Why Virgin Atlantic Upper Class is the Perfect Choice for Business Travelers

Are you a business traveler looking for a better way to fly? Virgin Atlantic Upper Class is the answer. With luxury, convenience, and excellent service, it’s perfect for people who expect more from air travel. 

They’ve thought of everything – from roomy, fully flat beds to private lounges – so you get exactly what you need. Friendly crew members? Check. Delicious meals served at your seat 35,000ft in the air? Absolutely. 

Find out why this top-class cabin makes such a difference to professionals on the move all over the world.

Why Should You Choose Virgin Atlantic Upper Class?

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class is an excellent option for professionals traveling on business thanks to its extensive range of advantages and luxuries. Here are several reasons why you should select Virgin Atlantic Upper Class:

Airport Experience

For a truly elevated airport experience, look no further than Virgin Atlantic Upper Class. The moment you set foot inside the terminal, you’ll feel as though you’ve entered another world – one that’s all about convenience and luxury.

First off, there’s Fast-track service – meaning you get whisked through security without any fuss or long waits. No more standing around in line wasting precious time; just a smooth and stress-free journey from start to finish.

Once you’re past security, there’s even more exclusivity in store: your own private check-in area is exclusively for upper-class passengers. This isn’t like those chaotic counters where people can barely hear themselves think. Instead, it’s an oasis of calm staffed by experts who know exactly what they’re doing.

But wait, there’s more – passengers flying Virgin Atlantic Upper Class also receive complimentary access to the renowned Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses. These high-end retreats offer a welcome break from busy airport life. 

Unwind in stylish lounges with up-to-the-minute amenities like ample seating, free Wi-Fi, fully stocked bars, and gourmet dining created by top chefs.

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class customers have generous baggage allowances too. Two items of hand luggage weighing up to 16kg combined (35lb), plus two checked-in bags, each weighing up to 32kg (70lb). Priority boarding means you can get settled into your luxurious seat before anyone else.

Comfortable Seats

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class presents various seating options depending on the aircraft model, all designed to provide maximum comfort. Let’s examine each one more closely.

For those flying on the Airbus A350-1000, comfort is king. With retractable privacy screens built into their seats, passengers can cocoon themselves for ultimate peace and quiet. 

Entertainment-wise, expect an 18. 5-inch HD touchscreen with access to The Loft – where you can hang out or simply stretch your legs. Seat width comes in at 20 inches (50cm), bed length stretches up to 6ft 7in (2m) long, while bed width remains at a cozy 20 inches (50cm).

If you’re flying on the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner plane, Upper Class passengers are in for a treat. With beds that are over half a meter wide (22 inches) and stretch an impressive 6 ft 6in long, falling asleep shouldn’t be a problem. 

Once your bed is made up, there’s plenty of space to spread out, too: at its widest point, it measures almost a meter across (33 inches). The experience on this particular aircraft also includes something called The Bar – come here to order drinks and chat with other travelers while in flight.

Passengers on board the Airbus A330-300 can unwind in generous surroundings that include roomy beds and comfortable seating. With 22in-wide seats and beds measuring up to 6ft 6in long, it’s easy to stretch out fully for a restful flight.

Finally, aboard the Airbus A330-200, passengers will find comfortably snug seating that measures 20 inches across. When it’s time to sleep, seats convert into beds up to 6 feet long. For amusement options during flight, flyers can look forward to a roomy 15.3-inch touchscreen monitor.

Delicious Meals

Indulge in an elegant meal at Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class dining, where your in-flight experience becomes a sophisticated restaurant visit. Once you’re settled on the plane, you’ll be handed a glass of champagne — a taste of what’s to come. 

The menu, made with the best ingredients and served with specially selected wines, means every dish feels like a treat. There are four courses to choose from: perhaps try the herb-roasted chicken breast, roasted trout fillet, or Beyond Burger® (but not as you know it). 

You can pre-order one of the 11 meals. Do you need something for the kids? No problem – catering to all dietary needs is easy, too. It’s not just food; this is dining done sky-high.

In-Flight Entertainment

Vera, Virgin Atlantic’s exclusive entertainment platform, takes in-flight amusement to new heights. Vera provides passengers with a plethora of premium content. It includes Hollywood blockbusters, addictive series, chart-topping music, and thought-provoking documentaries. 

Vera Loves monthly features spotlight the best current cinema and must-see TV shows, ensuring that there’s always something brilliant to watch on your flight.

There’s plenty for children too. Families appreciate Kids’ Zone, which offers plenty of child-friendly content – complete with parental controls for peace of mind.

Vera goes beyond just films and TV, though. Create personalized playlists, enjoy audio designed to help you sleep or relax, connect to WiFi throughout your flight, or simply keep all your devices charged thanks to an in-seat power supply.

Amenity Kit

A big step towards sustainable travel has been taken by Virgin Atlantic through its new inflight amenity kits. Upper Class and Premium Goodie Bags are made from eco-friendly, recyclable kraft paper. 

Inside, bamboo toothbrushes from Bambuubrush, earplugs in paper packaging, and kraft paper pens can be found. Ren Clean Skincare products, a satin eyeshade, White Glo toothpaste, and stylish destination-inspired socks complete the package.

Virgin Atlantic aims to save an impressive 945 tonnes of plastic per year – that’s equivalent to the weight of over six A350 aircraft! – by introducing these changes.

In addition, for maximum comfort during night flights (and also wearability off the plane), the airline has revamped its Upper Class loungewear, too.

Bottom Line

As the preferred option for business travelers who want something more out of their flight experience, Virgin Atlantic Upper Class really shines. Everything about this service has been designed with discerning professionals in mind – from the plush seats to the private lounges and world-class hospitality.

And now there’s another reason to choose it: sustainability. The company has launched eco-friendly amenity kits and sustainable loungewear as part of its commitment to reducing plastic waste without sacrificing style or comfort.

So why not enjoy a seamless airport journey while also helping make flying greener? Next time you fly, make sure it’s with Virgin Atlantic Upper Class. Because why settle for less when you can soar in style?