Why Should You Visit Valencia, Spain?

Come and visit Valencia! This amazing city in eastern Spain has so much to offer tourists, including great food, beautiful buildings, and a rich cultural scene.

Whether you want to explore ancient streets one day or relax by the sea the next, there is always something exciting going on here – making it perfect for adventurous types of all kinds.

There really isn’t anywhere else quite like this place: come find out what all the fuss is about for yourself!

About the Location

Located in eastern Spain’s sunny Mediterranean coast, Valencia has an impressive range of natural features that are certain to charm all its visitors.

Valencia is hemmed in by attractive mountains – among them the Serra Calderona and Serra de Espadán – which offer fantastic vistas and opportunities for outdoor activities like cycling and hiking.

Head east from the city center, and you’ll hit the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Here, sunseekers can stretch out on sandy strands such as Malvarrosa Beach or El Saler.

With its mix of urban life and access to raw nature, Valencia neatly encapsulates why a visit to Spain can be so diverse. No matter whether you want to hike trails with few others around or join thousands partying after dark along a bar-lined street.

8 Things To Do in Valencia

Valencia has something for everyone, whether you want to immerse yourself fully in Spanish culture, enjoy delicious food and drink, or just chill out on a beautiful beach. Here are some activities that might take your fancy:

1. Explore the City of Arts and Sciences

Explore a world of innovation and creativity at the City of Arts and Sciences – an extraordinary complex created by celebrated architect Santiago Calatrava.  Futuristic buildings that’ll take your breath away house everything from Europe’s biggest aquarium to an opera house, arts venue, and interactive science museum.

This is where art, science, and technology meet, so while the structures may be otherworldly, there’s a lot of intelligence behind their design, too. Whether you’re passionate about architecture or just fancy a day out with a difference, come and immerse yourself in Valencia culture.

2. Stroll Through the Historic Old Town

Transport yourself back in time as you wander through the captivating streets of Valencia’s historic Old Town – Barrio del Carmen. Lose yourself in its labyrinthine alleyways adorned with colorful façades, age-old churches saturated with stories, and appealing squares alive with local life.

Unearth clandestine cafés serve up delicious Spanish fare. Artisan stores sell one-of-a-kind keepsakes, and lively street art brightens up seemingly every corner. There’s a nostalgic air here – an authentic feel of days gone by. That might just make you believe you’ve slipped into another epoch altogether.

3. Indulge in Paella

Pamper your taste buds with the culinary wonders of Valencia as you savor a plateful of authentic paella. This time-honored Spanish delicacy hails from the region itself and boasts flawlessly cooked rice infused with saffron plus an ensemble of just-caught seafood or juicy chicken.

Richly flavored and fragrant with spices, each mouthful is a celebration of Valencia’s lively food scene – guaranteed to both tempt you further and make other gastronomic encounters seem dull by comparison!

4. Visit La Lonja de la Seda

Travel back in time and get ready to be amazed by the stunning La Lonja de la Seda. This silk exchange from the 15th century is protected by UNESCO because it shows how great design can stand the test of centuries.

You will be blown away by its Gothic style – just look at the intricate stonework and huge doorways! These features remind us that Valencia used to be one of Europe’s richest cities. Silk traders would come here from all over the world.

As you walk around inside, imagine what it would have been like when this place was bustling with activity. Admire the decorations, too—they’ve been here for hundreds of years (and they still look good!).

5. Relax at the Beach

Envision yourself reclining on the picturesque sands of Malvarrosa Beach, feeling the gentle ocean breeze caress your face while soaking up temperatures reaching 30C (86F).

If you fancy a swim or just some laid-back bobbing about, this place has softly lapping wave action, plus lifeguards keeping an eye out for small folk.

Alternatively, check out El Saler beach further south. Backed by pine trees and sand dunes, it’s one of Spain’s most natural seaside stretches – perfect if things feel too crowded here.

6. Sample Horchata and Fartons

Experience the flavor of Valencia with a taste of horchata – a cool, creamy drink made from tiger nuts. And why not enjoy it with fartons: light, sweet pastries that you dunk in!

When the sun’s beating down, there’s nothing quite like it. The horchata tastes nutty and refreshing at the same time – almost too good to be true when you pair it up with fartons dipped in.

Try this classic snack in one of Valencia’s cute cafés or horchaterías for yourself – once you’ve had one sip, one bite… Well, let’s just say you’re bound to want more!

7. Climb El Miguelete Tower

Join us for an exciting activity: scaling the El Miguelete Tower. This bell tower is part of Valencia Cathedral, and climbing it is like stepping back in time. As you make your way up the spiral staircase, you’ll pass incredible architecture and learn fascinating history facts.

And when you reach the top? Oh boy! The view from here is nothing short of amazing – see the entire cityscape spread before your feet, framed by beautiful countryside. Trust us: this isn’t something people forget easily!

8. Experience Las Fallas Festival

Experience the electrifying energy of the Las Fallas Festival! Every March, Valencia hosts this cultural spectacle, where you can marvel at intricate artworks called fallas—before they’re burned to a backdrop of mind-blowing firework displays.

Take part in processions wearing traditional dress alongside Valencia’s warm and welcoming residents; enjoy street bashes that last all night long. Or check out events rooted in local customs, which demonstrate how people here have fun together and look after one another.

Immerse yourself in a celebration of art, music, and heritage: your senses will never have experienced anything like it!

Bottom Line

Come and discover Valencia – a city that combines history, culture, and local traditions like nowhere else.

Whether you’re wandering around the City of Arts and Sciences, eating paella and drinking horchata till you burst, or climbing El Miguelete Tower for views across the rooftops, there’s always something to do in Valencia.

And if you immerse yourself in the crazy celebrations at the Las Fallas festival, who knows how long it’ll be before you recover! Come here once, and we promise that you’ll never ever forget this trip, nor stop talking about it.