Korean Air Business & First Class Lounge

By choosing to fly with first and business class you can enjoy a wide array of premium quality services. Besides convenient perks such as priority check-in and security line pass, priority baggage handling and personal transport to and from the airport  you will get more premium services if you chose first and business class lounges.

Business and first class airport lounges provide passengers with numerous relaxation and entertainment options. You have the choice to rest, sleep, be productive with your work.

Korean  Air offers premium quality services and amenities to its guests. They allow you to be productive and enjoy some rest in a comfortable way while waiting for connecting flights. Their wide variety of premium quality services definitely guarantees you unforgettable luxury lounge experience.

Korean Airlines has lounges in different locations around the world:

  • Seoul (Incheon Airport, Gimpo), Busan, Daegu, Jeju in Korea
  • Fukuoka, Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo (Narita) in Japan
  • Los Angeles, New York, Honolulu in USA

Korean Air has a total of four Prestige Class international lounges at Incheon Airport in Seoul. They can be accessed by all of the airline’s first and business class passengers, as well as members of  SkyTeam Elite Plus. The locations where Korean Air offers first class lounges are at Los Angeles (LAX) and New York (JFK).

Besides high-speed complimentary Wi-fi, luxury bus and limousine airport transport Korean Air lounges offer other basic lounge amenities such as restaurant areas with a table service, a buffet with meals and drinks menu, fully equipped business centers and workstations, shower and bathroom facilities, relaxation areas, bar areas, kids zone.

Each lounge has a buffet area offering a rich menu with breakfast, lunch and dinner options, light snacks such as packaged crackers, cookies, muffins, nut mixes, cheese, delicious desserts .

You can also find regional Asian cuisine tasty meals as well as international meals. You can enjoy alcoholic and alcoholic drinks and also barista coffee and tea.

Korean Air Lounges

Business class lounges:

KAL Prestige Lounge East

It’s  smaller than Prestige Lounge West and it’s located at Terminal 2. It can be accessed by Korean Air Business class passengers and passengers of  the airline’s SkyTeam partners.

This lounge offers a calm and cozy atmosphere with  bright lighting and plenty of space for all passengers. The lounge’s interior is elegant and it has a modern design.

It offers different types of seating for the different flyers –groups, solo flyers, couples . You can choose from soft armchairs, leather chairs, dining tables, cocktail, tables, stools, benches, banquette seats, seat pairs.

There are also seats with individual pods and side tables which offer a great level of privacy for those who want extra privacy for either resting or working. The lounge seats offer AC and USB charging outlets. Some lounge areas offer cocktail tables with built-in charging ports which are really convenient for charging different devices.

Prestige Lounge East offers buffet dining service and guests can choose from cold and cold meal options as well as drinks menu. The buffet features a bakery where you can get fresh bread, muffins, sandwiches, make-your-own-salad options, cheese plates, crackers.

The main meals are braised meat dishes, sweet and sour pork, croquettes, rice dishes, chicken with spices.

The lounge offers self-service coffee and tea stations, soft drinks stations, fresh juices. There is a bar area near the lounge’s buffet where travelers can choose from a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

The alcoholic drinks options include different tap beer brands, a selection of red and white wine and also spirit drinks, rum, vodka, whiskey, scotch.

The bar area also offers AC and USB charging ports. There is a TV area in this lounge with communal seats and also a sports viewing room for  sport fans. It features several TV monitors with different satellite channels.

There is a business area with individual work benches where passengers can do some work while waiting for their flight. There is also a communal working table for those business class passengers who travel in a group. This business zone also offers work stools arranged around a round table with built-in USB ports.

At Prestige Lounge East you can also find LG personal beauty clinic where guests can use different beauty services. The lounge also has a quiet relaxation room and a massage chair service for those travelers who want to relax in a quality way before their flight

There is also a rich collection of newspapers and magazines from around the world near the seating area.

KAL Prestige Lounge West

KAL Prestige Lounge West is the airline’s flagship business class lounge in KAL’s home air hub. It’s located near gate 249 at Terminal 2. Wooden paneling divides the lounge’s territory into separate zones and the lounge has an overall modern and functional design. Passengers can use secure lockers for bags and coats.

The lounge has a staffed bar buffet area with a rich choice of delicious hot and cold food options and also a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. There is a rich variety of  Asian cuisine traditional and modern dishes.

The buffet’s delicious menu includes fried rice dishes, Asian specialty meals such as Korean sweet and sour crispy pork and a variety of light snacks.

This lounge offers self-service drinks stations that offers spirits, Coca Cola, fresh juices, the famous Remi Martio XO cognac, wine selection that includes Cabernet Sauvignon, There is a staffed bar area where you can order tap beer or serve yourself your favourite beer drink at some of the drinks stations.

Lounge guests can choose from fresh Salads, sandwiches, light snacks. At this lounge you will find a large TV room with many seats, bathroom and shower facilities, bathroom and shower facilities.

The main hallway of the lounge features workstations that are facing windows which offer great views of the airport’s outside area.

This area offers solo chairs which are very convenient for working. These chairs have armrests with built-in  ports for wireless charging and there are also universal charging plugs between the seats.

Business class passengers will find circular centerpieces at this lounge that are  also equipped with AC and USB charging power points.

