Why Should You Visit Venice, Italy?

Come and experience what this city has to offer. Venice is an incredible place that combines old-fashioned attractiveness with stunning views.

It is situated at the Italian Venetian lagoon and is rightly considered one of the obligatory places for those who want to feel themselves in a real fairytale.

There are several reasons why Venice remains one of those places which everyone should visit.

A gondola trip with your beloved along the beautiful canal or through narrow streets full of life with different stalls and restaurants where you can find a seat by the window?

Venice is rich in culture and history, displaying itself like nowhere else in the world. Hence, it is perfect for anyone seeking splendor combined with some historical knowledge.

So put on your best clothes and take a chance on an adventure that will hold you captive from beginning to end – visit Venice now!

About the Location

In the northeastern part of Italy lies a very interesting city that spans 118 small islands, which are divided by canals and joined through more than four hundred bridges.

Venice is positioned at the Venetian Lagoon in northeastern Italy on the southeast Italian coast. It is referred to as the Floating City” for a good reason.

This place becomes even more fascinating due to the lack of cars and streets, whereby residents have an opportunity to use narrow streets for their movements and gondolas moving along the water canals.

One of the most beautiful features of Venice is its remarkable architecture, which comprises grand palaces as well as churches and squares such as St. Mark’s Basilica and Piazza San Marco.

The city also has a dynamic culture, long tradition, valuable art, delicious food, and many holidays that will not leave anyone indifferent.

8 Things to Do in Venice

Incredible Venice, an extraordinary city with so much in store for any curious soul who dares venture within its aquatic arms, holds ample surprises.

1. Take a Venetian Gondola Ride

Experience the essence of Venice as you take the opportunity to ride on a gondola amidst the beautiful waters of Venice. Cruise along the scenic canals, gliding under elegant bridges that hold memories of ages past.

The songs you hear as the gondolier rows will make your trip more magical. It does not matter if you are in love or alone – use this unique chance to get into the spirit of peace and love while traveling by the symbol of Venice itself.

2. Visit St. Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco)

Enter Venice’s soul at Piazza San Marco, where surrounding marvels include one of the world’s grandest squares. Admire the stunning Byzantine art of St. Mark’s Basilica, containing delicate mosaics and magnificent soaring domes.

Take a tour of the former royal dwelling called Doge Palace and enjoy an experience fit for kings when you go up the Campanile to see all around.

Once done with taking it all in, head to one of those comfortable-looking cafes at the sides, order a cup of tasty Italian espresso, and busy yourself with monitoring passers-by from your table.

Don’t you think it can be called a perfect way to enjoy on your own the rich life which surrounds one in this renowned place?

3. Explore the Grand Canal

To enjoy a ride on a Vaporetto or call for a water cab and sail on the most beautiful of all the Venetian canals – the Grand Canal is to start your trip to Venice in the best way.

Prepare yourself for these magnificent palaces that will surely make you gasp for air as you pass through the Grand Canal. Take time off to wonder about these elegant mansions.

Admire the Ca’d’Oro and its complex Gothic frontage or the enigmatic Palazzo Dario. Enjoy passing hundreds of years of history and culture, viewing Venice from another perspective altogether.

4. Get Lost in Venice’s Narrow Streets

Take a leap into those maze-like alleys, popularly referred to as “calli”. Let yourself go completely astray within these fascinating “corridors,” which promise many surprises. You will find new ones of those at each corner.

There are also secret courtyards featuring old-fashioned wells as well as lovely little fountains. Also, you might come across artisans who sell their fancy goods in cozy trade booths that are hard enough to locate.

Start tasting traditional dishes of Italian cuisine while enjoying the true Venetian ambiance surrounding these tight streets.

In Venice, getting lost is just an opportunity to find more than what meets the eye and experience something amazing that will leave an indelible mark in your heart forever.

5. Visit the Rialto Bridge

Walking across the Rialto Bridge, an authentic image of Venice in itself, feels as if one is passing through centuries. The Grand Canal provides these amazing sights to those who will have crossed this engineering marvel known as the Rialto Bridge.

Once you have passed it, head towards the lively Rialto Market, which is very close. Enjoy the colors and scents while going through the stalls full of healthy products such as vegetables, fruits, seafood, and many other delicacies.

Pamper yourself with some traditional Venetian delicacies like Cicchetti or a plate of pasta with freshly caught fish.

6. Discover Venetian Art

Venice has always been home to art and has been an inspiration to many maestros of history. Be part of that inspiration. Go out and visit some of the world’s greatest galleries, like Gallerie dell’Accademia or the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

There are religious paintings and drawings on display here, although not just those alone, followed by some of the most amazing views you’ll see anywhere, and finally, painted heads that are looking at you from every side! Every brushwork creates a timeless tale of its own.

7. Take a Boat Ride to Murano and Burano Islands

Are you exhausted with the large crowds of people in Venice? Do you want to escape from Venice for a pleasant cruise and head to its neighboring islands, such as Murano and Burano? Once you get there, prepare to be amazed.

Highly skilled glassblowers at Murano turn melted glass into breathtaking artwork. It is just amazing how they make those brightly colored vases, sparkling chandeliers, and little statues.

Afterward, visit the charming island of Burano, which boasts peaceful channels and multicolored buildings that look unreal.

Pass by the attractive lanes having elegant lace stores with varieties of handcrafted fine laces. This shall serve as the best reminder token for your Venetian holiday.

8. Attend Venice Carnival

Are you ready to have an unforgettable time during the world-famous Venice Carnival? Experience the magic of this traditional celebration that celebrates and brings out the very essence of Venetian culture.

Get yourself an ornate mask. It could be curious or flamboyant in style, then immerse fully into the merry-making.

Take part in the bright processions moving along the small streets with the people dressed up and dancing, but keep guessing who is hiding under these wonderful masks.

Visit grand balls staged at magnificent castles filled with sounds of music, as well as merry laughter and waltzing.

Bottom Line

Visiting Venice in Italy can take you away to an ageless, attractive place with matchless loveliness. You can’t compare this place with any other.

You will be engaged in watching glass-blowing experts craft their wares on Murano or dancing at the carnival, and you may still not believe that there are people who live there.

So why miss the opportunity to walk along its narrow streets, gaze upon its great buildings, and absorb yourself in a history that makes Venice one of the most extraordinary cities in the world?