Do business class tickets go on sale?

Flying at the front of the airplane brings you many benefits as a passenger such as:

  • high level of service quality
  • individual attention from flight attendants staff
  • personal space
  • the ability to sleep when flying for long hours

It’s a dream of many people to travel on business class and we totally agree with them. And many people wish to get cheap business class tickets which is understandable. And who doesn’t want to save some money on air travel?

Traveling on business class definitely offers you upscoot travel experience. Business class certainly offers premium quality experience for each passenger and many perks that makes any flight much pleasant.

Do business tickets go on sale?



Most of you may think that it’s expensive to travel frequent on business class, but in fact it’s the opposite. The more you fly, the less expensive will become for you to buy a business class ticket on sale. Once you start traveling on business class you may not want to go back to economy class again.


Advantages of flying on business class


Sitting on a comfortable seat that can become lie-flat bed, enjoying bubbly champagne, high quality delicious meals and complimentary cocktails that are similar to those offered on a Michelin star restaurant menu.

Besides spacious adjustable seats with plenty of legroom and wide foot and armrests, business class flights also offer amenities such as big TV screens with touchscreens built in the seats that offer on-demand entertainment, quality headphones, iPods, power sockets.

Do business tickets go on sale?

Business class also offers plenty of add-ons like:

  • priority baggage handling and priority check-in
  • airport lounge access
  • more space for luggage storage
  • personal belonging at the seat
  • hairdresser and nail care salon services at the lounge as well
  • You can even get the option to have a bath at the lounge before getting on your business class flight

Enjoy the variety of premium services, amazing in-flight amenities and ground perks business class flights provide you with by getting advantage of airfare sales . To get the opportunity to travel on business class you should consider doing some special tactics. If you succeed, the result will be getting your desired business class ticket at an affordable price.

Do business tickets go on sale?

All travel classes offer discounts on seats, so it’s not impossible to buy  a business class seat on sale affordably. Most companies offer flash deals for  economy class flights, but some of them often put their business class seats on sale too.

Do business tickets go on sale?

You more likely to find cheap business class sales on short-haul flights rather than on long-haul ones. But you can still find some great business class ticket deals on international flights too.

Several time-saving tips to apply if you want to buy a cheap business class flight :

If you want to travel on business class, then you should regularly check the sales for business class tickets. Sometimes it pays off to be patient and wait until the last minute to book your business class ticket.

Do business tickets go on sale?

Know the differences between fares

Although business class tickets tend to be expensive, this shouldn’t discourage people from flying behind the curtain altogether. There is no sense in giving up the opportunity to travel comfortably while enjoying a variety of quality services.

You should know that cheap business class flights are not the same as cheap economy fares. You should compare the prices between the two.

Check regularly business class ticket prices

Do business tickets go on sale?

Keep an eye on business class flight ticket prices airline companies offer. One easy way to do this is to use apps. They are suitable for people who like to be flexible. They allow you to enter your flight date and destination city.

Apps have a departure date box where you can choose the number of the passengers traveling and the type of travel class. You should choose the travel class to be business class and then the app will give you suggestions for business class fares.

The prices for different business class flights on the same month may vary. Sometimes the difference between two business class flights on different days and on the same airline can be hundreds of dollars.

Do business tickets go on sale?

Another way to inform yourself about the available business class ticket deals is to sign up for airline companies newsletters, follow their pages on social media. You can also join frequent flyer programs so that you will be among the first to get the news of the latest business class deals.

Act when it’s time

Finding the most suitable business class ticket requires you to have a perfect timing. Most business travelers and corporate people travel often on business class flights and they book their flights mostly on weekdays.

It’s true that you have a higher chance of finding a good business class seat offer on a non-business days or weeks. So make your research of affordable business class ticket offers on weekends, official holidays, as well as Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

Do business tickets go on sale?

Become a member of loyalty programs

Airline companies offer you the option to join different points or loyalty programs. Earning air miles is one of the best working ways to get a seat on business class flight so don’t hesitate signing up for an airline award program, because of the following reasons:

  • You will get more value out of your loyalty points if you spend them on a business class upgrade rather than on an economy ticket
  • You can use your mile points to book flights for free and with some programs you can even book free tickets for business class
  • You can book a regular economy ticket on a fare that is eligible for an upgrade and then use your points to upgrade it to business class. Some airline companies offer business class upgrades for just 7500 points

Do business tickets go on sale?

How to use points for a business class upgrade?

It’s not necessary for you to spend much money on a business class flight. There are different programs allowing you to earn points on purchases that are not only for  flights and these points can be redeemed for flights afterwards.


By stockpiling miles you can use mileage flash sales. This gives you the opportunity to travel on business and even first class. Depending on the points you have, the discount for a business class can be 90% off.


First, you should sign up for your airline company’s reward program.  Go to the book flight tab and select business class.

Second, you should enter the details of the business class flight you wish to get on and then the system will charge you the points which the business class flight requires.

Do business tickets go on sale?

Fly with low-cost air companies

One of the advantages of flying with small air carriers is that their business class fares are cheaper than those of the major ones.

Last minute upgrade

Sometimes waiting until the last minute is worthy when it comes to scoring a cheap business class flight ticket. You can get a business class ticket super cheap by watching carefully the cheap upgrade offers for business class.

When a business class cabin is underbooked, the airline company will make discounted business class ticket offers to its passengers. To get on business class, buy an economy class ticket and check the airline’s company’s page or the app if it has such for some business class upgrade deals.

Do business tickets go on sale?

Airline companies want to sell their unbooked business class seats around an hour before flight departure and that is why they are making last-minute discounts on tickets. So you should not miss this opportunity to buy discounted business class flight. Even if you have booked a ticket online, ask the desk agents what is the price of the cheapest business class upgrade.

Search for premium cabin auctions

This option is perfect for those of you who don’t have the time to wait for cheap flight offers. Many airline companies have already added bidding systems to their set of services.

These systems help companies sell empty seats on their business and first class cabins and help passengers to enjoy premium quality travel without breaking the bank.

Do business tickets go on sale?

When bidding for an upgrade to a business class flight ticket, usually you bid 20% below the market price. Keep in mind that not all types of tickets are eligible for an upgrade so research first.

If you book directly from the airline company, you have a higher chance to get a ticket that is eligible for an upgrade. You are more likely to find more seats available on mid-day flights to holiday destinations.

Some air carriers even offer their customers the option to buy a business class upgrade when they are checking in. This may not lead to big discounts but it still works and it’s an alternative option.

Do business tickets go on sale?

Mistakes can help you

Accidents  happen every day. Flights get cancelled, delayed and bad weather occurs– all these factors are beyond our control.  But they can actually be the reason of huge discounts on business class flights. Sometimes one-way tickets become round-trip tickets with no change in the price.

In cases of mistakes or accidents airline companies are willing to compensate their passengers and give them full refunds.  But you as a passenger should be careful when booking additional plans which can include hotel reservations and tours. You should not add these plans until your airline company sends you  a ticket confirmation.