The Perks of LOT Polish Airlines Business Class

Do you often find yourself longing for more spacious seats, better meals, and a higher quality of service when you fly? Then LOT Polish Airlines’ Business Class is just the ticket.

Offering a wealth of perks to make your journey memorable, this airline pulls out all the stops in its quest to ensure maximum comfort and convenience.

Think roomy seats that convert into fully-flat beds and delicious gourmet meals created by world-class chefs. Every aspect of your flight experience has been thought through with passengers’ pleasure in mind.

Read on as we explore some remarkable benefits of flying Business Class with LOT Polish Airlines – then book today for an exceptional travel experience.

Why Should You Choose LOT Polish Airlines Business Class?

If you seek outstanding travel experiences, LOT Polish Airlines serves as your ultimate choice. Flying with them in Business Class affords you the pinnacle of indulgence and comfort. The host of benefits and exclusive amenities is designed to ensure that:

Airport Experience

Lot Polish Airlines’ Business Class takes airport experience to another level. On arrival, an array of exclusive privileges awaits, promising a relaxing and stress-free start to your journey.

The airline’s business class ticket grants access to its luxurious lounges at airports worldwide. These lounges offer everything from comfy seating areas and complimentary Wi-Fi to delectable snacks and refreshing drinks. They all designed with your relaxation in mind.

There’s more: business class passengers also benefit from priority service throughout the airport. Say goodbye to long queues or delays thanks to dedicated check-in areas at major airports across Europe.

Fast-track processing means less time queuing, too. So, there’s more time for a last-minute lounge visit or just exploring what’s on offer airside before boarding.

For intercontinental routes, there are larger baggage allowances, too. So forget about packing too much. On LOT’s intercontinental services, three checked baggage items at 32kg each are allowed without any extra charges.

Comfortable Seats

LOT Polish Airlines Business Class is the last word in inflight comfort – thanks to its Dreamliner planes and cunning cabin layout.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner jets used for long-haul flights by LOT Polish Airlines have an intimate business-class cabin configuration.

The B787-8 and B787-9 models are designed with a 2-2-2 set-up. It means just three rows on the former and four rows on the latter. As well as speeding up service, this results in quieter travel.

The décor throughout the Business Class cabin is tastefully done out in LOT’s signature deep blue, giving it a light, fresh, and clean feel. The seats themselves glow with a soft blue hue that adds warmth to an already pleasant environment.

If passengers are seated at the window, they will need to clamber over their companion if they want to access the aisle. Solo travelers might prefer an aisle seat in either of two central sections if they crave minimum disturbance or maximum privacy between them.

The electronically controlled window shades of Dreamliners provide great versatility. You can customize how much light you let into your space without sacrificing a view.

If yours has been locked by crew members, there’s nothing stopping you from having it reopened so you can look outside (and distract yourself from work). But be nice to other people when doing so!

Storage space for smaller items is limited, but there is room beneath each ottoman at each seat for small carry-on bags. These footrests remain usable even when upright.

Each seat also has multiple electronic adjustments that allow passengers various positions during flight, including lie-flat bed mode – perfect for getting some serious rest on long journeys.

Exclusive Dining

Savor a gastronomic extravaganza with LOT Polish Airlines Business Class, where every meal is a gourmet delight.

On long-haul flights, passengers can enjoy an offering of carefully crafted dishes created from the finest ingredients, served on stylishly set tables on high-quality porcelain.

From welcome snacks and drinks before take-off to a wide selection of main courses accompanied by salads and appetizers, each dish is prepared to perfection. Pair these delights with something special – perhaps a glass of first-class wine?

And don’t miss their extensive menu of desserts and cheeses available throughout the flight. Just before landing, you’ll also receive another mouth-watering tray, which comes beautifully presented on porcelain tableware.

LOT Polish Airlines boasts one of the largest selections of wines and spirits in the air. Choose from reds, whites, or rosés from various regions around the world; we also offer Porto and champagne.

Flights to Asia include regional specialties such as sake or ume liquor (on Japan flights), Japanese whisky (on Japan flights), or soju (South Korea).

In-Flight Entertainment and Travel Comfort

LOT Polish Airlines is dedicated to taking care of your entertainment needs on board. With sleek Boeing 787 Dreamliners as its aircraft, you can expect all the latest features and amenities. They will help make your journey more enjoyable.

Business Class seats are big and recline hundreds of degrees, with soft blankets and pillows provided.

They are allowing for relaxation or productivity in an ambient atmosphere thanks to LED mood lighting and windows that let through natural light — both helpful when it comes to minimizing jetlag.

In-flight entertainment (IFE) is shown on wide screens controlled by a wired remote control. Expect a good selection of Hollywood and international movies alongside a range of Polish films and television programs.

There is also short subject programming as well as music. There’s even an interactive 3D moving map display so you can track the progress of your flight. Or, you can explore new destinations by zooming in and out as the plane passes over them.

Note: Wireless internet access isn’t currently available aboard LOT Polish Airlines flights.

Amenity Kit

LOT Polish Airlines Business Class takes pride in its efforts to provide passengers with an amenity kit that is not just good for your skin but good for the planet, too.

Inside the new natural cosmetics amenity kit, Natural Phenomé cosmetics have been designed to retain their hydrating properties by using hydrolates instead of water when formulating products.

The apple cream and lip balm are refreshingly rich in texture. This suite also boasts a bamboo toothbrush and natural toothpaste, plus an eye mask – ideal for those long-haul flights.

And don’t forget: LOT Business offers hand washing gel, lotion, and refreshing mist as standard “in its luxurious onboard toilets.”

With at least 95% of ingredients being natural and recyclable packaging used throughout, you can see how comfort goes hand-in-hand with ecological responsibility high up in the clouds.

Bottom Line

Turning ordinary travel into a journey that exceeds all expectations is the name of the game for LOT Polish Airlines Business Class. From the moment you enter the airport, choose from exclusive privileges and some luxurious surroundings built to measure up.

On board, passengers can expect comfortable seating and an intimate cabin experience on their Dreamliner aircraft, which is designed to encourage restful travel.

Even better: The airline’s amenity kit isn’t just about pampering your skin – this carrier is committed to sustainability, too. Natural cosmetics and recyclable packaging are at its core, ensuring both comfort and ecological responsibility are merged together.

So why settle when you can enjoy faultless service, delicious meals in peace, bags of storage space, plus luxury extras?