Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 in Vienna

Vienna is one of the greatest and most popular European destinations. With its many historical and cultural places Vienna attracts many foreign visitors each year. 

Millions of travelers fly to Vienna each year to explore the secrets of this amazing city with a rich past. You can fly to any major European airport from Vienna.

If you want to visit the capital of Austria and you are searching for cheap flights to Vienna, in this article we will provide you with some answers to your commonly asked  questions.

There are different factors that influence the prices of flights to Vienna. Prices for flights to any destination are determined by the airline, departure time, season, air travel class and also the time when the flight is booked.

We will show you the common prices of flights to Vienna as well as useful advice on how to fly in a cheap way to this destination.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 in Vienna

What is the best time to fly to Vienna?

There is no worse time to fly to Vienna as any tourist season there has its advantages and disadvantages. But if you want to get a cheap flight deal for Vienna, then you need to take advantage of the price drop that occurs during off-season. 

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 in Vienna

Summer is the peak season for flying to Vienna as the demand for flights to Vienna is increased in August. The increase in ticket price during this time is  17%.

July is considered the most expensive month to book a flight to Vienna.

The period between April and October is considered peak season and you are unlikely to find cheap flights to Vienna at this time of the year.

With a price drop of 4% for flights February is also considered a good month to book a cheap flight to the country. November is considered the cheapest month to fly to Vienna in general.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 in Vienna

In July and August there are also many flights to Vienna as a large portion of Austrians go on a vacation during these months.

The period between spring and summer is considered best for booking cheap flights to Vienna as well as this between September and November. The spring off-season starts  from March  and it continues to the beginning of June. And the winter off-season lasts from late September to late November.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 in Vienna

  • The average price for a round-trip flight to Vienna in March is $857
  • One-way flight from Las Vegas to Vienna costs $204 and a round-trip flight on the same route is $685.
  • One of the cheapest flights from the U.S. to Vienna is a one-way flight and it costs $204.
  • Another cheap option is the round-trip flight on the route Thessaloniki-Vienna which costs $122.
  • And if you choose the route from Newark to Vienna, you will pay a price of $431 for a round-trip flight.

All these prices are for flights that are booked within 72 hours before departure.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 in Vienna

The standard prices of flights to Vienna for each month go like this:

  • January-$623
  • February-$642
  • March-$681
  • April-$805
  • May-$789
  • June-$1018
  • July-$1038
  • August-$901
  • September-$765
  • October-$690
  • November-$619
  • December-$700

Which airlines offer flights to Vienna?

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 in Vienna

Austrian Airlines serve non-stop flights to Vienna.  

  • Air France
  • British Airways
  • Lufthansa
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Delta
  • Australian Airlines
  • American Airlines and several other international air companies also offer flights to this capital with a single stopover.

Most flights on the route from Thessaloniki to Vienna International Airport are served by Austrian Airlines. United Airlines and Austrian Airlines fly most often the route from the U.S to Vienna. According to a research these two are the airlines that own the highest percentage of on-time arriving flights.

Ryanair, Lufthansa, United,  SAS, Austrian Airlines, Air Canada, SWISS and Wizz Air all offer direct flights to Vienna.

Most of the U.S. airlines  and international air carriers that operate flights to Vienna International Airport  also offer  flights from Vienna. Some of them are Delta and British Airways.

The average length of the flights to Vienna is 12 hours but mostly depends on whether the flight has stopovers or not. 

The duration of a flight from Washington to Vienna for example is 9 hours and 30 minutes.

A nonstop flight from Los Angeles to Vienna lasts 12 hours and a flight with a stopover from New York to Vienna lasts 9 hours.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 in Vienna

Can you cancel your flight to Vienna?

United Airlines and Austrian airlines are one of the countries that offer you the option to cancel your flight to Vienna without paying a change and cancellation fee.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 in Vienna

How to find cheap flights to Vienna? 

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 in Vienna

Book early

Regardless of the destination, there is a tendency for the prices of airplane tickets to go higher during the last 3 weeks before departure date.

Sometimes last-minute flight deals are also available at an affordable price but most often their prices are high.

Therefore, booking within 3 months to 30 days before departure is one of the best ways to get a good price for your flight to Vienna.

Booking early also guarantees you that you will get the exact seat you prefer. This is especially convenient for flights during peak periods.

If you choose to wait and book your flight at a later date, there is a chance that you may need to pay an extra cash for the same seat whose previous price was cheaper.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 in Vienna

Use online travel agents 

You can find different travel agents online that help you compare the prices of fights offered by the airlines.

As you know the prices of flight tickets  tend to change on a regular basis and some can change every day. But even the slightest change can considerably increase your air travel expenses, especially if you need to book flights for several people.

