How to fly business class cheap?

We all know that business class tickets tend to be costly. Since business class flights offer high quality in-flight services and only the supreme service quality of first class is better than this of business class. Passengers on business class flight are offered a great variety of amenities during the flight as well as some perks on the ground.

Business class falls in the category of world’s best kinds of travel classes.One of the most popular major airline companies in the world offer some exquisite services like that can make business class passengers feel like celebrities. To travel cheap on business class you need to make research of what discounts on business class tickets airline companies offer.

Besides super comfortable upgraded seats with more legroom and extendable leg rests some air carriers  offer convenient opportunities on their business class flights like 30kg.baggage allowance, quick security check, priority luggage handling, free lounge access.

How to fly business cheap

You can also find in-flight amenities like:

  • adjustable armrests between leather seats that can recline at  20 cm
  • rich food menu of premium quality
  • free alcoholic drinks
  • complimentary entertainment streamed to each passenger’s own device
  • built-in touchscreens
  • noise-canceling headphones
  • additional iPads
  • power sockets that offer convenience and easy access

On some flights you can even find adjustable lumbar support on the class,. You can also enjoy:

  • amenity kits
  • pillows and blankets
  • cosmetic kits
  • pajamas

Most of us know that business class tickets aren’t cheap. But is it possible to find cheap ones? The answer is yes.

Fortunately business class is more accessible now than ever before. More people can enjoy luxury air travel now by doing some simple methods such as scoring an upgrade to a business class seat and many more.

How to fly business cheap

It’s important to be flexible to find business class flights at affordable prices. You should also have a clear idea about which is a fair value for a business class on a certain route. When you do, you will know when it’s time to buy yourself the business class ticket you want.

You can enjoy luxury air travel on a budget. You just have to follow some of our helpful tips.

How to fly business cheap

Book with low-cost carriers

Make a thorough  research of the airline companies that offer cheapest business class tickets. Some air carriers offer great business class ticket deals to their customers. There are some programs that offer you a free business class upgrade and discounted business class tickets.

How to fly business cheap


Use  miles and points for business class travel

How to fly business cheap

To score a budget-friendly business class ticket deal it can be helpful if you fly frequently. Upgrading with points is one of the best ways for economic air travel. This helps you earn air miles and credit card points.The amount of points is different and redemption of points varies depending on the company.

There are many company randed credit cards that offer bonuses if you sign up for them that reach 60,000 points or more.Remember that it’s possible that not all business class flights have award availability.

About 25,000 points is considered enough for a business class flight. So you should start earning points right now.

Buy an economy ticket and upgrade it with points or cash

This option is suitable for those passengers who don’t have enough points to get a seat at business class but they have enough points for purchasing economy class ticket.

How to fly business cheap

So, if the flight you wasn’t able to catch have award availability, buy yourself an economy class ticket and use your points to upgrade it .Before doing this is good to check if the fare class you have chosen to travel on is eligible for upgrades.

Sometimes regular economy class isn’t eligible for upgrades either made with points or cash. So keep in mind to check before booking an regular coach ticket.

The good news is that sometimes air companies offer business class seats upgrades at reduced prices when it gets close to the flight departure date and there are vacant business class seats.

So, it’s a good idea to regularly check the business class ticket deals as they tend to change when he departure date comes close. Your airline company may notify you about  this with an email in advance or you can find out about it on the company’s website.

How to fly business cheap

If you cannot find information about discounted business class tickets, you can check at the check-in desk or ask at the gate. There are times when you can get a low upgrade cost business class seat at the last minute so it pays off to be patient.

Buy an economy ticket and make a bidding for an upgrade

How to fly business cheap

This one is probably one of the easiest ways to get a business class ticket on the cheap. Online auctions offer a great opportunity for passengers to get a business class ticket.

To get cheap business class tickets, you should choose to fly with an airline company that offers an auction system to its economy passengers. This gives passengers the chance to make a  bid on an upgrade.

This particular method doesn’t guarantee you 100% that you will get an upgrade. But if you win by bidding, it becomes really easy to get a cheap business class ticket.

How to fly business cheap

On some fare classes  some airline companies offer their passengers the option to bid on an upgrade to a business class and pay much less than the original fare price. They often offer auction systems for economy class travelers.

This option  offers you the chance to make a bid on a random business class seat upgrade. The airline company will send you an email if you are eligible. But you can learn this too if you read the policies of your air company and check whether you are eligible and can make a bid by using your confirmation code.

How to fly business cheap

Airline companies suggest a price on the bidding page that is more likely to be accepted and there is a minimum and maximum bid. Minimum and maximum bids are set so that no one makes unrealistic bids. Each company should give details about how you can find your bid was accepted.

You can place your bid by submitting your credit card information. Then, after your bid is accepted, you will be charged. The bid is the additional amount to the amount you have already paid and you are willing to pay this amount for your business class upgrade. The bids are made separately on the return and outbound flights.

You have also the option to pay a fixed price for a business class upgrade at your check-in at most air carriers.

Keep an eye on business class sale fares

Sometimes airline companies sell business class seats as it isn’t profitable for them to fly with unbooked business class seats. So they often offer discounted business class tickets at discounted prices. This is done mostly to fill up available business class seats or help airline companies be ahead of their competitors by attracting more customers.

How to fly business cheap

Although the prices for discounted business class seats can be considerably lower than the regular price,they are still not very cheap. However, if you are out of other options, this one seems like an opportunity to travel on business class.

Use frequent loyalty programs

Most airline companies offer frequent loyalty programs that will win you a free business class upgrade. Air companies’ loyalty programs offer you also points which you can use to have a discount on your business class ticket purchase.

You can not only find an available business class seat, but you can also get it for free.How amazing is this! If you are a frequent flyer, you can get points each time you fly which you can use later for a business class upgrade.

How to fly business cheap

 Fly with your family

Some airplane companies allow ‘family-pooling’.This means that you can earn mile points when your loved ones travel frequently. Another easy way to collect enough points to get a free upgrade to a business class.


How to fly business cheap

Make use of mistakes

Sometimes flights get delayed, cancelled or there is bad weather conditions. And as a result of such problems airline companies sometimes need to rebook many people to a following flight. So flight attendants are willing to reward the most patient passengers with a free business class upgrade.

It may be good for you to wait for 1-2 days in order to be upgraded to a better seat. In such situations desk agents usually  deal with many customers and they tend to be nervous.

 In this case it’s recommended to call the airline number instead of joining the queue at the gate desk. Ask them that you agree to be flexible with your flight schedule and you will appreciate it if you are compensated for your delay.

How to fly business cheap

Stay away from old business class advice

You are going to find a lot of advice when it comes to finding affordable business class deals. Some of it you may find helpful, some -not so much. Advice such as to travel alone, dress nicely and be polite seem like a good idea, but it won’t guarantee you that you will immediately find yourself on business class flight.