How much luggage I have the right to bring in premium economy class?

As every air other travel class premium economy class comes with its individual advantages and disadvantages.

If you are a frequent traveler, you are probably interested in the topic of baggage allowance when it comes to air travel.

Baggage allowance (also called baggage policy) means restriction concerning the amount of baggage each passenger can bring on their flight. It also concerns the dimensions and the weight of checked-in luggage.

How much luggage I have the right to bring in premium economy class?

Air travelers are allowed to bring free carriage of cabin baggage on their airplane cabin and checked baggage which is stored in the airplane’s luggage compartment. This depends on the tariff of choice.

Depending on the air travel class passengers can get a free allowance for baggage items which also depends on the tariff their ticket has been booked on.

The standard baggage allowance rules depend on ticket category which includes cabin class and fare type, passenger status, flight destination, the number of baggage pieces and baggage dimensions

The baggage weight limit is different depending on the air carrier and its baggage allowance policy. Every air company has its own baggage limitations concerning the amount, the size and the weight of the  hand baggage and the checked baggage.

The baggage restrictions airlines impose depend on the type of ticket, the ticket class, the route of the flight, the passenger’s status in the airline.

In recent years airlines have changed their policy conditions concerning the definition of checked baggage and hand luggage. The baggage restrictions that concern weight limitation and characterization of checked luggage, carry-on bags and additional bags have experienced major changes and now they are much different than those in the past.

How much luggage I have the right to bring in premium economy class?

Back then passengers were allowed to bring 2 pieces of luggage completely free of extra charge and the maximum weight of each checked-in bag was 32 kg.

Now there are still airlines with mild restrictions concerning baggage dimensions. For example certain airlines allow their economy class passengers to carry 2  pieces of baggage and each bag can weigh 23 kg.

The standard allowance for free of charge baggage in economy and premium economy class is one piece hand baggage as well as the allowed amount of baggage each passenger can bring.

In general the standard weight limit is 50lbs. or 23 kg. per baggage piece. But there are some airlines that have different baggage limitations for economy class passengers.

Baggage weight limitations deal with carry-on luggage and checked baggage. Carry-on baggage is most often weighed before boarding and checked baggage is weighted upon check-in.

The allowance for free of charge baggage for economy class is one hand baggage that weighs up to 10 kg. Most commonly that number is 7 kg. which is the lowest limit but that’s because some companies allow added weight.

How much luggage I have the right to bring in premium economy class?

The definition of “baggage dimensions” include a series of numbers which denote:

  • the length
  • width
  • height
  • depth of the baggage.

Sometimes the baggage dimensions can be one singular number which signifies the total measurements of the specific baggage piece. If you need to check whether your baggage meets the baggage limitation requirements, you just need to add the width, length and height together.

How much luggage I have the right to bring in premium economy class?

The baggage should have a length of up to 118 cm and its dimensions should be 55x40x23 cm. The free of charge baggage includes also one personal item which can be a laptop bag.

The common dimensions for checked luggage are 70 cm x 50 cm x 38 cm. and the maximum height allowance is 158 cm. The maximum permitted weight for checked luggage is 23 kg.

Certain airlines even check the weight of carry-on luggage at the gate or the ticket counter.

The standard baggage allowance for the dimensions of hand luggage 56 cm x 35 cm x 22 cm and for the height – 114 cm.

These numbers are referential because as we have mentioned there can be a slight difference in the allowed baggage dimensions of the different airlines.

The size restrictions concern mainly carry-on baggage as it should fit the overhead lockers of airplane cabins. If your carry-on baggage doesn’t correspond to the limitation rules, the flight attendants will place it in the hold and you may be charged an extra cost.

The transportation of baggage on regular lines also depends on a few general rules.

If you are one of those who want to bring additional baggage with them, you should know that the range of allowed dimensions for additional baggage differs.

For example, if you want to check-in more than two bags, you should check the website of your airline to learn what are its specific conditions for this.

And there are some cases when passengers fly on multiple airlines. If you travel on such a trip, there specific baggage limitation requirements you should follow.

How much luggage I have the right to bring in premium economy class?

So our general advice is that you should always check beforehand the policy of your airline concerning baggage allowance on their destinations to be well-prepared for different situations.

Carry-on baggage is governed by more different rules than these for the checked luggage. Both  types of luggage restriction offer passengers the option for an upgrade. Checked baggage and carry-on baggage don’t include charge but passengers may need to pay an additional cost.

When it comes to additional fees for baggage, in some cases you will need to pay an additional fee for checked baggage and in other cases you can be charged for carry-on baggage. If your baggage exceeds the size and weight limitations, you may need to pay a fee.

Sometimes some of us may need to fly with oversized or overweight baggage such as musical instruments or sports equipment. The rules for his type of baggage are part of oversized baggage airline policy.

The baggage allowance rules of air companies also include two types of concepts- piece concept and weight concept.

A piece concept puts restrictions on the weight of each passenger bag. The weight limitation depends on ticket class, the passenger’s airline status and other things.

How much luggage I have the right to bring in premium economy class?

A weight concept on the other hand is related to limiting the combined weight of a passenger’s baggage. Similarly to the piece concept the weight concept is also determined by such factors as passenger’s status and ticket class.

Your ticket type plays an important role in baggage allowance rules. It’s important to consider what is the type of the travel cabin you choose as the cabin class hierarchy of one airline can be a little more different than that of another. This means that each airline sets its  cabin class in a different way.

There are a variety of air travel classes. Besides the standard air travel classes most of us:

  • recognize-economy
  • business and first class
  • premium economy
  • economy plus
  • economy classic
  • economy flex
  • economy light
  • comfort plus.

How much luggage I have the right to bring in premium economy class?

The recommended baggage allowance rules concern the baggage of only one person. This means that you cannot combine your baggage if you are flying in a group. So if the baggage of someone in the group is under the weight limitation, another person in the group doesn’t have the right to bring more baggage and exceed their weight limitation.

In fact some air carriers provide their passengers with the option of baggage allowance ugrade.

This means passengers can change their baggage allowance within a certain period of time. Each airline sets its own time period within which passengers have the right to change certain baggage limitations.

General advice:

To avoid baggage fees you should always know exactly what things you can bring and not bring on your airplane.

How much luggage I have the right to bring in premium economy class?

It’s recommended to bring only the essential things in your carry-on baggage.In this way you will be better prepared for cases like flight delay or other problems. In the case of flight delay you can claim a flight delay compensation but it will be a good idea if you don’t lose some important personal baggage items.

When packing your travel baggage, try to utilize the space of the travel bags as much as possible. Put your personal belongings in a strategic way so that they don’t take too much space

For this reason you should always check your chosen airline’s baggage allowance conditions. They are usually published on the airline’s website and depend on your chosen flight and the air travel cabin as well. So upon booking you can check the baggage limitations for your flight as well as what are the available upgrade options for you.

How much luggage I have the right to bring in premium economy class?

Upon booking your flight you should always check your flight’s details and the baggage allowance policy of your airline. Some air companies even offer online baggage allowance calculators. Knowing in advance exactly what you can bring and cannot bring on your flight will save you unnecessary fees and unpleasant situations.

Travel and airline credit cards are also a good option for frequent flyers.They allow you not only to get frequent flyer miles and travel points but also offer you some great options such as a free additional checked bag and also priority boarding.

If you don’t have a travel credit card but you want to bring  additional bags with you, you have the option to add a paid baggage to your flight.

 You can pay in advance for an additional baggage online which is a cheaper and more convenient option than paying for such baggage directly at the airport. You need to check what are the discounted rates for pre-paid baggage on your airline’s website.