The Granite City – London

London has a staggering five airports that service the city. Heathrow Airport is located about twenty miles outside of downtown London. You can use the subway to travel from the airport to the center of the city. You can also use the Heathrow Connect to get from Heathrow to west London. If you prefer to take a train, using the Heathrow Express is a good option for a non-stop train from Heathrow to Paddington.

London’s Gatwick airport is located about 30 miles outside of London. You can take the Gatwick Express, which takes about 30 minutes. You can also take First Capital Connect to the London Bridge. The National Express and Easybus both offer bus services to London, however, keep in mind that the busses take over an hour to reach your destination. London’s Stansted Airport is a bit further than Gatwick and is located around 35 miles outside of London. To reach London by train, you can take the Stansted Express or the National Express East Anglia. National Express also offers a bus service to London that generally takes over an hour. Luton Airport is another location that you can fly into and is located around 30 miles outside of London. You can travel to London via the First Capital Connect, East Midlands Trains, Green Line, Easy Bus, etc. London City Airport also offers train, bus, and taxi services to the center of London.

The Granite City - London

Country: England

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