Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 to England

If you are a frequent flyer, then you are probably interested in finding cheap flights your favourite destination

England is one of the most popular world destinations to travel to. Therefore, it’s understandable that flyers from other countries will want to find flight deals to England at cheap prices.

If you want to fly to England at an affordable price, there are many options for cheap travel for you. The prices for flights to England depend mostly on the location, the air carrier, the air travel class.

No matter if you want to fly on business or pleasure, you will be able to find budget-friendly flight tickets for England.

One of the most popular routes from the U.S. to London is from New York John F. Kennedy to London Heathrow. When booked within 72 hours before departure,  the round-trip  ticket  on this route costs $472.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 to England

The airlines that most frequently offer flights to England are:

  • Air France
  • Delta
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Icelandair
  • Lufthansa
  • Finnair
  • Aer Lingus and they offer flights on the route New York-London. 

These are considered some of the low-cost airlines.

One of the most popular destinations after London to fly to in England are Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds.

Here are the standard prices for most popular flight routes to England:

  • From New York to London- $351
  • From New York to Manchester-$536
  • From New York to Birmingham-$559

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 to England

One of the cheapest flight deals to England is for a round-trip  flight from Thessaloniki to London. When booked within 72 hours before departure, the flight ticket’s standard cost for this route is $236.

 Useful advice how to score cheap flights to England:

Be flexible

One of the keys to fly in a cheap way is to avoid flying during peak times. For example the Christmas holidays, Easter and New Year as well as national holidays  such as Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day are one of the peak periods for flying. And this is regardless of which side of the Atlantic you are flying from.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 to England

Flight prices immediately before or after a holiday period are most often cheaper than these at the holiday dates. 

November and December are considered to be a high season for flying while the cheapest month to book a flight to England is January. But it’s possible to find good flight deals in other months as well.

So, to score a cheap flight deal to England, you need to be flexible in terms of choosing where to land and which airline to fly with. Certain international airlines offer transatlantic flights at cheap prices.

Buy air miles

One of the best ways to save money while flying to any destination is to buy miles. Every air passenger can ask someone who flies frequently to sell them air miles.

Use online travel agents

Thanks to the internet now finding cheap flight deals for England is easier than ever. There are different travel websites that can help you score a cheap flight to England. You can even ask for a free quote.

The only downside of booking with online travel agents is that you may have a limited range of destinations to choose from.

Book your flight three weeks before departure

If you want to pay a below-average price for your next flight to England, try booking your flight at least three weeks before the departure date. But this strategy may not work, if you choose a popular flight.

Booking 52 days before your departure date is considered a wise step. It’s a fact that the closer your booking is to the departure date, the higher the price of your flight will go.

The more early you book your flight, the more options you will have. Those travelers who want to book their flight at a later date should know that the later date is a period of uncertainty for air companies. That’s because they will need to decide whether to decrease fares in order to fill all of the airplane’s seats.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 to England

Choose mid-week flights over weekend flights

The time you book your flight really makes a difference when it comes to the ticket price. Monday and Friday are considered the days when flights tend to be more expensive in general. 

A mid-week flight means a flight on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, so consider booking your flight at one of these days. Tuesday is considered the day when flights to England have cheapest prices. Sunday, on the other hand, is considered not a suitable day for finding a cheap flight to an English city.

 In fact, choosing a night flight can be a good option for those of you who want to travel on a budget.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 to England

Pick up the right season and time

The season also matters when it comes to the prices of flights to England. Winter is a low season for flying to England in general and this is most often January to early March. So you are likely to get good rates for flights and accommodation during this period.

March is considered low season and June is considered high season. In March the cost for a flight to England drops by 7% and for June the cost increases by 24%.The average price for a round-trip flight in March is £70. For a flight booked in December the increase in price will be 2%.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 to England

The time of the day also matters, if you are looking for cheap flights to England. Our advice for you is to try booking your flight in the evening, in the morning or at midday as the prices of flights to England tend to increase in the afternoon due to the higher demand at this time of the day.

Choose secondary airports

Secondary airports are likely to offer special deals for cheap flights because their main focus is mainly attracting business class passengers.

If you are flying to London, when searching for flights check all of the airports in the area and not just the major ones.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 to England

Choose hub airports, if you fly from the U.S.

When booking your next flight to England, a good idea is to choose the hub airport of your chosen airline. Most major American airports need their passenger traffic, and that ‘s why they regularly offer ticket discounts for flights to England.

