Emirates Airlines Business & First Class Lounge

If you are a frequent flyer, you probably already know that business class offers different services and perks that make waiting for your flight an enjoyable experience. Layover can be spent in a pleasant way if you choose the right type of lounge.

Airport lounges provide passengers with a comfortable setting  where each traveler can relax, sleep or work before boarding their airplane.

There are also convenient amenities that help you spend your pre-flight time in an efficient way. This is especially true for first and business class lounges as they offer services and amenities of excellent quality.

First and business class lounges offer premium quality air travel products that guarantee a smooth and pleasant air travel experience.


No matter what is the purpose of your flight-business or leisure, waiting lounges will make any long-haul flight more enjoyable. Since they have quiet areas and extensive range of services and facilities, you can properly unwind and rejuvenate before a flight, enjoy tasty food or even catch up on your work projects.

Emirates Airlines strive to provide its passengers with supreme quality services and amenities that guarantee well-spent moments of relaxation and happiness before their flight. Dubai’s leading air carrier offers one of the best first and business class services and amenities in the aviation sphere.

They offer you the chance to enjoy

  • high quality services and amenities
  • delicious meals and a snack to fuel up
  • refreshing drinks
  • convenient perks like priority check-in, duty-free shopping, chauffeured transfer, easy flight connections, spa treatments and business centers, attentive lounge staff and more

Since the guest to staff ratio on most first and business class lounges is around 1:1, lounge guests can get more personal attention from the staff.

Emirates business class lounge

It’s located in Dubai International Airport at Terminal 3 and it takes a large part of the Terminal. It’s one of the biggest first class lounges in the world. And it’s one of the best first class lounges in terms of quality service offering.

It’s designed in a way to make passengers feel like as if at home. No matter if you want to use your free pre-flight time to rest, work or enjoy entertainment options, Emirates business class lounge will suit your needs. It features:

  • cozy luxury facilities
  • great variety of five-star services
  • quiet surroundings
  • high level of privacy
  • comfort for each traveler

Due to the severe economic conditions the airline has experienced Emirates Airlines have allowed their Skywards economy class passengers access to the business class lounge.

As this business class is massive in size, it offers plenty of seating options set in different seating areas with a different configuration. Business class passengers have a big choice of seat types- couches, chairs, ottomans, community tables, loungers.

Thanks to the lounge’s massive interior, the place never gets too crowded as it has a capacity for a great number of first class passengers.

One of the key features of the lounge is its elegant futuristic design and super comfortable furniture. It has a stylish and modern interior in elegant golden design and ultra comfortable seating which guarantees you pleasant experience and enough private space.

If you are a champagne lover, don’t miss to visit the airline’s Moët and Chandon champagne lounge where you can enjoy a splendid variety of the world’s favourite champagne.

The emblematic champagne brand is served with a rich selection of delicious canapés prepared by chefs. Business class passengers can enjoy a quick exquisite snack such as French cheese gougeres and goat cheese or sweet macaroons before boarding their flight.

Business class travelers can also enjoy a unique coffee experience with the original brand Costa Coffee or opt for a soothing herbal tea.

When you enter this business class lounge, you get a complimentary COSTA coffee, which you can drink it at the café or bring it aboard with you. You can also choose from the delicious COSTA pastries.

Emirates offers business class flyers the option for easy connections. Just like Emirates first class lounge, their business class lounge offers customers the option for a direct boarding right from the comfortable business class lounge in Concourse A lounges.

The air carrier also offers you the opportunity to board some flights without passing through the terminal again which is very convenient if you are short on time.

The Emirates Lounge offers its guests luxury surroundings and interior design providing you with an ultimate comfort that will make you forget you are at an airport.

Emirates business class lounge offers two main dining areas. You will find a self-serve buffet stations and a sit-down a la carte dining. It has communal tables and tables for 2-4 people.

At this place you can taste a rich palette of flavors and aromas from around the world thanks to the rich menu with tasty gourmet meals and a fine selection of beverages.

There are many food options-from light pre-flight snacks to full-course exquisite meals. The lounge’s dining area offers exquisite dining options that include starters, hot and cold meals, salads, fruit selections, juices, soft drinks, coffee drinks and soft drinks.

The lounge’s food menu includes cold dishes, salads, hummus, snack mixes, finger sandwiches, breads, nuts, crackers, sweet treats like cookies, pastries, rolls and fresh fruit. Among the hot meal options are pasta, meat and vegetable meals, soups, traditional specialty meals from Dubai’s cuisine.

All the lounge meals are prepared by Michelin-star chefs and they offer you a delight to the senses.

Business class lounge has a bar area with a friendly and attentive staff serving fine white wines selection, liquors, premium class champagne, cocktails, long drinks and spirit drinks from world famous brands.

Coffee machines and staffed food and drink stations placed around the business class lounge cater different drinks, sparkling water, snacks, ice cream, nuts, hummus and other types of food.

Emirates’ business class lounge has also a Health Hub. It offers a rich selection of healthy foods  and meals for those travelers who want to say on track with their diet when traveling.

At Health Hub you can revitalize with wholesome fruits that are tasty and nutritious at the same time. It offers you a variety of healthy meals,  fruit selections ,super foods and juices.

