American Airlines – “Great is what we’re going for”

American Airlines offers flights to hundred of U.S. cities, as well as countless international locations. Some of their international locations include cities in Europe, Central and South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Depending on where you are flying, American Airlines offers different types of cabin options

If you are flying to an international destination, you can choose between first class, business class, and coach (main cabin). When flying within the United States, you can choose to fly first class or to fly coach (main cabin). American Airlines offers “The Flagship Suite” on some of their aircrafts. These seats can turn up to 90 degrees, offer a desk, and can turn into a flat bed. To learn more about American Airlines flagship suite options, contact one of our booking agents today!

American Airlines also has a frequent flyer program, called AAdvantage. When flying on American Airlines, you can enter your frequent flyer number to collect points that will eventually allow you to receive a free flight. There are four different frequent flyer levels, depending on how frequently you fly American Airlines. American Airlines is also affiliated with American Connection and American Eagle.


Iata Airline Code: AA

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