American Airlines Business & First Class Lounge

Traveling by air is an exciting experience. But sometimes long layovers may be overwhelming for a passenger. Since airlines offer comfortable airport lounges with elevated services and amenities to their customers, departure time will arrive quickly.

Airport lounges are an essential part of premium quality air travel.  Arrival lounges offer a variety of services and amenities that offer you a high level of comfort and privacy. They offer you a great way to rest or work in a convenient and private way before the runway.

American Airlines Business & First Class Lounge

Airport lounges offer you the opportunity to relax, work,  enjoy good food and drinks as well as entertainment or activities with loved ones before catching your flight.

If  you choose to fly with American Airlines you will get both in-flight and on-ground services and perks of exceptional quality. One of USA’S major airlines serves 500,000 passengers daily.

The air carrier offers you premium quality airport lounges where you can enjoy a great number of high quality services and amenities before your flight. They are available on transcontinental and international flights.

American Airlines Business & First Class Lounge

Extraordinary customer service exceptional quality of the available services American Airlines offers its passengers premium quality arrival lounges where they can spend their time before the flight in a comfortable way enjoying a variety of services and amenities of high quality.

It doesn’t matter what is the purpose of your flight, American Lounges offer you numerous activities to fit in your time before the flight which allow you to catch up on your sleep or work on job-related tasks.

American Airlines Business & First Class Lounge

American Airlines offers its customers four kinds of lounges featuring numerous opportunities to relax, work or get entertainment at a pleasant and relaxing airport environment.

The air company’s lounges are available in airports around the world. The airline offers also premium airport lounges at cities they don’t have flights going there.

Their range of services and amenities varies depending on the location. They are made to be accessed in an easy way and offer first and business class passengers luxury on-ground services.

Flagship First Lounge

This luxurious lounge with an inviting five-star interior is designed for first and business class customersFlagship Lounge offers a wide range of amenities and services of highest quality which guarantee a five-star air travel experience for every traveler.

Flagship First Lounge is available for access to all first class passengers flying on international flights between U.S. and Europe, Asia, Central and South America, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico City (MEX).  It can be found also on non-stop transcontinental flights between New York Kennedy (JFK) and Los Angeles (LAX) or San Francisco (SFO).

This premium lounge is located in Terminal 4 at Los Angeles (LAX) after the security checkpoint and its entrance is close to Admirals Lounge entrance. The lounge offers personalized services and wide  a variety of amenities. Its other locations are at:

  • Terminal 3 in Chicago (ORD)
  • Concourse D in Miami (MIA)
  • Terminal 8 in New York (JFK)
  • Terminal D in Dallas / Fort Worth (DFW).

You will find there small drink stations offering water and fruit juice placed conveniently throughout the tire lounge area that are close to the seats. In this way passengers don’t need to go to the bar for a glass of drink.

Flagship First Lounge offers an exquisite menu that includes delicious meals prepared by renowned chefs that guarantee you a delight to the taste buds.

Here customers can try dishes created in partnership with the James Beard Foundation (a premier American culinary organization). Flagship First Lounge has a  specialty cocktail bar and  wine table with a premium wines menu.

All first class passengers in Flagship First  have access to a refined sit-down dining which helps every passenger get a pleasant dining experience in a luxurious environment. It’s available inside Flagship  Lounges on select flights .

The Lounge’s interior offers spacious seating areas with a capacity for many guests. The seating area of the lounge offers a view to the concourse located below.

Private shower suites offer every first class passenger to take a shower before their flight. This first class lounge also offers a five-star business center which features workstations with printers and scanners.

Flagship First Dinning

Flagship First Dining is a part of Flagship Lounge created for first class. It has two dining rooms- one large and one smaller and it offers its guests a refined sit-down service. All customers who fly on first class flight international or transcontinental flights have free access to this lounge area.

If you are a fan of fine cuisine, this lounge area is for you. Here you will find an extensive menu offering premium quality meals made of locally-grown fresh products and exquisite beverages. First class guests can enjoy a variety of craft beers, spirits and cocktails at a small dining area.

When you enter the small dining area of Flagship First Dining  you will see dining tables of different sizes, lounge chairs along the lounge’s windows and also TV monitors. The main dining room is really spacious and offers beautiful views just like these offered by the small dining area.

Its brightly-lit interior offers a sense of space and cozy atmosphere. The highlight of this dining area is a massive wine bar with a long communal table where passengers can enjoy a selection of fine wines that include both red and white wines. Each passenger can serve themselves a signature wine of their choice and also taste hand-crafted cocktails

Besides rich choice of wines and alcoholic beverages, this lounge  has a buffet which offers different hot breakfast options that include dishes with eggs  and potatoes and also cold meal options that include cheese and meat selections, vegetables and fruits.

It offers also made-to-order omelette station where every passenger can prepare their own breakfast choosing from different cheeses, meats and vegetable fillings. In addition, customers can find cocktail stations with instructions where they can stir up their own Bloody Mary.

One of the main features of Flagship First Dining’s is a large “never-ending” tube of the popular Bollinger Champagne available for the lounge guests.