For example, Heathrow Airport (LHR) and Gatwick Airport (LGW) are the two main airports that operate most of the flights to and from the U.S. These airports are connected to London’s city center with a convenient public transportation system.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 to England

Choose flight routes with one or two stops

Non-stop flights may seem like a good idea, but if you are searching for a cheap way to fly to England, flights with stops are a better option for you.

Changing planes during travelling is inconvenient for any of us, but the good thing is that airlines offer discounts to those passengers who choose flights with one or two stops. 

That’s because those customers who don’t mind to have stops during their air travel actually free seat space on the more expensive non-stop flights. And the discounted flight tickets are the reward airlines offer to these customers.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 to England

Pick up low-cost airlines

Some of the airlines that offer some of the cheapest flights to and from London are Ryanair and easyJet. These airlines offer flights between London and Liverpool, Bristol, Manchester and Birmingham.

If you want to see more than one city in England, a good idea is to use London as a base from which you can visit England by continuing your trip in the country by bus or train.

Check the small print

When looking for a cheap flight deal, make sure to read the small print in the offers of online travel agents. They sometimes mention additional fees for baggage items, certain meals or amenities such as blankets, pillows and other. 

So you should always check the information given for your flight deal or contact the travel agent, if something is unclear to you.

Don’t change your ticket

If you need to choose whether to change your ticket or not, then simply don’t change it. Air companies  want to make profits and they require a change fee from those passengers who want to switch their tickets. 

 So choose carefully before booking your flight ticket since air travelers who choose to change their tickets can’t bargain about the price. The fees, however, can vary from as low as $75 on a domestic flight to more than $500 on an international flight.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 to England

Pick up specific locations

Traveling for cheap means that you need to plan all of your trip’s details well in advance. This involves picking certain cities as part of your trip. 

Most flyers who travel to a location in North England most often choose Manchester Airport (MAN) as a landing point which seems convenient.

But if you consider picking another location to land, you can get a decrease in the flight’s cost.

 Landing at  Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LPL) or Leeds Bradford Yorkshire’s Airport (LBA)  is a better option, if you want to save money on your flight to England.

 Liverpool and Yorkshire are located at a 1-hour and a half distance from London.

Depending on the airline, if you want to fly to Liverpool but you cannot fly directly to the city, you can book your flight to Manchester. You can catch a train from Manchester and travel for one hour to Liverpool. The standard cost for train ride between the two cities is $8.

Consider the purpose of your air travel

If you want to find a cheap flight deal for London, you need to ask yourself first what is the purpose of your travel (whether you travel on business or you want to explore a new city’s sightseeings as a tourist).

Pick up airports that are located close to the sites you want to see or offer convenient transport options. This is a suitable option, if you want to stay near downtown too.

London City Airport (LCY) is the airport that is closest to the city’s center but its downside is that it operates the smallest  number of flights.

Another option is Heathrow Airport that is located at 14.6 miles from central London and it offers an efficient public transportation network. You can book your flight to Heathrow Airport and use the airport’s public transport to reach London in less than 45 min.

For instance, some English cities are good gateways into the country as they are close to famous sites.

Such a city is Birmingham and its  Birmingham Airport (BHX) has a convenient location. It’s a perfect destination for those of you who are fans of Shakespeare and want to visit the places associated with him.  Birmingham’s airport is 25 miles away from Stradford-upon-Avon – Shakespeare’s birthplace.

Southampton is another popular destination in England. It’s well-known for its rich historical past and beautiful coasts. But if you plan to fly from the U.S. to Southampton, you should know that there are no direct flights to the city’s airport. 

Fortunately, there are some airlines that offer a solution for cases like these. Air France, for example, offers those flyers from the U.S.  an option for a layover in Paris first and afterwards a flight to Southampton Airport (SOU).

A round-trip from Edinburgh to London costs  £52 and one-way trip from Edinburgh to London costs £24.

You should know that due to the Covid-19 pandemics all airlines that offer flights to England follow the  safety measures required for the airline industry. These include pre-flight testing, increased sanitation, mandatory masks (passengers are provided with masks on-board), social distancing and flexible cancellations.

Pre-flight testing

Testing for Covid-19 symptoms and antibodies is obligatory for all passengers who are flying to England.

Social distancing

Everyone who is planning to fly to England should know that airlines don’t offer middle seats on their flights to the country.

Increased sanitation

All air companies who offer flights to England perform daily cleaning on their airplane cabins and use cabin HEPA filters.

Flexible cancellation

Certain airlines offer their customers who travel to England the option cancel a flight without paying a change fee.