Kids in business class?

Kids in business class?

Airplane travel is a wonderful experience not only for adults, but also for kids. Traveling with kids on an airplane can be a bit of a challenge. Especially if they are young.

Want to bring your kids on business class and wonder if it’s allowed? The answer is yes. As business class cabins offer extra comfort and space to the passengers, people with kids may want to get advantage of the perks this type of travel class offers. This is true especially for the frequent globetrotters.

Kids in business class?

Small kids should not be limited from air travel as they can be able to learn new things about the world. But sitting at the front side of the airplane comes with a few behavioral requirements.  It’s possible to travel with kids on business class flights and have a fun and safe flight at the same time without making a compromise with your comfort.

Traveling with kids in business class requires proper planning. When it’s planned the right way it’s rewarding and gives us a peace of mind.

Business class is amazing especially for long-haul flights. But sitting at the front side of the airplane comes with a few behavioral requirements.

Wonder how to make your airplane travel with kids easy? Traveling with kids requires us to make some adjustments to our air travel.  Follow our tips and you can enjoy a smooth and fun flight with your kids.

Kids in business class?

We offer you here a few tips how to survive your flight with kids on business class

Prepare well for your flight

Preparation is key when traveling by air with small kids. They should be emotionally ready to fly so that they won’t cause any problems inside the airplane or at the airport.

  • Make sure to pack all the essentials your kids may need during the flight beforehand
  • Feed your kids before going on board so that you will be one task free. Before the flight avoid giving your kids greasy meals as they can create indigestion. Foods that contain good amount of protein are much better choice as they will offer energy to your kids
  • Another good tip for preparing your kids for the flight it’s to bring them to the airplane lounge to grab some filling snacks and drinks, or even enjoy a full sit-down meal before the takeoff

Kids in business class?

  • The process of planning, preparing and packing can be fun. Stay away from spontaneous decisions or trying new things on your kid. And it’s not a good idea to experiment with new foods and drunks on the day of the flight with your kids
  • The airplane food available on business class flights isn’t designed for kids and there is a chance that your kids may not like it. So it’s recommended to bring on board some packed meals and snacks for your kids that you know they won’t reject
  • Pre-packed food can also be useful when there is a long flight delay or your kids are sleeping during the flight. Some airline companies offer specialized meals for kids in-flight but they should be requested 1-2 days in advance.

Kids in business class?

Some airplane lounges offer designated playrooms or family rooms which offer a great opportunity for the kids to relax and expend some energy while playing with toys as much as they want before the flight so that they won’t disturb much the quiet later.

Tell your kids what to expect

Kids in business class?

Traveling on an airplane is very exciting thing, especially for small kids. But our kids should be mentally prepared for the flight before stepping on board. Your kids should feel excited about the upcoming flight and not scared.

Some time before the flight tell your kids that flying is a wonderful experience and they should feel lucky for having the opportunity to start flying at a young age. When our kids know that flying is something special and not everyone is able to do it  they will cherish every moment of it  and behave well.

The truth is people pay considerable ticket prices to get on business class and their expectations are to feel comfortable and travel in a peaceful luxury environment. Business class flights are supposed to offer premium flying experience. You will agree it’s not pleasant when your business class flight is spoiled by another passenger, no matter their age.

Kids in business class?

The thing is when we travel with our kids, we are responsible for their actions at public settings of course. And in order to avoid getting angry glances by the other business class customers we should prepare our kids in advance about what they are about to experience, explain to them why flying on an airplane is like.

You know your kid the best. If you are sure that it will  not behave properly on an airplane, doesn’t know how to behave or it isn’t emotionally ready, it’s a good idea to pick up seats at the front of the business class cabin.

Book the right flight

Kids in business class?

You may want to avoid the so called red-eye flights as they are bad for both kids and  adults’health. Therefore it’s recommended to work around the schedule of your kids. Determine the times when your kids are feeling energetic and when they are sleepy.

During overnight flights passengers want to relax and get enough rest. And comfort is more important than style at such type of flight. To avoid conflict you may not want your Kids to disturb the other passengers’peaceful travel.

Consider the fact that most business class customers choose this travel class mainly because it’s called business, which means they expect to be able to work while flying and not be disturbed.

If your kid is crying a lot or you know it usually isn’t able to be have properly on flights in general, then you should better avoid these types of flights altogether.

Picking the date of the flight is really important. In fact, two things are of utmost importance when it comes to booking flights with kids-scheduling the flight and picking the seats:

  • First it’ s important the flight corresponds to the daily routine of the kids
  • Second – it’s recommended that your kids should be seated together

We need to be prepared in cases of flight cancelations, delays, misconnections or other changes and get a priority assistance from the airline company. It’s also a good idea if you are a frequent flyer to use your miles in the program to book tickets for the whole family.

Kids in business class?

Another advice is that to secure yourself against such situations it’s great idea to link reservations together. Try to list all of the passengers on the same reservation.

Consider what type of your business class flight is. If it’s a morning flight, make sure your kids get a good night’s sleep the night before the flight. If you are traveling with small kids, consider their nap times and schedule the flight to last during their nap time. In this way you will avoid the situation of having your kid running down the business class aisle.

What is the best age for kids to fly? 

Kids in business class?

Kids tend to get messy, hyperactive they are bored easily and that is understandable. Even preschoolers start to feel bored after a while and they can be extra picky about their seats. A fidgety kid can really make the other passengers’flight less premium quality.

Infants and toddlers are those kids with most unpredictable behavior in general. Sometimes kids aren’t ready to fly in terms of development and they need to reach a certain age to do that. But this varies from kid to kid and the fear of flying is pretty individual. There isn’t a set age that is perfect for flying.

It’s said that kids at 3 to  9 months are the best to travel with.  No matter how old your kids are, in all cases you still need to prepare them for the air journey.

 Choose the right seats

Kids in business class?

Pick up the seats for your kids carefully. The best airplane place for kids is upfront. Ask your kids whether they want to have window seats or not.We have two options- to seat them together or seat each kid with an adult separately. This will prevent them from sibling rivalry and fighting over seats, food or toys.

It’s good to check the business class seating layout of the airline company you have chosen. It will be great if you can visit the business class cabin and check it out.

Bring essentials

Kids in business class?

  • Always carry some essentials as additional pillows. Travel pillows come in different types of size so think about which size your kid will feel most comfortable with
  • Extra blankets are also a good thing to take when flying with kids
  • We know that infants cry a lot and toddlers can’t sit at one spot for too long. Bring their favourite toys and books
  • While all business class cabins should offer built-in Tv screens with plenty of entertainment options you may want to be prepared. To keep your kids busy during the flight bring coloring books or a tablet loaded with music, songs and movies which they like and that are going to keep them entertained for more than an hour