Air New Zealand Business & First Class Lounge

Traveling on business or first class definitely offers ultimate flying experience. Waiting between connection flights can be an enjoyable experience if you choose first or business class flights.

Business and first class flights provide you with different services of the highest quality and amenities that make your flying easy. Business and first class passengers get different perks such as priority check-in, quick baggage handling, quick pass through security line as well as exclusive lounge pass.

New Zealand’s flag carrier offers its customers premium quality services and amenities available at the airline’s lounges. Its lounges have separate lounging and dining areas as well as divided zones for working, resting, eating and for entertainment. There are the perfect places to spend your time in a comfortable, productive and relaxing way.

No matter if you decide to rest, work, have a shower, grab a drink or enjoy a tasty meal, Air New Zealand lounges offer you a rich choice.

The lounges this air carrier offers are both comfortable and functional. The airline has recently renovated its lounges and they have a unique modern design and  now offer more seating and lounge services than before.

They offer business and first class flyers plenty of enjoyable options to spend their waiting time before the flight at the airport. Their interior is designed in such a way to offer private space and maximum comfort and  convenience.

Air New Zealand Business and First Lounges

Domestic business class lounges:


One of Air New Zealand’s largest  domestic lounges is located in Auckland at the airport’s domestic Terminal on the 1st floor where the main concourse level is. All business class passengers who have Airpoints Elite, Gold, Elite Partner and Koru membership can access this lounge.

This lounge is large in size and it offers different seating options to its business class passengers.

Its main seating area offers:

  • classic loungers
  • dining tables
  • high-top tables
  • communal tables

Pod-like seats which are ideal for those travelers who want some private and quiet spot at the lounge for working. Also, each lounge seat has a charging port.

Auckland’s lounge has a modern overall design in black and white. The lounge’s décor is in elegant and simple style. The lounge’s seating areas  offers different seat types:

  • armchairs
  • sofas
  • daybeds
  • couches
  • individual seats
  • swing seats
  • communal workbenches

This business class lounge experienced a series of renovations in 2020. After the renovations the lounge features a café serving barista coffee,  bar area , shower and bathroom area with all the necessary shower amenities such as towels and hairdryers, new business center, café and bar zone, buffet.

The lounge’s dining area features a buffet offering different types of delicious meals, self-serve drink stations, barista coffee and made-to-order espresso drinks, snacks, and a bar with a bartender serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

The dining area is spacious and it has café-design seats and a buffet area divided into different sections serving hot and cold meals.  There  are long communal tables for dining.

The buffet’s menu includes Asian and Indian cuisine meals such as chicken noodles, meat dishes,  basmati rice, eggplant masala. The light snacks include finger sandwiches, a variety of fresh salads,cheese plates, crackers, sweet and savoury snacks.

The lounge has drink stations that serve cold and hot drinks such as spirit drinks, coffee, teas. Business class travelers have also the option to use a self-serve  ice cream station or choose from different kinds of flavored popcorn. The lounge’s bar area offers self-serve beer stations.

The buffet spread offers a rich variety of hot and cold meals and light snacks. Business class passengers can choose  from different salads, soups, freshly baked breads, You will find fresh fruit, desserts such as brownies, scones, cookies, muffins and even gluten-free sweets.

The buffet’s drinks menu includes tap beer, wine, champagne, soft drinks. Business class passengers can find a soda fountain and different types of fresh juices. There are self-serve coffee stations throughout the lounge.

The lounge’s business zone offers:

  • comfortable business desks and bureau-style workstations
  • high-speed Wi-Fi
  • phone-charging points
  • printers
  • photocopiers

When it comes to entertainment options, this lounge offers kids room, TV zones, cinema rooms, newspapers and magazines.

You will find also bathrooms and showers.

Christchurch lounge

One of its main features are the floor-to ceiling windows which offer great views of the runway. Christchurch lounge has a bar serving barista coffee, snacks buffet, bar zone. The lounge’s main zone has TV areas and here passengers have free access to newspapers and magazines.

Passengers can also access a modern business center with individual work stations, computers, printers, photocopiers machines, phone charging stations.

Wellington lounge


Wellington lounge can be found at Wellington airport at level 2 of Domestic Terminal. This Air New Zealand business class lounge passed a considerable renovation in December 2019.Now it offers more seats and overall lounge space.

Its interior has a distinctive modern lounge design in beautiful colors offering plenty of convenient amenities. Thanks to its large size and different types of seating it has a capacity to accommodate many customers without getting crowded.

This business class lounge has a self-service bar with a variety of refreshing drinks and light snacks and a bar serving barista-made coffee .

One of the facilities this lounge offers is a modern business center with high-speed free Wi-fi. The lounge’s business center is equipped with workstations, printers, photocopies machines, USB  charging ports at each work desk.

This lounge offers plenty of free reading materials such as newspapers, magazines, TV zones with comfortable seating.

Inside this lounge business class travelers will find also shower suites with modern facilities one of which are soft towels, complimentary kits, hairdryers.

Regional business class lounges:

Auckland lounge

Auckland lounge is located on Level 1 at Auckland Airport. This regional lounge offers different seating zones so that each traveler can find their perfect spot that meets their needs.

The lounge’s guests can use USB charging ports at each seat.

Air New Zealand offers its passengers valet service area which is newly renovated. Its design offers an expanded drop-off zone right below Auckland’s regional lounge. This valet service area allows passengers to have an easy passing from the drop off area at the lounge to the regional departure gates.

