Virgin Australia Business & First Class Lounge

Business and first class flights provide you with a variety of services of exceptional quality and facilities which will make your airport waiting time a pleasant experience.

By choosing first and business class lounges you can sleep, work, rest, get plenty of entertainment or try flavorful food and refreshing drinks at a comfortable and peaceful spot. They offer services and facilities of supreme quality. If you want maximum comfort and privacy during your flight, business class flights are the best choice for you.

Business and first class lounges provide you with the opportunity to while away your waiting time between flights in a productive and pleasant way.

They also offer really convenient amenities and exclusive services such as:

  • priority check-in
  • quick baggage handling
  • chauffeured transfer from the lounge to the airplane

You can choose to either rest, work or meet new people before your flight. If you choose to fly with Virgin Australia, your amazing business and first class travel experience is guaranteed.

All business class customers of the airline get a priority check-in and  exclusive business class lounge access. All of the airline’s business class guests have a private reception desk which offers them a quick check-in procedure.

As a Virgin Australia customer you get an exclusive set of services and amenities that help you feel well-rested and ready for your next part of your journey. The airline’s lounges offer different convenient features and well-designed spaces where you can enjoy amazing services while chatting with friends or colleagues.

All Virgin Australia passengers  who travel in first and business class and also Velocity Gold and Platinum members can use premium entry to the air carrier’s lounges.

All of the airline’s premium lounges offer their guests a dedicated security line and a wide variety of premium quality services. They also offer premium valet parking service and also meeting rooms which are available for hire at selected locations.

The air carrier’s international lounge locations are in:

  • Australia (Brisbane, Melbourne, Sidney)
  • New Zealand (Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Quenstown)
  • America (Los Angeles), Asia (Bali, Denpasar)

The airline is in partnership with different airlines and it has several partner operated lounges:

  • Alitalia
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Etihad Airways
  • Hainan Airlines

The air company’s domestic lounges are in:

  • Adelaide
  • Brisbane
  • Alice Springs
  • Cairns
  • Canberra
  • Darwin
  • Gold Coast
  • Mackay
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Sydney

Virgin Australia Premium Entry Lounges:


Virgin Australia lounge in Sidney is located just after security point at Terminal 2. Sidney Lounge is large in size as it offers  a great choice of seat types and plenty of personal space for each traveler. Here you can indulge and unwind in a relaxing and a productive way.

This lounge offers the airline’s customers a direct kerbside access, valet parking service, flight check-in and a dedicated security screening point. The structure of this lounge consists of two levels and it’s located at Virgin Australia’s domestic terminal.

The interior is in a modern stylish design and it offers plenty of great runway views. If  you are a fan of planes, the lounge’s upper floor is the best spot where you can get amazing views toward the airport’s tarmac.

The lounge’s stylish interior in white, gray, violet and blue provides all  guests with an excellent lighting and great seating choice. There are:

  • armchairs
  • sofas
  • leather benches
  • lounging chairs
  • stools with side coffee tables
  • communal tables

The interior of this lounge includes modern curved lines, ambient electronic music, pleasant mood lighting. The ceiling is with a cutting-edge modern architectural design.

The lounge’s atmosphere is welcoming and gives a sense of tranquility and coziness. This lounge is spreading on a large territory and it has the capacity for a great number of passengers. It has a convenient seat layout which offers a high level of privacy for each passenger.

There are plenty of quiet spots where passengers can work or sleep before boarding their flight. This luxury lounge also features convenient  USB charging ports as well as standard Australian power ports. There is a dedicated check-Iine, service desk available for guests travelling with carry-on baggage only.

There are different seating areas with a big number of comfortable  seats with compartments between them for extra privacy. Business class flyers can choose from different types of seats- chairs with small side tables, stools.

There are TV screens throughout the lounge area and the lounge offers scenic views of the airport’s tarmac. You can find seats suitable for solo travelers and seats placed around coffee tables perfect for flyers traveling in groups.

There is a drinks and snacks counter in the middle of the lounge. Travelers can get coffee, tea and cookies at self-service mineral water and coffee stations around the lounge. There is also a self-serve buffet menu with a rich choice of tasty meals to satisfy your hunger before your flight.

The buffet’s menu includes three course meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner options) and a la carte dining. The breakfast options include eggs, bacon, pastries, cereals, fresh fruit, a selection of premium quality curated wines, craft beer, champagne, spirit drinks, non-alcoholic beverages and all-day barista made coffee, also fresh juices and grab-and-go light snacks.

The buffet zone offers comfortable reclined leather seats where everyone can have their meal while enjoying the great views towards the runway. The airline’s lounge in Sidney offers shower facilities with complimentary towels and amenities.

Passengers have news and entertainment options such as TV areas with free-to-air programs as well as an access to a big collection of  free national and local newspapers and magazines.

For those of you who want to get some work done, the lounge offers a small business center with complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi and different office amenities -computers and printers as well as convenient power outlets for phones and devices.

This lounge offers both communal spaces and quiet areas. There are business services including individual workstations and desktop computers. Here you can choose from different delicious foods and drinks as well as treats like chocolates. The lounge’s dining area has self-serve counters with hot and cold drinks and light snacks.

There is a custom barista coffee bar and different kinds of craft beer, red and white wine selection, liquor, spirit drinks, soda fountain.

