Complimentary Chauffeur Service for Business Class

Business class offers plenty of amenities and services to its customers. The best way to ensure your comfortable air travel is to choose to fly on business class.

Business class flights offer a variety of services and amenities which offer you the option to rest, work or sleep during and before your flight. Business class lounges for example are one of the best places where you can spend your time before your flight.


Benefits of complimentary chauffeur service:

One of the biggest advantages of business class flights is the option to use a chauffeur service with a luxury vehicle.

The service free chauffeur transfer is mostly offered by business class lounges. Depending on the airline most business class lounges offer free chauffeured transfer to and from the airport.

It’s a great opportunity for each air passenger to enjoy a luxury journey to their destination without worrying about whether they will be on time for their flight.

One of the greatest perks business class flights offer is a chauffeured service. All business class passengers can use this wonderful service which is especially suitable for business travelers.

Complimentary Chauffeur Service for Business Class

When people are traveling on business, they want to get to their business meeting on time. For this reason chauffeur airport transfer is a great way to save time on your way to and from the airport.

This type of service saves you the hassle to search for a taxi or a cab to drive you to the airport. You can enjoy a fast drive in a comfortable limousine which will take you to your final destination.

Because air companies understand how valuable your time is, most of them offer their customers the option of a chauffeured airport transport which is really convenient and removes travel-related pressure.

Complimentary chauffeur service is a great option for those who want to avoid being late and make their trip to and from the airport an easy and fast one.

The airport service really guarantees a stress-free air travel experience. Free chauffeur transfer saves you the need to hurry to catch your flight as it saves you a considerable time.

It’s also a great option if you travel with a heavy luggage. Chauffeured transport to the airport is truly a time-saving way to get to the airport.

Complimentary Chauffeur Service for Business Class


Some airlines offer you even the option to book your chauffeured drive several hours before your flight.

If you are traveling in business class by any kind of upgrade from economy class, then you may not get advantage of chauffeur service.

When using this type of airline service you should know that depending on the air company different chauffeurs have a different waiting time. So most of them won’t wait if the passenger is late for their pick-up.

If you experience some problem with this airport service, you are free to contact your air company and express your concerns.


What is chauffeur service?

Air carriers offer their customers chauffeur service which is part of the business class lounge offering of services.

Chauffeured transfer is a service which saves flyers a considerable travel time and effort which really adds up to the whole air travel experience.

Chauffeured transport is available immediately after and before the flight. Travelers check in with their driver at the chauffeur drive desk.

If you choose this service, a personal driver will drive you to the airport to catch your flight. Reputable air companies offer their passengers premium cars only to ensure their high comfort and make them feel special- Mercedes, BMW, Audi.

We present to you the top world famous countries that offer complimentary chauffeur service to their customers.


Complimentary Chauffeur Service for Business Class

Emirates Airlines offer their first and business class passengers chauffeured transport to and from the airport.

The option to use a chauffeur transfer is available to all first and business class passengers who have booked seats on first and business class flights operated by Emirates.

The airline offers a chauffeured pick-up and drop-off service at 70 locations around the world as well as certain nearby destinations.

This rule is for codeshare flights that are operated by Emirates Skywards airline partners but there are some restrictions.

Emirates also offers you the option to book your chauffeured drive 12 hours before your flight.

Qantas  Complimentary Chauffeur Service for Business Class

This airline offers chauffeur transfer for all its first and business class air travelers who fly between London, Dubai and Australia. Commercial and frequent flyer redemption customers of the airline who have confirmed reservations can also use this service.

Passengers who have frequent flyer upgrades that are confirmed 48 hours before departure are also eligible for a complimentary chauffeur service. The airline’s passengers can use a chauffeur service upon their return to go back home.

Business class customers of the airline who are connecting to a Qantas international flight are eligible for a chauffeur-drive service  between 6 hours and 24 hours.

The airline’s passengers who are connecting from certain world locations to an eligible Qantas international flight in a period from 6 to 24 hours can use chauffeur-drive transfers.

If you have some special requirements concerning your chauffeured drive such as kids seats, you should inform the airline 48 hours before departure time.

For its chauffeur drive service Qantas uses luxurious European vehicles such as Audi, BMW, and Mercedes. The vehicle availability varies depending on the location.

British Airways Complimentary Chauffeur Service for Business Class

When flying business class with British Airways you should know that only first and business class customers of this airline get complimentary airport transfer. The airline offers complimentary chauffeur drive to business class flyers at Heathrow Airport who have connections. British Airways uses Jaguar vehicles in its chauffeur service.


Complimentary Chauffeur Service for Business Class

If you choose to fly with Lufthansa and want to get an advantage of a free chauffeur transport, a luxury limousine will wait for you to take you to the airport.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing to travel with this airline is that you can set up the pick-up time. Lufthansa passengers can book this service 60 minutes before the flight. They can cancel their limousine pick-up service up to 3 hours before the scheduled time.

So, if you wish to cancel your reservation for a chauffeur service or change some details of it, you have the right to do this if you want.

If you choose the chauffeur service of Lufthansa, you will enjoy some extras during your ride such as magazines, water, air conditioning, fine leather upholstery which will provide you with comfort.

British Airways free chauffeur service is available for BMI passengers who have booked their flight under the BMI flight code.

When using a chauffeur drive service upon leaving the airport to catch your flight, you should know that if you are not at the pick-up point for 15 minutes, your chauffeur service will be canceled. That’s because your driver will think that you don’t need transport.

On the other hand, if you are not at the pick-up point for up to 45 minutes after the arrival of the flight, then your booked chauffeur service will also be canceled.

Every passenger who uses this service can bring a total of three carry-on luggage bags and be accompanied by up to two family members or companions.

Etihad Airways Complimentary Chauffeur Service for Business Class

As some of the leading world air carriers in the sphere of aviation, Etihad offers its customers the option to book a chauffeur service online up to 12 hours before their flight.

Etihad’s chauffeur service is available for all passengers who are flying to and from Abu Dhabi International Airport.

You can book this complimentary service through Global Contact Centers, local offices or a local travel agent.

But the other passengers who aren’t traveling to and from this airport  can also book an airport transfer with Etihad Airways from every place in the world.

You can book your Etihad chauffeur service offline through a travel agent. But the online reservation is mostly preferred as it saves you both time and money.

The difference with online booking is that it won’t be a problem if you cannot make it on time for your chauffeur service and arrive at the pick-up point 10-15 minutes later. Your personal driver will still wait for you there for up to 25 minutes.

It’s good to know that if you fail to cancel your booked chauffeur service, you cannot re-book it when having the same flight ticket.

Qatar Airways

Complimentary Chauffeur Service for Business ClassQatar Airways offers a complimentary chauffeur service and door-to-door airport transfer to its passengers. The airline offers this service in more than 85 of its destinations. Complimentary chauffeur service and door-to-door transfers by Qatar are also available in all major destinations around the world.

Business and first class customers of the airline can enjoy a drive with a Mercedes Benz as Qatar has a fleet of chauffeured cars of this brand. The all-inclusive rates are confirmed before the reservation of the chauffeur service.

If you are flying with Qatar and choose chauffeur-drive service, you should know that if your pick-up is from the airport, you are offered a complimentary wait time of 60 minutes. All other types of pick-ups offer a wait time of 15 minutes.

All customers of Qatar have the option to cancel their chauffeur service booking before one-way trips or 24 hours before hourly bookings.  Cancelations for this service can be made for free up to one hour.