The lounge also offers a relaxation zone and a nursing room. The lounge’s relaxation rooms are suitable not only for resting but also for working and making phone calls in private. They are more quiet than the main lounge area and offer guests individual cubicles with small tables and subtle lamp lighting

There are comfortable massage chairs which offer you the option to unwind in a quality way and take off the flight-related tiredness. You can choose to refresh at bathroom facilities equipped with modern technology  amenities.

Here you will find electronic toilets, shower rooms with rainfall heads and separate removal heads offering all the basic bathroom amenities such as towels and cosmetic kits, body wash and shampoo dispensers.

The lounge offers two semi-private family zones located near the buffet area which offer TV sets, small chairs and tables. Here you can relax with your family. These family zones feature sliding doors  with touch -panels for opening that create maximum privacy.

First class lounges:

Korean Air First class lounge /Miler

This newly renovated first class lounge is located at Terminal 2 departures area at ICN (Incheon Airport Terminal). Its renovation was completed in 2018. There is even live music playing at this Terminal and guests can watch traditional Korean musical and cultural performances.

Its interior includes modern technology details and it has an appealing simplistic elegant design. One of its main characteristics are energy-saving features of the lounge’s architecture, innovative art design decorations, high glass domed ceilings. The lounge offers plenty of greenery spots that create a sense of serenity and coziness.

The floor-to-ceiling windows provide the lounge spaces with sufficient amount of natural light. This gives the lounge’s interior an airy style. Its large size prevents the lounge from getting overcrowded and allows passengers with plenty of personal quiet space.

The other things this lounge offers are:

  • a dining area
  • duty free shopping area
  • shake shack
  • kids zone where you can find virtual reality attractions for your kids

KAL’s flagship first class lounge offers different types of seating such as

  • armchairs in a pod-like design
  • day beds
  • chairs with ottomans

There are seats that face each other arranged in pairs of two or four surrounded by a privacy shield. All types of seating offers maximum comfort and privacy. The seats offer USB charging ports.

This first class lounge offers a buffet area located at its main part. The buffet offers tables for two and also four people.

The buffet’s menu includes hot and cold main meal options such as:

  • soups
  • fried rice dishes
  • seafood
  • beef and chicken meals
  • Asian-style noodles and other delicious meals

There are also desserts such as quality brands ice cream, fresh fruit, cookies, packaged snacks. The light snacks include finger sandwiches, cheese plates.

There are water and soft drinks stations and also self-service coffee  machines offering coffee with syrups. Some of the lounge’s self-serve stations offer liquor, red and white wine selection.

This first class lounge is spacious and offers plenty of seats for a large number of passengers. Some of the seats have privacy shields which offer personal space for each traveler.

The lounge has a glass-shield separating walls which divides into two areas -a buffet and dining area and a lounging area. Passengers have an access to convenient storage lockers where you can leave your luggage.

Travelers can get access to a large collection of newspapers and magazines. There are quiet areas perfect for plane spotting as they offer beautiful airport views. This first class lounge also offers a relaxation room where passengers can unwind sitting at a massage chair.

There are also bathroom facilities for men and women with walk-in showers and other amenities a frequent first class traveler needs.

The shower suites offers different features and amenities such as water pressure and temperature control, complimentary toiletries for men and women that include shampoo, soups, conditioners, body wash, shaving kits, hair brush, etc.

New Korean Air First class lounge

Korean Air opened a brand new  first class lounge .It’s located at Terminal 2 near Gate 248 on the second floor at ICN . This first class lounge had a complete redesign and it offers a rich variety of amenities.

This KAL first class lounge offers large and well-lit spaces with comfortable and modern furniture. This lounge is  divided into two sections- Million Miler  section and first class section.

The lounge’s elegant design interior  has marble walls  that offer a sense of luxury. Its beautiful design and comfortable furniture creates for passengers a cozy and pleasant lounge environment.

The main part of this first class lounge houses a dining area and a main seating area. These two zones are divided by a glass wall. The seating area features comfortable pod-like seats in white, green and beige color palette  and the seating has have a different layout. There are different types of seats to meet the preferences of the different types of passengers.

All of the lounge’s seats have individual power outlets for convenient charging. Some of the seats have their own cubicles which is a great choice for those who want to work at the lounge and seek a private spot.

There are storage lockers that offer convenience for the passengers and the seating area features a stand with a collection of famous magazines.

The buffet area of this first class lounge includes a variety of main meals  from both Asian and International cuisine. You can choose form breakfast, lunch and dinner options. It offers two menus- a buffet menu and a la carte menu.

The hot and cold meals include fried rice dishes, pasta dishes, beef and chicken meat dishes, hot dumplings, baked potato dishes, cheese selections, sea food, truffle dishes, sauces, breads, cold cuts.

Among the light snacks you will find an assortment of  sandwiches, pastries, croissants, a  fruit selection, ice cream.

The lounge’s drinks menu offers alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. You can choose from tap beer, white and red wine, champagne, liquor and other alcoholic drinks.

Travelers can use shower and bathroom area staffed by shower attendants. It offers  different convenient extras such as water  pressure and temperature control system and amenities like hair dryers, complimentary kits with bath products, fresh towels. The bathroom area offers a private shower room with opaque glass divider and a massage chair.

The lounge offers an entire massage chair room where each traveler can relax in a calm environment.