For this reason online travel agents offer you the option of price alerts. It’s suitable for those travelers who don’t want to book a flight right away or find the price unsuitable for them.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 in Vienna

Price alerts inform you about rises and falls in the flight ticket prices you are interested in. They allow you to set a price alert for a flight which you are not ready to book today.

Online travel agents offer you also the option to choose from flexible dates. They are suitable for those of you who want to have the option to change their choice of flight. Flexible dates allow you to choose those flight dates that are most suitable to your schedule. 

 Up to 3 days before or after your previously chosen flight dates your online travel agent will inform you about all of the available options for you. Then you can choose the best dates for you to fly.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 in Vienna

Have flexible travel plans

The way you plan your air trip can influence the cost of your flight ticket. Most often changing the dates when you book your flight can make a big difference upon your flight’s final price.

If you want to score a cheap flight deal, you should book your flight at the middle of the week or at a special date.

For example, if you choose to travel on Christmas Day or Thanksgiving Day, you are likely to get a more affordable price because airlines have fewer customers during these times.

Choosing a different airport as a landing point can also help you get a better price for your flight. You can get a different price for a flight, if you choose a secondary airport that is a little bit far away rather than a more popular and major one.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 in Vienna

When to book a flight to Vienna?

As we have mentioned, the peak season for booking flights to Vienna is the summer. If you have decided to visit this city in the summer, it’s recommended to book your ticket 3 or 4 months before departure. This will help you get a reasonable cost for your flight during the peak season.

If you want to book a flight to Vienna at a below average price for any time of the year, you need to book your flight at least 3 weeks before departure.

Sunday is considered the cheapest day to catch a flight to Vienna. And Thursday is considered the most expensive day as the prices for flights  tend to rise at this time of the week.

When it comes to the time of the day, the prices of flights to Vienna also differ. Flights in the evening are at higher cost than these in the afternoon. 

If the price in the morning and at noon is around $800, in the afternoon it starts to fall below $800 and in the evening the price goes above that sum.

So, if you are flying on a limited budget, choosing your flight to be in the afternoon will save you money. 

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 in Vienna

Choose a connecting flight

If you choose a connecting flight rather than a non-stop flight, you can get a lower price. This option is suitable for those passengers who aren’t in a hurry to arrive at their destination. 

Flying on multiple airlines is another option to save money on your flight.

Use miles and points

Making use of award miles to get a flight ticket discount is a great way to travel ona budget. Airlines  allow their frequently flying passengers and members of  loyalty programs to use their miles and points, cash or a combination between miles and cash when booking a flight. 

In this case you can use an airline miles credit card where you will collect your points. When you need to pay for a flight, your points will be redeemed through the credit card and you will get a discount in the flight’s price. 

And depending on how expensive the flight is and how many points you have, you  may or may not need to pay one part of the price in cash.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 in Vienna

How to get to Vienna’s airport?

Vienna International Airport (VIE) (or Vienna Intl) is Austria’s largest airport. It’s also the busiest as it’s the main hub for Austria, Slovakia and Bratislava. It’s located  11 miles from Vienna’s center.

One of the airport’s interesting features is the fact that it offers different entertaining activities for all passengers. One of them is an airport tour that offers travelers a glimpse into the daily activities and tasks performed by the airport’s staff to keep the airport working.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 in Vienna

Vienna’s main major hub also offers a variety of stores where passengers can buy gifts, souvenirs and local specialties. The airport also has a Billa grocery store built inside which is a good option for those travelers who want to fly on a budget and don’t want to eat out.

The airport also has business and VIP lounges that offer a wide range of services and amenities such as:

  • restaurants
  • cafes
  • bars
  • private work areas
  • conference and meeting rooms
  • private shower suites
  • play areas for kids and more.

Vienna International Airport offers lounges that offer a cozy and convenient environment for everyone to unwind before a flight.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 in Vienna

While in Vienna you can reach the airport by taking a city bus or calling a taxi (make sure to order your taxi ahead of time). If you aren’t flying with a lot of baggage, another good option for you is S-Bahn- Vienna’s main public transportation system. Otherwise, it’s not very convenient to carry heavy bags around the train.

If you want to go to downtown Vienna after arriving at the airport, the city offers you many transport options-taxis, buses, trains, rental cars, shuttles.

 If you are looking for an efficient form of transport in Vienna, trains are a good choice for you. The options for you are two: you can either take the express CAT train to Vienna’s center  or a commuter train to the city’s suburbs at a cheaper price.

There are also express trains passing from the airport to the city center and back. Each train ride lasts just 15 min.

 Vienna’s airport offers you airport guides that will give you information and advice about the available transportation options.

When staying in Vienna you should also know that some of the hotels located near Vienna international Airport offer free transport to and from the airport to its passengers.