Top 10 World’s Best Airport Lounges

Top 10 World’s Best Airport Lounges
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Business class flights offer premium quality in-flight services. But the on-ground services are also important for a passenger’s overall air travel experience. As you may know business class flights offer you the option to use a free waiting lounge access.

It’s not necessary to travel on first class to enjoy high quality airport lounge services. By flying on business class you can find amazing waiting lounges.

No matter how great in-flight services and amenities business class cabins offers, if the airport lounge isn’t what customers expect, this won’t be good for the air company’s reviews. Pre-flight experience matters too, so it’s good to make your research of airport lounges before booking a business class flight.

Business class lounges offer you the option to wait for you flight in a comfortable and cozy environment. The main purpose of an airport lounge is to provide customers with ultimate comfort and the option to rest in a quiet time before the flight.

Top 10 World’s Best Airport Lounges


It plays the role of an oasis in the heart of a busy airport where everyone can either rest, grab a refreshing drink, a snack or get some work done.

Good business class lounges offer a wide range of high quality amenities, high level of privacy for each traveler and most importantly- a cozy and quiet environment that allows you rest or work as long as you want before your flight. And exclusive waiting lounge pass is one of the best perks business class flights offer.

Top 10 World’s Best Airport Lounges

All business class passengers have the option to get exclusive access to airport waiting lounges. If you are a frequent flyer, then the quality of airport lounge services is definitely important for you.

Airport lounges aren’t all the same and their range of services depends on different things like the air carrier or the type of flight for example. Some airport lounges designed for business class flights can be too crowded or require an additional tax for access.

There are some air companies that offer their customers the option to use credit card to use the perks of an airport lounge. Some even offer annual subscriptions that grants you unlimited access to many airport lounges around the world.

Top 10 World’s Best Airport Lounges


Sometimes an airport lounge may be far away from the gate, it can be located at a dark or cramped spot or it may lack a variety of quality foods and drinks. Such inconveniences spoil the air travel experience of a flyer.

So, if you want comfortable and quiet place to wait for your flight’s departure, check out our list of air companies that offer best business class lounges.

Top 10 World’s Best Airport Lounges

Why the popularity of airport lounges increases?

Most airline companies try to attract more passengers by offering them premium class seats. Thanks to the loyalty programs air companies offer to their frequently flying customers, the importance of airport lounges increases. In fact know airport lounges have become an important factor that influences the choice of business class flight.

It matters whether an airport lounge is good or bad and what is the quality level of the services it offers.

Check out the world’s best business class airport lounges

Premium Lounge (Etihad Airways)

Top 10 World’s Best Airport Lounges

This air carrier’s lounge offers plenty of space for business class travelers as well as many facilities and services. Its location is Abu Dhabi. The lounge’s chic interior makes you feel as if you are in a boutique hotel.

You don’ t need to have a special status as a member of a loyalty program offered by the air company to enjoy the lounge’s amenities.

Here you will find:

  • quiet areas for work or relaxation
  • cigar lounge
  • champagne bar
  • kids playground with nannies
  • free Wi-Fi
  • duty-free shop
  • Style & Shave salon
  • shower rooms at this business class lounge

Top 10 World’s Best Airport Lounges

In terms of foods and offering, the lounge has an international buffet offering a selection of cheeses, meats, hot dishes, fresh salads, pastries, desserts, fruits.

For those of you who really want to unwind before their flight, the lounge’s Six Senses spa offers an ambient relaxation and a variety of spa therapies.

Al Mourjan Lounge (Qatar Airways)

Top 10 World’s Best Airport Lounges

Qatar has often ranked as the air company with the best waiting lounge services. Its elegant business class lounge is at Hamad International Airport. It has a unique Arabic-style interior design with high ceilings, bronze walls showcasing Arabic calligraphy and a designer furniture. It also offers much space as it’s 10 times the size of an Olympic swimming pool.

Top 10 World’s Best Airport Lounges

Besides comfortable private seating Al Mourjan Lounge offers also:

  • snack bar
  • restaurants
  • refreshment stations
  • a business center
  • private workstations
  • duty-free shop
  • special Tv and nap rooms
  • spa center

The Wing (Cathay Pacific)

Top 10 World’s Best Airport Lounges

Cathay’s business class airport lounge at the Hong Kong International Airport offers a luxurious setting with a variety of high quality services and perks. The lounge’s interior is made with white marble and offers beautiful view toward the tarmac.

Top 10 World’s Best Airport Lounges

Its buffet offers a wide range of a la carte meals, regional special dishes, champagne bar, noodle bar, Asian and Western cuisine hot and cold food options. The lounge’s famous Long bar offers you a rich palette of alcoholic drinks such as champagne and a wine selection.

