Japan Airlines Business & First Class Lounge

There is no doubt that airport lounges can help you survive any long-haul flight. Luxury airport lounges guarantee travelers great air travel experience. They offer you a great variety of excellent quality services and amenities of world class quality and also attentive flight attendants staff always available for each passenger.

At airport lounges first and business class flyers have the option to unwind, catch up on their sleep, get exquisite dining or enjoy quality entertainment.

No matter if you need to sleep, work or enjoy delicious foods and drinks, airport lounges offer you everything you need to get most out of your layover time and travel well-rested.

There is no better way to refresh and get ready for the next part of your air travel journey than using the amazing services and amenities waiting lounges offer. It’s great when you can find a relaxing and quiet environment to rejuvenate especially when flying on a long-haul flight.

Waiting lounges are the perfect places to spend your layover time in a productive and relaxing way. They not only allow you to rest in a quality way and prepare for the next part of your flight, but they can also offer a little insight into a new culture.

Japan Airline strives to offer its customers the best possible air travel experience and for this reason it offers first and business class lounges a great variety of premium quality services and amenities that make the fliers’ stay enjoyable.

Japan Airlines(JAL) is famous for its ultra comfortable business class seats and great quality air travel services.

Besides amazing in-flight amenities and services, Japan Airlines offers its customers also high quality lounge services and products. JAL’s first and business class lounges are unique in terms of their offering and interior design .Both lounges can be accessed through escalators at the airport locations.

Japan Airlines Sacura Business class lounge

Sacura Business class lounge has different locations -Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport, Narita in Tokyo, Osaka in Kansai, Nagoya in Chubu.

All first and business class passengers have access to Sacura business class lounge. The airline offers two types of lounge area: a main lounge area and a satellite one. The main lounge is located in the middle of the terminal.

Both lounge areas provide passengers with plenty of space and high number of seat variations. There are chairs grouped together suitable for passengers traveling in groups as well as chairs for solo travelers offering more seclusion and the option for working.

Japan Airlines Business class lounge offers services of exceptional quality  and perks such as special check-in counter priority, baggage check-in  and also fast and easy baggage delivery.

Japan Airlines offers its first and business class passengers a free transfer from the arrival airport to the passenger’s end destination.

Sacura business class lounge offers many lounge areas with different types of seating. When you enter the lounge you will find different seat configurations and different seat designs. The lounge’s first floor has two main seating zones-a larger one with different seat configurations and a smaller one.

There are comfortable leather armchairs with side tables. The seats offer power outlets and charging ports for different types of devices. The airline’s  business class lounge offers many cozy and quiet spaces offering passengers the opportunity to rest or work in privacy.

There are seats for solo travelers arranged for the most part in the main reception area as well as seats for large groups of passengers who travel in company.

The lounge’s furniture is arranged in different ways to offer privacy and convenience for the business class flyers. The lounge’s seating offers plenty of space and there are small side tables at each seat where travelers can put their belongings, food and drinks.

There is a main dining area located at the mezzanine which offers buffet dining. The lounge’s main dining area features communal tables which are also equipped with USB charging ports. There is a buffet table where all guests can choose from a variety of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert options.There you will find an abundance of delicious food choices of excellent quality.

The buffet serves traditional meals from the Japanese cuisine such as Taiyaki, there are meals with rice, fish, meat, soups(from which the traditional Miso soup), rice condiments, noodles, sushi balls, light snacks, yoghurt.

The lounge’s abundant menu includes also Western-cuisine meals, grilled fish, shrimp, spring rolls, beef, Chinese sweet sour chicken, dim sum-style meals, cereals, scrambled eggs, potato meals, pasta, sausage. There are also different breads, desserts, cookies, crackers, pastries.

Sacura business class lounge in Narita offers travelers soup and salad bar offering fresh healthy options. Travelers can also enjoy an authentic made-to-order sushi. It’s a Japanese hand-rolled sushi made by a chef.

The lounge’s bar offers alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks like beer  and some of the drinks are with a local origin. Business class travelers can also taste traditional Japanese wines and sake. There are draft beer machines offering foamy Japanese beer.

Snack stations on the first floor of the lounge. It offers beautiful views towards the airport. There are workstations with USB charging ports throughout the lounge.

The business class lounge features a business center with different office amenities such as computer stations and printers as well as a conference room.

The business center has workstations made with a cubicle design which allows maximum level of privacy for each business class traveler. There are also telephone booths available for anyone who wants privacy when making phone calls.

The  business class lounge offers convenient luggage storage area and locker areas where each traveler can lock their personal baggage.

The lounge’s first floor features shower suites and changing rooms. The shower rooms offer business class flyers different amenities and shower kits to refresh after or before a long flight.

JAL’ business class lounge also offers a kids play zone were traveling families can bring their kids. And there are dedicated sleeping areas for those passengers who want to rest or sleep.

