Singapore Airlines Business & First Class Lounge

Airport lounges are great places to spend your time before your flight. Major air companies offer their first and business class passengers luxury waiting lounges with a variety of services and amenities that guarantee five-star air travel experience. Luxury lounges offer you everything you need to be well-rested and ready for your long flight.

Thanks to their amenities you can either catch up on your sleep, work on your laptop, rest or enjoy different entertainment options with your family.

Waiting lounges offer:

  • nap rooms
  • shower facilities
  • spa centers
  • business centers
  • daybeds
  • semi-private cubicles
  • lots of exquisite meal and beverage choices

Unique air travel experience


Singapore Airlines offers high quality lounge services and amenities for its passengers allowing them quality moments of rest before their flight. The comfort of their passengers is obviously their top priority which is seen in the way their lounges are made. If you choose Singapore Airlines lounges, you will have a memorable air travel experience.

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal is one of the most spectacular in the world. The flagship carrier of Singapore-Singapore Airlines offers all its passengers high quality airport lounge access that guarantees high comfort and privacy. They can spend their layover time in an enjoyable and productive way.

Singapore Airlines offer four airport lounges:

  • First class lounge
  • SilverKis Lounge
  • SilkAir Lounges
  • Airline partner lounges
  • The Private Room and KrisFlyer Gold Lounge which is for economy class passengers.

The Private Room is for passengers who fly on Singapore Airlines First Class or Suites. The company’s lounges are located in Singapore Changi Airport. The lounges offer comfortable setting, fine dining, luxury facilities, entertainment options, spa services and attentive service.

First Class Check-in Reception

Singapore Airlines’ first Class Check-in Reception offers an extensive range of services and amenities of the highest quality that will make you feel like you are in a five-star hotel. All first class passengers can have their check-in handled by Passenger Relations Officer while enjoying a relaxing time in the lounge.

First class passengers can sit back and relax in a luxury environment before their flight and get a supreme quality lounge service.

The whole five-star experience is enhanced by a welcoming interior in a luxurious design and a variety of convenient amenities and services that will make you feel pampered. The lounge offers numerous seating options.

This first class lounge offers you a direct private entrance from the lounge to immigration and then you can continue to the SilverKris Lounge or to your boarding gate.

Singapore Airport has a special immigration desk for first class travelers. The first class check-in desk has chairs where passengers can sit while they are being checked-in. First class arriving passengers receive towels and chilled water bottles.

Porter service makes every guest of the lounge feel exclusive. Upon your arrival a porter will assist you with your luggage and guide you through the First Class Check-in facility, located next to immigration. Changi Airport offers first and business class customers private immigration channel that leads to SilverKris Lounges and The Private Room.

SilverKris Lounge

SilverKris Lounge is a luxurious lounge designed for business class passengers and it has many world locations. It offers a wide range of lounge services and amenities of exceptional quality. Its location in Changi Airport in Singapore is at Terminal Two. This lounge is accessed at the top of the airport’s  escalator close to immigration desk.

All first and business class passengers who are flying on first class or they are Star Alliance members or Solitaire PPS members can access SilverKris  Lounge. The entryway of SilverKris Lounge is close to the entrance of First class lounge and the Private room.

Facilities and services

SilverKris Lounge offers different facilities and services with an outstanding quality that ensure high quality air travel experience for each passenger. It offers a pleasant luxurious atmosphere, which is achieved by the spacious elegantly designed interior with a convenient seating arrangement.

SilverKris Lounge offers its guests great number of seating options. It has hundreds of seats of different designs to suit the taste of business class travelers-couches, chairs, stools. The lounge’s dining area includes both dinning and communal tables with 2-4 seats.

The lounge spaces offer plenty of natural light, quiet atmosphere  and enough space which offers high level of privacy and peace for each passenger.

SilverKris Lounge provides its business class customers with contemporary business center with all the necessary amenities a business traveler may need.

This business class lounge features also communal workstations which are really convenient for those business class travelers who want to do some work. The seats offer power outlets and USB  ports.

This area is located close to the entrance of first class lounge near a ticketing  area for those passengers who need help with their reservations.

Foods and drinks options

SilverKris Lounge offers a wide variety of foods and drinks made of excellent quality products. It has a self-serve buffet and a drinks bar with an extensive choice of drinks and snacks.

There are drink stations inside the lounge serving non-alcoholic drinks such as soft drinks, spirits, coffee, tea and also selections of alcoholic drinks such as wines, liquors, beers. The lounge also features coffee machines. For those who want a dining menu, the lounge offers rich food selection.

There are full-course meal options that include traditional meals from Singapore’s cuisine. The available snacks include mixed nuts, chips, cereal, ready-made sandwiches, a selection of warm meals, light snacks and desserts.

Those who travel on business will find the lounge’s meeting rooms really convenient. They feature workstations with computers and high speed Internet access.

Throughout the lounge you will find TV areas, wireless Wi-fi and also complimentary newspaper and magazines available for the customers.

This business class lounge offers passengers the opportunity to take a shower before their flight.

There are communal bathrooms with a variety of necessary amenities in case you forgot to bring something in your luggage. They are located in the main lounge bathroom facility and are really convenient options for frequent business class travelers.

The bathroom facilities have also nursing rooms and passengers have the option to get a massage. They will find massage rooms in the airport’s spa center.

