Business class means you must travel on business?

There is no doubt that business class flights are a very convenient option for those of you who want to enjoy  comfortable and stress-free air travel at a reasonable price. 

Business class cabins are usually quiet and feature comfortable seats and much space for every traveler.

The great thing about business class is that it’s not as expensive as first class but it still offers you plenty of high quality air travel services.

Business class flights offer a variety of premium quality in-flight services and amenities that guarantee great comfort for every passenger. Be prepared to be pampered and feel exclusive during your entire flight thanks to the elevated services of business class.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that business class is a preferred option for long-haul transcontinental flights where the opportunity to rest and sleep is much valued.

Those of you who have never traveled in business class can assume that business class is super expensive and only a lucky few people can enjoy flying in this class.

You may also think business class is reserved only for frequently flying business people. But that’s far from the truth. Business class is now more available to anyone than ever before.

When flying in the business class cabin, you can either rest, eat, work and also get a good night’s sleep in total privacy. And a ticket for business class also grants you access to luxury airport lounges can be most often found at the major hubs of airlines. 

Business means you must travel on business?

But you need to know that business class passengers are not always granted access to lounges depending on the lounge’s availability.

Business class flights offer you convenience because no matter if you choose a non-stop flight or a flight with multiple stops, you will feel comfortable the whole time and not feel tired when you reach your end destination.

It’s an old belief that people travel in business class mostly for business purposes.

But you don’t have to be a business traveler to travel on business class flights. No matter if you are traveling with your family, closed one or colleagues, business class flights are always a wise option, if you want comfortable and affordable air travel.

The price of a business class ticket is usually several times higher than this of an economy class ticket. You can either choose to pay the ticket price in cash or use your earned points and miles as a frequent traveler.

It’s good to know that frequent travelers can get advantage of some good business class ticket discounts that allow them to enjoy all the perks of business class at a cheaper price.

If you become a business class flyer, you can get advantage of the airline loyalty program which all airlines and their partner airlines offer. 

As you know when you fly you collect tier/status points and destination miles. These programs help you earn miles and points whenever you fly to some destination and use them to score some good ticket discounts. 

Business means you must travel on business?

And as a frequent flyer with an air company with miles, you are eligible to use free upgrades. This means you can get a business class seat for a cheaper price than the original one.

There are many reasons why it’s worth it to choose to fly in business class. Business class cabin offers all passengers a superior level of comfort and privacy during the entire flight. Once you fly in business class, you won’t wish to go back to regular economy again.

If you value comfort, privacy and convenience, spending a little more money on a business class ticket will always pay off.

What is business class?

Business class is an air travel class that stands between premium economy and first class. It’s offered by all airlines on short-haul and long-haul routes and it can be found under different brand names.

In terms of service offering business class is still much different compared to first class as it lacks many of the services and amenities of first class. But business class is on a much higher level than regular economy for example.

Business class passengers receive different perks that offer ultimate comfort and convenience.

Business means you must travel on business?

In fact some airlines merged their business class with first class and they don’t offer first class anymore, just one business class that is the highest air travel class.

Business class flights are especially convenient for long-haul flights where the need for sleeping and resting is among your top priorities. If we are talking about short-haul flights that are under 6 hours, maybe it’s not worth it to invest in a business class ticket.

Business class offers you the option to use high quality services and facilities that will definitely make your air travel more comfortable and enjoyable.

What in-flight services and amenities you will find in business class?

Upgraded seats

Business class seats can be transformed into lie-flat beds with a comfortable bedding which is a really convenient option especially on long-haul  flights. 

They feature: 

  • plenty of legroom
  • wide armrests
  • head rests
  • they can be easily adjusted according to each passenger’s preferences

Some airlines even offer double lie-flat beds (two neighbouring beds that can be set into a double bed) which is a perfect option if you are traveling with a closed one. 

Business means you must travel on business?

The seats of business class cabins can have a different layout. Their most common configurations are 1-2-1 or 1-1-1. The most convenient configuration is 1-2-1 because every passenger has a direct aisle access and the 1-1-1 configuration is the rarest one. 

Cabin density and aisle access are one of the most important things to think about when choosing a seat configuration. When picking up a seat, you should choose this with direct aisle access.

You should know that each airline has business class seats with its own design and characteristic features and functions.  You can expect some slight differences between the business class seats of one airline and those of another.

There are full-height dividers between the seats that can increase the privacy level for the passenger. Depending on the seat design sometimes you can adjust the divider of your seat the way you want. You can bring it up to have more privacy or lower it if you want some extra space and be visible to the other passengers in the cabin.

