Qatar Airways Business & First Class Lounge

Airport lounges offer you the great opportunity to unwind in a comfortable setting while waiting for your flight’s departure time. They offer different complimentary amenities that add up to the whole air travel experience.

If you choose to travel with Qatar Airways, your unique air travel experience is guaranteed. Qatar Airways strives to provide all of its passengers with the highest level of comfort and privacy during their air travel.

For this reason the award-winning company offers its customers luxury first and business class lounges that are unparalleled in terms of their design, number of services and facilities. They are a proof that the world-leading airline offers not only high class in-flight services and amenities, but its on-ground services also offer the highest quality in the industry.

Qatar’s first and business class customers can enjoy a rich variety of world-class services and amenities before their journey begins. The air company’s first and business class lounges have both beautiful and convenient design features that meets all of the expectations of the lounges’ guests. And the staff’s award-winning hospitality is extraordinary.

If you are looking for a way to spend your waiting time at the airport lounge in style and in a comfort way, Qatar’s luxurious first and business class lounges are a great choice for you.

All Qatar Airways business and  first class customers have free exclusive access to the air company’s first and business class  lounges. The customers from the other air travel classes can also  access the premium lounge facilities at different locations around the world.

The air company’s business class lounge offers premium check-in for its first and business class customers as well as premium security and immigration lines. It has private check-in desks where each customer can seat during the check-in process.

Qatar Airways Business class lounge:

Al Mourjan

Al Mourjan is the flagship business class lounge of the air company. Qatar’s Oneworld First and Business class passengers have an exclusive access to Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge.

Waiting for your flight here  gives you the feeling you are in  five-star hotel. There is a  resort-like environment inside this spacious lounge covering an area of 10,000 square meters. In fact this is the equivalent of ten Olympic swimming pools.

The Al Safwa First Lounge is located on Level 3. Its entrance is  immediately after the Immigration and Security Check area. It takes the entire  third floor of Hamad International Airport in Doha

Qatar Airways Business class lounge definitely raises the world standard in terms of luxury business class lounges. It contains a variety of different spaces that are designed to offer convenience and privacy for each business class traveler.

Each seat at this business class lounge has an ergonomic design and it features a dedicated tablet, individual power outlet, USB port. Glass  partitions divide most of the seats located at the middle of the lounge which create a high level of privacy. Qatar’s business class lounge offers also a luggage storage area.

The lounge’s seats also have a little space between them where business class passengers can store their personal luggage. All business class travelers have a free access to water, tea and other drinks near all of the seating areas.

Interior design

Al Mourjan business class lounge’s  interior shows certain aspects of the Arabian heritage in a spectacular way. Right from the entrance you will encounter elegant art installations.

Classic and modern interior design  intertwine in a beautiful way. The central section of the lounge stands on a raised platform which enhances the entire stylish design of the lounge.

Al Mourjan’s spacious lounge has decorations made of exclusive marbles, It offers comfortable designer-made furniture and intricate artwork. The hand-made decorations give the interior a never-dying authentic style. The Feng-shui greenery in the lounge’s spaces offers you a feeling that you are close to nature.

An elegant Arabian-style ambience is achieved by the bronze walls showcasing traditional Arabic calligraphy. The lounge’s high ceilings increase the feeling of space even more.

The lounge’s seats offer touchscreens where every traveler can check the information they need about flights or the lounge, individual power outlets. There is also a complimentary water bottle and cookies besides each seat.

 Fine dining facilities

When  it comes to food choices, business class lounge offers buffet dinning and a la carte menu with a variety of  meals that spoil the senses. Here you can taste flavors and aromas from all around the world. You can choose from light snacks or delicious gourmet meals.

The lounge’s menu includes different meal options to suit all types of tastes. Moreover, there are different dining areas inside the lounge so you can choose where to dine. This business class lounge includes  places where you can enjoy tasty fine meals such as a patisserie , continental or oriental brasserie, a global deli.

The lounge also features an exemplary bar where all passengers can enjoy a rich selection of fine beverages surrounded by incredible atmosphere. There is a café located at the lounge’s ground level that offers a buffet and a menu with made-to-order sandwiches and salads .

The lounge’s main restaurant sits directly above the reflection pool and customers can enter it either by climbing a spiral staircase or via an escalator.

The mezzanine floor offers plenty of space to give you the comfort you need for your excellent dinner experience. A reflection pool adds up to the whole tranquil atmosphere.

Ultimate Spa experience

Besides multiple dining options, here at Al Mourjan Business Lounge you can also enjoy beautifying and relaxing therapies. It offers you a perfect way to energize and relax before a long-haul flight.

The lounge’s wellness center is created to offer a near-resort experience a serene environment.  Here in this peaceful retreat every passenger can rejuvenate and relax in a beautiful spa atmosphere whose design is inspired by nature’s beauty.

The lounge’s spa zone offers luxury shower and restroom facilities. To provide each traveler with the highest level of convenience the lounge’s spa has unique showers.

