Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 to Abu Dhabi

Curious facts about Abu Dhabi and its international airport

Abu Dhabi is one of the world’s most popular destinations  and it’s famous not only for picturesque sand dunes temples, but also for its modern skyscrapers, shopping centers, park areas and plenty of restaurants offering delicious Arabian food.

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and the second largest city after Dubai. There are a total of four airports in this city:

  • Abu Dhabi International Airport
  • Hafr Al Batin
  • Al Dhafra Air Base
  • Yas Island SPB.

With its beautiful ancient architecture and rich historical and cultural heritage and modern spirit, you are unlikely not to fall in love with Abu Dhabi. It’s a unique place that combines in itself historical past, national traditions and modern life culture.

Abu Dhabi is an attractive destination for people who are looking for a beautiful holiday destination and also for traveling business people who want  a place with all the business accommodations they need.

For this reason the number of flights to Abu Dhabi is increasing as  more and more people want to enjoy the city’s beauty.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 to Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi International Airport  (IATA: AUH, ICAO: OMAA) is the main international airport in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It was established in January 1982 and  it’s a property of Abu Dhabi Airports Company.

In fact Abu Dhabi is the second largest in the UAE after Dubai International Airport.

This international airport serves flights to domestic and international destinations in 50 popular cities around the world.

 The airport’s location is at 16.5  miles (30.6 km) east of Abu Dhabi city and it’s at 82 miles from the city’s center.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 to Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi International Airport has a total of three operational passenger terminals:

  • Terminal 1 (divided into Terminals 1A and 1B)
  • Terminal 2
  • Terminal 3.

Etihad Airways owns a luxury lounge base at Terminal 3 as the airline is the second  flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates and is the second largest airline after Emirates.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 to Abu Dhabi

The airport is well-known for its high passenger capacity since there are more than 30 airlines that service flights to 60 countries and 120 destinations.

Midfield Terminal is another terminal at this airport which opened in 2019.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 to Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi’s airport is located close to the city’s center. The available transport options for you that go to Abu Dhabi’s center are metered

  • taxi (the travel time is 40 minutes)
  • buses
  • rent-a-car options.

No matter which option you are going to choose, all of the transport options reach a variety of city stops.

Those passengers who value their comfort and time have the option of booking luxury coaches or an exclusive limousine transport with a chauffeur offered by Etihad.

For most of us Abu Dhabi can be an expensive destination but not if you get advantage of  cheap flight deals.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 to Abu Dhabi

So if you want to see this amazing destination, you need to know that there are plenty of options to fly to Abu Dhabi for cheap. It’s possible to score an affordable flight deal.

Those of you who plan to go visit Abu Dhabi must know that it’s a long-haul destination. The direct flight from the UK to UAE lasts seven hours and it includes several connections on the route between London Abu Dhabi International Airport.

If you are a frequent flyer who wants to see Abu Dhabi, then we offer you a couple of ideas for a cheap travel to this beautiful destination.

If you want to visit Abu Dhabi and at the same time save money from your air travel budget, you have several options. You can  choose flights to Abu Dhabi with a stopover and fly overland from the city.

Unfortunately the number of direct flights to Abu Dhabi isn’t big. The good news for all frequent flyers is that airlines offer attractive flight deals to Abu Dhabi with a stopover.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 to Abu Dhabi

Flights from UK

Some of the airlines that offer direct flights to Abu Dhabi are Etihad Airways and British Airways. Both of these airlines offer everyday flights to Abu Dhabi departing from Heathrow. The standard duration of these flight routes is usually 7 hours and 15 minutes.

Etihad Airways and British Airways for example offer great flight offers for Abu Dhabi.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 to Abu Dhabi

If you are looking for a quick and cheap flight route to Abu Dhabi, London Heathrow is a good starting point.

Besides London, there are other flight options for Abu Dhabi, if you live in the Northern part of England. You can catch a flight to Abu Dhabi from Edinburgh (EDI) and Manchester (MAN).

If you want to catch your flight from Edinburgh, the best option for an airline for you is British Airways. The flight from Edinburgh to Abu Dhabi  starts from Heathrow.

