What to wear on business class flight?

Air travel dress code is a popular topic and there is always a lot to tell on this topic. When it comes to appropriate clothing design for flying on business class, you are likely to meet different points of view.

  • If you are planning to travel on business class, your goal should be to look stylish and dressed up.
  • You should look professional but not too formal.
  • But your outfit should also provide you with the comfort you need during any long flight.

Dressing nicely and being polite doesn’t always guarantee you a 100% upgrade to a business class flight. But looking good still increases your chances of making a good impression upon flight attendants and it’s worth a try.

What to wear on business flight?


Minimalism looks sophisticated so by keeping it simple and classy you can look amazing on business class without spending much on expensive clothing. Some may argue that you should wear only suits on business class flights. But this is extreme.  On the other hand some think that since you have paid the not so cheap ticket price for a business class, you have the right to wear whatever you want.

What to wear on business flight?




What about the flight attendants staff? What they think on this topic?

A survey among different airline companies shows that they think passengers should wear neat and casual type of clothing. They said that the minimum dress standard for business class is T-shirt/singlet, pants and footwear that don’t have any offensive image or symbol. Flip flops or beachwear are a big no-no. The general rule is that your pants or skirt should cover your bottom half.

The survey shows that flight attendants on international business class flights think differently. They say that they don’t require a specific dress code for the airplane cabin or the business class lounge. Everything that isn’t indecent is acceptable. So, anyone who doesn’t meet the minimum dress rules won’t be allowed to travel on business class.

If you are going to fly on business class flight for the first time, it’s normal to be confused about what to wear during your flight. You can wear clothing that is comfortable but it should be stylish and fit into the standard formal style.


Wearing good looking and elegant clothes always makes a good impression and in some cases it can win you an upgrade to business class. If flight attendants should choose from two people just one for a business class upgrade, they are more likely to pick up the person who is dressed up. You don’t need to have an expensive taste to be able to pick up clothing that is fit for business class. There is no need to wear a clothing that is too extravagant. Pick up high quality fabrics and simple design with minimalistic detailing.

What to wear on business flight?


Business doesn’t have a strict dress code for the passengers traveling on this travel class. However, there are some unwritten rules about the way passengers dress for traveling on business class.


  • So, business class requires a smart casual style, not too formal but also not too everyday style
  • Avoid flashy lettering or prints or offensive slogans. Stick to simple and elegant design
  • Pick up clothes you will feel comfortable wearing but they look classy at the same time


What is the best clothing for business class flights?

What to wear on business flight?

Business class-friendly fashion choices


Your in-flight wardrobe should include basic clothing pieces that will look on point on a business class flight cabin or airport lounge.

We offer you an example of business class type of clothing you won’t go wrong with:

Polo top

Clothes made of cotton are perfect for wearing on business class flight. Pick up cotton fabric in basic colors that isn’t branded or have complex pattern. You are free to choose other types of clothing as long as it obeys the rules of business class flights. Everyone should create their own in-flight type of clothing.

What to wear on business flight?

In-flight creasing isn’t a good thing so you should better pick up non-iron clothing that doesn’t crease easily. And this is something good since there is a lot of sitting and lying especially on long-haul flights.

Choose light and breathable fabrics. Don’t wear too much clothing since you will definitely feel warm on business class. But avoid also wearing clothing that shows too much skin as this is considered inappropriate to wear on business class.

What to wear on business flight?

Bringing a pair of slip-on shoes with you is a clever idea. You can wear them when passing through the security checkpoints and you can easily remove them once you are at the business class cabin.

What to wear on business flight?


Cotton top

Long-hour flights undoubtedly require comfort. So the best top to wear on business class flight is a cotton top with a loose structure. Our outfit  looks always smart when we add a piece made of high quality cotton. Oxford cotton shirt and cotton chinos are also great to wear on busness class.

Cotton tops are ideal for layering up and they can keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat. This makes them universal type of airplane clothing.


Sweaters can be combined with different types of clothing and depending n the design they make a perfect business class attire. A good quality sweater can not only be comfortable for wearing but it also looks chick


If you are a fan of skirts, then you can wear it on business class. Just make sure isn’t too short. Maxi and midi skirts are suitable for wearing on business class.


Cardigans can be stylish too and you can wear this type of clothing  on business class flights.

Long jacket/coat/blazer

It’s wise to get a comfortable jacket with you as the air inside the airplane can get cold during night flights. A stylish coat/jacket makes any outfit complete and put together. Pick your favourite design coat with a length that goes past your knees to keep you warm and make you look sophisticated.

What to wear on business flight?


Another versatile wardrobe piece which can be combined with different types of clothing. It’s handy to have hood to put over your head when it gets cold in the business class cabin.

Cashmere scarf

Scarves made of cashmere wool (also called pashmina) offers both comfort and amazing style. They can spice up any look and are simply timeless. Bringing a pashmina on your business class flight will make you feel super cozy and warm during your travel and also make you look super trendy.

Tunic/Swing dress

Tunic dresses are amazing because they can worn literally everywhere and they are business class-friendly. Pick up simple style tunic dress in neutral colors for your business class flight.


When carefully picked  jewellery can brighten any type of outfit and you can express your own style wearing it. Adding an elegant bracelet or a necklace will make your look complete and business class ready.


When it comes to wearing accessories on business class, don’t go overboard. A watch is a perfect accessory to wear on business class that offers style d convenience. It always attracts the attention and completes our outfit in a stylish way.


The best shoes for business class are these that you can easily slip off when you are passing through security. But they should be also stylish and make your whole outfit stand out. Ladies can add a bit of color and pick their shoes in a colorful design. Close-toed shoes are ideal footwear option for business class travel.

What to wear on business flight?

You can either pick up flats, boots, ankle boots, even leather sneakers if you want to add an urban vibe to your business class outfit. You can also choose pumps, if you like them and think you will feel fine wearing them for long hours.


In terms of colors, business class requires elegance, so you won’t go wrong with basic colors like black, white, beige. When it comes to color choice, you should choice pattered pants. That’s because if you spill a drink on yourself, this type of pants won’t show much the stains. And no one wants to have stains on them ,especially when traveling on business class.

Tips how to feel more comfortable during your long haul business class flight


Wear loose fitting pants

What to wear on business flight?

  • Jeans seems a good casual but classic choice for business class but they can cause us discomfort if we wear them for long hours because of their tight fitting design
  • Elastic pants are a good choice for long haul flights as they allow freedom and offer comfort. You can sleep wearing these
  • Soft terry pants are amazing option to wear on business class. They provide you with the comfort you need to rest and sleep during your flight and they also combine stylish and sporty style
  • Jeggings are also a popular business class style option for women. Jeggings offer an amazing opportunity to look chick and still feel comfortable.

Flight compression socks

These socks don’t fall in the category of fashionable clothing, but they are safe for your health. Flight compression socks will protect you from getting deep vein thrombosis during long-haul flights.

They can also act as a barrier between your feet and all the bacteria that live on the airplane seats and floor in case if you want to rest your feet high in your lie-flat bed.