British Airways Business & First Class Lounge

One of the greatest perks of business class flights is the fact that they offer you exclusive access to a luxury lounge. There you can either rest or work in a private and comfortable spot when flying overseas. Thanks to the variety of premium quality services and amenities offered by airport lounges, time will fly by during long layovers.

British Airways Business & First Class Lounge

Business class lounges offer a great variety of premium quality services and amazing amenities that make the time spent before the flight an enjoyable experience for each passenger.

British Airways Lounges offer premium quality experience for all first and business class passengers. They are located at the airline’s hub at one of the world’s busiest airports – London Heathrow. The airport  served a record 80.8 million passengers in 2019 and it operates around 550 to 650 flights everyday.

British Airways Lounges offer all first and business class travelers plenty of opportunities to rest, work and fully refresh before catching their flight.

UK’s major airline offers its customers Galleries Club, Galleries First, Concorde Room and Arrival Lounges .These airport lounges feature services and amenities of five-star quality  and an attentive staff which makes every traveler feel special and experience ultimate comfort when flying.

Who can get access to British Airways?

Choosing British Airways’ lounges is the perfect way to spend your time waiting for your flight in style. To get access to British Airways lounges you should use your fare or elite flyer status in the air company’s Executive Club or the Oneworld alliance.

Silver and Gold Executive Club members who book economy, premium economy, first or business class flights operated by British Airways or Oneworld partner have free access to BA lounges.

Oneworld Emerald and Sapphire elite status flyers who travel on flights operated by British Airways or some of the airline’s partners also have exclusive lounge access.

British Airways Lounges

No matter if you want to rest or work when waiting for your flight, the lounges of British Airways offer you a comfortable environment and premium quality amenities to do both.

Besides the standard lounge offering such as free snacks and drinks, premium quality coffee and tea, high speed Wi-fi  and comfortable couches, British Airways Lounges offers you more opportunities to spend your airport waiting time in a quality way.

British Airways offers its customers two types of lounges: Galleries and Terraces depending on the airport’s location. Their first and business class lounges share some similarities in service offering and facilities.

But their services and facilities remain diverse to suit the different types of passengers. No matter if you are traveling on business, for leisure or going on a family vacation, choosing British Airways lounges guarantees you comfortable luxury air travel experience.

The lounges are created for business and first class passengers offering them everything they need to rest, work or have entertainment before their flight’s departure.

Business class lounges:

Gold and silver elite status flyers can access the company’s business class arrival lounges.

Terraces Lounge

Terraces Lounge offers you the opportunity to be productive or pamper yourself with a spa therapy. In either way you can expect excellent quality of the service.

This type of Business class lounge is suitable for those travelers who want to be productive during their air travel and value high quality and comfort.

Here you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee from the lounge’s new blend of the award-winning Union hand-roasted coffee or have a tasty snack.  You will also find a World Wine Bar where you can get a drink and also fine dining options depending on your flight. On certain flights you can get advantage of the air company’s sleeper service.

Terraces Lounge features dedicated work and entertainment zones where  business class passengers can catch up on their work in peaceful spot. You will find here power outlets for phone charging and free wireless Internet access.

For those of you who want to enjoy a beautifying spa therapy, this business class lounge offers Elemis spa and wellness services. ELEMIS is a British brand for spa services and skincare products. This brand is created by the famous Noella Gabriel.

The quality spa services of Elemis are available to all long-haul business class passengers who are members of Club World, as well as Executive Club Gold members.

It’s one of the best brands setting the standards for travel spa services. Elemis skin therapies will leave you refreshed and relaxed just in time for your flight. There are three Elemis spa locations at London Heathrow’s  Lounge.

Depending on your destination you can enjoy a certain set of services. For instance, passengers flying in first or business  class and members of Club World and Executive Club Gold traveling on long haul flights through London Heathrow or New York JFK can enjoy a complimentary 15-minute spa treatment menu.

Galleries Lounge

This lounge offers a calm and relaxing environment –perfect for passengers flying on long-haul flights. The designer furniture’s fabric is Osborne and Little.

At Galleries Lounge you can enjoy a selection of fine wines, a glass of champagne as well as different light meals and snacks prepared with care. Depending on your flight, you can have a main meal at the lounge.

If you choose this business class lounge you can get a dining service at select locations inside the lounge.

Galleries Lounge also has a separate work and entertainment zone. London Heathrow’s lounge offers you also the option to watch live sport or favourite shows in a 20-seat cinema.

First class Lounges:

If you require maximum comfort out of your lounge experience, British Airways first class lounges  are for you. All passengers who have an elite status or fly on first class have access to British Airways lounges.

Gold Members have access to the airline’s first class lounges no matter if they are flying on premium economy, economy, first or business class.

If you have an Executive Club Silver status and you book a first class flight , you also have access to the first class lounges of British Airways. You can also access them if you are a member of  Oneworld Emerald program and on a condition that you book your flight with British Airways or Oneworld partners.

