Do you get food on domestic business flight?

If you are a frequent business class flyer then the quality of the food offered on business class flights is important. No matter what is your destination or how long your business class flight is, the foods and drinks offering on business class flights definitely influence our mood and overall flight experience.

If you have never travelled on business class, you should definitely do it. Business class flights may seem expensive at first but they are really worth their price.

Besides super comfortable lie-flat seats with plenty of legroom, flat built-in touchscreens and many other in-flight and on-ground amenities, business class flights offer also premium quality menu with foods and drinks prepared with fresh ingredients. You cannot stay hungry if you choose to fly on business class flights.

Do you get food on domestic business flight?

Because people often relate business class flights with high level of quality and  we consequently have the same expectations toward business class food offering.  Passengers traveling on business class cabin get a hearty selection of foods and drinks of high quality that are prepared with care and attention to detail.

Do you get food on domestic business flight?

Business class flights in general offer on-board premium quality drinks such as a selection of wines, beers, spirits , fizzy drinks, liquors, cocktails, fruit juices, breakfast smoothie shots, hot drinks such as coffee, iced tea and full leaf teas. Most business class passengers usually get one free drink during the flight.

Do you get food on domestic business flight?

Depending on the type of the business class, if it’s domestic or international, the choice of foods and drinks will vary. No matter what type of flight we will choose to travel on, in either ways you Can choose from variety of beverages and dishes during your flight.

Do you get food on domestic business flight?

The foods and drinks menu on domestic business class flights is also rich and is better than this available on economy and premium economy class. Business class passengers receive full meal service.

You can choose from variety of light snacks and meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, fruit and cheese plates, desserts such as muffins, chocolate bars, scones, biscotti, candy and other dessert treats.

Business class flights menu include multi-course meals. The main meals on business class such as breakfast may include poached eggs, sautéed veggies, farmer’s hash with baked eggs, acai bowl with Greek yoghurt, granola and other food choices.

Do you get food on domestic business flight?

For multi-course meals such as lunch  we have options like sandwiches, main dishes with meat, bread, soups, salads with different dressings, even exquisite dishes like tortellini bowls with four cheeses, sautéed chard, yellow squash, artichoke, various greens, roasted beef or chicken meat, different types of sauces and other food options.

Some of the meals are super simple but fresh and delicious. On business class flights you can encounter both classic dishes as well as modern and healthy meal versions.

Do you get food on domestic business flight?

Some airline companies even offer chef-designed meals, gourmet meals  on their business class flights. There are also gourmet snacks. The menu offering varies depending on the timing of the flight. It’s recommended to check online what drink and food options your air company offers on business class flights and then book your flight.

If you are frequent business class flyer you will never get bored by the meals offering on flights as air carriers offer seasonal menus that change according to the season and also depending on the destination of the flight.

Some air companies publish their exact business class cabin menus and some don’t. Therefore it’s good to be prepared in advance. You can check online sample menus offered by reputable companies.

Do you get food on domestic business flight?

By knowing what to expect on your domestic business class flight, you will easily decide what foods and drinks you can bring with you. As you know passengers are allowed to bring a limited number of foods a drinks on the airplane with them and these limitations vary on the airline.

Do you get food on domestic business flight?

Sometimes select bundles are offered like coffee with a combination of some snack or many different alcoholic beverages. Domestic business class flights offer different food choices that are more various and with better quality than regular economy. Economy class flights offer the most basic food and drinks options than the other classes.

The food choice and availability on a certain business class flight depends on different things such as the airline and the type and the length of the route as well as the time of departure.

The size and the quality of the food depends on many factors. Depending on the airline company international business class flights for instance offer more complementary meals than domestic flights.

Another deciding factor is which type of airline operates your business class flight-regional/shuttle airline or mainline.

It’s a fact that complementary snacks are becoming more rare these days and they are available on select flights. The range of complementary meals and drinks offered on first and business class flights depends on the length of the flight and the time of the day.  Shorter flights offer more basic food and drink options and longer ones offer bigger variety of different foods and drinks.

Do you get food on domestic business flight?

For example, medium flights are considered flights that start from 900 to 1,399 miles. You can find breakfast and lunch options on flights that  departure from 5 am to 1:30 PM and dinner options on flights which departure time starts from 4PM  to 8 PM.

On those flights that departure between 1:30 PM and 4PM you can find a rich selection of snacks.

Long flights are considered those flights that are more than 1,500 miles. Such are transcontinental flights where you have multiple meal choices. On them you can find a full-course menu that includes fresh dishes that taste great.

Do you get food on domestic business flight?

Business and first class overseas international flights offer rich meals and snacks menu as well as a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. All types of first and business class flights offer free light snack options.

There are some air carriers that offer excellent quality food options even  on short flights. On very short flights there is a chance that there won’t be many food options. Rich meals choice is primarily available on first class flights.

So it’s always good to check in advance what are the available food options offered by the airline companies on the different business class flights.

Do you get food on domestic business flight?


Transcontinental routes offer rich choice of dishes. Overnight flights don’t usually offer fresh food options. Premium transcontinental flights offer restaurant-level meals.

These include entrée which can be sparkling wine or infused water and a tree-course meal service that can include exquisite meals such as meat loafs, lobster risotto, and different dessert option such as ice cream sundae, some type of fruit or cheese platter. Passengers can be also offered some snack before the flight’s arrival.

Some airline companies offer their customers the opportunity to reserve a meal. They can pre-order an in-flight meal of their choice. This can be done 30 days before the flight’s date and up to 24 hours before the flight’s departure.

The meal service on some flights is extensive

Here are example meals offered on mainline flights by most airline companies:

Do you get food on domestic business flight?

Less than an hour

Light snacks menu

Mainline flights

Up to 1 or 2 hours hour

On regional business class flights you can find a mix of sweet and savory snacks ,trail mix, pretzels, potato chips and the so called picnic snacks. The drinks menu includes complementary non-alcoholic beverages and wine, beer, liquors. On some air carrier the drinks and snacks aren’t free and passengers need to buy if they want something.

Do you get food on domestic business flight?

Less than two hours

On mainline flights you will find snack options like a cookie, pretzels, a fig bar.

More than 2 hours

A warm cookie, fruit and cheese platter, pita with hummus, mixed nuts.

Between 2 and 3 hours

A three-course meal, mixed nuts and a cookie as a dessert.

Over 3-hour flights

A variety of sandwiches, hot breakfast options, salads, appetizers, entrée dishes, cheese plates, desserts .

Up to 4 hours or more

You have the option to choose between two main meals. The snacks include warm mixed nuts, choice of desserts.

On some long domestic business class flights you can get free meal options.

Non-alcoholic beverages such as soft drinks can be received for free on all types of flights while alcoholic drinks aren’t included in the price for economy class flights and passengers should pay additionally for them.

Economy class flights offers less complementary meals and drinks in comparison to business and economy classes.

Do you get food on domestic business flight?

Economy class passengers can purchase sandwiches, snack boxes, light snacks such as Pringles chips, which aren’t included in the flight’s price. On the other hand travelers on economy and premium economy flights get free non-alcoholic drinks.

Long domestic class economy flights sometimes offer two complementary meals

As some of you may know, passengers can bring their own foods and beverages in their luggage. It can include the following foods and drinks: bread, different types of dry snacks, sandwiches, pizza, cookies, crackers,  candy, chocolate, honey, cereal, nuts, cheese, coffee , eggs, frozen foods and vegetables,  dried fruits, cooked meat or seafood, hummus, gravy, gum, hummus, spices, salt, baby food.