How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep on a Business Class Flight

It’s not impossible to sleep on long-haul flights. You just need to choose the right business class flight for you. If you require comfort, convenience and privacy, you will definitely find it on business class flights.

Tickets for business class flights are usually more expensive than regular economy tickets. But given the fact that many amenities are available on business class flights, they are really worth their price.

Business class offers passengers premium quality in-flight and on-ground services.

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep on a Business Class Flight

Business class flights are probably the best choice when it comes to flying on long-haul flights.

Business class flights definitely offer a great in-flight environment for resting or sleeping. Every passenger on business class should be able to sleep well during their flight without bothering their neighbor.

Business class offers wide variety of amenities that help you arrive at your end destination well-rested.

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep on a Business Class Flight

Lack of sleep has a negative effect on the brain and it’s not a good thing to be sleep deprived when you land at your destination with lots of things to do.

Business class offers its customers excellent sleeping conditions and high quality sleeping amenities. By choosing to fly on a business class flight you have the opportunity to rest or sleep comfortably during your flight. This will allow you to be more productive and get plenty of stuff done when you are flying.

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep on a Business Class Flight

Remember that not all business class cabins feature business class seats that fully recline. As you know having a seat that turns into lie-flat bed is essential factor for getting a good sleep in-flight.

Sleeping on such types of seats feels pretty much the same as sleeping on a bed. By planning ahead you can guarantee yourself a good sleep on any business class flight.

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep on a Business Class Flight

Therefore, it’s recommended to check in advance what type of business class seats you airline company offers before booking your flight. You should learn what are the sleeping conditions on the plane you plan to fly on.

By following our tips you can have a pleasant flight experience. And when you arrive at your destination you will be ready to start doing all the tasks you need to do according to your business travel schedule.

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep on a Business Class Flight

Tips how to sleep well on a business class flight

Choose carefully your business class seat

It’s important to know that not all business class seats are created equal. Every person sleeps in  a different way, so it’s recommended to check what type of seat you should expect on your air carrier’s business class cabin.

For instance, if you a usually sleep on your side, then it will be better for you to book a window business class seat. Consider your individual sleeping style and then make your choice.

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep on a Business Class Flight

But if you have no problem sleeping upright, then you can pick up an aisle seat instead. If you usually get up often during the night to go to the toilet, then the best option for you is an aisle seat.

Some business class cabins have separate suits. Choose a business class cabin whose layout isn’t densely compacted as this doesn’t offer much sleep comfort for each traveler.

Those business class suites that are fitted with doors don’t offer much comfort for sleep compared to the open suites that are set at an angle for more privacy.

The least comfortable business class seats are probably those located at the back or at the front of an airplane. Most often families with kids pick up the front of the business class cabin. And this makes it unsuitable for business travelers who want to catch on some sleep when flying.

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep on a Business Class Flight

The back of the airplane is also not a good idea too, since  there are the restrooms and the zone where flight attendants staff travel. If you chose to sit there during your business class flight you are very likely to get woken up by some activity.

So, if you want to sleep well on your business flight, then you should avoid this seat location.

Besides sleeping position, the other thing that you should consider when choosing a business class seat is the type of bedding and pillows. Everyone is different and has different idea of comfort level.

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep on a Business Class Flight

Get advantage of business class amenity kits

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep on a Business Class Flight

Most airline companies offer business class amenity kits to all passengers  on their cabins. These complementary  amenity kits include necessities like toiletry, hand creams, etc. Their content may vary depending on the company.

Some air companies offer special sleeping kits that include:

  • noise-canceling headphones
  • pajamas
  • slippers
  • extra blankets
  • pillows
  • sleeping eye-masks
  • ear plugs
  • dental kits and other

It’s important to mention that business class amenities don’t offer you 100% guarantee that you are going to fall asleep immediately.

But the likelihood of getting a shut-eye in a business class flight is bigger than this on a regular coach flight. Business class flights offer more privacy in general and the airplane cabin is quiet which helps those who want to catch up with their sleep.

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep on a Business Class Flight

Bring your stuff

It’s good to check in advance what types of sleeping amenities airline companies offer on their websites. Do this to avoid inconveniences and so that you know what personal items you should bring with you on the flight that aren’t available there.

Travel pillows are a must-have if you are traveling on a long-haul flight. Get yourself additional pillows. Having your own travel pillow is important in a case you cannot find available pillows on your business class flight. One of the best options for travel pillows is an inflatable U-shaped pillow or a solid rectangular pillow.

If you don’t want to get bulky pillows with you, a travel pillow or a scarf also works well. Be prepared if your business class flight doesn’t have available headphones on board.

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep on a Business Class Flight

Pack a pair of quality headphones so you can still be able to enjoy your flight, if someone is disturbing the silence in the cabin.

Light can be a problem when a person tries to fall asleep. That is why it’s recommended to carry with you an eye mask of good quality. You can buy yourself a new one, wear it at home first a couple of days before the flight to get used to wearing it.

Pick up light business class meals

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep on a Business Class Flight

The quality of our sleep is directly influenced by what we have eaten before sleep. After a heavy meal we usually cannot to fall asleep easily. If you want quality healthy sleep, stay away from:

  • foods that contain too much sugar
  • saturated fats
  • avoid eating foods that contain fiber in large quantities

Some air carriers offer on their business class flights the option of pre-ordered food. There is also the opportunity to choose at what time you wish your meal to be served.

Scheduled meals offer you the great option to stick to your individual eating schedule even when flying.

Stick to meals that are both nutritious and light. They should keep you satisfied for longer without causing you discomfort and inability to sleep.

Wear comfortable clothes

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep on a Business Class Flight

The comfort our clothes provide us with also determines the quality of our sleep. Stay away from clothes that are too tight as you are going to wear them for a long time.

Some airline companies offer pajamas on their business class flights. But you should be prepared in case your business class flight doesn’t  offer pajamas.

To travel comfortable on a business class flight, you need to pick up clothes that fit you well and allow you a freedom of movement. They should be made of light and breathable fabrics that are loose and make you feel super comfortable.

Choose tea drinks

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep on a Business Class Flight

Tea is your friend if you want to fall asleep quickly. Avoid drinking alcoholic drinks or getting too much caffeine during your flight. Drinking tea on a business class guarantees you a good night’s sleep. Remember that even decaffeinated coffee can also disrupt your sleep.

If you find it extremely difficult to fall asleep when flying on an airplane, you should try taking melatonin which has a beneficial effect for sleep loss disorders. There are different remedies and sleeping pills that ensure you an excellent sleep.

But take them in moderate amounts because they can have the opposite effect. Getting too much of a sleeping remedy may leave you feeling sleepy and lethargic on the next day.

Missing a meeting because of oversleeping isn’t a pleasant thing. Therefore, it’s good to test your chosen sleeping pill or tea first before the day of the flight so that you know how you feel and avoid  negative effect.

Get advantage of business class lounge zones

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep on a Business Class Flight


Some business class waiting lounges offer dedicated sleeping areas where every business class passenger can grab some sleep before boarding their flight.

These business class areas are an excellent option for passengers traveling on red-eye flights that are scheduled in the late night. They are made in such a way to offer business class passengers high level of convenience and privacy.


Adding plenty of physical activity to your daily schedule is beneficial to your sleep. It is proven that people who exercise regularly have a better sleep than those who aren’t active.