Turkish airlines Business & First Class Lounge

Flying on business and first class guarantees you ultimate level of comfort, privacy and quiet environment during your flight. The lounges of first and business and first class offer you maximum comfort, pleasant environment where you can spend your layover time in a private and comfortable way. Airport lounges offer a wide range of high quality services and convenient amenities.

This is true especially in the case of business and first class lounges that feature a wide range of high level services and luxury amenities. If you choose to book a ticket for business or first class, you will definitely have one-of-a-kind air travel experience.

Turkish airlines Business & First Class Lounge

If you choose to fly with Turkish airlines, you will have a pleasant air travel experience. And if you choose the airline’s business or first class, you will get exclusive access to business and first class lounge.

The airline’s main hubs are located at Istanbul Airport and Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport. This famous air carrier has lounge locations all over the world:

  • Istanbul
  • Sabiha Gökçen
  • Ankara Esenboğa
  • Izmir Adnan Menderes
  • Antalya
  • Bodrum
  • Kayseri
  • Adana
  • Gaziantep
  • Hatay
  • Trabzon

Turkish airlines Business & First Class Lounge

If you get a business class ticket for Turkish airlines, you will fly on the airline’s Boeing 777 which has two business class cabins which are located at the front part of the aircraft.

Turkish airlines Business & First Class Lounge

Turkish Airlines First and Business class lounge

One interesting fact about Turkish Airlines Business class lounge is that it’s among the best business class lounges in the world. It can be accessed by both business and first class passengers.

This business class lounge can be accessed by all Turkish Airlines, Star Alliance business class passengers and first class passengers.

Turkish airlines Business & First Class Lounge

This lounge spreads over 60 000 feet and it has a capacity for 765 passengers. The location of this business class lounge is near gate E1 at the base of the terminal’s escalator.

High-speed Wi-Fi, comfortable seating, peaceful work spots, delicious food, refreshing drinks  – these are just one of the amenities this business and first class lounge offers.

Turkish airlines Business & First Class Lounge

Entrance and lounge interior

Upon entering this business class lounge you will notice its beautiful unique design with elegant features in gold, black and grey that offer a sense of luxury. The interior has both classic and modern features that are combined in a unique way.

The lounge’s entrance features automatic gates and has an open-air design. It overlooks the entrance of the gate. The lounge interior offers plenty of lighting thanks to its large windows.

Turkish airlines Business & First Class Lounge

Seating Area

The business and first class lounge of Turkish Airlines offers a spacious seating area with a calm environment where you can wait for your next flight in a comfortable way.

This business class lounge has a seating area with plenty of space to sit and relax for its high number of visitors. Even if you decide to visit this lounge during peak periods of travel, you will still find plenty of space to sit comfortably.

Here you will find white sectional couches and elegant café style tables and chairs in a Parisian style as well as comfortable lounging chairs for relaxation. There are also soft and blue velvet couches that are located at the entire length of the lounge. They also feature comfortable seats where each passenger can drink or eat.

Dining area

Turkish airlines Business & First Class Lounge

The business class lounge of Turkish Airlines offers its guests a rich variety of delicious exquisite meals and premium quality drinks that are served and presented in a spectacular way. The business lounge ’s dining area of Turkish Airlines offers a buffet service. Here you can find a wide variety of meals and drinks of premium quality.

The buffet’s breakfast options in the morning  are omelets and other made-to-order options such as yoghurt, cereal, authentic Turkish mezze. The buffet area of this luxury lounge  also offers specialty dishes from the national Turkish cuisine such as Gozleme flat-bread pastry and Kumru-a sandwich with sausage and cheese.

Here you can also a live cooking show at the lounge’s Turkish Kebab station with professional chefs The drinks menu also includes freshly squeezed fruit juice and there are barista bars for all coffee lovers that are always ready to serve you coffee of amazing quality.

The lounge of Turkish Airlines is one of the places that organize monthly specials where all business class passengers can try different pasta dishes from the Turkish cuisine and other delicious main meals. One example is the famous Turkish ravioli (Manti) a well as Turkish-style sandwiches and croissants. You can also try different soups and hot dishes and a variety of cakes and Turkish desserts.

