China Airlines Business & First Class Lounge

If you want to feel comfortable while flying, first and business class lounges offer you everything you need for an enjoyable travel experience. They offer on-ground services and amenities of outstanding quality which definitely guarantees you amazing air travel experience.

Air travel can be an enjoyable experience if you choose business and first class lounges to spend your waiting time at the airport. Thanks to their wide range of amenities and services of extraordinary quality, you have the opportunity to sleep, work or enjoy fine dining and premium drinks in a comfortable way.

Business and first class lounges offer a great variety of services, amenities and also a beautiful environment that provides you with the opportunity to rest, work or sleep during your airport  layover.

China Airlines offers its eligible customers first and business class lounges  a wide range of premium quality services and amenities.

First and business class customers of the airline can access services and amenities such as:

  • bathroom and shower facilities
  • restaurant and buffet service
  • relaxation areas
  • work zone
  • snacks and drinks bar
  • rooms for storing hand baggage
  • high-speed Wi-Fi
  • TV areas
  • telephone booths

The airline’s lounges have different locations around the world- Taipei Taoyuan International Airport consists of two terminals-Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 and the airline operates its flights from both of these terminals.

China Airlines Business  Class Lounge

Business Class Lounge Taipei

It’s located on Terminal 1 on the fourth floor at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport. This flagship business class lounge can be accessed by China Airlines business class passengers and also passengers flying with Sky Team airlines. The business class lounge is considered one of the best business class lounges in the world.

The lounge’s stylish interior is in modern Asian style and it includes:

  • natural elements made of stone and marble
  • elegant wood panels
  • green living wall covered with glass
  • faux-wood finishing and it has comfortable furniture in light colors

The designers of this interior created it with interesting cultural elements such as window-glass spots, art details and even a display of artifacts that show some features of Taiwan’s history.

The lounge is designed in such a way to offer a cozy feeling and maximum level of privacy for business class passengers. It offers  a relaxing retreat from the airport.

It has a large dining area with a beautiful design and elegant interior décor that features walls with plants, beautiful carpeting, leather furniture, subtle non-natural mood lighting. The dim lights create a sense of coziness and privacy.

The lounge’s interior features beautiful artwork pieces such as paintings and statues which create a sense of oriental luxury.

This business class lounge offers a convenient layout. The main lounge area is shaped into a large rectangle and it has communal tables and long dining tables arranged at the outer sides. There is a kitchen with a buffet area and noodle bar placed at the central area.

Business class passengers can choose from different designs of  comfortable seating:

  • couches with soft pillows
  • armchairs
  • sofas
  • standard dining tables
  • couches

The seats are strategically arranged in mini seating areas where passengers can spend their waiting time in a relaxing and private spot. Their smart layout offers both comfort and convenience for all travelers.

There are USB charging points everywhere at all sections of the lounge and high-speed Wi-Fi coverage.

The lounge has a buffet area with a rich menu offering hot and cold delicious meals and refreshing drinks by different brands. There is a table service and self-service option. The main meal options include a variety of traditional Asian dishes and Taiwanese cuisine dishes as well as Western cuisine food.

You can choose from a variety of made-to-order meals, pasta dishes, soups, meat selection, bacon, baked sausages, sweet potatoes, egg dishes, dumplings, spicy sauces, hash browns, Asian dim sum,  Congee, ramen, hot porridge, different salads, cold cuts, fresh fruit selection.

The buffet’s menu also includes fresh breads, desserts such as pastries, croissants and other tasty treats. There is also a custom noodle bar for the Chinese noodle fans that offers the famous Tainan dan dan noodles.

Another highlight of the buffet zone is a live cooking station where business class guests can watch how their meals are prepared.

You will find a drinks bar area with self-service coffee machines with barista coffee. Here you can choose from freshly-made juices, premium red and white wines selection, liquor, spirit drinks, soft drinks and other chilled drinks.

The lounge also offers Chinese tea brands. Business class passengers will find a self-service liquor bar.