The Concorde Room


The Concorde Room is characterized by a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere. This lounge can be found at Heathrow Terminal 5 and New York JFK.You will find here luxury furniture, state-of-art chandeliers and beautiful art pieces.

Details such as several fireplaces built by the seats and at other  spaces enhance the feeling of coziness this lounge gives you.  There are different reading materials offered for the book fans as well.

The interesting thing about Concorde Room is that it’s the only airport lounge that has an entrance door located immediately after security desk. In this way first class customers don’t need to pass through several duty-free shops before they find their lounge area.

Passengers who fly with British Airways can access The Concorde Room either by showing first class ticket or their Concorde Card.

To be awarded with a Concorde Room card you need to have 5,000 tier points. This card allows you access to Concorde Room Bars in Dubai and an access to the first class lounges in Singapore airports.

Travelers who own 5,000 tier points in the air company’s Executive Club frequent flyer program receive a Gold status. This gives you an exclusive access to Concorde lounges at London’s Heathrow airport and also the airline’s lounges at John F. Kennedy airport in New York.

Having a Gold status allows you to use either first or business class Concorde lounges and it doesn’t matter what is your fare class.

If you visit the Concorde Room, you will see some of the best features of the original British design. The entire interior of the lounge is an embodiment of elegance.

This first class lounge has been recently renovated and a unique British artistry can be seen in every detail. Elegant and classic furniture and lighting gives the lounge’s spaces a welcoming and ageless style.

There are modern-style tables by Boss Design. You can sit at a luxury furniture with Osborne and Little fabrics and enjoy original Porta Romana lighting.

The Concorde Room has a Dining area where you can get a waiter service and choose from amazing variety of exquisite meals. When you enter this first class lounge you will be offered a drink and a menu.

First class passengers can use a wake-up call service or room service. Newspapers, magazines and convenient mobile chargers are also available.

This luxurious lounge offers private dining booths where every first class passenger can enjoy pre-flight dining with the option to choose from a delicious a la carte menu.

Depending on how hungry you are, you can either choose from light meal options as well as from an extensive dining menu. The lounge’s hosts will help you choose the best wine or champagne tastes to pair your dinning choice.

First class passengers can choose from different breakfast options that include pastries, eggs, breads, pancakes, fruit salads, the traditional English breakfast, porridge and other meal choices.

The lounge’s meals are prepared by famous chefs Executive Head Chefs Frank Coughlin and Errol Figueroa.

At the lounge’s full-service bar you can enjoy fine champagne and wine selection.


For those of you who want a quality relaxation time before their flight, The Concorde room offers individual cabanas which first class travelers can pre-book. Each private cabana is fitted with a comfortable day bed, TV monitors, work table, personal bathroom and shower.

First class passengers will also find a business center in The Concorde Room with an exciting feature. It has a board-style table, TV screens and special seats from the Concorde Supersonic jet which attracts the curiosity of aviation fans.

Here first class travelers have also an exclusive access to a wide variety of spa therapies that recharge the mind and soul before or after a long flight.

Galleries First Lounge

Galleries First Lounge offers you a rich variety of sophisticated on-ground air travel services.

Here you will find yourself in a luxurious and elegant atmosphere. The lounge’s interior contains super comfortable leather furniture of different types and sizes and one-of-its-kind artwork, some of which are  the iconic horse lamp and leather couches bearing the imprint of Union Jack. The lounge’s interior includes comfortable velvet upholstery that will make you feel you are at home.

There are different seating areas in Galleries First Lounge. You can choose from traditional lounge chairs or opt out for a seat at the open-air terrace .The classic-style lounge chairs have glass panes with embellishments which create a high level of privacy for the travelers.

Offers passengers a beautiful view to the tarmac. On the other hand the lounge’s terrace offers travelers the option to immerse in the busy atmosphere of the airport’s terminal.

Galleries First Lounge offers Kids Zone which is really convenient for those travelers who fly with small kids.

For those of you who are traveling on business this first class lounge offers a modern business center offering different facilities such as work stations with computers, printers, copiers, fax machines, TV monitors – everything a business traveler may need during air travel.

Galleries First Lounge is located at the floor below Galleries Club Lounge in Terminal 5A.There are many types of amenities available at this lounge: alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, hot meals, snacks. There is a buffet service that serves cheeses, meats and offers a full-course menu that includes different classic dishes and the company’s famous BA burger .

First class passengers get a pre-flight dining in the Galleries First class lounge. At British Airways Galleries Lounge they will also find a salad bar, a snack bar offering biscuits and cookies, an open bar where passengers can try a fine selection of wines showcased  in glass pane wine cellars or enjoy some champagne at the Champagne Bar.

Besides fast internet access British Airways’ first class lounge offers you cozy work and entertainment zones where you will find printers ,fax machines, copiers and other office necessities you may need to work while waiting for departure. There is also the option to have a shower.