Business class seats also offer in-seat compartments for storing your baggage and for all the items you need during your flight. They can also feature dedicated overhead bins that offer additional storage space for your baggage.

Premium quality food and drinks

Business means you must travel on business?

If you choose to travel in business class, you are unlikely to arrive hungry at your destination. Here you will be served a complimentary glass of champagne or wine and served tasty dishes made of fresh quality ingredients.

The food menu of business class is rich as you can choose from local and gourmet dishes to international food masterpieces.

The meals can consist of three to four courses and there are three main course options of the day plus desserts. On certain routes you can even try meals prepared by international chefs with Michelin stars.

Business class passengers also have the option to pre-order their chosen meal before boarding the airplane. This should be done in a period of 24 hours before departure.

Fine wine and champagne selection. There are even sommeliers on certain flights who will advise you on the best wine that will complement your meal.

The other available drinks on business class cabins are: 

  • spirits
  • beer
  • signature cocktails
  • coffee
  • tea


You are unlikely to get bored when flying in business class as you have different entertainment options. Besides high-speed Wi-fi access that all premium cabin passengers get, business class offers different entertainment options.

Thanks to built-in video screens on each seat, you have access to a long list of movies, shows, music playlists, games.

Some air companies offer you a special feature with the option to choose a movie you want to watch on your smartphone and connect it to the screen of your business class seat before getting on board. You can use your smartphone as a second remote controller by installing an app.

Attentive air cabin crew service

Being a business class passenger allows you to get personalized attention from your cabin crew service. Because the number of traveling passengers in the business class cabin is less than the number of passengers in the other air travel cabins, flight attendants can pay attention to the needs for every passenger and provide them with a service of  highest quality.

Business means you must travel on business?

What on-ground services and amenities will you find at business class lounges?

Priority boarding

All business and first class passengers get a quick check-in procedure and pass through security lines quickly.

Luxury vehicle transfer

As a business class traveler, you can use the option of free transport to and from the airport in your own luxury car.

Business class lounge access 

If you become a premium cabin flyer, you can get advantage of different perks. One of them is receiving exclusive access to a business class lounge. You will find a business class lounge at the main airport hub of your airline.

Airport lounges are the perfect spots to escape the crowded atmosphere of airports. At the business class lounges, you can really unwind and enjoy some moments of quietude before boarding your flight.

Business means you must travel on business?

Business class lounges offer you many options to refresh yourself before your flight and rest in a quality way. You can either choose to have a meal, drink, entertain yourself, catch up on your sleep or work-there are plenty of facilities inside business class lounges where you do these things.

More baggage allowance

As a business traveler you can bring more baggage with you because business class flights have different baggage limitations than economy class flights for instance.

Business means you must travel on business?

What amenities can you find at business class lounges?

Restaurant and buffet areas

Business class lounges feature spacious restaurants and buffet areas where you can try different meals from around the world. The food menu varies depending on the destination you are traveling to.

You can choose from: 

  • delicious full-course meals
  • hot and cold food meal options
  • salads
  • pastries
  • desserts

The drinks that are most often offered are: 

  • coffee drinks
  • tea
  • wine
  • tap beer
  • spirits
  • cocktails

At the bar areas you will find a selection of premium quality champagne and wine brands. 

Business means you must travel on business?

Throughout business class lounges you can find self-service counters for those of you who are on the go. There you can get different drinks and light pre-flight snacks.

Spacious main lounge zone

Every type of business class lounge has a main part where passengers will find plenty of seats, armchairs, sofas and tables. There you can have a meal, enjoy your favourite drink, work on your laptop or just enjoy some airport views while waiting for your flight departure time.

The main lounge area features not only comfortable arm chairs, sofas and cozy interior, but also convenient features such as power outlets built into the seats, self-service stations where every passenger can grab a drink or a light snack.

Business means you must travel on business?

Work spots

If you choose business class, you can be sure that you will be able to get work done during your flight. The work areas of business class lounges offer office rooms with individual computer stations, chairs and desks. There is also a free high-speed Wi-fi access USB outlets for device charging  and special rooms for making phone calls.

  • Private shower suites
  • Relaxing rooms
  • Kids play zone
  • Tv zone
  • Different reading materials such as newspapers and magazines.
  • Entertainment

Business class lounges offer many opportunities for everyone to relax and have fun before boarding their flight.

Business means you must travel on business?

Private transport

Another convenient service you can use as a business class traveler is chauffeured transport to and from the airport. A luxury vehicle such as a limousine will pick you up from your business class lounge and drive you to your boarding gate.

However, you should know that this service is not always available, and it depends on the route of your flight. This service doesn’t apply to customers who travel on promotional fares.