travelers who fly on a plane are a large percentage of all passengers. Very often, these people are perceived as […]

What does Premium Economy flight include?

Today, flying is the most preferred and convenient way to travel, especially for international flights. If we go back in time when buying a flight ticket, it all ends with the choice of seat. Now things are much different. The various airlines offer you a wide selection of classes, namely : Economy Premium Economy Business […]

5 reasons to choose a flight with transfers

Traveling to different distant countries is more than great and always worth it. It brings incredible emotions and challenges and lets you know about other nations and their traditions, languages, ​and culture. However, visiting a country unknown to you hides some obstacles. You can often encounter unfamiliar public transport, dubious taxis or super high transportation […]