China Southern Airline Business and First class lounge

We all know how overwhelming air travel can be. Sometimes flying  can be a stressful experience, especially if we don’t make the right choice of an air travel class.

Business class is suitable for those frequent flyers who want to have an enjoyable flight and use premium quality services. It provides you with ultimate comfort and a peaceful atmosphere that allows you to either rest or work during your flight.

China Southern Airline is one of those air companies that offer the world’s best business class product.

China Southern Airline Business and First lounge

About China Southern

China Southern Airlines Company Limited is an airline headquartered in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. The airline operates business class flights from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport which is the major airport of Guangzhou.

This airline was founded on 1 July 1988 as a result of the  restructuring of the CAAC Airlines that acquired and merged different domestic airlines. China Southern became one of China’s “Big Three” airlines together with Air China and China Eastern Airlines. 

China Southern Airline Business and First lounge

 It’s the world’s sixth-largest airline measured by passengers carried and Asia’s largest airline in fleet size, revenue, and passengers carried. 

The airline’s  main hubs are located at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and Beijing Daxing International Airport and it was a member of SkyTeam until 1 January 2019

China Southern operates more than 2,000 flights to over 200 destinations daily. The airline became a partner of American Airlines as part of a frequent flyer program  in March 2019. 

The airline’s slogan is “Fly into your dreams” and the logo of the airline consists of a kapok flower (the city flower of Guangzhou) on a blue tail fin.

China Southern has recently upgraded its business class cabin and now it offers even more airline services and amenities. The airline offers a business class cabin on Airbus A380 that has business class seats in a staggered configuration. The business class cabin has 70 seats.

China Southern Airline Business and First lounge

The seats have a 2-2-2 configuration and they  alternate between being closer to the aisle and closer to the window. 

Business class passengers can either choose from the seats close to the window that offer great views and privacy, those that are close to the aisle or the seats at the center section of the business class cabin also called “honeymoon seats”. That’s because they are suitable for couples who are flying together. 

Being far from the windows these seats don’t offer much of a sky view, but they provide passengers with easy aisle access and allow you to travel with a spouse or a colleague.

China Southern Airline Business and First lounge

China Southern’s business class seats have different convenient features that allow every business class passenger to travel in a comfortable and stress-free way.

Their design includes spacious footwell, wide armrests, comfortable headrests, and also the option for the seat to go into a bed mode, which is a great thing when it comes to traveling on a long-haul flight.

The seats have easy-to-use controls that allow passengers to easily adjust them according to their preferences  for comfort.

Another feature of China Southern’s A380 business class cabin design are seat lockers on the side of the upper deck plus overhead bins on the upper deck. This allows business class travelers to bring more items with them on the flight.

China Southern Airline Business and First lounge

The seats are equipped with comfortable bedding and mattress pads. And passengers can also get additional pillows and blankets, if they wish. 

They also feature : 

  • compact foldable tray tables suitable for either working or studying 
  • USB outlets for charging  laptops or devices 
  •  a console where you can place your drink 
  • special compartment with a water bottle 
  • TV monitors with touchscreens and headphones jacks where you can watch a movie during the flight 

You will also find multiple storage compartments where you can place your belongings.

China Southern Airline Business and First lounge

The built-in TV screens can be easily operated by an entertainment remote controller and offer a rich selection of movies and TV shows.

Passengers flying on China Southern’s business class cabin also get complimentary amenity kits that contain different  items- a pair of slippers, a shoehorn, a shoe bag, a comb, Q-tips, cotton pads,  an eye mask, earplugs, a toothpaste, moisturizing cream, lip balm.

When flying on China Southern’s business class cabin you also get a pre-fight drink such as champagne, wine or a fruit juice, if you don’t want alcohol. You can also choose from an in-flight menu that includes different full course meals, light snacks, desserts and drinks. 

The available meal options are dishes with : 

  • meat 
  • fish 
  • seafood 
  •  omelette 
  • Chinese-style dishes such as noodle soups

China Southern Airline Business and First lounge

China Southern Airline Business class Lounge

China Southern Business class Lounge is located at Guangzhou Airport. At the airport terminal an escalator leads to the business class lounge which is located at the right side of the escalator.

The lounge consists of two levels. At the bottom level you will find a café with different seats and a large buffet area.