The other locations of this luxury business class lounge are:

  • London
  • Adelaide
  • Bangkok
  • Brisbane
  • Hong Kong
  • Taipei
  • Kuala Lumpur

SilkAir lounges

If you are a business class flyer, Singapore Airlines’ SilkAir lounges are one of the perfect places to spend pre-flight time in an enjoyable way. First class and business class passengers on Star Alliance flights also receive exclusive access to SilkAir Lounges.

Besides Singapore these business class lounges can be also found at different other destinations. Singapore Airlines offers SilkAir Lounges in:

  • Japan
  • Thailand
  • China
  • Australia
  • Cambodia
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • Nepal
  • Philippines

All first and business passengers who are PPS Club members, KrisFlyer Elite Gold members or SilkAir Business Class passengers have access to SilkAir lounges.

This lounge offers business and first class passengers an exquisite environment with a variety of luxury amenities and services of highest quality. The cozy and pleasant atmosphere of the lounge  offers a great opportunity for flyers to relax, work or enjoy good food and refreshing drinks.

Singapore Airlines have also other lounges with locations around the world.

SilkAir lounges can be found at variety of locations:

  • Australia
  • Cambodia
  • China
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • Nepal
  • Philippines
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

The Private Room

One of the best first class lounges you can find in the world of first class airport lounges. Just like its name suggests, this first class lounge offers a maximum level of privacy for each passenger.

This first class lounge’s main location is Terminal 3 and passengers with access to The Private Room go through first Class Check-in area which has a dedicated driveway and a drop off service.

The Private Room has an entrance podium with a concierge desk  leading to its entry. Passengers can learn flight information at the concierge desk.

It’s an interesting thing that The Private Room is located inside the air company’s first class lounge which is inside the business class lounge. This definitely guarantees a feeling of exclusivity and private space for first class travelers.

Designed for first class passengers it can be found inside the airline’s first class waiting lounge. It offers five-star comfort and privacy. No matter if you need to catch a nap, rest, work on projects or enjoy tasty food, The Private Room lounge offers everything a first class flyer needs.

All of the air company’s first class travelers and those who fly on first class on Star Alliance partners, PPS members have an exclusive access to The Private Room.

The Private Room lounge isn’t too large in size but its main feature is its intricate luxurious design. It features comfortable classic style furniture , leather and velvet armchairs and subtle lighting. The lounge’s interior is elegantly furniture as the furniture has Chesterfield design fabrics.

Facilities and services

It offers a variety of first class services. It features dark wood paneling in beige and brown color palette, floor carpeting and walls decorated with marble.

This first class lounge has a long L-shape and it offers different seating areas to meet the needs of different kinds of first class passengers . The seating layout is designed in a way to offer maximum privacy for solo travelers as there is enough space between the seats.

There are partitions between the seats and there is a low seating density which achieves a high level of privacy and avoids overcrowding. There are also comfortable sofa areas for flyers who travel in a company.

The seat dividers and the high number of windows makes the lounge seem more spacious. The lounge’s ceiling is high and there are large ceiling-to –floor windows at each side that offer plenty of natural light. There are high back armchairs with individual partitions along the windows – ideal for solo travelers.

For couples, families or passengers who travel in small groups the lounge offers soft and comfortable armchairs and sofas grouped together. The windows offer views towards Changi’s airplane gates and runways.

Here first class passengers will find small private rooms located at the back of The Private Room. They have chairs, side tables and ottomans inside and also a door that closes. These private rooms are designed for travelers who want to make phone calls in privacy or just have a personal space to rest.

The Private Room Lounge provides business class customers with a business center with business necessities where passengers can use separate workstations with iMac computers.

The lounge also offers a special family room with chairs for kids and diaper changing station located at the back of the lounge. There are also several TV areas and a variety of reading materials arranged on racks such as international newspapers and magazines. The lounge offers its customers also an app for digital newspapers and magazines.

Fine dining options

The main lounge area is suitable for passengers who want to enjoy  a drink before their dinner. There is a luxurious restaurant with fine dining and a waiter service for those flyers who want to have a meal. For the food lovers the lounge offers an elegant dining area with a restaurant serving  multiple food and beverage choices of supreme quality .

The five-star  dining area is triangularly-shaped and it features luxurious décor, artistic lamps and seats and sofas with cocoa brown leather and buttoned artistry in Chesterfield design. It has several beautifully designed marble pillars which play the role as a screen and partly separate the dining area from the other part of the lounge.

The lounge’s main dining area offers a la carte menu and a self-serve buffet that include breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner options as well as mouth-watering desserts. The lounge offers a delicious traditional Singaporean cuisine and also international cuisine .There is also a bar with a bartender serving alcoholic drinks.

First class guests will find sandwiches, toast, cold cuts, nuts, cheeses, yoghurt and a variety of snacks, biscuits and fresh fruits . There are also complimentary alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, champagne and liquor.

You can also find a variety of non-alcoholic drinks, spirits, tea, coffee drinks and fresh juices. Besides delicious meals and exquisite drinks, first class passengers can also enjoy great views towards the tarmac and the runway.

The luxury lounge offers also shower suites in its bathroom area – a convenient option for frequent first class flyers. Passengers who are in a hurry can also use a buggy service.