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British Airways is based in the United Kingdom and flies to well over 150 cities that are located in over 75 countries. British Airways offers flights to the U.S., Central and South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia. British Airways is also affiliated with several other airlines, such as: British Airways Limited; Comair; Sun-Air of Scandinavia; OpenSkies; and BA Cityflyer.

For flights to and from destinations within the United Kingdom, British Airways offers the choice of UK Domestic and Business UK. However, UK Domestic is basically their economy option. Simply Business Class can find you a Business UK seat for any domestic flight within the United Kingdom. For long-distance flights, British Airways offers first class, business class, and “world traveller” options. You can book a first class ticket, which is referred to as “First”, a business class ticket, referred to as Club World, or a “World Tavelller” ticket, which is economy. First class tickets offer private seating, a bed, a wide screen television, and various other perks. Business class seats offer flat beds along with additional amenities.

If you are a frequent flyer of British Airways, it is well worth it to sign up for the Executive Club. As a member of their Executive Club, you can use a members-only private lounge and receive various other complimentary services. There are different levels of the Executive Club: Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Blue. As you earn more miles, you accumulate credit that can be used to fly to a destination of your choice at no cost.

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