China Southern Airline Business and First lounge

The bottom level of the lounge has a staircase that leads to the upper level which features a large number of seats for passengers. Here you can find different types of seats that offer you a high level of comfort and privacy.

The seating area at the lounge’s upper level is divided into different sections. There is a main hallway that features rows of leather seats in beige and gold colors, coffee tables which are facing one another and restaurant-seats with tables.

China Southern Airline Business and First lounge

The lounge’s interior features walls with greenery on them, plenty of artificial lighting which gives the lounge space a cozy and modern vibe.

China Southern’s business class lounge offers a separate area with computers and printers where business class travelers can work in a private  and convenient way. This work area features individual cubicles with work chairs, desks, computers and printers.

China Southern Airline Business and First lounge

There is another seating zone at the lounge’s upper level which is spacious and features plenty of comfortable couches in beige and red with side tables. Here business class passengers will also find a selection of magazines and newspapers.

China Southern Airline Business and First lounge

One of the lounge’s sections feature comfortable daybeds and massage chairs at the back of the lounge which offer you a great opportunity to enjoy some relaxation time before your flight.

The lounge’s upper floor also offers a buffet area where you can get a pre-flight meal or a drink. Here you can choose from different light snacks and refreshing drinks – packaged snacks, cereal, nuts, candy bars, pastry, fresh fruit,  bottled water, soda, beer, coffee, tea. 

China Southern Business class Lounge (SkyTeam Lounge Beijing)

China Southern Airline Business and First lounge

This China Southern Airline business class lounge is located at Beijing Capital International Airport at Terminal 2. The lounge is a large brightly lit space that has a capacity for a high number of passengers. Due to its convenient design the lounge never gets crowded.

China Southern Airline Business and First lounge

This business class lounge offers different seating areas that provide you with a rich choice of seat options. 

There are restaurant-style seats with chairs where you can enjoy fine dining, bar stools and high-top tables where you can enjoy your drink or get some laptop work done, soft armchairs with small side tables where you can unwind before your flight.

China Southern Airline Business and First lounge

The lounge’s dining area provides you with a rich choice of hot and cold meal options. The menu includes breakfast, lunch and dinner options as well as desserts and light snacks.

Here you will find  different Western-style dishes such as :

  • scrambled eggs 
  • sausage patties 
  • crepes 
  • cold finger sandwiches 
  • bread 
  • croissants 
  • pasta 
  • salads 
  • mixed vegetables

China Southern Airline Business and First lounge

Fans of good food should not miss to visit the lounge’s make-your-own pasta bar. And for those of you who want to try some authentic Asian food the lounge offers self-serve stations for noodle soups and dim sum where you can choose from different delicious options.

The lounge features a cocktail bar offering a variety of spirit drinks, liquor and a modern self-serve wine bar that has automatic wine dispensers for champagne, rose,  red and white wine.

Business class passengers can also get a drink from the mini fridges placed throughout the lounge. There you can find soda and fruit juices.

China Southern First class lounge (Sky Pearl Vip Lounge)

China Southern Airline Business and First lounge

Some of China Southern’s first class lounges can be found at Beijing Capital Airport (PEK) and Baiyun International Airport at Terminal 2 (Domestic).

Sky Pearl Vip Lounge  is located at Beijing Capital Airport and it offers a beautifully designed elegant interior  featuring comfortable furniture, carpets in bold floral pattern, oversized lamps, lounge chairs, convenient portable small tables with power outlets.

China Southern Airline Business and First lounge

This first class lounge offers a wide range of premium quality services and amenities. It’s divided into separate seating areas, one of which is  a buffet area with café-style seats. 

There is also a staffed bar offering a large premium selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and also a special seating area where traditional  tea ceremonies are held. 

The lounge also offers  a hot buffet with fresh Chinese and Western cuisine dishes as well as a live cooking station and self-service stations with light snacks and drinks.

China Southern Airline Business and First lounge

In addition to these amenities, this first class lounge also offers  a business center, a relaxation area with comfortable leather lounge chairs, a cinema spot, a cozy library section with seats, special room for kids and babies, a nursing room. The business center features large desks with laptops, printers and power outlets.

At this lounge you will also find an area with spacious shower suites and massage rooms.