For those guests who like to be productive during their air travel the lounge offers a quiet work zone equipped with PCs and work desks, printers and comfortable work chairs.

Taipei business class lounge offers staffed shower and bathroom facilities to its guests. They offer different amenities such as complimentary shower kits and plenty of space and privacy.

This business class lounge also offers a nap area where the lounge guests can catch up on their sleep and also a nursing room.

Paragon / Emerald exclusive area

Paragon and Emerald exclusive area is located at this lounge and it’s a lounge within the lounge. This section can be accessed only by top customers who are members of the air carrier’s frequent flyers program and have Emerald or Paragon status. Its elegant interior features faux-wood panels and comfortable and stylish furniture.

This lounge area is characterized by its quiet atmosphere and it offers a quiet area with lounging chairs and daybeds. It’s a perfect relaxation spot for business class flyers who travel in groups and also solo business flyers.

Paragon / Emerald exclusive area offers a greater variety of alcoholic drinks and champagne brands than this offered on Taipei’s main business class lounge.

The lounge offers a  stand with a large collection of international magazines and newspapers and also private shower rooms. There are sleep rooms that allow business class travelers to get some  rest before their flight. These sleep rooms offer comfortable daybeds which are divided from the other parts of the lounge and offer a quiet atmosphere.

China Airlines First class Lounge

First Class Shanghai

It’s located at Shanghai Pudong Airport (PVG) and its structure consists of a central atrium, a bar and a buffet area. The lounge’s interior design in beige and brown is elegant and functional providing each first class guest with plenty of space and maximum privacy.

There is a main hallway inside this lounge that covers the entire area of the lounge.

The seating options this lounge offers are various and with a different configuration. First class guests can choose from:

  • armchairs
  • benches
  • sofas
  • loungers
  • dining-style seats and coffee tables
  • L-shaped couches

There are big groups of chairs placed around tables which are ideal for groups of business class passengers.

The lounge’s interior includes features such a wooden slated walls, showcased artwork such as Chinese vases, beautiful decorations and subtle mood lighting.

The lounge’s design is created in such a way to offer functionality and high level of privacy no matter how many passengers are in the lounge.

The seating at this lounge is both luxurious and comfortable and it comes in all shapes and sizes.  It includes comfortable armchairs with arm and head rests that offer a great level of privacy. The lounge’s spaces offer plenty of natural daylight.

There is a computer area equipped with all of the necessary office amenities for first class travelers as well as power outlets for charging.

Besides convenient lockers for personal baggage storage,  flyers have also access to  a collection of popular newspapers and magazines.

There is a drinks bar area where you can enjoy alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks such as premium quality  wine, champagne, liquor.

You can get made-to-order coffee drinks with different syrups, different teas, soft drinks, beer. There is also a Starbucks coffee near the lounge’s area.

This first class lounge of China Airlines offers two main buffet areas with  an extensive buffet spread with different hot and cold meal options for breakfast, lunch and dinner and there are also cold starters. The buffets offer long rows of tables arranged along a booth. You can choose to order either from an a la carte menu or the buffet’s menu which offers traditional Asian food.

Some of the meal options are following:

  • a variety of Asian soups one of which is Laksa noodle soup
  • Sushi selection
  • fried rice dishes
  • pasta
  • meat dishes

You can choose from delicious desserts  such as toasts, cereals  or enjoy light snacks: ready-made finger sandwiches, cheese and meat slices. The lounge’s guests have the option to make their own salad. The desserts selection includes pastry, muffins, nut mixes.

China Airlines first class lounge offers its guests spacious bathroom and shower facilities in a luxurious design. They offer amenity kits with toiletries such as  shampoo, moisturizers, shaving products and other bathroom products. There are individually wrapped slippers and fresh towels for each first class traveler.

The guests of this lounge can use relaxation rooms located at the most quiet part of the luxury lounge. They feature comfortable reclining leather chairs with an individual desk and small side table. Some of the quiet rooms also have massage chairs.