Top 10 World’s Best Airport Lounges

For those of you who want to rest before the flight there are also nap rooms, massage service, shower suites, business center. The lounge’s elegant interior is decorated with black granite and Carrara marbles and you can enjoy large comfortable chairs and even complementary foot massages.

Silverkris (Singapore Airlines)

Top 10 World’s Best Airport Lounges

Singapore Airlines’ main business class lounge Silverkris is located at Changi Airport. It has a unique home away from home design concept. It includes cozy and beautifully designed interior that gives you the feeling as if you are sitting in a kitchen, living or dining room. The stylishness of the interior is enhanced by tasteful art pieces.

Top 10 World’s Best Airport Lounges

There is a variety of spots you can choose to spend  your time before the flight-cafes, bars, even slumberettes fitted with Italian leather.

This airport lounge offers the richest  food menu in the world including:

  • Western
  • Italian
  • Indian and Chinese cuisine meals
  • meals
  • classic dishes from Singapore

Emirates Business Class Lounge

Top 10 World’s Best Airport Lounges

Emirates has a modern business class  lounge in Dubai where you can use many different amenities and services. The lounge offers:

  • different spa therapies and spa showers
  • nap rooms special relaxation zones
  • rich menu with drinks and food
  • fast Wi-Fi duty-free boutique shops
  • a business center
  • cigar bar
  • wine cellar with sommeliers

Business class Lounge (Turkish Airlines)

Top 10 World’s Best Airport Lounges

Turkish Airlines offers one of its kind business class lounge. It’s located at Istanbul’s newly built airport that also has a museum.

This  lounge is really spacious, it has a capacity of 1000 people and it offers an abundance of amenities to business passengers.

Top 10 World’s Best Airport Lounges

Modern and traditional décor styles intertwine in the lounge’s  interior making it a wonderful place to spend pre-flight hours.

The lounge’s amenities are:

  • nap rooms
  • TV rooms
  • console gaming
  • kids play zone
  • cooking stations and traditional Turkish cuisine
  • library
  • conference hall
  • room for prayers
  • a golf simulator
  • pool room
  • realistic racetrack
  • cinema
  • The lounge’s spa center offers shower and relaxation rooms

Clubhouse Lounge (Virgin Atlantic)

Top 10 World’s Best Airport Lounges

It’s located at the JFK Airport and it combines  the beautiful features of British and New York interior style and the result is ultra elegant interior. Business class passengers can relax sitting on the famous red ball sofa.

Top 10 World’s Best Airport Lounges

This lounge offers a relaxing atmosphere thanks to the subtle lighting and luxury furniture. The lounge offers a delicious la carte menu including five-star meals and the special Clubhouse burger.

Top 10 World’s Best Airport Lounges

Here you can enjoy also a variety of Clubhouse Spa therapies and also an entertainment zone where you will find a variety of games such as pool tables.

Business Lounge (Air France)

Top 10 World’s Best Airport Lounges

This business class lounge is located at the Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris and it’s the company’s newly designed lounge. This spacious lounge was reopened in 2018 and it has a capacity of 540 seats.

Top 10 World’s Best Airport Lounges

Its interior follows a chic French style that combines both comfort and elegance and it includes brightly-colored furniture and plenty of light.

The amenities of this lounge are a dining corner with an open kitchen designed like a Parisian bistro, designer bar, detox bar and a spa center with sauna rooms.

Premium Lounge (Finnair)

Top 10 World’s Best Airport Lounges

This Helsinki-based business class lounge is designed in classic  Nordic style with a designer furniture, modern lighting system and special video projections on the walls. Here you will also find:

  • a drinks bar
  • a workstation with Apple computers
  • kids playground
  • unisex Finish saunas

Top 10 World’s Best Airport Lounges

Galleries Lounge (British Airways)

Top 10 World’s Best Airport Lounges

The company’s business class lounge is at Heathrow and once you go there you will see a clear distinction between this airport lounge and the other. British Airways Lounge offers plenty of space for every traveler and high level of comfort and customer service.

Here you will find a fresh soup bar, coffee stations serving all kinds of lattes and cappuccinos and many tasty food options  such as hot and cold entrees , snacks. You can find also a selection of spirit drinks, wines, beers.

Top 10 World’s Best Airport Lounges

The design of the lounge’s furniture is of Osborne and Little fabric type. Its large floor-to-ceiling windows allow much light inside the lounge.

The interior offers beautiful tarmac views and passengers have the option to get a spa therapy in Elemis Travel Spa. The duration of most spa therapies isn’t long, it takes about 15 min. but they will leave you refreshed and ready for a long flight.