Flagship First Dining offers an open-air seating area with splendid views that the floor-to-ceiling glass windows offer. Here first class guests have a view to the airport’ s  gates. The main dining area offers plenty of space for the passengers.

There is a long hallway close to the lounge’s Flagship  main dining room. There are comfortable lounge chairs where everyone can sit in private and relax. This area is very quiet compared to the main dining zone so you can also have a nap here.

This hallway  houses  bathrooms and shower suites offering individual Bigelow toiletries kits to first class passengers – just like those offered on first class flights.

Admirals Club

If you are traveling on business class flight, Admirals Club offers you an amazing opportunity to spend relaxing moments before your flight. The lounge can be accessed in Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in Terminal 4. You can have access to the Admirals Club lounge depending on your membership or elite status in the airline.

Those business class flyers who are members of Admirals Club have  access to over 60 partner lounges in certain domestic and international destinations.

Admirals Club has over 50 locations around the world. Besides  Los Angeles Airport the other lounge locations are in:

  • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International (ATL)
  • New York / John F Kennedy International (JFK)
  • Austin Bergstrom International (AUS)
  • Boston-Logan International (BOS)
  • Charlotte Douglas International (CLT)
  • Chicago O’Hare International (ORD)
  • Dallas-Fort Worth International

Admirals Club lounge features a small seating area situated close to the check-in desk. The lounge’s seating has a convenient layout which suits the needs for all types of business class passengers. It offers a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere-ideal for both relaxing or working.

Its windows offer plenty of light and tarmac views. There are pairs of armchairs and groups of three chairs placed around small coffee tables. Admirals Club shows a creative interior design. One example is a metal airplane art display in the lounge’s main room.

The lounge is large and has high ceilings but despite this fact it offers  privacy and a sense of coziness thanks to the decorated wooden wall dividers close to the seats, allowing each passenger a personal space. Although they are exposed as the other seats, these can be used as workstations because they offer a high level of privacy.

There are power outlets at each seat and also drink stations with complimentary water, tea, coffee, iced tea and fruit-infused water. Admirals lounge has a well-stocked foods and drinks area that offers customers morning and afternoon menu with full course meals and a variety of drinks.

Some of the buffet’s meal options are breakfast tacos, hard-boiled eggs, breakfast cereal, fruit assortment, yoghurt, bagels and breads. There are also made-to-order special meals and light snacks, soups. Each guest can make their own fresh salad or mac and cheese.

You can choose from a selection of chips, cheese cubes, vegetables and dips. There is also a variety of salads, fresh fruit, snack mixes, different types of desserts: irresistible treats like cookies, brownies and  marshmallow.

For the coffee lovers the lounge offers freshly-brewed La Colombe coffee, barista-style espresso and lattes.

The lounge offers complimentary alcoholic drinks such as draft beer, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay with Californian origin and premium cocktails.

Depending on the flight destination business class passengers get drink vouchers at check-in which they can use in the lounge.

There are a total of four spacious shower suites facilities available in the lounge and a modern business center. It is equipped with everything for the needs of business travelers such as computers, printers, etc. There are conference rooms for all business class passengers which they can reserve in Admirals club and in Executive Center.

Their amenities include phones, projectors, flat panel monitors, data ports, catering services and more vary depending on the lounge’s location.

The lounge provides its business class customers also with unlimited high-speed Wi-fi access as well as access to free digital newspapers and magazines. There are power outlets and USB ports at each seat. First class passengers can also get advantage of personal travel assistance.

Arrivals Lounge

Arrivals Lounge is located at London Heathrow Airport (LHR). It offers a high quality air travel experience for all business class passengers. The lounge can be accessed from Terminal 3 when you arrive on a long-haul business class flight.

All business- and first-class passengers on these long-haul flights are eligible to enter. Economy class passengers who are traveling on Flagship First or Flagship Business or own an Executive Platinum, oneworld Emerald status or British Airways Premier can access the lounge when flying in economy.

You can enter the Arrivals Lounge if you flew on American to LHR on a same-day flight .

The Arrivals Lounge has a cozy and stylish interior. It is relatively small in size compared to the other lounges with its capacity of 44 seats. Despite this fact it still offers plenty of the lounge amenities every frequent flyer needs.

These include a total of 30 individual shower suites with personal luggage racks and many other amenities such as hair dryers, shower caps and dental rinse.

Arrival Lounge offers a variety of foods and drinks made of fresh quality products.

In terms of meal offering, the lounge offers a buffet serving hot and cold meals with tasty options or breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner,  as well as a la carte.

The menu includes also cold meats and cheeses, sandwiches, salads, fresh fruit and pastries. Inside the lounge passengers can get bottled water and soda cans. Passengers will also find coffee machines serving espresso and hot chocolate and also cold juice stations.

The first main lounge area is after customs and baggage claim zone. It features plenty of plush lounge chairs, stools, top tables. Each seat at the lounge has a power outlet and USB port.

The lounge offers business travelers also a private business meeting room which is available for rent. It has desktop computers, a scanner, a printer and a copier machine, which is a really convenient option for those travelers who want to hold a business meeting.

Arrivals Lounge also offers valet pressing service to passengers who need some last-minute outfit fixing.