A Traveller’s Guide to Air Astana Business Class: What to Expect

Experience a superior level of travel with Air Astana Business Class, where you’ll enjoy unbeatable service, style, and comfort.

Indulge in delicious food, unwind in roomy seats – or both at the same time. In this guide, we’ll walk you through what it’s like to fly business class with Air Astana from the minute you step onto the plane until you arrive.

Whether you’re a frequent flier or just treating yourself on your dream trip, find out why Air Astana Business Class is the ultimate way to fly high – literally. Let’s discover luxury air travel together!

Why Should You Choose Air Astana Business Class?

Air Astana’s Business Class provides a whole host of tempting incentives for travelers looking to enhance their journey. Here are some persuasive reasons why opting for Air Astana’s Business Class might be worth it:

Airport Experience

As a guest in Air Astana’s business class, your airport experience begins effortlessly at check-in. Exclusive counters mean minimal queuing time – instead, breeze through security and make your way straight to the private lounge.

An oasis of style and comfort, discover a host of facilities designed to elevate your pre-flight hours in the Air Astana Business Class Lounge. Enjoy gastronomic treats crafted by top chefs, sip on premium beverages from the well-stocked bar, catch up with work using free Wi-Fi, or simply relax in plush seating areas.

Priority boarding is available too, so you can settle into your seat well before others come aboard. Throughout the flight attentive staff members are there whenever you need them – their personable approach making a difference to overall travel experiences.

Wanting to freshen up after landing? No problem: luxury shower rooms await! Need somewhere conducive for sorting emails? Check out business lounges fitted with everything required for doing business abroad.

Comfortable Seats

Welcome to Air Astana’s Business Class on the A321 neo-LR aircraft, where luxury and comfort know no bounds. What sets this airline apart is its introduction of ‘throne seats,’ which give individual flyers their own personal haven, complete with direct aisle access and added privacy.

In this exclusive 1-1 configuration, you can stretch out thanks to an abundance of space – making your trip all about indulgence.

With just 16 seats on board arranged in a cozy cabin layout, every traveler gets a premium experience whether they select one of those throne seats or go for a snugger pair. The good-looking design and fancy fixtures mean you’ll be flying high in terms of style – not to mention plushness, too!

Enjoy the beautiful and sophisticated cabin environment with high-end touches as you settle back. The best bit? A lie-flat bed that’s almost two meters long – so you can get some proper shut-eye while you fly.

Although there isn’t Wi-Fi on board, once you’re connected to the exceptional entertainment system, you probably won’t care (plus, there’s an interactive flight map if you do).

If you’d like to see the Himalayas as you head towards Kazakhstan, pick a window seat on the right-hand side of the plane. For views of the Hindu Kush mountain range, go for the left-hand side.

Air Astana prides itself on being luxurious in every way possible while still being an airline.

Delicious Meals

Indulge in a culinary journey like no other with Air Astana’s exquisite Business Class meals. Experience an unmatched culinary adventure with Air Astana’s superb Business Class cuisine.

Every aspect of your meal is designed to excite your taste buds, from the extensive menu available in multiple languages to the delicious pre-meal beverages and snacks.

Enjoy top-class champagnes, a choice of fine wines selected specifically for their inflight menus, plus inventive cocktails designed to complement meals served at 40,000 feet.

For lunch, select from dishes such as prawn starter followed by main courses like chicken Parmesan or Thai seabass curry – each carefully prepared and beautifully presented to restaurant standards.

Finish with desserts including mango crème brulée warm chocolate macadamia cake or a selection of cheeses. You’ll enjoy fabulous food married with flawless service: culinary excellence at its best!

In-Flight Entertainment

Discover a whole new level of fun while you fly with Air Astana’s in-flight entertainment system. If you’re flying Business Class, you’ll have your own personal screen – courtesy of KCTV – where you can choose from loads of TV shows, movies, and albums. Plus, the airline supplies noise-cancelling headphones for top-notch sound.

There’s an assortment of interactive video games and puzzles to keep both individuals and families amused (think trivia challenges or Sudoku at 30,000 feet). And if cartoons are more your thing, don’t worry: they haven’t forgotten about younger travelers.

On longer flights, there are even special KCTV tablets handed out for a greater selection of entertainment – all complimentary, naturally! Have a superb trip from the departure gate to the arrival hall with non-stop amusement guaranteed.

Amenity Kit

Be amazed throughout your flight with Air Astana’s new selection of amenity kits. Working alongside globally recognized brands Samsonite and Coccinelle has allowed the airline to offer passengers something truly special.

Business-class male travelers will receive a sleek Samsonite kit known for its exceptional luggage-making skills. While women will get to enjoy the luxury Italian design house Coccinelle. Not only do these kits look great; they also contain everything you need to help make your journey more comfortable.

French cosmetics firm PAYOT provides skin care products that add an extra touch of pampering luxury to your trip. Expect lotions and potions made using both hi-tech formulas and age-old techniques.

And because looking good shouldn’t mean damaging the planet, there are items such as bamboo combs on board: eco-friendly materials that don’t sacrifice quality or style.

Bottom Line

Air Astana Business Class raises the standard for luxury air travel with its outstanding service and amenities. The airline crafts every aspect of the flight – from sumptuous meals to entertainment options and comfortable seating – to ensure passengers have an unforgettable trip.

Air Astana also places a premium on keeping travelers content and relaxed, whether through providing exclusive amenity kits or thinking about the environment.

Experience elegance, sophistication, and incomparable luxury by choosing Air Astana Business Class, whether you are flying for leisure or business. An extraordinary journey is guaranteed.