What to do if you feel malaise during the flight?

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Do you know about motion sickness? Or maybe you have encountered this disease more than once? Motion sickness, also known as airsickness or jet lag, is a common problem facing travelers when traveling by plane. It is a disorder of the central nervous system and the inner ear that affects balance and equilibrium.

Most passengers experience jet lag immediately after the plane takes off when the earth’s horizon is lost from your sight. This condition is caused by the movements and oscillations of the aircraft while it is in flight. 

Once the plane has taken off, the human eye notes no movement inside the cabin. However, at the same time, the ear feels the oscillations of the plane.

The most common symptoms of airsickness are :

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach pain
  • Dizziness

This condition is considered a specific form of seasickness and is a perfectly normal reaction even in healthy people, no matter how often they travel.

Indeed, the airsickness is very unpleasant, especially when you are about to fly internationally, which changes your body’s internal clock. Traveling across different time zones can be really harsh for some people.

And one of the most important questions that everyone suffering from motion sickness asks is: What to do if I feel malaise during the flight? Below we will share with you some tips that we hope will be helpful to you.

Choose your seat strategically

One of the first and most important things is to choose your seat strategically. Each flight has a normal bumpiness. That is due to the air currents you are going through. They can also cause you to feel malaise. That is why it is crucial to choose the right seat for you.

First of all, our recommendations are to choose a seat between the plane’s wings or closer to the front of the airplane, as this part is usually much more stable. In addition, think about your personal preferences and needs to ensure complete comfort during the flight.

In this regard, another piece of advice we could give you is always to choose a seat towards the window or the aisle. If it is possible, avoid the middle seat. When you suffer from motion sickness and feel malaise, the uncomfortable place can only aggravate your symptoms.

Also, consider whether you are one of the passengers who like to have easy access to a toilet and want to get off the plane quickly, or you prefer to relax and have quality sleep during the flight. That will help you choose the right place for you too.

What to do if you feel malaise during the flight?

Image source: unsplash.com

Take Dramamine

Dramamine – otherwise known as dimenhydrinate – is a medicine made specifically for people suffering from motion sickness. Dramamine is an antihistamine that reduces the effects of the natural chemical histamine in our body. It is used for nausea, vomiting, and dizziness, which, as we have said, are the main symptoms of airsickness.

It is crucial to know that there is a minimum age requirement. Do not use it if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of Dramamine. 

Also, suppose you suffer from liver or kidney disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, blockage in your digestive tract, overactive thyroid, asthma, bronchitis, or other conditions. In that case, it is vital to consult your doctor.

In addition to Dramamine, other similar drugs are made for people suffering from motion sickness and aim to minimize jet lag symptoms. But in any case, our advice to you is to consult a doctor if you have health problems. And last but not least, read what the contraindications are and possible side effects.

Apart from traditional medicine, some very effective natural remedies for airsickness can help you. Examples are ginger and lemon. Whether you suffer from motion sickness or not, it is advisable always to be prepared if you get any of the above symptoms.

Try to relax

If you are afraid of flying or about to have the first flight of your life, it is perfectly normal to worry. But if you suffer or are susceptible to motion sickness, stress and anxiety can make your symptoms worse. 

In addition, some people are susceptible to panic attacks during long flights, which further complicates their condition.

It’s good if you try to learn some meditation or deep-breathing exercises that would calm you down before the flight. Also, try to concentrate on good memories and experiences. 

If you are traveling for fun, then think about the upcoming vacation, as well as the places you will visit. That will distract you and help you cope.

Another method that can help you relax is mint chewing gum. It is well known that chewing gum stimulates digestion and relaxation. Mint, in turn, has a calming effect. So it would be a good idea to prepare a packet of mint candy or gum.

What to do if you feel malaise during the flight?

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Stay away from greasy or spicy foods before your air travel

One of the first things we would advise is not to fly on an empty stomach. This will only exacerbate the symptoms of motion sickness. It is advisable to eat light food, whether your flight is during the day or in the evening.

Before and during the flight, the best foods are unsalted nuts, fresh fruit, lean proteins, umami flavored snacks, light and easy-to-digest veggies. And, of course, stay hydrated. Don’t forget to drink enough water.

On the other hand, avoid coffee, alcohol, nicotine, greasy and spicy food. That would only cause nausea.

Also we advise you to avoid :

  • fast food
  • broccoli
  • kale
  • cauliflower
  • Brussels sprouts
  • cabbage
  • carbonated drinks and dried fruit

These foods will slow down the digestive process and, as a result, will lead to bloating.

Avoid digital screens and reading materials

Reading and using the phone is among the main activities of almost every passenger on the plane. Yes, but if you are one of the people suffering from motion sickness, this can cause the symptoms of the disease and make you feel malaise.

Concentrating on your phone and other objects you hold in your hand or inside the cabin contributes to a loss of orientation. The result is nausea, dizziness, and vomiting. 

Try to look out the window or concentrate on a detail in the cabin, but for a short time. And never look at your phone, book, or magazine.

What to do if you feel malaise during the flight?

Image source: unsplash.com

Ask for ginger ale from the beverage cart

In case you have nausea or dizziness, ask for ginger ale from the flight attendants. If you haven’t tried ginger ale, you probably don’t know what it is. It is a carbonated soft drink flavored with ginger.

Ginger ale is a better choice than coffee, alcohol, or standard soft drinks. And most importantly, it will help you if you feel malaise. And as we shared, ginger helps with nausea and vomiting.

When you find out the recommendations before and during the flight, you can do much better if you suffer from motion sickness. In addition, pre-treatment with medication will also provide you with extra peace of mind so that your flight goes smoothly, no matter how long it is. 

And remember, the best thing you can do is be calm and concentrate on the positives.