Self-service buffet offering different refreshments, coffee, tea, alcohol, breakfast, lunch and dinner options, light snacks.

For those flyers who want to work the lounge offers a modern business zone featuring work desks, different office necessities such as printers, photocopiers, power points, high-speed Wi-Fi.

Auckland lounge offers its guests different entertainment options such as TV zones, reading materials like newspapers, and magazines.

Hamilton lounge

This lounge was also renovated in 2016. It offers great views of the airport’s runway and offers different amenities. One of them is a buffet area and a bar offering different drinks.

It also offers newspapers and magazines from around the world and work zone that features individual workstations, printers, copiers, USB charging points for devices, Hamilton lounge’s guests have a free access to newspapers and magazines

Tauranga lounge

Tauranga Lounge was renovated in 2018 and it features a new design.This lounge is located on the upper floor at the Airport’s terminal. Passengers can either access it by stairs or by lift. This lounge has a signature interior design in a modern style and it offers different seating zones to the airline’s passengers.

It offers great views of the airport’s outside space thanks to its large windows.Tauranga lounge guests have access to USB power charging ports, high-speed Wi-fi.

Tauranga lounge has a business area where passengers will find workstations,office facilities such as printers, photocopiers, charging points at each business desk.

Foods and drinks area, bar serving different alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. There are also TV areas, free Newspapers and magazines,

New Plymouth

This newly renovated lounge was opened on March 2020. Its location is on the ground floor of the airport’s terminal close to the air carrier’s check-in area. It offers a total of 4 lounge areas, business, café and lounge zones. This lounge in elegant interior design offers plenty of seat types to suit the different tastes of passengers.

The lounge’s business area offers all the facilities business travelers need-workstations, printers, photocopiers,USB charging spots.

New Plymouth lounge offers drinks and snacks area, bar area serving different alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

This lounge also offers bathroom and showers area which is really convenient for frequent travelers. There are TV areas where passengers can get entertainment options and also read newspapers and magazines from around the world.

Napier Lounge

Napier Lounge offers great seating capacity and different high quality services. It’s located on the upper floor of the airport’s terminal. It’s located at the airport’s departure gate.

This lounge ha s buffet offering rich foods and drinks choice and also a bar zone offers light refreshing drinks

Besides high speed Wi-fi through the entire lounge area, Napier lounge offers its guests fully equipped business facilities. The lounge’s entertainment options include TV areas and free magazines and newspapers.

Palmerston North lounge

This Air New Zealand lounge was opened in May 2017 and it offers its guests four seating zones. It’s located on the first floor and its large windows offer scenic views of the airport’s runway.

Passengers have a free access to power and USB charging ports placed at each seat.

At this lounge you will find a buffet area offering different  drinks and snacks. For those of you who want to get work done, there is a workstations area with facilities like printers, photocopiers. The work seats have USB charging ports.

Wellington lounge


This lounge also experienced a renovation process in November 2016. Its large windows allow beautiful views of the domestic runway and the airport’s atrium. There is plenty of seating at Wellington lounge as well as a business center with office facilities and reading materials.

There is a bar serving barista coffee, a buffet area with a rich choice of meals, snacks and drinks.

The other regional lounges of Air New Zealand are:

  • Nelson lounge Queenstown lounge
  • Dunedin lounge
  • Invercargil lounge

Melbourne lounge

Melbourne lounge offers plenty of lounge space and different types of seating that offers high comfort and privacy for the lounge’s guests. One of its five seating areas has rows of seats that face each other.

Melbourne lounge has sleek interior design in purple, gray and white and it has different types of seating. There are delicate curtains between the seats which enhance the privacy level of the travelers.

The lounge’s dining area has dining tables with booths, communal tables, There are comfortable benches built into the walls of the main lounge area where passengers can rest or dine. The lounge’s interior creates a sense of elegant coziness and comfort.

The lounge also has a stylish bar serving custom-made espresso drinks and also a buffet zone offering a rich menu with full course hot and cold meal options and snacks. The barista coffee bar has a touch screen tablet where each guest can order a coffee drink and see how long it will take  for their coffee to be served.

Among the breakfast options you will find cereals, yoghurt, scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns, French fries, fresh vegetable and fruit salads, different breads, pastries. The guests of Melbourne lounge will also find a self-serve pancake machine.

Besides the drinks bar, there are several self-service drinks stations throughout the lounge. You can choose from soda, spirit drinks, fresh juices, wine, liquor, a water fountain.

Melbourne lounge also features convenient bathrooms with private shower suites.The back of the lounge has a kids play area.

International lounges:

  • Sydney lounge
  • Melbourne lounge
  • Brisbane lounge
  • Auckland lounge
  • Wellington lounge
  • Christchurch lounge
  • Perth lounge
  • Nadi lounge
  • Rarotonga lounge

Air New Zealand international lounges offer different seating options. If you choose to fly with Air New Zealand you will find self-service buffet and drinks stations in all international lounges, bar areas offering alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The lounges offer comfortable dining areas serving  delicious meal options for breakfast, lunch and dinner and also premium quality beverages.

They also offer business facilities such as free access to high speed Wi-fi, Passengers on international flights have also access to shower facilities which offer different extras like towels, hairdryers.

For those fliers who are traveling with kids, the airline’s international lounges offer kids zones with games for kids.