The Ultimate Guide to Flying First Class with Air India

Flying first class with Air India is unlike any other flight you’ve taken before. On top of excellent service, expect plenty of luxury, comfort and style.

This guide covers everything about flying first class with Air India – from how to book it through to what happens on board that can make your trip even better.

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or just want to treat yourself once in a lifetime, you’ll find Air India surpasses expectations. Get set for an experience you won’t forget by reading our ultimate guide to flying first class with Air India!

Why Should You Choose Air India First Class

Air India’s first-class provides an extensive range of advantages and facilities, making it a prime selection for perceptive passengers. For your forthcoming trip, consider the following motives for opting for Air India first class:

Airport Experience

Joining the Air India first class club means saying goodbye to boring airports – and hello to luxury from start to finish. When you book, a stress-busting ride can be arranged for you: just say where and when, and a taxi will pick you up on time.

Checking in is a breeze, too. No more queuing forever while standing on one leg out of boredom.

Here’s another neat thing Air India has introduced: DigiYatra. At some Indian airports (like Delhi and Bengaluru), this clever system uses facial recognition technology for boarding.

That’s right – your face is your boarding pass! It makes everything quicker and easier, so you’ll have more time to enjoy yourself at the airport (which we think is pretty cool).

And while waiting for take-off? Chill out in exclusive lounges designed for peace-loving people like yourself. They’re so nice you may even prefer hanging out there rather than being 30,000 feet above ground level.

They’ve thought about all these things because their first class experience starts as soon as you set foot inside the terminal building.

Comfortable Seats

Discover the ultimate in-flight luxury with Air India’s first class, renowned for its outstanding comfort and bespoke Safran Unity platform seating – a choice set to revolutionize your time in the air.

In a bid to ramp up passenger pleasure, Air India has opted to retain its first class cabin on board its Boeing 777-300ERs, providing an intimate, deluxe area home to just one row of four seats. This layout guarantees peerless seclusion and service, ensuring every flight is one to remember.

Introducing the Safran Unity platform, an innovative seating solution that will make its first appearance on board Qantas’ Project Sunrise A350 aircraft. Air India has selected this product for its first-class cabin, where passengers will enjoy the exclusivity of a 1-2-1 layout that offers direct aisle access and private personal space.

Expect luxury at every turn. Each seat comes with a door – so you can shut out the world whenever you fancy. Besides, there is a larger TV screen for all your entertainment needs and a bigger ottoman for beauty and sleep-inducing comfort levels.

And don’t worry about feeling like you’re sat in a bright red metal tube either. The cabin’s color scheme tones things down nicely. Think lots of rich burgundy colors (like deep red wine) with elegant gold trimmings here and there. It feels super sophisticated but still warm enough to be cozy, too!

Delicious Cuisine

Air India provides a delightful culinary experience for its first-class passengers. Regardless of whether they prefer Indian food or international cuisine, travelers can expect fresh ingredients and a wide selection onboard.

The menu features classics like butter chicken, tandoori chicken as well as global favorites such as pasta dishes, steaks, fish – not forgetting various vegan options too.

Special meals are available for fliers with dietary restrictions (like low-salt or low-fat needs) as well as those who want gluten-free foods. Simply make the request in advance. And throughout the flight? Expect to have snacks along with drinks served.

The aim is to impress customers with good-tasting fare made from quality ingredients: think gourmet dining at 30,000 feet. It is an experience worth remembering long after it’s over!

In-Flight Entertainment

Air India has curated a captivating array of in-flight entertainment for its first-class passengers, meaning boredom is simply not an option. Covering everything from movies and TV shows to games and music, there is something to suit all tastes – helping make the time fly by (pun intended).

Choose from a range of films. Fancy losing yourself in someone else’s life for a couple of hours with one of Hollywood’s latest offerings? Or perhaps you’re after something with more explosions? Either way, Air India has got you covered.

TV box-set junkies needn’t worry about missing out on their favorite series as they can now binge-watch them uninterrupted at 30,000 feet.

And because different people like different things (who knew?), there are also options available in various languages as well as genres.

If that wasn’t enough, customers would also find hundreds of albums plus audio books and games onboard. They would keep even the most restless occupied for quite some time!

Amenity Kit

Air India provides a high-end amenity kit to its first-class customers. The vegan leather TUMI bag is black and stylish.

It contains much more than just the usual skincare items – there are also dental kits, socks, pens, tissues, and even sleep aids such as earplugs and eye masks.

The Indian carrier has thought of everything with this kit. Whether passengers want to unwind or get some shut-eye, they’ll have all they need on hand.

Comfortable and luxurious. That’s how travelers can expect to feel during their flight in Air India first class, thanks to these considerate amenities.

Bottom Line

Flying first class with Air India is an experience like no other. The airline provides luxury, comfort, and excellent service seamlessly. You will enjoy delicious meals, be able to choose from many entertainment options, and receive carefully chosen gifts throughout the flight.

Whether you are flying for work or leisure, Air India’s first-class aims to make your journey special – and one you will remember long afterward.

So why not treat yourself? Sit back and relax. Let Air India give you a truly five-star first-class travel experience.