The lounge’s buffet includes a variety of meals and snacks for every taste. You will find fresh salads, fruit selections, soups, hot and cold meals, popcorn, chips, toasts, spreads, the famous Australian vegemite and other regional dishes.

Virgin Australia travelers can also access private meeting rooms available for hire and also private shower stations.

Sidney’s lounge offers its guests the option to spend less time at the gate. It features a separate escalator which transports passengers from the lounge directly back to the airport’s  terminal.

The lounge’s wellness zone helps you indulge in relaxing spa therapies which will remove the travel-related stress and help you refresh before your flight.


Brisbane’s lounge offers an elegant modern design offering functionality, private space and comfort. There are different types of seats with partitions which offer privacy and comfort for each traveler. The interior offers plenty of views of the runway.

Brisbane’s lounge offers a rich buffet spread offering a variety of meals with excellent taste. This lounge has a spacious atrium entry. Its interior includes elegant wooden furniture and convenient amenities.

The lounge offers a café area and self-serve kiosks that offer barista coffee, tea, cookies. It also has a staffed snacks and drinks bar with stools and fridges stocked with different  beer brands, spirits and non-alcoholic drinks.

The buffet area offers hot and cold meals, salads, light snacks. First and business class passengers will also find free reading materials like newspapers and magazines, There USB charging ports at each table and at the workstations.


Another premium lounge of the airline which offers services and amenities of the highest quality. It was renovated in 2014. Melbourne lounge is large and it offers a variety of seating configurations (coffee, bar and dining seating) and its main area has an open-space design.

First and business class passengers can use premium Exit and Priority Screening security lane which is available in Melbourne.

The lounge’s seats offer plenty of space and privacy for each passenger. The lounge’s reception area has a self-service scanning and customer service desk.

There are individual seats and seats arranged around coffee tables and also USB charging points at the tables. You will find stools, winding benches, armchairs, coffee and cocktail tables.

The lounge offers beautiful views of  the airport’s tarmac and enough natural light because of the high number of windows. Its interior is in beautiful purple, violet, red and gray colors and it features timber finishings and elegant and comfortable furniture.

Melbourne lounge offers a staffed barista bar and a buffet spread which includes:

  • breakfast
  • lunch
  • dinner
  • light snacks
  • sandwiches
  • desserts like muffins, biscuits and machine-made pancakes

Lounge guests can choose from different salads and dressings and make their own sandwich. The buffet’s main meals include pasta, rice, meat, sauces.

The guests of Melbourne lounge will also find coffee and tea stations offering exclusive tea blends selection. The lounge features drinks and snacks bar. Here you will find a small island bar with an elegant standing area serving beer, champagne, red and white wines and other alcoholic drinks. The bar area also offers plenty of power charging points and great tarmac views as well.

The lounge features a small business center and two meeting rooms.  It offers printers and connectivity stations at the tables which are ideal for presentations and video conferences.

Passengers will  also find shower and bathroom facilities that offer individual shower suites for passengers. The shower rooms provide passengers with high quality skin-care products.

Melbourne lounge offers TV zones, a kids playground and a game area with video game consoles which is perfect for keeping your kids entertained while you are waiting for your flight.


The air company’s business class lounge in Perth can be found in T1 and T2. It serves most of the flights departing from Perth and some part of regional flights departing from T2 Regional Terminal. This lounge experienced a redesign in 2015 which was part of a major redevelopment project of the airport.

This premium lounge has a unique modern design which is achieved by its modern style furniture and high ceilings with a unique futuristic design. There is a rich choice of seating and furniture- leather armchairs, curved work tables, bar tables.

There are USB ports and device charging points by each table. This lounge offers also a self-service bar where you can get cold drinks, canned soft drinks, draft and bottled beer.

Perth Virgin Lounge offers private shower suites equipped with soft towels and cosmetic kits that include complimentary luxury organic skin care products by a famous Australian brand. The shower rooms are spacious and offer maximum comfort and privacy for each customer.

It’s a small lounge in comparison to Brisbane’s lounge. It offers plenty of natural light thanks to its many floor-to-ceiling windows which offer many tarmac views and create a sense of space. The windows have retractable blinds for the moments when the sun is bright.

Its large windows are a perfect spot for watching the planes. The ceiling features unique decorations. The interior includes a lot of open-space zones which are large. This allows a great number of passengers without overcrowding.

The guests of Perth’s lounge will find self-service counters and separate coffee bars serving premium barista-coffee drinks.

The lounge offers a dining area with a buffet serving hot and cold meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner such as fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, cereal, pancakes, croissants, toasts, jams, muesli, yoghurt, toppings, cheese and meat plates, vegetables, salads, sandwiches.


Cairns lounge is one of the smallest lounges of the air company but it offers plenty of convenient amenities and services. All of the lounge’s space features beautiful views and a plenty of space to accommodate a big number of passengers.

When waiting at this lounge you can enjoy great views of the airport’s runways. There is a buffet area offering a variety of meals, snacks and drinks.

Cairns lounge offers a work area with office facilities suitable for working and business meetings. Virgin Australia offers some other small newly-renovated lounges at Adelaide, Darwin, Gold Coast and regional lounges at Alice Springs and Mackay.


Canberra lounge offers great views to the airport’s outside. This business class lounge was reopened in 2013.