If you are a pasta fan, then you should visit the lounge’s dining area  as it features a pasta bar, salad bar, grill station, Asian wok station, panini station and pide station (a buffet area that serves tasty Turkish flatbread with different vegetables, cheese and meat toppings).

This lounge also has different types of self-serve stations where you can get alcohol drinks, soft drinks, juice, nuts, desserts that can be found at the lounge’s entire space.

Turkish airlines Business & First Class Lounge

Tea garden

This area of the lounge features restaurant-style chairs and tables where you can enjoy a nice cup of tea with a great aroma. The interior of the tea garden features backlit photographs of Turkey which adds up to the whole peaceful and cozy atmosphere.

Work zone

The business and first class lounge of Turkish Airlines offers you the opportunity to catch up on your work projects in a comfortable and luxury setting. The airline’s work zone features spacious conference rooms which you can reserve at the lounge’s reception. They are equipped with everything you need to organize your next business meeting.

Turkish airlines Business & First Class Lounge

Private suites

All eligible business and first class passengers flying with Turkish Airlines can enjoy their own hotel-like rooms in the business class lounge located at the lounge’s north side which are really popular.

These private suites feature a variety of amenities that will make your stay even more comfortable. Here you can either sleep, make phone calls, work, eat or just rest and enjoy quiet moments before your flight. Each of the private suites has individual temperature control option.

The private suites of this lounge are separated from each other with a thick curtain and offer luggage rack, twin bed, alarm clock, table with a chair, desk, TV set.

The business and first class passengers who choose this amenity can use a personal attendant. The visitors of these private suites can receive blankets and pillows on request. The only thing the lounge’s suites lack is private bathroom.

Turkish airlines Business & First Class Lounge

Private shower suites

The airport lounge of Turkish Airlines also offers convenient shower suites with toilets equipped with all of the necessary shower amenities a frequent traveler may need. Business class passengers can use additional amenities upon request.

Massage rooms

For those of you who are looking for a relaxing way to unwind after a long-haul flight, the massage rooms of this lounge are some of the perfect options.


Turkish Airlines feature a quiet and cozy zone with daybeds that offer you the opportunity to get your needed dose of sleep. However, you should know that there are a few conditions Turkish Airlines passengers need to meet in order to get access to the airline’s private lounge suites:

  • to book a ticket in Turkish business or first class (Star Alliance partners are excluded).
  • to be eligible for Award tickets.
  • to have a flight connection between four and nine hours
  • to have at least one arriving or departing flight with a duration of at least eight hours

Turkish airlines Business & First Class Lounge

Locker Storage

Turkish Airlines’ business and first class lounge offers you a special baggage storage zone where you can store your personal belongings in a safe and convenient way.

Video games and golf

If you choose to fly with Turkish Airlines, you can be sure that you won’t get bored when you wait for your next fight. At this lounge you will find a golf simulator near the panini station as well as the option to play video games. There are several video game stations where you can spend your layover time in an enjoyable way.

Kids Zone

You don’t need to worry about finding entertainment options on Turkish Airlines’ business class lounge, if you travel with your kids.

The lounge offers a kids play zone located near the main seating area that features mini kart racing, virtual golf, a kids slide area and a mini plane model for kids to play inside.

Turkish airlines Business & First Class Lounge

Library area

Turkish airlines’ business class lounge has a library area that features soft couches with chairs and coffee tables close to them. Here you can either eat or drink, read a book or just sit and relax while enjoying the pleasant surroundings. You can find different nooks around this lounge with tables and chairs where passengers can unwind before their next flight.

TV Area

The business class lounge of Turkish Airlines offers a comfortable spot with 12 TV  screens where you can sit and watch your favourite show. All passengers can get noise-cancelling headphones.

Ironing service

All first and business class customers of Turkish Airlines can get advantage of an ironing service when visiting the airline’s lounge. This service is available 24/7.

Art gallery

If you are an art fan, then you should not miss to visit the art section of Turkish Airlines’ lounge which offers you a unique way to spend your free time between flights at the airport. The lounge has a modern art gallery that showcases different Turkish art pieces.