Top Business Class Airllines in 2020

There is no doubt that if you choose to flight  business class on long-haul flights, you won’t regret it. Business class offers high quality in-flight and on-ground air services.

Business class flights definitely provides you with an ultimate air travel experience. Business class flights offer in-flight and on-ground services of extraordinary quality, especially on international flights. This makes them perfect not only for business travelers, but also for couples or families with kids.

Business class offers you everything you need for a comfortable and peaceful air travel.


Here is our list of top business class air companies in  2020

Qatar Airways

Top Business Class Airllines in 2020 1500

Qatar holds the first spot when it comes to business class services of ultimate quality. In 2017 the air company introduced the newly designed QSuites into their fleets and they are amazing. No matter if you are traveling solo on business or with your family, choosing this company’s business class flights guarantees you great travel experience.


QSuites are one of their kind as they offer many amenities to business class passengers and have a beautiful design.This type of seating has very comfortable bedding and it can be transformed into a fully lie-flat bed helping you sleep like a baby.


Top Business Class Airllines in 2020

The seats’parameters are 21.5 inches width and 79 inches long when turned into beds. QSuites have seats that have direct aisle access and sliding doors that create additional privacy for the passengers. Business class passengers are also offered different in-flight perks such as complementary kits and pajamas as well as on-ground perks like cozy waiting lounges.

Top Business Class Airllines in 2020


The seats are also fitted with convenient storage compartments and they offer an amazing option to those travelers who travel in groups.The middle section of Qsuites can be turned into a cabin for 4 people.


In 2019 the company was declared the best business class company in the world and also won the “best catering”  award.

Besides super comfortable seats, QSuites offer their customers  also high quality catering, quick Wi-Fi and other in-flight services.They can be found on Qatar’s A350-1000s, and on select Qatar Airways A350-900s, 777-200LRs, and 777-300ERs.


Singapore Airlines

Top Business Class Airllines in 2020


Another company that offers you amazing business class air travel experience. It takes second place in the ranking for best business class flights.


The air company fitted their A380 fleets several years ago with new business class cabins which are better in many ways than the old ones. This upgrade greatly influences their business class flights helping them offer even greater air service quality.


The new business class seats offer plenty of space and they have new easy-to-use control systems. They can become fully flat beds allowing you to catch up on your sleep in a comfortable way.


The entire cabin has a beautiful design and offers high level of privacy to each passenger despite the fact that the seats don’t have individual doors.There is also a rich and tasty menu offered on these business class flights.

Top Business Class Airllines in 2020


The good thing about this business class is that the pairs of the seats in the center can become double beds. It offers not only comfortable seating but also many entertainment options partly achieved by the 18-inch TV screens offering high-quality picture.


Travellers  on this business class get ultra speed Wi-Fi too. This type of business class is available on certain routes only so you should check in advance.

Delta One

Top Business Class Airllines in 2020


The business class flights of this air company characterize with some innovative technological advancements and Delta One Suites include one of these. Delta One’s business class offers seats that are 21 inches wide. The company’s business class cabin has narrow aisles but despite this fact, the seats are super comfortable thanks to the plush bedding.

Top Business Class Airllines in 2020


The company’s business class flights offer their passengers amenity kits that include different wellness products. However Delta One Suites aren’t available on all of the company’s business class flights, so check it out before booking.



Top Business Class Airllines in 2020


The business class cabins of this air company are called “Royal Laurel”. The layout  of their cabins is a 1-2-1 reverse herringbone. This type of configuration offers amazing privacy for each traveler.


The seats offer ultimate comfort as they are 26 inches wide and have a 81-87 pitch. They also can be turned into beds that are 78 inches long. This makes them more wider than the standard reverse  herringbone seating size.


The air company is famous for its delicious business class multi-course menu offering rich variety of Taiwanesse meals. Its business class flights offer amenities such as pajamas and amenity kits for each passenger. The company offers its passengers some great programs that allows them to use their points and miles to get upgraded.



