Most exquisite business class packages in the world

If you have decided to fly on business class to your next destination, then you are on the right track. Business class offers the best air travel services as well as convenient perks suitable for frequent long-haul flyers.

The key to enjoy the full range of premium quality services available on business class flights is to find business class packages. If you want to guarantee yourself a  delightful air travel experience, It’s important to make a research in advance for the best business class flight deals.

There is no doubt that business class offers highest quality airline services and amenities.  Major companies offer some great packages that offer luxurious business class flights.


Business class flights are more accessible than ever before, so you should not miss your opportunity to book a business class ticket and enjoy premium level air travel.

Business class air  travel is recommended flying option for long haul travelers for many reasons. It allows them to be productive and rest during their flight. It may seem to be expensive at first glance, but the more you travel on business class flights, the more convenient and budget – friendly it become.

Business class flights feature supreme quality amenities such:

  • as spacious adjustable seats with armrests
  • foot rests or footwells
  • added tray table for working and eating

The quality of this air travel class gets even better on international flights depending on the air carrier.


Passengers on business class flights are offered premium quality meals, free alcoholic drinks that include wines and champagne. During their flight they get plenty of entertainment options .

Since business class seats has:

  • individual large TV screens with on-demand entertainment
  • noise-canceling headphones
  • power charging stations and more

If you book a business class flight you can also find complementary handy cosmetic kits, pajamas, blankets, pillows, slippers.

Business class flyers can get advantage of club lounge access, early boarding on the airplane.


What the best business class packages include?

The variety of  business class amenities and perks depends on the airline company but they are  approximately all the same.

Business class packages include rich variety of in-flight as well as ground services and amenities that can make any flight a pleasant experience no matter its duration.

In addition, business class flights offer ground services such:

  • as priority check-in
  • quick luggage claim
  • priority security pass
  • free airport lounge with free drinks and snacks and other great high-end services


All these make any passenger feel special and help them arrive well-rested at their end destination. That is why business class services are suitable for business travelers or people who prefer to fly  in a more calm and convenient time-saving way. They can  get most advantages out of business class flights in general.

On business class you have more hand luggage allowance and also priority luggage claim compared to premium economy class. Below you will find out what are the world’s top airline companies that offer best business class flights and services.


So here are the top luxury air travel packages for business class flights and the companies offering them:

Singapore Airlines


Singapore Airlines is one of the top airline companies in the world that offer business class flights with incredible quality of the services and amenities. A year ago the air company have added new business class cabins to their A380s aircraft. They feature ultra comfortable upgraded seats with different control options.

Business class cabins with a beautiful design and they offer high level of privacy for each passenger despite the fact that they don’t have doors.

The seats in their business class cabins offer plenty of space. The seats are fitted out with convenient functions and controls. And they are really suitable for couples that fly together as all the seat pairs at the center of the cabin can be transformed into  double beds.

British Airways


The company meets the requirements of each business class traveler with its variety of business class services. On their business class flights this air carrier offers Club Suites which are available on their new A350-1000s airplane models and also Boeing777s. The business class has a reversed herringbone seat layout, comfortable seats with soft down bedding, equipped with doors that close.


United Airlines Polaris


This air carrier introduced in their business class cabins special Polaris design which includes staggered seats, window seats and honeymoon seats offering super comfort for business class passengers.

The seats are highly comfortable and feature footwell space .The good thing about the company’s business class amenities is that they can suit different customer preferences for type of seating .

This special design business class can be found on the company’s United Boeing 777-300Ers, 787-10s, and select 767-300s and 777-200s. The business class flights of this company offer high level of privacy to the passengers Their business class seats combine both comfort and functionality.

Etihad Airways Business Studio


Another air carrier offering high quality business class flight accommodation that have recently invested in business class improvements. The company’s business class cabins have staggered seat configuration which is modified.

Some of the seats on the rows are closer to the aisle and some closer to the window. They offer the so-called “honeymoon” seats in the middle of the cabin.

Etihad’s Business Studio cabins are different from the other types of business classes in many ways:

  • their design is stylish
  • the seat functions are made to be convenient for the passenger
  • they also offer maximum privacy.

This business Studio is available on all of the company’s 787s and A380s.

Jet Blue


The company JetBlue  is famous for its introduction of the first business class seat with a door. This fact is surprising since Jet Blue is a low cost airline company that owns  narrow body aircraft that didn’t  have a premium cabin in the past . But now the air carrier is the first  to incorporate it in their business class.

The company’s business class JetBlue Mint cabin has a staggered configuration. There are Mint Suites at every other row, which are available on a  first served basis.

The cabin has a beautiful design, with doors at the seats and it features ample storage and a footwell. It is available on the company’s Mint configured Airbus A321 aircraft.


The company has business class cabin with a Super Diamond Seat design specially manufactured by B/A Aerospace, which is a leading  world  manufacturer of aircraft passenger cabin interior products.

Seats with Super Diamond design are arranged into reverse herringbone pattern. The advantage of this seat arrangement is that each set is identical to each other and there aren’t seats that are worse than the others. The business class seats feature many extras that include modern seat controls and ample space for storing hand luggage.

Their business class seats offer maximum comfort no matter if you are sleeping or resting. Since their center seats are divided with a small wall for extra privacy, this makes them suitable for solo flyers rather than couples. The company’s business class flight offer high level of privacy for the travelers.

Delta One


The air company made its debut in business class cabins two years ago. They incorporated newly modified Vantage XL seat design into their business class Delta One Suite flights. The fact that the seats has doors distinguishes them from the older versions.

They have an appealing to the eye design and they provide the passengers with plenty of comfort and privacy. The cabin offers:

  • beautifully designed seats facing the windows with plenty of seat storage
  • added doors
  • high level of privacy

This type of  business class is available on Delta A350s it will be also found  on A330-900neos and 777s soon.

Qatar Airways


If you are searching for excellent business class flight services on world level, you won’t go wrong with Qatar Airlines. The quality of their business class is simply unsurpassed.

The air carrier introduced their custom-made Qsuites in 2017. This type of business class cabin offers extraordinary comfort, and stylish design made with an attention to every detail.

The airline company offers specially designed business class cabin that meets all the requirements of those travelers who like to fly in style. Offers maximum comfort and private space for business class travelers

Every suit is has an individual door offering quiet spot for the passengers and it features much luggage storage space .There are seats for every taste: window seats, double seats.

No matter if you plan a long-haul flight on business class, travel with someone or alone, the company’s business class is a good choice There are seats that become double beds in the center part of the cabin. And there are quad seats for those travellers who fly in bigger groups. Qsuites can be found on 777s and A350s.

Japan Airlines



With their Apex Suite business class, the air company is preferred by many business class travelers. The business class cabins this airline company offers characterize with simple but elegant design. They have 2-2-2 configuration with window seats available on the company’s 787.

Apex offers its business class passengers high level of comfort and personal space as the aisle seats are divided by partitions offering extra privacy. The seats that have a window view have a private walkway and each passenger can lower or raise the partition between the seats .Their business class seats also offer much space for the feet.