Every business class passenger can take a refreshing shower in a private spa zone before their flight. Each shower has its own spacious area where you will find convenient amenities one of which are fine linens, shampoo, conditioner.

Garden zone

Qatar’s business class lounge has a special garden resort area where every passenger can enjoy a moment of relaxation before their flight’s departure. There are different rooms designed to provide passengers with a maximum level of comfort.

Here you can get a fresh drink, spend pleasant moments in the family rooms, or catch up on your sleep in some of the garden’s quiet rooms. The lounge’s garden zone definitely offers you one of its kind airport lounge experience.

Work spaces

Besides multiple relaxation options, Qatar’s business class lounge offers you also the opportunity to work in a quite spot and be efficient even when flying.

At the lounge’s facilities you will find different business services and amenities  such as conference rooms, business centers, There are also private workstations that offer personal display screens, complimentary high speed Wi-fi.

The business services area of  Al Mourjan lounge includes also private family areas featuring large Tv screens, kids nursery rooms. You can rest at leather couches to spent exciting time at the game rooms where you can play Formula 1 simulator.

Qatar Airways First Class Lounge:

Al Safwa First Lounge

The quality of all of the lounge’s services and amenities has no analog. Al Safwa First Lounge is a real oasis offering great variety of luxury services and facilities that give every first class passenger a sense of exclusivity.  It defines what first class experience truly means.
Al Safwa First Lounge is an airport lounge like no other and it really sets the first class lounge standards high.  Al Safwa First Lounge is massive in size and it offers state-of-the-art facilities and great variety of luxury services. One of them are a cozy restaurant, a snacks bar, spa zone facilities, a modern  business center, a cinematic room and a dedicated family area.
The Al Safwa First Lounge is an evidence of Arabian grandeur meeting the needs of every elite class traveler.  If you cherish the valuable things in life and want to live life to the fullest, Qatar’s First Class Lounge is designed for people like you.

Unique interior design

Every detail of this first class lounge is created in order to provide utmost comfort and convenience to travelers. If you are looking to a luxury lounge experience, Qatar’s  Al Safwa First Lounge is a perfect choice. 

Here awaits you an abundance of elite class amenities and complimentary services that guarantee you an unforgettable luxury lounge experience. The quality of the lounge’s services is unsurpassed and the great attention to detail can be seen everywhere.

Al Safwa First Lounge has a design that is inspired by the design of the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha. It offers a beautiful and stylish  representation of the area’s rich history and culture .

If you are a fan of fine art,  Al Safwa First Lounge  will charm  you. The main characteristics of the interior  add up to the lounge’s sense of harmony. The open spaces of the Al Safwa First Lounge  have a unique sandstone and marble detailing crafted in a skillful way.

The entire interior is made in such a manner to create a sense of calming atmosphere for all first class passengers. The lounge’s interior’s design has decoratively designed details such as the spectacular water fountain.

The showcase of Islamic fine art installations and artefacts loaned from the Museum of Islamic Art offers delight for those travelers who love historical art.

Convenient facilities

There is an abundance of natural light inside the lounge which creates a sense of coziness during the day. The lounge’s business center features potted plants and a buffet with light snacks as well as modern-style chairs and tables offering high comfort.

Besides standard lounge seats, Qatar’s first class lounge has lie-flat recliners with individual tables located at the back of the lounge area. They are ideal for those passengers who need to catch up on their sleep.

Exceptional quality dining

If business class lounge offers restaurant-level meals, first class lounge offers five-star menu with meals prepared by famous chefs.

If you are a food lover, Qatar’s first class lounge offers you a menu that guarantees you great culinary experience before your flight. Qatar’s first class lounge offers an abundance of food choices tantalizing the taste buds.

The lounge features a luxury restaurant with 250 seats offering culinary masterpieces prepared by fresh local ingredients. The meals offered at Al Safwa First Lounge’s restaurant are part of  International and traditional Arabic cuisines.

Customers can choose from a rich menu that includes full-course meals: delicious appetisers, savoury entrées,a la carte dinning. You can also choose from a selection of signature à la carte dishes and enjoy premium beverages.

Luxury spa retreat

Qatar’s first class offers you a great opportunity to indulge all of your senses in a luxurious spa environment. Qspa offers a variety of spa services that provide  you with the quality  relaxation you need before a long flight.

Qspa has a total of nine spa therapy rooms  where you can enjoy different spa therapies and muscle treatments after which you will feel fully renewed and energized.

Besides standard beauty services such as pedicure and manicure, in Qspa you can also choose to indulge  with a relaxing Jacuzzi or enjoy some quiet moments of peace in a special  relaxation room. At the lounge’s first class nap rooms you will find Tv, a sofa and a coffee table.

Qatar’s first class lounge offers its guests also different entertainment options to spend their time before the flight in an enjoyable way.

Thanks to a special cinematic room, game room and a dedicated family area, Qatar’s first class passengers can get more out of their luxury lounge experience. The game room offers different video games and foosball that guarantee you quality time with your loved ones.