The lounge offers a massage chairs area where travelers can unwind and energize before their flight.

JAL’s business class lounge also offers a separate  smoking room for its guests.

Japan Airlines First Class Lounge

Sacura First Class lounge

It can be found at Tokyo Narita and Haneda International Airports and it offers a big number of first class services and amenities to JAL’s first class passengers.

Thanks to the recent renovations this first class lounge’s interior in Tokyo Narita’s (NRT) main building this lounge now offers new look and more amenities. It was renovated in 2019 and it has a unique décor and elegant design in every detail which combines in itself both style and convenience.

The first class lounge has two distinct sections and a total of four main lounge areas. Each lounge section has its own entrance and they have an elevator that connects them inside the lounge. Passengers can find a service desk inside the lounge where they can get all sorts of air travel information.

Comfortable interior with an elegant and minimalist Japanese design in light and dark brown, white and beige color mix. It combines beauty and convenience in one place.

The lounge’s interior includes an interesting floor tile design and the seating is various: armchairs, traditional lounge chairs, ottomans, window chairs, family-style sofas and high-top seating in the dining area. The tables at the main dining area are also of various types. There are tables with 2 seats, tables with 4 seats and long tables for 10 people.


Besides stylish interior the lounge offers also great views towards the airport’s runway and taxiways as the lounge has long windows each of which has a long counter and enough seats for the flyers. This allows plenty of natural light to enter the lounge space.

Each seat has a soft pillow and power outlets and also small adjustable tables where passengers can place their laptops. Each row of seats has partitions which adds even more privacy to the business class flyers.

Japan Airlines’ first class lounge also has locker rooms and several seats at the hallway.

This allows passengers to enjoy the great view while working or eating at the counter. There each passenger can also charge their devices or just enjoy pleasant moments of peace before their flight.

There are beer, snacks and soft drinks stations throughout the luxury lounge and also complimentary fast Wi-Fi.

The dining area of this first class lounge offers individual square tables as well as communal tables. The main dining area takes the largest space of the lounge’s total territory and it offers a large self-serve buffet zone with a great variety of made-to-order meals.

It has a sushi bar at one side and a counter on the other where first class passengers can order their meal. There are self-service counters too.

The layout of the dining area allows a capacity for many people without giving the impression the dining area is too large.

The first class buffet selection includes:

  • fresh salads
  • meat and fish meals
  • sauces, breads
  • a small snack area serving desserts, candies, cookies

Here first class passengers can also find show cooking called Teppan Dinning cooking  which is its main feature. It has a special teppanyaki grill where a chef makes a delicious beef dish.

There are also local meals with greens and veggies, Chinese shu mai and shrimp dumplings  and also a noodle station serving traditional Chinese udon noodles . There each customer can prepare their own noodle meal with different condiments.

Besides a variety of freshly prepared meals Sacura First Class lounge offers a rich selection of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks such as wine and liquor.

There are special machines serving Japanese beer, cappuccino machines, self-serve drink stations with chilled drinks such as sodas and fruit juices.

The main dining area contains also an exclusive lounge section called The Red Suite which is separated into four areas and it has an unusually stylish and modern design.

One of them is called the library room and it offers books and travel-related reading materials to the lounge guests. The second section of this room is called Gallery Room which showcases a small museum-like collection showing vintage aviation art and old suitcases.

The third section of the lounge is called Play Room where first class guests can play different games one of which is chess. It  has a curious interior design with flight aviation maps on the walls.

And the fourth and last section is called the Bar Room. Here flyers can find self-serve drink station with Laurent Perrier champagne and original Japanese sake. This area features a large Champagne display case with a fridge.

At this lounge first class travelers have also access to a luxury business center offering different office amenities and comfortable  separate work chairs with pillows that have a moon shape. This achieves more privacy for the guests when working.

A luxury spa with massage chairs guarantees a relaxing time for first class travelers. The spa center offers also 10-minute treatments suitable for the moment you don’t have time for an hour-long massage.

JAL’s first class lounge offers also luxury shower rooms with all the necessary amenities and rest areas where every traveler can spend quiet moments. Here first class passengers are provided with shower kits that include a hairdryer, a toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, shower caps, shaving kits.

There is a shower attendant who can be asked if you need something which the amenities don’t include. The showers feature individual storage places where you can store your luggage.

There is a first class main lounge area called SALON offering a quiet elegant environment and an ample seating. Here you will find also a bar with drinks and snacks with a bartender serving Japanese whiskey, craft gin and vodka, Japanese tea and desserts.

And flyers will also find an enclosed smoking room in this lounge, several phone rooms for travelers who want to make phone calls in private and also restrooms with a make-up counter. The phone rooms area is located close to the SALON section.

The Red Suite area of the lounge also offers its guests a shoe shine service.The lounge’s shoe polishing desk is managed in collaboration with the British shoemaker John Lobb.