How much does business class cost?

How much does business cost?

When you are searching to book a flight, you may start wondering why business class flights are more expensive than the standard coach and what determines their cost? Are they worth our money? So in this article you will find the answer.

Business class provides customers with supreme quality and many amenities and perks that make the entire flight a unique experience. Business class flights are less expensive than first class flights but more costly than standard economy class.

How much does business cost?


Business class tickets cost 4 times more than standard economy class. With business class you really get value for your money. The price for business class flights varies according to different factors:

  • the airline company
  • the type of flight (if it’s international or domestic)
  • the type of added extras

One thing is certain, business class offers every passenger ultimate flying experience.

After all, the difference in price between economy and business can range anywhere from $50 to $3,000 (prices vary by airline, length of flight and whether it is a transcontinental or intercontinental flight). On average, a business class ticket costs four times the amount of a coach ticket.

Actually you can find some great business flight ticket deals if you do enough research and save money and also follow a few tips:

  • Book your flight with low-cost airline companies
  • Look at online auctions and make a bid for an upgrade
  • Don’t forget to upgrade with frequent flyer loyalty programs
  • Wait to get sales of  business class tickets
  • Travel alone
  • Dress in a good way and act politely

How much does business cost?

What determines the high cost of business class fights? It’s mainly the quality of their services and the fact that they offer some perks.

When traveling long hours comfort becomes a really necessary thing. And no matter if you are traveling on business or to have a holiday, having a comfortable flight it’s important for setting up the mood when you arrive at your destination.

How much does business cost?

Comfort comes with a price. As business class flights feature a big number of extras, high quality services and latest technological improvements, the price for a  business class ticket goes up. But if you value your time and want a comfortable and enjoyable flight, business class is best option for you.

How much does business cost?

Top things that increase the price of a business class ticket

Upgraded seats that turn into beds

How much does business cost?

Airline companies constantly strive to improve their seats to offer the best possible comfort and personal space for their passengers. They understand well that little details can really add to the whole flying experience.

One of the major advantages of business class flights  are the comfortable seats it offers. As they can become lie-flat beds, you can  get a decent sleep during your flight and thanks to their built-in extras you can a lot of things when traveling.

How much does business cost?

  • They are manufactured with cutting-edge technologies and feature some latest extras such as concealed separate compartments where every passenger can store their belongings in a convenient way
  • There are compartments for your laptop, coat, shoes, phone and other personal things so there is no need to put everything at one spot just like on economy class
  • Business class seats are usually 20 inches in width and 72 inches in length. The seats on business class have leg rests arm rests, large adjustable tables that can double where you can eat or work. They are adjustable, spacious and they can be reclined to become full flat beds. They also provide more leg room which really makes any flight more comfortable
  • The seats on business class offer extra level of privacy. There are dividers between them which can be lowered whenever the passengers wants some extra space

How much does business cost?

On some business class flights passengers are given additional amenities such as loungewear, pajamas, socks, bedding, extra pillows and blankets, special amenities kits, noise-canceling headphones and even turn-down service depending on the carrier. And on business class you will not only be able to sleep but you are going to feel pampered and also avoid the dreaded jetlag.

By choosing to travel with business class you will not feel exhausted and sleepy when you arrive at your destination. Depending on the carrier, business class flights also offer you the option to book neighboring seats if you are traveling with a partner. These seats can be made into a double bed.

How much does business cost?

More private space

As airplanes have grown in size, business class flights also offer more space to the passengers than before.

By having more space at the airplane you can be able to sleep, work, eat while flying and do this without bothering the person sitting close to you. You should no longer worry about whether you will be able to sleep or finish your work project.

Some carriers even offer inflight lounges and bars which offers the passengers the opportunity to chat and enjoy a rich variety of drinks.

Bothering your neighbor on business class is impossible as there is plenty of space between the seats.

Priority check-in and boarding without waiting

How much does business cost?

It’s not pleasant when you are hurrying to attend your business meeting but you are hold in a queue at the airport. With business class flights you can avoid this problem.

As a business class passenger you have a dedicated check-in line and also priority security screening. With a business class ticket in hand you can skip the wait lines.

Business class passengers enter the airplane before the others and take their seats while the airplane staff performs the check-in procedure without much waiting. Some carriers even offer first class and business class passengers separate terminal from the main one.

You can bring more luggage

Business class flights have more baggage allowance which usually depends on the airline policy, type of airplane and the airline company. Generally on domestic flights business class passengers can bring two carry-on bags en they are under the weight restriction. The weight restriction is 36-40kg.

Private business class lounge access

How much does business cost?

While you are waiting to board your airplane, business class lounges help you spend this time in a relaxing and pleasant way. Even if you aren’t flying frequently and don’t have status credits, you will still get airport lounge access by getting business class tickets.

Business class lounge areas offer ultra cozy and peaceful places that are also kids-friendly too because they offer designated kids play areas. At business class lounges you can get free drinks, snacks and also find relaxation areas and designated work spots with a fast Wi-Fi.

Some airline companies even provide their passengers with luxury services such as complimentary spa services. For example they have the option to take a shower before flight, get a new haircut, shave, get a massage and also manicures and pedicures.

These services will help you feel refreshed, relaxed and they can really help you survive your long-haul flight. At some business class lounges there are also sleeping room facilities for those passengers who wish to get catch-up nap.

Premium quality food

No one can stay hungry on a  business class flight. Here we can  choose from a rich foods and drinks menu and really indulge with fresh tasty multi-course meals prepared by international chefs. There are breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner options.

Business flights offer a wide selection of wines, champagne and other alcoholic beverages. Some business class flights even offer buffets or  a la carte options.

The quality of the dishes can be compared to this of the meals offered at a Michelin-starred restaurant – not as fancy as these on first class but light years away from the economy food options.

In-flight entertainment

Thanks to the large built-in screens on each seat, business class offers plenty of entertainment options. You can listen to music, watch movies or TV programs, play games or work on a presentation. You can never get bored on a business class flight.

How much does business cost?

Business class passengers have also convenient connection pots, Wi-Fi connectivity ports, USB  plugs, in-seat power supplies on the seats available. Modern extras like these will help you work easily from your laptop without being interrupted or get in touch with family and friends.

Chauffeured service

How much does business cost?

Some airline companies offer you the option of direct private transport to and from the airport completely free of charge which is really convenient especially if you are in a hurry.

A professional driver will arrive at your address and bring you to the airport in no time. There are also concierge services available on business class flights.

Priority luggage claim

How much does business cost?

Business class flights really save you a lot of time as they offer you the option to get your luggage upon landing without much waiting. When you get to the baggage collection zone, you can be among the first to get their luggage from the conveyor belt.

Dedicated attention

As a customer on business class you will be paid extra attention by the flight attendants. As there are less passengers on business class cabin, flight attendants are able to pay special attention for each traveler. They are always ready to help you and answer your questions.