Air New Zealand

Top Business Class Airllines in 2020

This air company offers great performance when compared to the other companies. Besides adding  new first class suites to their planes, the carrier included new upgraded business class seats into their fleets.


All Nippon Airways

Top Business Class Airllines in 2020

In 2019 the company included new first and business class into their airplanes.The company’s top business class product is called “The room” and it offers one of its kind innovative design.


The seats in this business class have individual doors and they offer plenty of space and privacy for each passenger- a guarantee for an ultimate business class travel experience. These business class cabin can be found only on some of the company’s  NA 777-300ERs


Swiss International

Top Business Class Airllines in 2020


This popular air company has business class cabins that offer amazing level of comfort and convenience to the passengers. The company’s business class seats can become lie-flat beds that are 2 –meter long.


If you choose this company’s business class flights, know that the window seats offer the greatest level of privacy. The window seats are called “throne seats”. They can be even booked in advance for an additional price.


The company’s business class flights offer you stylish amenity kits. The  company really raises the bar in terms of food menu as it offers business class meals prepared by chefs, some of which are awarded with Michelin star.


ANA Airlines

Top Business Class Airllines in 2020 

The business class of this airline offers all business class travelers  hospitality and great level of comfort that allow a pleasant air travel experience. The configuration of this company’s business class cabins is staggered type 1-2-1.

It offers direct aisle access and all the seats turn into lie-flat beds.The seats offer ultimate comfort as their width is 21 inches and have a 62 pitch. The also have spacious legroom

This air company offers also delicious Japanese-style meals in its business class flights.


Top Business Class Airllines in 2020

This is another air company that deserves its place on the list. The air carrier introduced new business class seats arranged in a new staggered configuration.

They alternate between closer to the windows and closer to the aisle. If you are travelling with other people, the best seats for you are those arranged  in the middle of the cabin.

Etihad’s business class has a distinguishable stylish finish and the seats are made with new technologies and more functions than the previous seat versions. The new seats are more spacious and they offer privacy for each passenger. These business class seats also feature soft bedding, plenty of legroom.

You can find this type of business class on Etihad:

  • 787-9s
  • 787-10s
  • A380 aircraft


Top Business Class Airllines in 2020


The company’s business class undoubtedly offers great level of privacy for the passengers. Emirates business class makes every traveler feel exclusive by offering them luxury amenity kits. The seats offer extraordinary comfort and privacy thanks to the comfortable bedding and motorized window shades.

Emirates business class offers not only comfort but  many entertainment options too. Emirates business class seats have large  screens with around 4,500 channels. And it’s no wonder that in 2019 the company  was awarded the titles “best in-flight entertainment” and “Best Entertainment” by APEX.

Top Business Class Airllines in 2020

There are also mini bars by the seats that are great idea for long haul flights. The company’s business class features in-flight bar where you can enjoy a drink and chat with the other passengers.

Japan Airlines

Top Business Class Airllines in 2020


The company added new business class cabins to their 777-300ER called Apex Suites. Japan Airlines business class cabins have a staggered 2-3-2 layout large 23-inch  monitors. The won the vote for  3rd  best  business class seats in the world.

Top Business Class Airllines in 2020

These business class seats offer large footwell and they have partitions between them that can be raised thus achieving extra privacy for each passenger. The seats also offer all passengers an option for massage. The food menu is performing well too by offering a variety of Western and Japanese cuisine meals.

Cathay Pacific

Top Business Class Airllines in 2020

This air company holds the 7th position for best business class companies in the world. The business class cabins this air carrier offers have a reverse herringbone layout. It has a luxury design giving the impression as if you are flying on first class.

The seats offer maximum level of comfort for each flyer as well as large storage compartments for personal belongings. The in-flight service includes tasty Hong Kong meals and an abundance of amenities:

  • fast Wi-Fi
  • complementary kits
  • pillows,slippers
  • soft matress toppers