Here you can get a Mediterranean salad or vegetable wrap , special healthy options such as  yoghurt, hummus,  salmon, gluten free desserts, vegetable chips. When it comes to drinks you can choose from fruit-infused water, fresh juices, smoothies.

The lounge’s bar areas offer guests the perfect option to socialize or learn the latest news at the TV areas around the lounge. You can find also business class cigar bar.

Business class travelers can also use Kids playground zones as well as shower room facilities. They include a variety of amenities  and complimentary kits with necessities every traveler needs.

This business class lounge offers also a complimentary Wi-Fi access , many power outlets and also wireless charging function. Emirates Airlines offer its business class customers the option to board their flight directly from Concourse A Lounges.

There is a fully equipped modern business center with separate cubicles that have Apple computers, workstations, printers.

The lounge offers dedicated quiet areas where business class flyers can unwind before their flight. They  can also use rest areas featuring leather chairs with ottomans where business class passengers can enjoy some relaxing time or have a proper sleep. The leather chairs have blankets and night stands beside each chair.

At Dubai Airport you can also relax in a five-star spa zone offering different spa therapies – Six Senses Spa.

There are dedicated open space quiet areas located away from the lounge’s main aisle near the buffet zone. They feature subtle lighting, bed-like lounge chairs that can be used as beds. Here first class guests can get fresh blankets and rest or sleep. This area offers great views towards the airport’s tarmac.

There is also a section storing different magazines and books close to the lounge’s entrance.


There is also a separate Wi-Fi area where first class passengers can work in a peaceful environment. Besides all the standard amenities every business class lounge offers, there is also a shoe shine service inside this lounge.

If you want to pamper yourself with a spa therapy before continuing with your air travel, Emirates business class lounge has a luxury spa center. The spa branch called Timeless Spa offers you great spa options.

There are spa therapies with short duration which are perfect for those travelers who are in a hurry. You can have back, foot and head massages in the spa. This spa zone is also located inside the business class lounge.

Emirates First Class Lounge

If you want to unwind in style before your flight surrounded by a luxurious and elegant environment, this spot offers you plenty of opportunities. Emirates First class lounge offers direct boarding for its guests.

When you enter this lounge you get the feeling you are in an elegant five-star hotel. The first class lounge of Emirates really sets the standard for what a first class lounge should look like.

This modernly designed first class lounge will definitely allow you to relax in a quality way and arrive at your destination fully rested and energized. Imagine going on an adventure before your trip begins.

Emirates first class lounge offers various exquisite dining options.  First class passengers can either choose to eat from the self-serve buffet or prefer a waiter service instead.

You will find a great choice of premium quality meals that offer amazing taste in each bite and international cuisine dishes made by master chefs. The chefs prepare the dishes at the lounge’s open kitchen.

The lounge’s first class dining restaurant area has a rich buffet choice offering appetizers, a la carte meals, cold cuts, breads, fresh fruit, vegetables , yoghurt, muesli,  desserts, freshly baked croissants. There are breakfast, lunch and dinner options as well as light snack choices . There are also Sushi and sashimi station

When it comes to the drinks menu you can choose from a fully stacked bar with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks or choose freshly made juices.

The bar offers a rich champagne selection and there is a separate cigar bar area in Concourse A lounges too.

At Emirates first class lounge you can either choose to work, shop, get entertainment or indulge with a rejuvenating spa therapy.

If you are a fan of shopping, Emirates business class lounge offers you a personalized shopping experience at the lounge’s large shopping department. You will find a duty-free boutique at the lounge’s area made exclusively for first class customers.

There you can choose from a great variety of world famous luxury brands. You can either find special gifts for your loved ones or make a gift to yourself.

Emirates first class lounge has a modern fully-featured business class center equipped with all the necessary range of office amenities. It has also meeting rooms with capacity for many people.

This luxury business center features secure charging stations where each passenger can charge their phone or tablet when they are waiting to board their aircraft.

There is also a rich choice of reading materials such as magazines and newspapers at the main lounge space.

And if you are a fan of good wine, Emirates first class lounge is the perfect place where you can find another “gem” to add to your wine collection. Here an expert sommelier will show you the best vintages in Le Clos Wine Cellar and help you pick up a favourite wine.

Shower spas

Is there a greater way to prepare for the next part of a long journey than a relaxing spa therapy in a splendid and calm atmosphere.

The lounge offers luxury shower suites where each passenger can have a refreshing shower. Each first class passenger gets luxury amenity kits that include:

  • toiletries
  • hairdryers
  • shaving kits
  • toothbrush
  • hand cream
  • shower amenities such as towels, slippers, shampoos, lotion

Emirates first class lounge has special quiet areas which house loungers with individual cubicles where passengers can rest or sleep. The main advantage of these loungers is that they allow you to sleep in a natural sleep position and also create maximum privacy.

First class guests are also offered complimentary blankets, pillows, socks, eye masks, shade lamps, water bottles so that they have a quality nap time.

If you are flying with your kids, you can bring them to the lounge’s kids play areas. They offer TVs, a variety of toys and PS4 which guarantee your kids will get plenty of fun pre-flight time.