How to stay busy on a long flight?

No matter if you are going on a vacation or traveling on business in either case long-haul flights can be exhausting and even boring. Sometimes finding what to do when flying on airplane for up to six hours  can be a bit of a challenge. But not on business class flights.

If you book a long-haul flight on business class flight, the chances are you will feel not only well-rested when you arrive at your destination, but you won’t be bored. Business class flights offer you the option to do so many things,  be productive and entertain yourself during the entire duration of the flight.

How to stay busy on a long flight?

There are a lot of options to stay busy on a business class flight so you won’t feel how quickly time goes by. Business class flights offer so many opportunities to rest or work during your flight. You just need to apply a little bit creativity and do some planning in advance.

Business class flights are created mainly for business class travelers

Once you learn how to get benefit from the numerous services and amenities business class offers you, you  will not want to fly on any other class than business class.

How to stay busy on a long flight?

Business class offers flyers many options to work, relax or sleep and there is a guarantee that you will never be bored when flying on this air travel class.

How to stay busy on a long flight?

Pre-flight amenities

Luxury airport waiting lounge

Business class flights provide you with the option to wait for your flight in a comfortable environment. By choosing business class flights you get an exclusive airport lounge access where there are free drinks and snacks available. Some airline companies even offer at their business class lounges luxury spa treatments.

  • Priority boarding and landing
  • Priority luggage handling
  • Complementary drinks
  • Priority boarding pass


In-flight amenities

How to stay busy on a long flight?

Business class flights offer an abundance of amenities especially on international business class flights. One of the key features of business class is its highly comfortable seats that can be adjusted according to your preferences. And it’s good to have a seat that reclines or becomes a fully flat bed especially if you are on a flight which doesn’t have stopover.

Business class seats are designed with sufficient legroom, wide armrests, headrests, enough space for personal luggage storage. They offer plenty of amenities and you should definitely make most of them during your long-haul flight.

How to stay busy on a long flight?

When it comes to flight entertainment, business class flights offer numerous options. On business class flights you can do various things you usually  cannot find spare time to do in your daily life.

Not all activities on business class flights should be business-related. You can allow yourself some time to unwind and catch up with some of your favourite hobbies or enrich your mind with knowledge. The good thing about long-haul flights is that they offer distraction-free environment that allow you to focus better on your activity at hand.

How to stay busy on a long flight?

What you can do on your business class flight?

Listen to music

How to stay busy on a long flight?

Listing to music is one of the popular options to survive  a long-haul flight. On most business class flights you will find original noise-canceling headphones. Long-haul flights provide you with the option to discover new music instead of sticking to old playlists.

Download new songs so that you are prepared for situations where there is no Wi Fi. Listening to music will definitely help you  if you usually get nervous when flying.

Watch your favourite Tv shows

How to stay busy on a long flight?

You can get so much fun during your business class flight. Movies and Tv shows are one of the most popular forms of airplane entertainment. Business class seats have built-in flat screens that enable you to do a lot of things during your long-haul flight.

And most leading airlines offer great variety of movies and games on their long-haul business class flights. By binge –watching your favoutrite Tv series you will not feel the length of the business class flight.

They offer also noise-cancelling headphones for a better sound experience. But it’s recommended to bring your own in case there isn’t enough of these on your business class flight. They offer hundreds of movies, songs, games on demand so you won’t realize how quickly time goes by.

Play games

How to stay busy on a long flight?

Bringing a funny board games or a pack of cards guarantees you enjoyable moments when you  are traveling with family or friends. No matter if you choose classic games such as Scrabble or Monopoly or modern ones, games always create a relaxing friendly atmosphere and also stimulate your mind.


How to stay busy on a long flight?

Business class flights were originally made for business travelers. So long-haul flights offer you the perfect opportunity to get some work done and clear your list of tasks when flying. Business class flights offer high speed internet, handy power outlets.

Business class flights allow passengers to bring their laptops in hand-luggage. But it still good to check before booking your flight if your air company allows bringing a laptop  in the hand luggage.

How to stay busy on a long flight?

Because hand luggage limitations vary depending on the air carrier and the destination. By checking what amenities each company offers on their long-haul business class flights you can easily decide what to bring in your luggage.

Free newspapers and magazines are offered on business class flights. When flying on business class you can charge your phone, laptop and your seat has separate trays for comfortable working and eating.


How to stay busy on a long flight?

Long-haul flights offer you the great option to catch up with your reading and finally finish that great book sitting on your desk. But paper book versions  take up luggage space. So instead of bringing a small paper book which you will finish quickly, consider e-book versions which are a better option when traveling on an airplane. Bring your e-reader with you and you wil have a whole library with you when traveling in a plane.


Listen to a podcast

You can listen to  podcasts on long-haul flights. Podcasts are a great alternative to movies especially when your eyes are tired and you need a screen-free time.There is a variety of podcasts out there- from self-help and inspiring talks to funny or music show podcasts.


How to stay busy on a long flight?

If you are lacking sleep, you should not worry about it when booking a long-haul business class flight. You can really enjoy quality sleep on business class flights as there are different amenities available that enhance your sleep.

Pillows, down comforters, complementary cosmetic sets, sleep masks, ear plugs, socks, and even pajamas and slippers. Make sure to check before booking what types of amenities your airline company offers.

Eat and drink

How to stay busy on a long flight?

For those of you who are foodies, there is fun for you too on business class flights. If you think airplane food is awful, then this means you have never flown on business class.

Business class flights offer great variety of premium quality meals, snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. There is a rich selection of beverages  and on some business class flights you can even find an on-board drinks bar.

Doing creative stuff

How to stay busy on a long flight?

If you are creative person, there are numerous crafty activities you can do on business class flights that will keep your mind occupied and help you unwind during long flights. You can do puzzles, bring an adult- coloring book or just doodle of you are an artistic person. You can find different entertainment things such as coloring books at airport shops.

How to stay busy on a long flight?


How to stay busy on a long flight?

Traveling on a long-haul flight creates the perfect opportunity for us to spend some time with our thoughts and set some personal goals. You can write personal thoughts, personal goals and resolutions, plan your career or other aspects of your life-the options are many. You don’t need much for this hobby-just  a pen and a notebook.

Keeping a journal during your air travel is really helpful especially if you are going on a vacation. Journaling helps you plan your trip and also better memorize your entire travel experience and special moments to tell them later to a friend.

How to stay busy on a long flight?

Plan your holiday

Long-haul flights offer the deal option to plan all  the little details of your  vacation you have eventually missed before the flight when you are not distracted.

Taking photos

How to stay busy on a long flight?

Long-haul flights offers an abundance of  bird’s eye views . Depending on the time of the day and the sun’s position you can take some wonderful shots during your flight.

Treat yourself

How to stay busy on a long flight?

This may sound surprising but in fact you can get some beauty me time with  in-flight spa treatments. Skin care is essential when flying for long hours. Long-haul flights offer you the option to pamper yourself a little bit.

You can find different easy –to-do spa therapies that can be done anywhere. These can be fibre face masks, de-puffing eye patches, spa gloves. All these spa treatments can be easily applied and discarded afterwards.

In-flight spa therapies are beneficial because they help you get rid of jet bloats and moisturize your skin giving it healthy shine. Spa therapies rejuvenate your skin and improve your mood.

How to stay busy on a long flight?

 Now you don’t have any excuse to get bored or unproductive during a long-haul flight. In fact you can turn the biggest disadvantage of long-haul flights into  your advantage.