Oman Air for example operates flights from Manchester to Abu Dhabi which last around 10 hours.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 to Abu Dhabi

If you choose the Oman Air operated route starting from Manchester, you can expect  a short stopover at Muscat.

And if you are flying with British Airways, your stopover of the route will be at Heathrow.

If you need to catch a flight to Abu Dhabi from Glasgow for example, your best bet for an airline is KLM. This flight route has a quick stopover in Amsterdam and the entire duration of the flight is 11 hours.

And if you want to fly from Ireland to Abu Dhabi, a good option for you is  to fly with Aer Lingus to Heathrow and after that continue your route directly to Abu Dhabi with Etihad Aviation Group  or British Airways. Another option is to choose a flight with Flybe to Manchester and then continue your trip with Etihad Airways directly to Abu Dhabi.

 Which airlines offer direct flights to Abu Dhabi International?

  • Etihad Airways
  • Etihad Cargo
  • KLM
  • Alitalia
  • Wizz Air Abu Dhabi
  • Flynas
  • Saudia and SriLankan Airlines
  • Air Serbia
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Oman air
  • Air Arabia
  • Jet Airways
  • Pegasus Airlines
  • Gulf Air

All operate direct flights to Abu Dhabi International.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 to Abu Dhabi 

Oman Air offers some of the cheapest and quickest flights to Abu Dhabi. Their route includes a stopover with a short duration in Muscat.

KLM and Gulf Air offer other convenient flight routes to Abu Dhabi too. KLM’s flight route includes a stopover in Amsterdam and Gulf Air’s flight route has a stopover in Bahrain.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 to Abu Dhabi

Another possible option to go to Abu Dhabi is to catch a flight to Dubai, if you are not able to find a flight on the date and time you wish. When you arrive at Dubai Airport, you can catch a taxi, bus or pick up a rental car from the city’s center to Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi’s visitors can use an inter-terminal shuttle.

The total distance from Dubai’s airport to Abu Dhabi is 93 miles (150 km). Thanks to the E11 highway you can be in Abu Dhabi after 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 to Abu Dhabi

What is the best time to travel to Abu Dhabi?

Getting advantage of cheap flight deals is definitely a budget-friendly way to travel.You can find attractive flight deals for Abu Dhabi all year round.

The high season for booking flights to Abu Dhabi is in December, November and January. September, October and August are considered low season and these are the months you should consider, if you want to book cheap flight tickets.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 to Abu Dhabi

The best time for traveling to Abu Dhabi is October, December and January. If you are looking for a summer holiday, the best time to visit it is in June, July and August. December, January and February  are the best months to go there, if you wish cold weather for your holiday.

According to the statistics, the best time to book a flight to Abu Dhabi is 61 days before your departure date. Data showed that the longer the time between your departure date and the date of booking, the lower the price will be of your flight. For this reason booking two months in advance before your flight is a good idea for cheap air travel to Abu Dhabi.

In terms of flight prices, they mostly depend on where you travel from, the standard price for a round-trip is $523, if you choose to travel during a low season. And if you choose the high season to travel to Abu Dhabi, the standard price for a round-trip you will need to pay is $549.The standard price for one-way flight is $319 with Etihad Airways.

Current offers and prices for travel in 2021 to Abu Dhabi

Things to do in Abu Dhabi:

No matter if you are traveling with your family or business colleagues, you cannot be bored in Abu Dhabi.

The city offers a rich choice of activities and sightseeings for all types of tourists. Desert tours, quiet sunny beaches, cozy restaurants, parks, elegant bars, luxury boutiques – these are some of the options you have, if you visit this amazing city.

Top places in Abu Dhabi

  • Etihad Towers
  • Emirates Towers
  • Yas Island’s water parks
  • Parks (for all nature lovers Abu Dhabi offers more than 2000 parks and gardens)
  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque
  • Fort and palace of Qasr-al-Hosn
  • Public beaches
  • Ferrari World Abu Dhabi entertainment complex
  • National Auto Museum
  • Marina Mall