10 Affordable Business Class Airlines to Fly to London

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London is one of the top destinations not only for tourism but also for business. From the point of view of tourism, this is one of the capitals that can offer a wide variety of activities and you certainly can not be bored. 

Impressive museums and galleries, attractions, the opportunity to shop from countless fashion brands are just a few of the things that London has to offer. Also, we need to share that London’s nightlife is one of the best in the world. 

The wide selection of clubs, places where you can listen to live music, exclusive bars, Michelin-starred restaurants, and much more make this city so attractive.

On the other hand, the economy in London is one of the most prosperous, which makes the city a good business place. If this is your goal, you are headed in the right direction. 

London is one of the cities that provides exceptional opportunities for starting and running a business, and the chances of its success are relatively high. It is no coincidence that London is the financial and business capital of the country. It offers convenient external transport links, accessible markets, and quality specialists.

Last but not least, traveling to London by plane is exceptionally convenient, no matter where you come from. London has one of the busiest airport systems globally, including six international airports and several smaller ones. 

Located between two seas, the United Kingdom is becoming a point that can be reached quickly and easily by air.

And here comes the question: Is it worth choosing Business Class for a trip to London. People who have taken advantage of this opportunity will answer that this is one of the best ways to travel, and we confirm this. 

Although Business Class tickets are significantly more expensive than Economy Class tickets, benefits such as wider seats, priority boarding, food, and more make the choice of Business Class much better. 

Long Haul Business Flights from the USA to London

If we compare the flights from the USA to London with other very distant destinations, we can say that it is not that long. Many people prefer Economy Class, as ticket prices are much lower. Business Class airline tickets are more expensive, which makes many people compromise on comfort and choose Economy one.

However, it is essential to say that after a few hours of flying, you will start to feel uncomfortable and not be able to relax and rest. And this is not so good, especially when you have a business meeting right after the flight, for example. So it is worth considering the choice of Business Class.

Although it may seem almost impossible to find a cheap business class flight from the US to London, we tell you that this mission is possible. 

Certain airlines offer the opportunity to find Business Class tickets at very affordable prices. But you need to know how and when to search. It turns out that you have a great chance to find cheap Business Class tickets if you search at the last minute or much earlier.

Top Airlines with Luxury Business Class Seats to London

London is one of the few capitals that cannot be surpassed. It is one of the most popular and preferred destinations by many people. It is the perfect place for business, shopping, and entertainment. It is no coincidence that many airlines offer Business Class flights from the United States to London. 

And some of the top airlines that offer flights to London in Business Class are: 

  • British Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • KLM
  • Swiss International Air Lines
  • Air France
  • American Lines
  • United Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Korean Air
  • Cathay Pacific

Benefits of Flying Business Class to London in 2021

If you have never taken advantage of Business Class, you certainly have many questions. You are probably wondering if it is better to choose Economy Class and save money. Still, we guarantee that the convenience of Business Class is almost incomparable.

In this regard, Business Class offers a variety of fantastic benefits that are not available to Economy Class passengers. Some of the most distinctive among them are the incredibly comfortable seat, the personal entertainment system, and the opportunity to get more private space. All this makes long haul flights much more comfortable and enjoyable.

What’s more, your seat becomes a bed, and the airline can offer you sleeping and hygiene items to make the flight even more comfortable. That way, you can have a complete rest to be fresh after a long flight. 

Moreover, if you have to work, the places are so convenient that they allow you to be productive. 

10 Affordable Business Class Airlines to Fly to London

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Benefits of Flying Business and First Class to London

And if you’re still not sure if it’s worth trying to fly with Business or First Class, here are some more exciting benefits:

  • More spacious seats – first class seats and business class seats not only provide comfort, but the distance between them is more significant, which gives you more personal space
  • A smaller number of passengers in Business Class
  • Wide variety of food – it allows people who are allergic to certain foods or follow a diet to find dishes that are suitable for them
  • Free alcohol – not every Business Class airlines offer it, but most of them offer completely free alcohol
  • High quality of services – you get more personalized service from highly-qualified staff
  • Priority boarding
  • Access to private lounges
  • Dedicated check-in desks
  • Various in-flight entertainment options
  • Extra luggage allowance
  • Last-minute schedule and ticket changes
  • Enhanced health and safety measures, and others

Discount First Class Flights to London

It is quite possible to travel in First Class and at much more affordable prices. Thanks to the loyalty programs offered by most major airlines, you can take advantage of the luxury and convenience that First Class flights provide. 

It is also essential which website to look for First Class tickets at specific discounted fares. For example, in Simply Business Class, we guarantee that you will find fantastic offers for Business and First Class flights.

London Airport and Airline Lounges

Shower suites, waiter service, a la carte dining, and complimentary pre-flight cocktails are just some of the benefits that airport lounges can offer to Business Class passengers. 

We advise you to try to arrive early enough at the airport to have the privilege of taking advantage of all the amenities. And did you know Heathrow Airport has the largest number of lounges in the world? 

Well, if not, you already know that this airport has 43 huge lounges, which are located in the four terminal buildings. 

Average Flight Times To London

Unlike other destinations, the flight from the United States to London is not that long. Its average duration is 8 hours, and it is important what is the airport’s location from which you depart. 

In this regard, the shortest flight from the United States to London is about 6 hours, and the most prolonged – about 11 hours. And although its duration is acceptable, such a Business Class flight would undoubtedly be much more enjoyable than any other.

Tips To Find Cheap Business Class Flights To London 

Finding cheaper business class flights to London requires a little more experience and knowledge. 

Here are some helpful tips on how to find a business class ticket at great prices :

  • Follow different airlines
  • Start searching as early as possible
  • Be flexible when choosing dates
  • Look for lesser-known airlines
  • Trust Travel Advisor

In conclusion, we can say that everything we shared above proves the vast benefits that Business Class airfare offers to all passengers. That is why it is worth at least once choosing such a flight and enjoying its convenience and comfort.